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09-03-2009, 06:29 PM
OMB! They made a sparkle dildo!

NSFW! (http://tantusinc.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=TD&Product_Code=VAMP)

09-03-2009, 10:59 PM
I know! Crazy shit, right?

There's nothing new out there, but I found this interview with Diablo Cody (http://www.inkedmag.com/articles/detail/229/diablo-cody/) linked on robpattznews.

This is all that is relevant:

We read on your Twitter that you were at a party with Robert Pattinson from Twilight and didn’t recognize him.

Awww. I’m old. [Laughs.] That anecdote was merely meant to illustrate the fact that I am out of touch. He’s a beautiful man and I would certainly recognize him now.

So what happened?

He wouldn’t remember this happening. I honestly just went up and borrowed a light from him and I couldn’t understand why there was this vibration in the crowd like, You’re talking to him! I thought, You mean that guy with the cigarettes? Aw, this sounds terrible. You know what I love about Twitter is the spontaneity, like you can share an anecdote like you would with your friends—but then there’s always the risk that this brilliant, beautiful man is going to think I’m a douchebag.

No, but he might think you are a cougar after you call him a 'brilliant, beautiful man'.

I do have this vision of poor Rob sitting at H'wood parties all by himself because nobody (except Diablo Cody) is brave enough to go up and talk to him. So sad!

09-04-2009, 11:44 AM
Ugh, so bored. Watching Little Einsteins for the eight zillioneth time. It's cute to hear the ophykid try to sing along, though.

Two fanvids -both using a few pics and manips I hadn't seen before:

Stripper (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALWTTsmn7Q0&feature=related)
radar (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMp6w9NbJEw)

And, for those that seriously girlcrush on KStew, quotes from folks in the industry about her:

part 1 (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0829576/board/thread/139793843)
part 2 (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0829576/board/thread/139793843?d=139852288&p=3#139852288)

ETA actual high schoolers spoof (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSWgo5higAg) Twilight, and it's pretty funny.

09-04-2009, 05:08 PM
Fucking good for them. (http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b142751_protected_rob_kristen_take_over_good.html? sid=twitterfeed_awful&utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=twitterfeed&utm_campaign=twitterfeed_awful)

One of the few Rob blogs that loves Kristen just as much. (http://pattinsonintoxication.blogspot.com/2009/09/kristen-stewart-and-me.html)

This is Eclipse 123:

450.eclipse123 Wed, Sep 2, 2009, 8:54 AM

Good morning everyone! I am only here for a few minutes but I wanted to give you a quick update. I don't have time to lurk and read all of the posts lately, but the last time I came in I saw two questions, one about the confidentially agreement and another about sniffing Rob (LOL). First off, the agreement says I can't give out information about our locations, what scenes we are shooting, or information about the scenes. I can't give actors' call times or the names they use on their call sheets (in case you didn't know, they all use fake names on the call sheets). I am not allowed to talk to the press or get paid as a source. I point-blank asked someone if posting on a gossip site was considered talking to press and they said that as long as I'm slandering and as long as I'm not getting paid or releasing any of the info above I should be ok. So, you will never hear anything from me that is false or slanderous information. I'm running out of room so I'm going to make a new post.

454.eclipse123 Wed, Sep 2, 2009, 9:00 AM

So, the second question was how Rob smelled (this still makes me giggle)! He smells like cigarettes! He smokes like a chimney, but he pops in gum before he starts his next take. It's funny, he chews the gum like a cow, then has the talent to find a place to tuck it in his mouth while cameras are rolling, perform the scene, then start chewing as soon as it's cut. I do want to give you guys something that should make you all happy. Rob and Kristen are most definitely a couple, and everyone on set (cast, crew, director) knows this. They are 100% professional on set so it's not like they're making out between takes, but it is common knowledge. Some of the other cast talk about it, and all of the crew chit-chat behind the scenes. I've talked to several people who have worked on all 3 films and others that just worked on NM and Eclipse. I can tell you some things that are just known facts here. 1) Kristen and Rob are a couple, not just randomly hooking up. oops, running out of room

459.eclipse123 Wed, Sep 2, 2009, 9:06 AM

2) They are not married or engaged or purchasing a home together (was told this DIRECTLY from another cast member who thinks this rumor is funny) 3) They were NOT dating during Twilight. Kristen was dating Michael A. at the time and he was on set often. Her mom was also on set with her since she was a minor. Kristen didn't hang out with the rest of the cast as much. 4) Kristen was definitely still dating Michael during NM filming and he came up to visit her several times. I don't know if there is picture evidence of this (you guys probably know more than me). 5) As far as people know (this includes the cast member that I chat with), Kristen and Rob got into a relationship sometime in late Spring and have been inseparable ever since. Supposedly it took a lot of people by surprise since Rob had pursued her for a long time and she had made it clear she wasn't interested. It was a running joke with the group for a while. If I think of anything else I'll try to post later.

466.eclipse123 Wed, Sep 2, 2009, 9:16 AM

One more thing while I'm here. Jackson Rathbone is the best looking thing I've ever seen. He seriously makes me feel faint. I'm going to lose my job if I have to keep looking at him. And for anyone who says Kristen is a mean or snobby, they are SO wrong. She is the anti-diva on set. I've worked with many different actors and she is seriously easy and professional, probably the most professional on set other than Billy Burke, who pretty much finishes all of his scenes in one take.

Their reports don't sound too far-fetched to be believed, don't really contain any new info. and make everyone involved look good, much like Ted's latest post. Ideal PR and shipper candy- everybody wins!

SO curious to see how the VMAs play out.

Checking out the fanvids now! KStew411 tweeted
this one (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWd1B3RIu9M&feature=channel_page) earlier. It was really only a matter of time till "Closer" made an appearance.

09-04-2009, 11:15 PM
Ooh, I think I'm going to like this eclipse123. Everything she says makes me all warm and fuzzy.

I've been totally sucked into Wide Awake. I don't even know why I can't stop. I'm 43 chapters in, and have no freakin' idea how many more there are. I keep expecting it to end, and it just doesn't. I think fic writers get a little overly addicted to feedback, and then just don't know how to finish the story.

They finally ousted Clini at the henhouse! I'm kinda bummed about it. The drama quotient has gone down tremendously.

That Closer vid really took me back to my college days. I don't think the clips they chose really reflected the song well, though. They were kind of jokey and happy clips, but whatev. It was nice to have the flash back.

09-05-2009, 12:34 AM
We are having parallel experiences because I'm on chapter 46 on Wide Awake (looks like it goes to 52 or 53 maybe- it's complete except for an epilogue) and I can't stay away from it.

That's mostly what I did at work today.
SUCH a different Edward and Bella and fucking Edward fucking Cullen sometimes becomes a bit much but the author keeps them totally consistent I think.

Shit's about to get PLOT heavy, o.

Agreed on the Closer vid. I linked before I watched it and was kind of disappointed when I did.

09-05-2009, 12:34 PM

You all need to hit me with the "Naughty Bits Guide" a la My Tutor DVD! I can not read through bazillion chapters!

09-05-2009, 01:55 PM
Fear not, Clini will be back. She posts at JJB under "BellaCullen" but she is like BellJar in that she freaks out, starts hurling insults at everybody, gets booted, and then reappears a couple of weeks later under a different name. I think she's had like 6 or 7 names at JJB and each time, she's so easy to pick out. Her rants about Jennifer Aniston are AWESOME! I don't even like JennyAn, but often find myself feeling terrible for her by the end of one of Cliniqua's bashings. I love that she has a new way to channel her crazy.

09-05-2009, 04:10 PM
Ha! I wonder if she has been on Fandom Wank before. The crazy, she burns.

Cutting and pasting some new 'insider' posts - this person came out in defense of Kristen mostly, because another 'insider' is claiming that Kris and Rob were friends with bennies, but now she's back with MA and he's with Nikki and there's never been a really been a Robsten at all.

Knowing Fri, Sep 4, 2009, 6:49 PM I absolutely will not go into any details regarding Robert and kristen. But I will say that the poster"this is the truth"is not correct about their info. Well "this is the truth" I know someone in her family directly, I went to school with in Woodland Hills before he left to be homeschooled. But you are spouting so much Bull, it's amazing. Yes, Michael is a **** of a guy and when people trash him I hate it but don't make up lies about Krissy and Mike being together, you have absolutely no idea! I bet you don't know that James Dean is one of her favorite actors. He played Caleb Trask in the 1955 version "East Of Eden" which she adores or "Rebel without a cause".Did you know that other than acting she wanted to become a Science journalist.I bet you didn't know that she hardly watches Tv but listens to her ipod for hours and hours. I can go on for hours about kristen. She's an amazing cook. She makes the BEST, chicken enchiladas when she's home. I could go on all night... Continue...

Knowing Fri, Sep 4, 2009, 6:49 PM Continue. To 'this is the truth' But since you know and claim to be an insider that knows her so well, how about you tell everyone what Kristen's nickname is or what her brothers call her. Or how about you tell everyone about movie night in the Stewart family? Do you know that they watch classics at least twice a week or how about their back yard. Tell everyone about Jules favorite flowers, do you know what it is because I could tell you in a heartbeat. So 'this is the truth' stop spreading lies about how kristen only hooksup, you don't know anything! I bet you don't even know who her real first boyfriend was and that he grew up with her, did you.

Knowing Fri, Sep 4, 2009, 7:20 PM To 306. I will not talk about her and Rob out of respect for Kris or their family but I will say this an you can interpret it whichever way you desire. Kris doesn't date or fabricate emotions. She didn't with Michael and for anyone else she does/is or decides to date. She's a human not a robot. She may work in the business but she's not part of 'their world'. That's all I will say. Just trust me that ridiculous poster "this is the truth" is filled with nothing but bull. I don't want anyone falling for it.

Knowing Fri, Sep 4, 2009, 7:27 PM This is my last post but 325. Sweetie, I know a **** of alot more than you do or ever will. Just because she said in an interview she loved/respected Jodie Foster doesn't at all make her kristen's favorite actress. Whatever you choose to believe in your mind is fine with me. I'm looking forward to the day you are proven wrong, which mark my words is coming very soon! I love how you're basing all your false information on interviews. Have a fantastic night spreading your false info. Goodbye and goodnight!

Knowing Fri, Sep 4, 2009, 7:50 PM My final post for the night. I have a very demanding job, which takes up alot of my time. Blah, but when I do have time, I will return. Please listen to me with an open mind for one second. Mike Angarano is a great guy. He doesn't deserve all of the hate,belittlement and condescending remarks I see or hear about. If any of you have the opportunity to meet him one day you will see that he's just a quiet,shy but unbelievably sweet guy. I also wanted to apologize for not going into too much detail about kris or her family or Rob. I wish I could because you all seem like wonderful and devoted fans-with the exception of the poster "This is the truth" but it's definitely not my place too. I'm truly,deeply sorry. If I could tell you all one last thing about kris, it's that she's a wonderful,strong,loving,friendly and normal Teen girl. But I will not stand for her to be called a hoe who hooksup, that's complete Bull. Anyways, it's been a pleasure to speak to you all, Godbless and goodnight.

Nothing too juicy to pull from here, but interesting that this person (who seems to sincerely know KStew) doesn't think MA was her first bf. And they also seem to undercut the 'MA as beard'/Kris yo-yoing boys' theories. But they might not know all about that stuff just from being a family friend.

ETA Issiecol! You were totally right! Clini is back, and posting as though nothing ever happened. Everyone seems to be ignoring her for now. So crazy!

09-05-2009, 08:23 PM
Hee! If I've learned nothing else over the last several years, I've at least mastered the art of predicting behavior of kerrazies the Web over.

I wish I cared about Twilight like at all, but I can't get into the books, the movies or the RLTL for this fandom. It's so bizarre! I'm usually all. ovah. shit like this but I find myself very meh about these kids.


I am very much in awe over y'alls mad investigative skillz.

09-06-2009, 02:40 AM
OMG - I'm going cross-eyed because of the links.

I find E and O's analysis of RLTL far more interesting than the books. or the movie. or pretty well anything else out there right now.

Haven't given into the fic. Yet.

09-06-2009, 09:31 PM
Awesome KStew quote of the day:

I think she has a much bigger rack than I have.” Kristen Stewart is pondering her Twilight action figure — the little plastic doll that represents Bella, her character in the film franchise — while checking the proportions of the bust. “I also think she looks much older than me,” she adds, before setting the figure aside.

From this mash-up interview (http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/film/article6818869.ece)
This is the second "new" interview to come out of the UK recently that affirms MA is still on, but the quotes are so clearly outdated. I guess her team just figures they have bigger fish to fry at this point.

I ended up being pretty impressed with Wide Awake when all was said and done. It was definitely too long, but it was a much stronger, more dynamic Edward/Bella connection than a lot of the other stuff I've read (including the actual saga.)
Don't waste your time on Clipped Wings and Inked Armor. It's a WIP and starts out okay but becomes a cartoony mess. I'm a little resentful I took the time to read it since it totally falls apart.
I'm also putting off Bella Cigna because it's a WIP.

I've been thinking about how much AU All Human fic there is and basically it just goes to show that there's just nothing inherent in the canon Edward/Bella connection that revolves around him being a vampire. Tortured artist Edward, dysfunctional family Edward, beautiful bastard Edward, etc. are all just as ripe for conflict (if not more so) than SM's "vampire" Edward.

ETA: RobSten (+ other cast) fan sighting last night here. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/09/fan-encounter-with-rob-last-night.html) Pic of Rob, no Stewie but K def still has the JJ hair.

09-07-2009, 11:41 AM
These mashup interviews are super annoying. This kind in particular, where it's basically just a lie for the writer to pretend that this was an actual sit down conversation that he had with her, is just icky. But yeah, I can see her peeps not bothering with it.

I had a feeling the cast might be out and about this wkend, counting on paps and gossip peeps to take some time off. Although, do they have Labor Day in Canada? Lainey's tame paps caught this pic (http://twitpic.com/gti1h) of KStew, Paris Latsis (ew), Nikki and Eliz. Lainey is going to post more, in theory, sometime today. It's just nice to see RPattz and KStew getting some fresh air.

I think I'm going to adopt your policy of finished fics only, emmaleigh. Bella Cigna is killing me with the slow updates. Wide Awake was DEFINITELY too long. I agree about the connection, but honestly - Edward and Bella were seriously OOC. Thinking back on it, I didn't see that this needed to be a Twi fic at all. Change the names and locale, and you could pass this off as an AU P/J Creekfic. I'm just saying.

Tropic of Virgo also had some really OOC aspects (Edward as a manwhore?), but I thought they did such a nice job of paralleling the events of the first book, that it made it seem more twi ficc-y. But that doesn't mean I wasn't completely sucked in by Wide Awake, because I was.

Bobby Long, Member of the brit hobo collective. (http://www.boston.com/ae/celebrity/articles/2009/09/04/young_singers_in_twilight_of_his_career/) Super cute! I think I might recognize that shirt. I have a song of his in my iTunes ('Left to Lie') which is really quite good. It prompted me to buy a Marcus Foster song ('I don't mind') as well, and his stuff is even better. I know RPattz is supposed to be quite musical and everything, but I'll bet he feels like a dilettante next to these guys. If the rest of the brit pack is just as talented, this hobo collective thing might actually work.

An online dress up RPattz doll! (http://www.stardoll.com/en/dolls/1104/Robert_Pattinson.html) Of course, these clothes are all way too nice for him to actually wear, and there's no Stoli shirt. But there is a hoodie!

09-07-2009, 03:02 PM
Full set of Lainey KStew pics are up. (http://www.laineygossip.com/Kristen_Stewart_with_Joan_Jett_hair_in_Vancouver_w ith_Nikki_Reed_and_Paris_Latsis.aspx?CatID=0&CelID=0)

The JJ hair is starting to grow out a bit.

09-07-2009, 11:10 PM
Yeah, has the JJ hair always been so bang-y? She looks really cute and happy in these pics which *cougharetotallystagedcough* but wevs. Always nice to see a smilin' KStew.

I'm REALLY hoping they go to the Bobby Long show tonight (and per your rec, I'll def check out the britpack's iTunes stuff.) In fact it could be that the walkabout for PUNK'D *allows* for a potential sighting at the BL show.

I really need the hobo collective at some point now. I'm too enamored with the idea for it not to happen.

And I so hear you on Wide Awake being not Twilight specific but I kinda feel like Twilight itself could be AU P/J fic, if Joey's a new girl in town and Pacey's a vampire (I might have read that fic at one point actually*). The only "canon" SM really bothers with is 'Bella's average, Edward's perfect.' Everything else feels totally arbitrary (including Edward being a vampire) so in that respect the Twific can succeed (for me anyway) as totally AU because all it's really doing is playing on this pre-investment I have in the idea of B & E and their relationship, but it's not like SM has created this really rich, awesome world that I want to see explored further.

And really, I feel like SM's genius (if it exists at all) is that she featured these completely unoriginal archetypes so the second you recognize aspects of B/E in a ship you already have, you can just map those feelings and all of a sudden you care more about B/E (or Bella/Jacob) than SM has ever given you reason to.

I tried to discuss this with my RL friends who've read Twilight after I finished the first book but they don't read fanfic at all.

That's kind of the most interesting thing to me about the phenomenon (outside of RobSten obvi) is that the source material is so devoid of anything compelling. It's all what the fans bring to it and bring to the fandom in general. Any given Rob blog features a million times more humor, creativity, engaging content, etc. than is found in the entirety of the saga.
That idea has been commented on in this thread alone, which has made me ponder even further.

Anyway, I guess it's about what fanfic seeks to do. As an AU, I thought Wide Awake was comparable to anything SM wrote and at least featured characters that actually grew and went somewhere. Completely agree that it could just as easily be AU P/J fic, but it would be good AU P/J fic as well.

If this topic is boring and/or totally obvious, I am totes content going back to just posting Twi/R/K round up links which is way more fun than anything else.

For example, in the latest PUNK'D pics, KStew is wearing the Bella ring (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/09/hq-new-moon-edward-bella-still.html) no? :lol:

*maybe not a vampire, but I definitely read an AU where Pacey was a pirate at some point and another one that was set in the old west or sth.

09-08-2009, 10:25 AM
According to the pics from last night's Bobby Long concert, she's still wearing it. (http://s422.photobucket.com/albums/pp309/twilightmoviegifs/?action=view&current=010-2.jpg)

Yay! New Robsten pics! (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/09/rob-leaving-bobby-longs-show.html)

I do love how some folks (including Ted) say that Rob isn't much of a gentleman because he's always walking in front of Kris. Um. And you somehow *don't* see that as him protecting her from paps and rabid crazies? Like, duh. Of course he's always going to be in front.

Rob looks tired. Kris looks adorable in her little hat.

This was the twitter report:

RobPattzNews Once show ended paps were waiting.. Rob and Kristen shared a cab, other cast in other cab.
8 minutes ago from mobile web
RobPattzNews Stayed for whole show. Rob seemed pretty relaxed talking with other cast members.
11 minutes ago from mobile web
RobPattzNews Rob, Kristen stayed in the back.. Kris sitting on a chair, Rob standing. No one bothered them either. But Rob was in plain view.
16 minutes ago from mobile web
RobPattzNews Nikki, BF, Elizabeth actually came out and stood by stage.. no one bothered them as they watched Bobby perform.
18 minutes ago from mobile web
RobPattzNews They all were in the back of venue.. Rob wearing a white cap and checkered black and white jacket

Anyway, I think you nailed the appeal of Twilight. It's almost ridiculously empty and non-compelling, and that does make it easy for people to fill it with whatever they need to.

ETA that I'm becoming fascinated with the seedy underbelly of celeb stalking. These two twitters - PunkD (http://twitter.com/PunkD_images) (Lainey's paps) and canadagraphs (http://twitter.com/canadagraphs) (Couv based autograph hound) HATE each other even as they both stalk the twi cast. Also, maliciousmandy (http://maliciousmandysmind.blogspot.com/2009/09/bobby-long-quickie.html) gives a descrip of the Bobby Long show where she saw everyone and chatted with Liz Reaser (Esme) in the ladies' room. She saw this happened while Rob and KStew were dashing into a cab after the show:
One girl (who I have seen around frequently, she dates one of the autograph hounds... and gets autographs herself) shouted that Kristen was a bitch! I was so shocked! She was at the back of the cab I was by the side door (Rob's door ;) tee hee) so I didn't see what happened exactly after that but I guess some fans pushed or hit her ? all I know is i heard her then say she would "punch you out" or something... LOL no clue... Then the cabs pulled out... the papz ran and chased after.

Then canadagraphs twittered this:
for the record the girl who called KS a bitch is the gf of a PI photographer. (PI = PunkD Images).

09-08-2009, 02:43 PM
YAY for the new Robsten pics!! :heart: I was really missing them. Sucks that the outing did not go so smoothly though. Hope that doesn't deter them in the future. I saw some Twi interview where KStew said people think nothing of calling her a bitch to her face. WTF?

And yeah, he totally goes first to protect her. Similar to how he stops for photos and autographs so she can get through either undetected or unmolested. Because he lurves her.

I'm a little torn because as much as I love the pics, this one (http://s422.photobucket.com/albums/pp309/twilightmoviegifs/?action=view&current=INFphoto_1059516wtmk.jpg) makes me kind of sad.

:luv: that they're dressed as twinsies! The leather jackets however may compromise their hobo status- (fauxbos?)

I mean, really, how fucking cute is she? (http://s422.photobucket.com/albums/pp309/twilightmoviegifs/?action=view&current=025-1.jpg)

Elizabeth Reaser must be STOKED that she's in with the cool kids now. I don't even remember that much Esme from Eclipse.

In other news, I find it hilarious that DCFC's Chris Walla is such a Twi fanboy. (http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1620853/20090904/index.jhtml)

ETA Ted's take on last night. (http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b143013_robsten_keep_kissingmdashand_not_telling.h tml?sid=twitterfeed_awful&utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=twitterfeed&utm_campaign=twitterfeed_awful) Ok, obviously Rob can't *do* anything and it's disingenuous to suggest he should. Can you imagine if he got into it with a drunk antifangirl? PR Nightmare!

Plus, Kris has clearly perfected her response (http://www.imageposter.com/uploads/get/707322) to the bullshit.

ETA again: Excerpt from a fucking awesome fan encounter last spring RE: KStew & paps:

We apologize for being creeptastic and sorry she probably has to pee, “No, Oddly enough I just wanted to make sure I didn’t have purple (squeal) shit on my lips so the paps wouldn’t be all (big hand motions out headlines) ‘Kristen Stewart Fucking slob’” She checks her self out in the mirror and proceeds to try to wash her hands with mouthwash, LMAO, we told her it was mouthwash and she laughed and asked how we knew, “ She totally did it a second ago.” Points finger at trina.
We told her we had talked to the paps and she asked if they said she was a total bitch, and we said (quietly) yes… She was very interested in that lol we talked to her about it for a while and she was just mad, I told her we defended her and she is like “well yeah, when they’re all screaming (sonic boom voice) ‘KRISTEN, KRISTEN!’ I don’t want to talk to them. (love her)
I was a little fazed and was talking a mile an minute and some how told her we were going to Italy for filming *creep alert*
She says,”wait! Is it just chance that you ran into me here?” we say “Here? As in this club? Yes, totally We’re from Minnesota we have no idea where anything is.” She said it was “just…crazy” Head shake/blink again!!
We tell her goodbye, she grabs her booze and I ask if she will get in trouble for having it, to which she replies, and I quote, “I’m just gonna go out side with this and say FUCK YOU!” With bottle in hand as she puts up both middle fingers. *oh please, I’m in looove*
We told her sorry and we would leave her alone and she was all “No! it’s fine!” Sweetest thing EVER. Fucking paparazii, talking shit.
Whole thing here. (http://www.twilight20somethingsforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=2849&start=0) Scroll down to April 09th.

09-08-2009, 09:40 PM
:heart: her.

Anyway, this (http://ca.eonline.com/uberblog/b142959_get_lost_in_robert_pattinson_taylor.html) is kerrrazy. And not even a very good likeness!

09-09-2009, 10:19 AM
The latest Robert Pattinson is bothered (http://www.latenightwithjimmyfallon.com/video/clips/snickers-ads/1155241/) vid from Fallon.

I'm watching Nikki Reed play the dead surfer's cousin right NOW on The O.C. and whooo boy. She's really not a good actress, huh? And apparently she does have scenes with Cam Gigandet. If she and Cam had vamped out and slaughtered everyone at Johnny's funeral it would have made this ep soooo much better. Jackson is in this one as well, with slightly better hair. Still kind of bug eyed, though.

So kstew411 is claiming that this is the pic of the 'kristen is a bitch' girl' (http://twitpic.com/h1c19) and is trying to stir everyone up, but canadagraphs insists that it's not her.
NOTE!!! @KStew411 http://twitpic.com/h1c19 IS NOT the KStew bitch comment girl. IS NOT! No idea who it is. But your IDing the wrong person.

@GoTeamMakeup For the record that pic IS NOT the girl who said it....for the 100th time. Wholly mob mentality people.

No, it doesnt..& for the record her BF bragged about it last night on here, 3 regs IDed her. I believe them over voice guessing @delaneyg84

09-09-2009, 11:47 AM
Yeah, I saw that back and forth between canadagraphs and delaney last night. In the vid, it looks like she's the one who says it and given the WAR between canada & PUNK'D, canada might have an agenda in perpetuating the idea that it was PUNK'D's girlfriend who said it. IDK. Regardless of what she said to Kris, I'm horrified by the mob mentality and the out and out aggression being directed her way.

Like, can't we just show Kristen that we love and support her (OMB, I'm *such* a fangirl for her) without tar and feathering the stupid drunk girl who's not worth the attention?

In much, much happier news...AWWWW, they went shopping together. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/09/robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart-with.html)

Also, Stewie is still a total badass. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y28lFbtyW0U) In case there was any doubt.

Hahaha! Sadie and her "jewelry business". OMG, I was SO happy when Johnny died. Too bad it happened 10 episodes too late.

ETA: KStew Love LJ project (http://community.livejournal.com/kstewproject/923.html) A bit creepy, but kind of on the right track.

KStew411 & Calliope are on fire with the #textsfrom tweets this morning.
@KStew411 (http://twitter.com/kstew411)
@CalliopeBlabs (http://twitter.com/CalliopeBlabs)

09-09-2009, 02:34 PM
Okay, first off- that vid was made of win.

Lainey's latest KStew shopping pics. (http://www.laineygossip.com/Kristen_Stewart_wearing_red_shoes_with_Nikki_Reed_ Paris_Latsis_and_Elizabeth_Reaser_in_Vancouver.asp x?CatID=0&CelID=0) I do :heart: that Kristen wore her new red shoes out of the store after buying them. Also, how awesome is it that a bunch of millionaires hanging with a billionaire choose to go to Dominos for lunch? Boy Paris could probably *buy* Dominos.

Mike Welch's girlfriend is a cutie. I loved him in Joan of Arcadia, but totally didn't recognize him in Twilight. So much less scrawny!

Also, pics of Jackson. (http://www.laineygossip.com/Jackson_Rathbone_talks_on_cell_phone_walking_aroun d_Vancouver.aspx?CatID=0&CelID=0)
Okay, so he's quite a bit better looking here than on The O.C. I guess. Maybe even a little Jordan Catalano-esque. But so wee!

OK! latest Robsten cover story. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/09/ok-magazines-weekly-crap.html)

I do realize that OK! makes everything up, but don't they paint such the romantic picture here?

Robert Risks it All For Kristen - It’s made life a bit of a pressure cooker for the two young superstars. “They’re crazy about each other, and they want to shout it from the rooftops,” says an Eclipse set insider. “But they’re also part of this massive machine called Twilight and producers have this thing timed with scientific precision. They don’t want Rob and Kristen to tell the world about their relationship until the time is right.”

Adds the source, “Rob’s whole world is Kristen. I’m surprised he even knows his lines because he’s so absorbed with her. He has no time whatsoever for his guy friends and has cut virtually everyone off so he can spend every waking moment with Kristen. He’s all about his woman.”

Regardless of whether he’s jeopardizing his career by moving toward marriage with Kristen, Rob is clearly ready and willing to take the risk. “Trust me; he generally does what he’s told by producers,” one source tells OK!, “but this kid has a strong will of his own, and if he wants to walk around Vancouver with Kristen in front of the world, he’s going to.”

He's all about his woman! *swoon*

ETA that Lainey makes the best point about why NR and ER have been hanging out so much together. She says ER is one of the only members of the cast that doesn't smoke, and NR just recently quit. Well, duh. That makes sense.

09-09-2009, 04:03 PM
ETA that Lainey makes the best point about why NR and ER have been hanging out so much together. She says ER is one of the only members of the cast that doesn't smoke, and NR just recently quit. Well, duh. That makes sense.

Hee! Except that KStew is totes smoking in the new shopping pics. I do love the idea that that is the reason though and KStew is like, bitch you're on your own with the quitting, I smoke when I want to. Because she cares not for NR.

The Dominos Pizza thing threw me. WTH? I do love the red sneaks and how smiley she is. And that Lainey seems to :heart: her.

I've kinda liked both the made up OK! articles because at least it's positive stuff. But, the idea that he's cut ties with the Brit Pack? Um, as evidenced by all the concerts Robsten's attended?

Untagged shopping pic (http://coolspotters.com/clothing/american-apparel-unisex-california-fleece-pullover-hoody/and/actresses/kristen-stewart#medium-154235?utm_campaign=Twitter&utm_source=manual&utm_medium=coo.ly)

Chris Weitz quote on Robsten:

"I was surprised at how clever Rob and Kristen are. That's not to say that I thought they were dummies before, but they had such a strong sense of their own characters and they're very serious about what they might say at any given moment. In a way, you expect people to coast a bit in the sequel or to think, 'This is not a realistic situation because I'm playing a girl who's in love with a vampire, so I have no responsibility to convey realistic emotions.' But they both want to put some kind of truth into everything, even when the scenes they're playing are just bizarre."

:luv: :luv: :luv:

The only thing I adore more than their cuteness and fuckhawtness (but behind KStew in general,) is how KERRAZY fucking method they are with these movies.
OMG, I almost feel like R will knock K up just to ensure the vamp birth "conveys realistic emotions."

09-09-2009, 06:09 PM
Will he also perform the c-section?

09-09-2009, 06:37 PM
If I don't get to see these hobos make Breaking Dawn WITH BIRTHING SCENE, I feel my life will be incomplete.

09-09-2009, 08:29 PM
I kinda want both of the dirty hobo children to say niet to a BD contract. Just walk away. Then watch the fandom (and studio) implode. Now THAT would be awesome.

09-10-2009, 12:18 AM
I WILL NOT BE DENIED the awesome badness that is BD.

They take the baby hunting. Seriously. And she attacks a deer!

I need to re-read New Moon in anticipation of the movie.

09-10-2009, 10:59 AM
Yay! Some happy new set pics! (http://thinkingofrob.wordpress.com/2009/09/10/pics-of-robert-pattinson-on-the-set-of-eclipse-yesterday-08092009/)

09-10-2009, 02:36 PM
Those are pretty sweet.

Seat assignments for the VMAs. (http://www.stumbleupon.com/s/#28Ox79/buzzworthy.mtv.com/2009/09/10/vma-2009-the-seat-cards-are-in-place-see-where-robert-pattinson-and-kristen-stewart-and-everyone-else-will-sit-at-the-vmas//)

There's a space between K and R, but I don't see where Ashley and TL are sitting. Rob is sitting right behind Taylor Swift, though. I'll bet she was excited about that! Looks like Kristen is right in front of Chace Crawford. Could be awkward if she asks him about his one night stand with Ashley.

ETA Somebody put a lot of work into this New Moon vid. (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blogs/bella-amp-edwardease-my-pain#comments)

09-10-2009, 06:10 PM

According to this vid (http://genosworld.blogspot.com/2009/09/video-preview-of-where-kristen-stewart.html) Taylor L. seating card has been switched with Rob's at the VMAs. In the pic I posted earlier, it was Rob, empty seat, Kstew.

Now it's Taylor, empty seat, Kristen, empty seat, Ashley. I don't see a card for Rob. But it puts Ashley super close to Chace . . . hmmmm. . . Of course, I don't know which came first. It could be that TL had the end seat originally, and it was switched to Rob, or maybe nothing is official yet anyway, or maybe it's a SUMMIT CONSPIRACY !!!!

09-10-2009, 06:10 PM
Boy Taylor is behind girl Taylor. And Ash is on the other side of K.

I really want boy Taylor to introduce K to girl Taylor and then they all can sing Love Story together, as per the EW Taysten vid.

Very, verrray excited for the VMAs!

The wig looks better in the set pics I think. And Robward's lookin' really good. I do not miss the bouffant at all.

CUTE vid of a genial glassesStew in the Couv last spring. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMBMTfrIV0s)

ETA OME, so apparently o and I posting the exact same thing at the exact same time created a blip in the Twi thread because I swear, I did not see the Summit scandal post above mine until about 8 PM last night. It went NM vid post, my post and then all of a sudden last night, O's equivalent post showed up between NM vid and mine with identical time stamp. Weird.

Anyway, edit to remove redundant info. There's some talk that the vid was taken before the pics and it's hard to tell which is the most recent assignment.
Consensus seems to be it *won't* be Summit cockblocking at the VMAs if it happens, but Robsten themselves.

09-11-2009, 12:34 PM
Yeah, I think at this point 95% of all perceived cockblocking is controlled by Robsten (to protect Kristen mostly) and not Summit. Can't blame them. If you are the least bit paranoid (and Rob claims to be super paranoid about stuff like this), it might be easy to think it's a small step from some random calling her a bitch outside a club to some total whackjob sticking a knife in her back at a meet 'n greet. There's a lot of hate and crazy out there.

emmaleigh, have you seen this vid - life imitating art? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACVnp8JDExo) It's sappy, but it's got a couple of clips from an MA interview that I haven't seen before. Clearly pulled out of whatever context he's speaking in (probably talking about a movie role of his own), but interesting.

I can never remember which Quileute Chaske Spencer plays, but anyway here's a quote about working with KStew from a radar interview. (http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2009/09/exclusive-interview-new-moon-star-chaske-spencer-reveals-wolf-pack-tattoo-secret)
Kristen is an old pro, she's been working since she was a child. She comes ready to go. She's got her character down; she knows what she wants to do. She's very open to ideas as well. She's ready to play. Taylor is the same way, he's been working since he was a kid as well. I have a hard time thinking him of a kid, because he's got that man body, but he still has that baby face. The thing is they're both good people, that's what I love about them. They're both egoless. We did a scene in Emily's home and Kristen got all her scenes done and she stayed. She stayed for us to do all our close ups. You don't have to stay, you can get a stand in to come in and say all your lines but she stayed the whole time. And it was a long day. So that shows what kind of integrity and what a trooper she is. I really tip my hat to her on that. I :heart: that she doesn't leave all the grunt stuff to her stand in.

And this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-e5AR-K89g) is a short cute clip of Rob in Oct 08 where he is asked about what re-shoots they had just done for Twilight. He seems kinda stoked that he was called in to re-shoot the kissing scene. Hee! Also, he really does get adorably embarrassed about having two songs on the soundtrack.

09-11-2009, 01:51 PM
UK teens want Rob to teach them English Lit. (http://robstenlovers.blogspot.com/2009/09/robert-pattinson-turns-celeb-english.html)

There's a list there of celebs teens would like to have as teachers in school. I don't know about Rob teaching English Lit., but Simon Cowell teaching a media class would be *hysterical*.

09-11-2009, 06:02 PM
Ooh, I :heart: that Life Imitating Art fanvid. So pretty.

NEW MOON TRAILER! (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/09/new-moon-trailer.html)

OMG, so much better than that "Meet Jacob Black" bullshit. I don't know if it's the Robsten (ok, of course it's the Robsten) but I'm getting ridiculously excited for New Moon (even though I HATED that book).

ETA: new trailer link: http://it.tinypic.com/player.php?v=2vcxpo1&s=3

I don't think the above will work anymore. Summit is systematically removing the vids.

Ted's latest post. (http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b143745_twilight_weather_report_stormy_with.html)

Ted tends to be prophetic (or, well-informed) about these things. Good feeling about the VMAs.

09-11-2009, 08:27 PM
Ha! I knew you'd like that vid. You're a sucker for that touch of Rome angsty goodness. If I had even the least amount of skills, I'd make a vid *entirely* of Rome angst set to Que Sera, Sera for you. :D

The new trailer is definitely an improvement, I agree.

This Rob interview (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jujimDOqHqE&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.robsessedpattinson.com%2F&feature=player_embedded#t=477) from before the premiere of Twilight is fun. It's humble!tired!Rob, but it's the full version of where the "I like nuts girls" and "Everytime I'm attracted to someone it's very unexpected" comes from. I didn't know the producers hated his hobo teeth! Apparently they insisted he do invisalign and have gum surgery, but he just pretended to do it.

09-12-2009, 05:23 PM
I totally :heart: you btw, if I haven't mentioned that lately. Now I'm imagining that vid. *sigh*

Love the Rob interview.

I tried to find a good MA/KS vid to reciprocate, but I couldn't really find one I liked (they were either really poorly edited or had godawful music) so here's a clip (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpNi2OWEfKg) of them from Speak.

The gorgeous Life Imitating Art vid was removed by the user! Ugh. I may have to watch some Rome panel stuff just to get my angst fill.

I am :luv:ing how freaked out the Robstenites are that Russell Brand is going to crucify Rob and Sten tomorrow. He most definitely will but a) it's not like their virgin ears can't handle it and b) you just know R/K and their teams will spend the next 24 hours hypothesizing every potential, scandalous thing he could say in preparation.

K: Okay, he's definitely going to say we're fucking.
R: Do you think he'll actually say 'fucking'?
K: Probably, I mean, I say fucking.
R: How explicit will he get? Blow job joke maybe?
K: Maybe. Something about the Twi dildo?
R: Hmm, good call. You not needing the Twi dildo 'cause you have your own? Oh! Where you put it?
K: Oh jesus, I hope he doesn't make an anal joke.
R: That's the worst thing he could say though, right? I mean, we can handle that.
K: Sure Rob, "we" can. You better fucking be in the audience with me if Russell fucking Brand starts talking about my ass.
R: Ok, ok. At least it'll all be edited for TV.
K: Ha, right. At least.

Um, mostly I want to see what K wears and how her hair is styled. Because I really do care about that shit.

High quality New Moon trailer (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/09/better-quality-new-moon-trailer.html)

It's the OTT screaming in bed that gets me.

09-12-2009, 05:54 PM
Whatever Brand says is going to be completely tone deaf and irrelevant because he doesn't really know anything about them, or about Twilight. So it will prob be something that makes non-twihards laugh and say "oh yeah, nice burn on that vampire movie." and twi-hards will just look puzzled and say "huh?".

I don't think we will get any Rob on the red carpet this weekend, but we *will* get Taysten doing something inane with Ashley in her role as fashion correspondent. And Rob will prob stay backstage throughout most of the show, and do no press afterwards. So in other words, just like the TCAs. But one can dream!

You think Rob might wear the new Stoli shirt? I didn't like the looks of it myself, but he might feel like doing a bit of a shout out to his fans.

09-13-2009, 12:11 PM
In this Russell Brand vid (http://www.russellbrand.tv/2009/09/vma-rehearsal/) it looks like Rob's card is back in that aisle seat.

Oh, and Kellan is a dumbass. (http://robstenlovers.blogspot.com/2009/09/rob-kristens-romance-eclipses-kellan.html) Or he's just a Robsessed KStew hater. Ha! Seriously, though, I still think he's Terry Tush-Trade.

The henhouse has a new thread, which they are keeping pretty civil. Boring, though. No new insider stuff showing up there. Although, their constant obsession with what KStew might wear tonight has me dwelling on it, too. How will she deal with the mullet this time?? HOW?????

As far as dress goes (if she even wears a dress - which she usually does to this things), I know she likes to wear mostly just black, white, or red, but I'd love to see her do this Spring 2010 Vivienne Tam. (http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/S2010RTW-VTAM/?loop=0&iphoto=36&play=false&cnt=40)Or this Spring 2010 Cynthia Rowley. (http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/S2010RTW-CROWLEY/?loop=0&&iphoto=10&play=false&cnt=12)Or this Richard Chai. (http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/2010RST-RCHAI/) Or thisMarc Jacobs. (http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/F2009RTW-MJACOBS/?loop=0&iphoto=50&play=false&cnt=58) Or this Zac Posen. (http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/2010RST-ZPOSEN/?loop=0&iphoto=15&play=false&cnt=17) Wow. Looking at dresses is fun. Anna Sui! (http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/2010RST-ANNASUI/?loop=0&iphoto=1&play=false&cnt=2)Anna Sui again! (http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/2010RST-ANNASUI/?loop=0&iphoto=22&play=false&cnt=25) Okay, I'll stop. But Dolce and Gabbana! (http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/S2009RTW-DGABBANA/?loop=0&iphoto=31&play=false&cnt=37)And Rodarte! (http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/F2009RTW-RODARTE/?loop=0&iphoto=33&play=false&cnt=37) But I think I would MOST like to see her in this older Rock and Republic. (http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/S2009RTW-ROCKREP/)

Anyway, those would be fun. But I *feel* like she will most likely wear
something more like this. (http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/S2009RTW-ROCKREP/?loop=0&&iphoto=30&play=false&cnt=34)

And Rob can just stick with picking up whatever is left on the floor. That seems to have worked well for him in the past.

ETA that Ashley should totally wear Christian Siriano. (http://jezebel.com/5358128/christian-siriano-invites-you-to-his-gorgeous-golden-tea-party-on-mars/gallery/?selectedImage=14) That whole collection is gorgeous.

09-13-2009, 09:07 PM
Ashley's first look (http://www.popsugar.com/4952727) of the evening. Bleh.

Looks like only TL (http://www.popsugar.com/4953724) walked the red carpet. Darn it!

BUT! Interesting that KStew didn't go with him. I really thought she would.

Sooooo . . . Robsten might not even sit in the audience at all. *sigh*

09-13-2009, 10:54 PM
Dammit. No red carpet and they're NOT in the audience. The latter kinda surprises me. I mean, I know they're the most sought after peeps there but, like, it's a pretty good show. Who doesn't want to see the MJ tribute? And they had really good seats.

I have no hope for their appearance at this point. Why get all styled for 90 seconds on stage? They're probably getting wasted with KOL backstage. Which I guess is why we love them. *sigh*

Fuckin' Kanye, man.

ETA Swee! The live feed I was watching went down for the exact 30 seconds they were on stage, came back up halfway through the trailer. Fucking awesome. Now, I have to wait till 10:30 CA time.
At least, pics (and probably video) will be up before then.

You know, they so could've done their part from the Couv. Oof, I sound *so* bittah but VMA fail.

Okay, she does look adorable. (http://twitpic.com/ho609) Super girly dress!

09-13-2009, 11:24 PM
We should have been so lucky as to get 90 seconds. Grrrrr.

But! So pretty! I :heart: Kristen's hair, dress and everything. Rob was surprisingly hot.

But he was drunk, right? I think you nailed it that he was having a few backstage with KOL. Maybe he was trying to talk them into being part of the hobo collective. Or he just needed to borrow a shirt from them.

Anyway, it was fine.

ETA these pics 1 (http://twitpic.com/ho5zl), pic 2 (http://twitpic.com/ho609), pic 3 (http://twitpic.com/ho60l) do not do the hair and dress justice. KStew411 specs that the hair was cut, but it looks to me like it was just tucked up in the back. Would be a cute cut, though.

ETA confirmation! From Marc Malkin's twitter:
Rob, drinking a beer, watching beyonce perform single ladies...then he scooted over to taylor was swaying and boppin' 2 music

I *knew* he was a wee bit drunk!

09-13-2009, 11:34 PM
It looks to me like it's pinned back too- at least, the length it was in her super cute hat pony at the Bobby Long show.

Good to hear she looks even better than the twitpics suggest. Holy cow, she's pretty.

Yep, @marcmalkin (http://twitter.com/marcmalkin) just tweeted Rob's drinking a beer backstage.

ETA: In case there was any doubt we were sharing a brain... :lol:

Do :heart: the apparent Robsten bubble in the twitpics. And yes, Rob is looking very hot these days. Love that he's drunk. Wonder if it makes K bitter.

Amending my holy cow, she's pretty to Holy fuck, she's fucking gorgeous. (http://www.mtv.com/content/ontv/vma/2009/photo/flipbook/09-backstage/robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart-taylor-lautner-pg50706.jpg)

ETA again: presenting video (http://thinkingofrob.wordpress.com/2009/09/13/new-moon-trailer-with-rob-taylor-and-kristen-presenting/)

How was that worth the cost of their plane tickets to NYC? I mean really.

09-14-2009, 12:31 AM
I just re-watched the vid, and, although I like the dress, I stand by my earlier wish that she had worn something silky, all white and a bit more form fitted. *Everybody* was wearing silver and metallic-y short dresses, and it would have been nice if she had gone even more different. And if I had Kristen's legs, I'd be showing them off all over the city.

But it was kinda feminine which was a nice change from the TCAs. I guess that means she feels more Bella-esque than Joan Jett these days.

From Malkin:
Rob, kristen, taylor just took pics backstage w/MTV photographer...kristen's skin is AMAZING!!!

Yes, we know, Marc.

From MTV's backstage blog:

10:27pm - Backstage: Robert Pattinson is skinny in real life -- vampires really don't eat food, I guess. And Kristen looks like a tiny ice skater.

Yes! That's exactly what the dress reminds me off. Not that it's a bad thing.

More pics. (http://www.gettyimages.com/Search/Search.aspx?contractUrl=2&language=en-US&family=editorial&assetType=image&p=robert%20pattinson&src=standard#)

09-14-2009, 02:13 AM
All I see is Kate Moenning when I look at her right now. She's just as rumpled/uncomfortable is KM played Shane on the L-Word.

09-14-2009, 05:17 AM
Guess the night wasn't a total fail because... ROBSTEN BUBBLE! (http://www.mtv.com/photos/vma-2009-backstage-moments/1620614/4252640/photo.jhtml)

That's more glaring PDA than they showed at the Movie Awards.

Also, there's a slightly different take of the one of the three of them linked above where you can see R and K clearly have their arms around each other.
It's here (http://robstenlove.com/video-music-awards-2009-t864-120.html) among other places.

So of course the freakout is over Stew taking T's arm instead of R's when they were walking out. Really that just seems like self-preservation. R being as sauced as he was, no way he'd be able to keep her steady. There is a moment where it looks like she's going to whisper something to him, thinks twice (bites her lip) and then whispers to Tay instead.

As for the dress, I like the color a lot and I like the idea of her in a full skirt because it's so unexpected. I didn't love the cut or the way it fit her torso, it should've pulled in snugger at her waist and it did something weird to her (nonexistent) boobs. Also, my personal preference when wearing volume is either longer or fuller hair so the overall silhouette was not my ideal. And like all 19 y.o., she has terrible posture so slumping with her legs apart in a cocktail dress kind of kills the line.
BUT that's all nitpicky because I thought overall she looked beautiful and her makeup was divine.

I think it's interesting that she went pretty over sexy. VMAs kicked off the Twipromo trend of mini &/or strapless dresses and sex hair (aside from the LA premiere) last year so I'm curious to see where her style goes for NM.

Switching gears, here's an old radio interview from London that I'd never heard before. The 'sharing a brain/finishing each other's sentences' side of Robsten is pretty apparent especially at the very end.

Part 1 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvxicD6Bh-E&feature=PlayList&p=BF504273D7EBEFBE&index=11)
Part 2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOQToeICJTY&feature=PlayList&p=BF504273D7EBEFBE&index=13)

ETA: Pretty. Badass. (http://www.mtv.com/photos/vma-2009-backstage-moments/1620614/4251954/photo.jhtml)

09-14-2009, 10:44 AM
Wow on those pics. In the one that is so blatant, it doesn't even look like they are fully cognizant they are being photographed. Kristen is all like, "dude, they are going to take a picture. Stand up straight, take your arm off." And Rob is all like, "You soooooooo purty. I liiiiiike youuuuuuuu."

I do :heart: drunkRob.

Taylor doesn't look all that jazzed about hanging out with them. I'll bet it's super annoying.

And supposedly they have to be on set this morning. Crazy. They really should have done the intro via satellite or something.

I do see a KM resemblance with that hair style! Good call.

09-14-2009, 11:53 AM
More bubble! (http://coolspotters.com/clothing/valentino-fall-2009-rtw-mini-dress/and/actresses/kristen-stewart?utm_campaign=Twitter&utm_source=kristen-stewart_valentino-fall-&utm_medium=coo.ly#medium-158147)


He's totally wondering where her hand is going.

One or both just needs to be drunk at every promotional event/sighting, and then they'll continue to slip up.

09-14-2009, 01:23 PM
Re-watching the vid shows that at about 0:05, Rob gives Taylor a nudge to get him to go in front and help Kristen down the stairs. Poor Tay! I really think babysitting drunk hobo children is a rough job. There's an interview at E! (http://www.eonline.com/videos/v40026160001_2009_vmas_taylor_lautner.html) with him on the red carpet, and he's just so polished and professional. I don't blame Summit for putting their eggs in the Lautner basket. One of the funniest comments I ever saw on the Nonsten board was where they remarked on that pic of R,K, Ash and Tay from E! at CC'09 and it was something like "Mr.and Mrs. Clean Cut visit their neighbors, the Meth Addicts." Because that's what it totally looked like! Summit has to know that a Robsten united might do some unpredictable things in the future. Taylor is a safe bet.

I feel bad for Ashley, too. Sweet girl, but um . . . did you see how awkward she was with JLo during the pre-show? Leighton Meester totally should have gotten that gig instead. They didn't even style her well, and she was *supposed* to be the fashion correspondent.

Overall, I thought the entire production was a hot mess. Were the VMAs always this trashy and cheap?

I think Robsessed (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/) has one of the best roundup and fullest set of Twi pics and vids from last night all in one place.

ETA to say that these (http://shop.rockandrepublic.com/Nika_in_Grey/pd/c/402/np/402/p/2413.html) were Kristen's badass shoes last night.

09-14-2009, 04:07 PM
Kanye West is a d-bag!

I didn't watch the show but I did re-watch Twilight! Ha! One of my gal pals was in for the weekend and she insisted since I have the DVD.

I don't really get your love of KStew. I find her to be not that great as Bella. However, Bella is a tedious asshole so it's hard to like her in general no matter what so I guess I'll reserve my judgment on her acting abilities until I get more evidence.

Pretty much we laughed ourselves silly watching it--so much delicious cheese!

In other news, I'd never bothered to watch the extra scenes and I can not believe I never saw the scene about the stick filled with chinchilla shit. OMG. That is the funniest scene. I loved how awkward she was in trying to share about herself and how totally disgusted he was about the 'chilla droppings! BWAH.

I wish I had time to re-read New Moon before the movie comes out! Stupid grad school!

09-14-2009, 07:19 PM
Does this mean you watched the finger-biting?!

I don't really get your love of KStew. I find her to be not that great as Bella. However, Bella is a tedious asshole so it's hard to like her in general no matter what so I guess I'll reserve my judgment on her acting abilities until I get more evidence.


Kidding, of course. But (and I *think* I speak for ophy) my love for KStew has virtually nothing to do with her actual performance as Bella.
As much as I want to put her in my pocket and protect her from the world/be her when I grow up, I still can't get through Twilight w/out cringing during certain KS/Robsten "acting" moments, the bio scene where they first talk is particularly painful.

Though I had liked her well enough in some other stuff, admittedly it was Twilight that sparked my interest in her because of Robsten, and because of how big it is, most of the available evidence of her awesomeness (pics, vids, interviews,) is associated with Twilight. But I don't lurve her because she's Bella.
I do like Bella a helluva lot more because she's KStew.

*totes ranking my interest in all things Twi*

4)this thread
7)rest of Twidom (cast, music, Twicrap, etc.)

I do think she's quite good in other stuff (although a little bit always Kristen Stewart) and she'll be around long after the Twiobsession fades because she'll just keep working regardless of how big the project is or what it might do for her. In fact, I'd guess at this point she'll go low profile as much as she can to get a respite from Twifame.

In VMA news, *everyone* loved her look last night! She's already made People's and EW's Best Dressed lists. Those R&R heels are fuckhawt.
And the PDA pic is getting lotsa love too (even on the crazy Rob sites.) Hopefully this positive reception will give them a little more confidence and peace of mind RE: coming out (when and if they choose to.)

I think the best VMAs ever was Britney and Satisfaction/Oops, I Did It Again. I don't even remember what else happened but that performance alone made it best evah.

I don't know what's potentially more obnoxious- the dirty hobo pretension of Robsten or the apparent vapidness of TL, AG, KL, etc.
They all seem pretty sweet and are friendly with one another (outside of KL's bizarre Stewie jealousy). And they all appear in most circumstances, consummately professional.
Given my college experience of marijuana-informed high falutin' literature talk and the current experience of living in Lala Land where superficiality abounds, I guess I'd take the former.

09-14-2009, 08:01 PM
I did see the bitage! Good stuff. And the dream sequence smackity!

I don't hate KS. I just don't feel much of anything for her--though I think Robsten gets how crazy Bella/Edward is and act accordingly, which ends up being sort of inadvertently hilarious.

That said, I think Rob sort of saves the movie. His machinations are pretty hilarious to me. He turned in a Swayze-level performance. And I mean that as a compliment. He pulls off insane "nobody puts Baby in a corner" kind of dialogue with great sincerity overall.

I also think the flaws of the book are made hilariously (but oddly charmingly) obvious. I love how Edward keeps pestering Bella and then says that she needs to stay from him but also says he can't stay away from her anymore. As though he were succeeding in that endeavor up to that point. Very amusing.

I find A LOT of other actors/scenes cringe-worthy. Made worse by the pretty bad make-up.

09-14-2009, 08:53 PM
Yeah, everything you guys just said, especially emmaleigh's rankings of all things Twi.

I *wish* they didn't feel so damn loyal to the books when making the movies. If only they could find someone to come in a re-write almost everything, especially the dialogue, without worrying about the idiot twihard masses rioting in the streets. It's always amusing to me when Robsten Love Blog or one of the other fan sites list a bunch of quotes from the books and it's just the most banal, forgettable crap that any one person ever said to another person in the history of all words ever said on this planet. I really detest SM.

I don't have clear memories of KStew as Bella. I only saw the movie that one time on a tiny hotel tv, but I don't remember being impressed with anyone's acting in it. My obsession didn't start until Ted at E! starting hinting at cast shenanigans and that piqued my interest. I do :luv: :luv: me some cast shenanigans.

I can't say I really care about Kristen as an actor. I came to :heart: her as a badass through her interviews and pics. I've only seen a couple of clips of her in other roles and don't feel any urge to rent Adventureland or Into The Wild. Either or both of the hobo children could walk off the set tomorrow and never film anything again ever and I'd be fine with it. Although, I will admit that the trailer for New Moon makes it look a bit more entertaining than Twilight, and I might see if I can get someone to go see it in the theatre with me. Not mr.o, though. He thought watching Twilight was complete torture, and still hasn't forgiven me for it.

In other news, probably due to the Twihards, ratings for last night's VMAs were up 21% over 2008. (http://www.thrfeed.com/2009/09/vma-mtv-ratings-.html) Most watched VMAs since 2002. So I hope MTV paid for Robsten and Tay's plane tkts. Or sent them a gift basket at least.

ETA to say that I really :heart: this pic. BitchfaceStew and TipsyRob! (http://thinkingofrob.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/0074.jpg)

09-15-2009, 02:58 PM
:luv: the linked pic! Taycob's face is pretty priceless as well.

I wish they went grittier with the movies and I'm glad the Robsten tries to inject as much "edge" as possible in the movies even if it doesn't always land because at least it keeps B/E slightly interesting. And as much as I loathe bookJacob, I think TL is going to do a fine job with him.
My favorite part of the new NM trailer is Robward telling the Volturi to go to hell; bookEdward would nevah man up like that.

:lol: at the book quotes. Yes! Drivel doesn't begin to cover it.

I would rec Into the Wild and Adventureland just because I think they're both really good movies outside of the Kstew factor (K is only in ItW for about 8 minutes).

I do want to see them play out E/B's insane, cracktastic destiny on celluloid and I'm one of *those* women that wants to see Robward holding a baby (before it becomes a CGI freak or whatever they're going to do for Reneesme).
Then they can move to London and start the hobo collective and disappear out of mainstream media altogether.

I'm definitely there opening night for NM though. I have some RL friends that are super into the books and there's a *chance* a few of us will head over to Westwood for the REDCARPETPREMIERE to see Robsten in person. I haven't decided how I feel about that yet though. And of course, I expect ZERO interaction on that actual red carpet. The exclusively Taysten promotion (http://www.wbir.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=98943&provider=rss) is already well underway.

ETA: Honestly, I have quite a bit of Death Cab (residual from the Seth Cohen era) and when I'm in the mood for whiny collegiate altrock, it fits the bill. So I'm kind of already digging this. (http://hollywoodcrush.mtv.com/2009/09/14/new-moon-soundtracks-first-single-meet-me-on-the-equinox-has-debuted-listen-now/) They're pretty low-fi for the Twiverse but it might just work.

09-15-2009, 06:54 PM
Celebitchy's VMAs recap (http://www.celebitchy.com/70283/vma_fashion_awards_lady_gaga_robert_pattinson_tayl or_lautner/)

Adorable, relevant part:

*Winners: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart looking like they could eat each other up in every damn picture. The two of them, plus Taylor “Third Wheel” Lautner, were there to introduce a clip from New Moon. Poor (hot) Taylor. I bet he even had to go in the car with Pattz and Kristen, and they probably couldn’t keep their hands off one another. Kristen wore a really pretty beige-gold party dress, and her hair was super-cute. Sparkles is a mouth-breather, and he looked smug. Like “Yeah, I’m finally nailing Bella” smug.

09-15-2009, 07:19 PM


Yeah, I'm down with the Cab, as well. hee!

So apparently this (http://i715.photobucket.com/albums/ww155/Soccermom_photo/KanyeWestCutsOffRobertPattinson1.jpg) is going to become a thing.

The three New Moon trailers smushed into one. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/09/3-in-1-new-moon-trailer_15.html) Except, I think they left out some of the Jacob bits, and I'm not so sure of the order. But a good idea.

VMA loveliness. (http://i765.photobucket.com/albums/xx296/nikkie824/1111111113333333333.jpg) And another one here. (http://i765.photobucket.com/albums/xx296/nikkie824/1321324243.jpg)

And this is an odd Craigslist ad. (http://www.laineygossip.com/Alan_re_Craigslist_ad_asking_for_gay_asian_sex.asp x?CatID=0&CelID=0) My guess is Kellan Lutz, Xavier Samuel or Jack Huston (Royce King). Jack Huston is not there in the Couv now, but it could be a left over ad from when he was. He's 26, as well, which lends credence. Kellan and Xavier are both 24, not that I think people are truthful in these things.


ETA that this is what KStew should wear at the Premiere. (http://jezebel.com/5360201//gallery/?selectedImage=3) With that same pixie style she had going on at the VMAs. Gorgeousness. They would need to shorten the straps a bit, though.

09-15-2009, 09:15 PM
*IF* I go out to the premiere, there will be no Robsten tshirt wearing! :nono: I have to keep myself in check just to refrain from gushing about Robsten IRL. They can't know how deep the fangirling runs.

The only tshirt I would even consider wearing would be 'KSWI' because I really want kristenstewartwantsit.wordpress.com to get some love and press. The blog itself is fairly affectionate toward KStew but all the regular commenters are Letters To Twilight bitches and Stewie haters which is lame.

RE: Robsten VMA loveliness? *thud* So. Fucking. Pretty. They really both are. Stew is stunning but Rob has nice eyes and good bone structure.

There's been quite a bit of body language analysis between Robsten then and now and I admit the first thing I noticed when I saw the PDA pic was his open hand on her shoulder (vs. the customary closed fist.) But I've noticed that lately they (moreso Kris) look more... not domesticated exactly but, more settled or sth than they did even at the beginning of summer (MTV MAs). Heh, maybe they just look more tired.

I :heart: the GINORMOUS New Moon trailer. The only thing missing is Italy smackity.

When I saw the first NM trailer at the MTV MAs, not knowing anything about the franchise, I thought the paper cut was the most ridiculous thing ever. Knowing the context now? Still the most ridiculous thing ever. An effing paper cut.

Stew does look gorgeous in red. I'm curious to see the hair down once it's grown out a bit.

20 minutes w/ Rob! (http://www.twilightblog.net/2009/07/robert-pattinsons-finest-moments-video.html)

09-16-2009, 01:11 PM
Vid of Rob getting arrested/beat up for Remember Me. (http://thinkingofrob.wordpress.com/2009/07/17/my-new-vid-robert-pattinson-remember-me-fight-scene/)

I find the whole idea of badassRob to be amusing.

KSWI is my one of my absolutely fave blogs right now. That is one funny suit-wearing-ice-cream-lovin'man. He almost makes me wish I liked football so his NFL posts made more sense to me.

I did watch the 20 mins with Rb vid. The boy does grow on you, doesn't he? Nice kid. Good jawline.

Some LOLTwi. (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blog/show?id=2644331%3ABlogPost%3A909472)

Oh, that Kanye. (http://www.celebuzz.com/kanye-ruins-peoples-moments-g134731i33363931/)

ETA that apparently People mag loves the hobotasticness. They just named Rob to their best dressed list. (http://thinkingofrob.wordpress.com/2009/09/16/robert-pattinson-on-people-magazines-best-dressed-list/) Um. That's crazy.

09-16-2009, 03:16 PM
My desktop background at work is the image from the KSWI Plato entry of InStyle Robsten that reads 'Rob and Kristen want you to watch out for the cave people because they will kill you' because I almost fell out of my chair when I read it. (Plus, I get to ship under the guise of being ironic.) The 'Got Milk' and 'Into the Wild' entries nearly killed me as well. I was disappointed by the football one and didn't read it.

When Rob makes with the witty and articulate, he can be very charming. And I'm starting to understand the idea of (though not yet fully embracing) the jaw porn and finger porn.

LTT makes with the funny again (and brings #textsfrom Calli along for the ride.) (http://letterstotwilight.wordpress.com/2009/09/16/new-moon-trailer-breaking-it-down-and-ordering-a-sleep-number-bed/)
I think I prefer LTT to LTR. I do sort of love how unapologetically fangirl about the books they are.

A Twilight Kiss (http://www.atwilightkiss.com/) and According to My Sources (KStewdevotee) (http://kstewdevotee.wordpress.com/2009/08/19/why-is-it-robsten-not-michsten/) occasionally bring the LOLZ as well.

I always hope some little part of SM is ashamed at how much MORE CREATIVE than her the Twifans are. Then I'm reminded of how smug she is here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TBMHfQqJJ8) and realize it's unlikely.
(Yay! Unscripted interview! Sexy face exchange and Stewie giddy over Runaways! :luv:)

This tweet from 411 is absolute win:

#textsfromrob "we'll be there as soon as we finish reading this gogol." :lol:

ETA: #1 in the Vamp Lovers gallery, Robsten! (http://www.eonline.com/photos/gallery.jsp?galleryUUID=1484#44909)
Interesting "Together Since...", E!

09-16-2009, 06:43 PM
I ::luv:: that Unscripted interview. It's one of my faves. "Cats die, you know. You only have a few years left."

This is funny. (http://www.twitpic.com/hwz5w) Because it's true! They are so method and everything, they really might need SM to write them another book.

So I broke down and checked BD (and Eclipse) out of the library. I figured that if I'm going to start reading fanfic, it might help to remember what the actual story was about. *sigh*

09-16-2009, 08:21 PM
I mean, it's so easy to be like the crazy fucking shippers only want them together so it'll be like Edward/Bella without realizing that R and K *are* together (in part) because they played Edward/Bella.

Like, maybe if they'd met at a party or something they would've hooked up but the intense filming sitch, the unending battle w/ the studio, the making out an hour after meeting each other? Um, that's totally why they got together.

That's why much as I don't wish it for dirty hobo kids, I won't be *shocked* if there is some insane child bride marriage (no baby though, please no baby.)

Mostly, I'm unimpressed by the laziness of the OK! cover photo. If you're going for would-be wedding photo, everyone knows it should be this one. (http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=342&pos=4)

This (http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/17/arts/music/17twilight.html?_r=1) is a really interesting article on the NM soundtrack. Alex P. talks about the intentional melancholy indie-ness of this one. Way more appealing than Muse and Paramore, IMO.

09-17-2009, 01:05 AM

09-17-2009, 11:05 AM
I found the Jacob-narrated section quite enjoyable. We agreed on just about everything happening for that section.

The final section of the book--a big, bizarre, pointless build up to nothing--is borderline unreadable, however.

09-17-2009, 01:24 PM
I had fun with BD. It didn't make me want to skim HUGE portions the way NM and Eclipse did. (I don't *really* know what the 'third wife' is because I flat out skipped that whole campfire blah blah blah with the wolves in the third one.)

And I like all the super self-conscious sex talk with Edward and Bella where we learn all the other Cullens have been fucking like rabbits every night for a hundred years while Edward, like, wrote in a feelings diary and learned foreign languages and shit waiting for his soulmate. Totally epitomizes emoEdward.

Oh! And I liked that both Jacob and Edward wanted to kill the baby (before it was born.)That was a delightfully fucked up reaction to Bella's pregnancy.

In other news, awe to the some Stewie vid. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-k1vYG1gUbo&feature=channel) I love the ones with music that make her look like the OG she is.

09-17-2009, 03:44 PM
Well, at least it's over. Now I can move on with my life.

I'm starting to agree with isadora that THIS SHIT MUST BE PUT ON FILM.

Honestly, though - they really should put a pic of VampBella next to MarySue in the dictionary. Holy crapola.

09-17-2009, 05:49 PM
Why Rob is so skinny. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/09/thursday-funny.html)

09-18-2009, 06:26 PM
:nono: This thread went 24 hours without an update from the O/E News Network.

09-18-2009, 06:53 PM
Well, we can blame Breaking Dawn and the fact that I can't get over this fucking flu on my side. I've been in bed for most of the past 24 hrs.

But here's a link round-up:

Spanish New Moon poster. (http://thinkingofrob.wordpress.com/2009/09/18/new-robward-and-bella-pic/) From a distance, Robward's thigh looks massive!

SM bought a summer home near Forks. (http://www.peninsuladailynews.com/article/20090918/news/309189992)

Rob tweets! As a favor to PFach. (http://www.gossipcop.com/robert-pattinson-tweets-peter-facinelli-gives-gossip-cop-exclusive-details/) Some mocking from KStew411:

The Sparkly One speaks and it's...boring. RT @peterfacinelli Here's Rob... Hi, it's Rob... My first and last tweet. My dad made me do it.

Now we know what his twitter would look like. #tweetsfromrob "woke up"

#tweetsfromrob "hot pockets sold out at grocery."

#tweetsfromrob "in a bookshop...looking at books"

#tweetsfromrob "remember when pfach got me to tweet...and i was boring...ha"

AHahahahaha RT @seven7000seven #tweetsfromrob "HI, It's Rob . . ." Okay Rob, ima let you finish, but Alexander Skarsgard's tweets are better

Also! Edward Halloween costume. (http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/store/ProductCollections.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=25343 74302041826)
Alice. (http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/store/ProductCollections.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=25343 74302041827)

KStew pics (old) that I haven't seen. (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blogs/kstew-scans)

I have an awesome idea for the first brit hobo collective project. They should put together a mockumentary of two british losers (RPattz and Tom Stu) who come to the States to follow a british band on tour (made up of Marcus, Sam, Bobby and co.). They all grew up together in England, but Rob and Tom were the untalented ones that just kinda of hung out with the band and tried to pick up groupies. Now they are in the U.S., and the band gets annoyed with them (because they are constantly filming them to make a tour film and getting in the way) and leaves them behind in some random middle America town. They don't know they have been left behind on purpose, so they are just intent on finding the next stop on the tour so they can catch up with the bus and finish their documentary. But they don't have a map or itinerary! Just the tour dates and names on the back of a t-shirt. So the rest of the movie is a buddy movie/road trip movie with homoerotic overtones.

Kstew can be a truckstop waitress they meet along the way that sells them weed or something.

They would make a kajillion dollars opening weekend!

09-18-2009, 09:16 PM
Ack! I was traveling home for Rosh Hashanah and honestly, when I left this morning without posting something here I felt I was being derelict in my Daily Robsten duties.


Supercute Jacksper/100 Monkeys vid (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blogs/100-monkeys-interviewa-must)
I'm really starting to see the Jackson appeal. And he's older than RPattz which somehow makes him sexier (not sexier than Rob, but sexier than he otherwise would be.)

Rare (sorta) Japan vids:

Part 1 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEL-YXme6GQ&feature=channel)
Part 2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbafk6WhyUo&feature=channel)

4:00-4:40 of Part 2 is what's getting the most attention. I'd read about and seen a crappy vid of this answer, but Rob's reaction is well documented here.

I don't know if that hobo collective mockumentary idea is a flu-induced fever dream but it is THE BEST IDEA I'VE EVER HEARD. Especially Stew as a truckstop waitress.
OME, we need to start a blog wherein our whole premise is coming up with awesome hobo collective ideas to impress upon the Britpack how much they *need* to do it! We can be the 19048959320483rd tangential Twiblog on the net.

Speaking of, I have not even made it over to KSWI yet today. Hope Jordan doesn't disappoint.

I did catch Rob tweeting since I follow 411 on my phone and mostly, I'm happy he used correct punctuation.

I had a dream about a younger Stew last night where she wanted me to read her Pride and Prejudice aloud and then lost interest when I couldn't do a satisfactory British accent.

09-18-2009, 11:01 PM
It might just be the Sudafed PM talking, but yes! I'm on board for a hobo collective blog.


09-19-2009, 12:17 AM
The dude that plays Jasper is going to be at some insane TwiCon here in Chicago in a couple of weeks. My coworker's sister is coming from Ohio for it.

09-19-2009, 01:22 AM
Why would anyone travel to see JASPER?

*waggles finger around ear*

09-19-2009, 09:52 PM
Still sick. Ugh.


New HQ Vanity Fair pic. (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_frjCPpXN_Us/SrU-hhScskI/AAAAAAAACsc/dCXJV2PBqZY/s1600-h/026.jpg)
Pics of Rob heading to a party Fri. night. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/09/robert-pattinson-out-and-about-09182009.html) Rob is wet. Kristen was filming all night - doing the scene around the La Push campfire where she hears the Quileute legends.

Re-Tweet from RPattzNews:

Can Imagine non-fan guest faces ;) RT @NegativeNatalie during the wedding ceremony of our friend, co-worker "and now..reading from New Moon" *shudder*

From PunkD's twitter (they are the paps based in the Couv):

100% B$.. RT @Dilzz: @PUNKD_Images Since you are in the KNOW with Twi-crazyness etc...is there really a Robsten? or just P.R/Media stunt? This might stir folks up.

And speaking of Tokyo, some new Rob pics and vid here. (http://cullenboysanonymous.com/beautiful-never-before-seen-video-from-the-twilight-tokyo-premiere)
And a TokyoStew here. Pretty! (http://twitpic.com/i8th3)

09-20-2009, 08:08 PM
Eclipse will be dark. (http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/marc_malkin/b145116_twilights_justin_chon_dark_eclipse.html)

Also, Justin Chon confirms that Rob has been staying in a house in Vancouver. Also:

"Security has been increased a lot," Chon said. "They're a lot more protective…If Rob was to go out in public without anybody, I think it could be pretty dangerous." Even so, Pattz is dealing with the attention well. "It takes him a lot more time to get in and out of places," Chon said. "But he doesn't get angry. He's handling things great."

Robward on set. (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/09/more-pictures-of-rob-on-set-yesterday.html)

Rumor has it that Rob is up for the lead in a Dune remake. (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/09/new-project-for-rob.html) Gag.

Which Rob is hotter? (http://www.popsugar.com/5096510) Duh. DrunkRob wins every time. Unless he comes up against TokyoRob, RomeRob, or FuzzyBeardRob.

This is a Rob centric post, apparently. Speaking of, TokyoRob had quite the swagger, didn't he? He seemed to have arrived at the airport that way, which suggests to me that instead of Tokyo being a *beginning* of something Robstenny, it was simply a continuance of said Robstenny-ness. Would :luv: to get ahold of the text messages between Rob and Kstew the week leading up to Tokyo!

Oh, and now that I have read all 4 books, I have decided that Garrett the Patriot Vampire is my fave character. I hope he makes it into the final script. I picture Simon Baker in that role. Or, if they want younger, then Ben Mackenzie. With Summer Glau or Amber Benson as Kate.

09-20-2009, 11:18 PM
Feel better, o!

I complete agree with your HotRob rankings though I would throw MTV Movie Awards Rob (http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=426&pos=21) into the mix as well. (1. He's totally grabbing her ass here and 2. Make it big! Such prettiness.)

Ha! Much sexting ensued I'm sure. Stew looks pretty happy to be arriving in Tokyo as well. (http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/photo-gallery/83761/kristen-stewart-narita-airport-04/)
I really wonder if she did maybe go to London at some point in Jan/Feb.

Naughty Tokyo gif! (http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/310/11udwdj.gif)

So a bunch of "insiders" have shown up on the E! boards lately, some are clearly haterz while others have some sweet stuff to say but... grain of salt.
arzi is though and she's one of the few that I originally took to be legit.

69.arzi Sat, Sep 19, 2009, 10:08 AM
Hi everyone! I was coming in to post on the Megan cr*p that Ted is always trying to stir up, but it seems that everyone is starting to ignore it. Great! I think I'll have my say anyway. It seems like Ted is trying to tie Megan and Rob together to get hits on his site. There is ZERO drama in that department. Rob is NOT Megan's type. It might be hard for many of the Rob fans to believe but it is true. I have that on very good authority. Megan mentioned Rob's name once in an interview and never made that mistake again. Look at Ted's article the day after the TCAs. She knew what Ted was trying to stir up and refused to bite. Trust me on this, Megan is not after Rob in any way, shape or form. She in no way factors into Rob or Kristen's thoughts or actions. ZERO drama here. Kristen trusts Rob completely. There is nothing there. Ted is just being naughty.

73.arzi Sat, Sep 19, 2009, 10:10 AM
Just some other quick random thoughts. The blind vices are also to get hits. I'm starting to believe they are made up. Either that or he is telling some fibs in his clues. He seems to eliminate everyone but at the same time imply that it is someone. It is not Kristen. That is for certain.

.arzi Sat, Sep 19, 2009, 10:13 AM
R/K are happy right now. There is absolutely nothing to report because there is no drama at this time. Which is probably why Ted is grasping at straws. The hits are going way down. But trust, R/K are great!

106.arzi Sat, Sep 19, 2009, 10:44 AM
to #83 Sorry sweetie, but Megan would more likely f*ck Kristen than Rob. And I'm not saying that to say that Megan is a lesbian or bi. I'm saying it because Rob is NOT her type. Don't make me say what is, because I like the girl and don't want to bash her. Anytime she's dropped R's name, its been for publicity. Furthermore, I'm not acting like anything. I really don't care what you believe. Go back to twitter. Your b*tches are waiting for you.

193.arzi Sat, Sep 19, 2009, 11:54 AM
#168...LOL...yes it was me? Did I sound off? I'm just a little tired of the Megan stuff and the bashing that comes from it for ALL parties. #121 They are equally infatuated with each other...going strong. I honestly have no clue what she is doing with her hair. My guess is that she is growing it out. #129 I don't mind admitting when I've been wrong. I don't follow Megan, but based on the quotes you posted apparently you hang on her every word. My point is, that if she did drop his name, it was for publicity. She's not pursuing Rob. Please enlighten me on what else I've been wrong about?

Mostly she's dispelling some Hollywood Herp/Rob insinuation but what rings true for me is that she's like, yep, they're good, no news, everything's cool vs. the "insiders" that are trying to (re)write the timeline or offer up future plans.

There's a goooood VF blown up pic in
this thread. (http://robstenlove.com/robsten-love-decorating-t741-420.html)

OT: Watching the Emmy red carpet. Aly Hannigan looks gorgeous. And Robsten is never fucking going to walk a red carpet together because the E! team is asking every RLTL couple completely intrusive questions about their relationship. Way to play it cool, Seacrest. I expect more from him.

09-21-2009, 02:02 AM
GOOD Robsten vid (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKakPL1vxYc&feature=player_embedded#t=193) (that includes some of the new Tokyo footage!) :heart:

09-21-2009, 12:02 PM
That was a very good diandra vid.

Yes! MTVMA09Rob is up there, definitely. I would have also voted for BeardedRob (http://gallery.robertpattinson.org/displayimage.php?album=185&pos=2) and BootedRob. (http://gallery.robertpattinson.org/displayimage.php?album=456&pos=0)

Why is there only Rob stuff out there to post right now?

Rob is Monsieur Handjob. (http://robstenlovers.blogspot.com/2009/09/pattinson-gives-fake-name-in-hotels.html)

Robert Pattinson has revealed that he uses a fake name when registering for hotel rooms. . . Pattinson told The Guardian: "I was Clive Handjob in Paris. Everyone in the hotel called me 'Monsieur Handjob'. That was good, cheap fun."

SNL wants Rob to host. Well, duh. (http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b145198_snl_cast_wants_robert_pattinson.html)

Think of all the ridiculous skits you could do with him. The possibilities are endless! That hair... S.M.: We're actually hoping if [Rob's] not available, at least his hair will come by and host.

I'm making a prediction that the Oscars are going to be going after *both* Rob and Kristen to present this year. I'll bet all of the award show producers took note of that 20% increase in Nielsens for the VMAs. The Emmys probably wish they had thought of an excuse to have them, too. They could throw in Taylor, as a bonus, and present special effects or makeup or something - which would make sense given their genre.

In other news, there's a website called Esme's Isle (http://www.esmesisland.com/Esmes_Island/Home.html) where you can buy clothes to look like various characters. Including Robward's very cool peacoat!

09-21-2009, 01:54 PM
Copying this post from the henhouse from someone who was at the VMAs. She claims Rob and Kris *did* sit in the audience for part of the show, about three rows ahead of her.

Apologies in advance for some truly hideous grammar.

Time passed and the show started and robsten was no where to be found. so I just tried to relax and watch the show...Madonna came on and spoke of M/J while she was talking I saw a light in the corner of my eyes and it was the back stage door opening...and there it was ROBSTEN in the flesh!! I was about to scream but i controlled myself cause the Madonna was still talking about Michael Jackson so it would be disrespectful or me to scream. but I was saying omg to myself and I tapped my cousins arm and pointed at them and he said HOLY **** lol but whispering lol. they went to there seats and stood up with every one else (everyone stood up for the Madonna speech) when she was done speaking and Janet came to dance everyone still stood up enjoying there performance. Kristen was adorable I think she knew one of the songs and she was lip singing to them rob was just standing there watching the show. when it was over everyone sat down and Russle brand came out Robert and Kristen were doing nothing special just sitting there. the show kept on going and nothing was going on. when there was commercials Kristen would just talk to Ashlee (in witch by them I was sick of lol I saw her like 10 times that night) and she was speaking to Taylor too Robert was sitting there and waiters for the Celebes came and gave him a drink. I wanted to go up to him and say hi but security was crazy strict I think they even counted how many times I blinked LOL. but yea when they Taylor swift and Kanye west thing happened. rob was just watching and Kristen was shaking her head and whispered something to rob that from her mouth motion sounded like ******* I could be wrong thou. Another commercial came and this time Kristen left with Ashlee I’m guessing to the bathroom. rob was just there and he was speaking to DIDDY! rob was drinking and so was Diddy and they were just talking and laughing it was a beautiful sight DIDDY AND ROBERT PATTINSON TALKING!! it was amazing to see. well Kris and Ashlee came back and Kristen sat down and this time what i saw was just too cute!...she sat down looked at rob looked like she was asking him and question. his cup was on the floor she took it and took a sip of what he was drinking she put it down again and then....she grabbed his hand! yes they were holding hands it was amazing I couldn’t believe it cuz there always so private but it was pretty dark in there you really couldn’t see much just ppl that were close to them....so I saw it. they were talking allot and laughing allot whispering into each others ear. it was really cute. when green day performed it seemed like Kristen was having a good time she was standing up and bobbing her head it was great to see her having a good time. when Beyonce performed they weren’t there they were back stage but when they came back they sat somewhere else that was far from me idk y...but yea that was my Robsten Encounter and it was the most amazing night of my life I will never forget it!.

P.S Robert is hotter in person...his hair is soo HOT!, Kristen looks the same as what she does on TV except I thought she was shorter...Ashlee looks 100% the same and Taylor I thought he was some huge muscle man...umm NO he seems puny Oh and one more thins while they were sitting there some girl screamed out ROBSTEN and kristen heard her and turned around and then laughed while telling rob what the girl said he laughed too. It was pretty funny. I’m guessing they know we call them that.

Hmmmmm. Kinda weird that they never showed up on camera at all, but maybe that was by request?

Rob needs to cut an album with Diddy. PLEASE.

09-21-2009, 03:35 PM
Fuckhawt. (http://photos.latimes.com/backlot/gallery/new-moon/2009/9/9/New_Moon-174_pattinson_stewart_green_screen) (Dream sequence.)

I would be tres surprised if they did sit in the audience and MTV cameras just never caught them but we do know (from VF) that they bop their heads and sing along so... tru enuf for me.

There's a video from the Rome book signing (it'll take me a while to track it down) where some fan asks KStew to say "Robsten" and K is like, what? She says it and then sort of realizes what she's saying and smirks.
Maybe *that's* why they got together (again) in Rome, they realized they'd have a kickass portmanteau.

They MUST go to the Oscars though, they wouldn't dare just hang backstage for the M-effing Academy Awards.

NewMoonRobsten (http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=11)

Stewie. (http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=470&pos=10) Just being her superpretty self. (http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=470&pos=13)

ETA: Monsieur Handjob = LOL. BeardedRob? *thud* :heart:

09-21-2009, 04:40 PM
More with the mounting. (http://photos.latimes.com/backlot/gallery/new-moon/2009/9/17/New_Moon-183_animal_trainer_pattinson)

CalliopeBlabs has the best take yet:

so we now know what rob returning home drunkenly & wanting some play from a sleeping stewie looks like

All the NM photos (available at the link) are gorgeous. CW beats CH hands down.

09-21-2009, 05:20 PM
Agreed. Those pics were tres nice. I'm starting to get more curious to see NM on the big screen.

BeardedRob is where I most clearly see his appeal. I think perhaps because he looks older? Or maybe because I grew up in the mountains and BeardedRob looks like he could wrestle a grizzly and chop wood for the fire.

09-21-2009, 06:16 PM
I can't help but notice that in every one of those NM photos, Kristen Stewart wants it.

New Moon soundtrack (http://lizconno.blogspot.com/2009/09/new-moon-soundtrack-listing.html) kills Twilight soundtrack (http://www.amazon.com/Twilight-Soundtrack-Various-Artists/dp/B001ED7C58/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1253572086&sr=8-1) dead.

Track list reads like any given indie playlist, but in a good way.

09-21-2009, 08:33 PM
I just can't seem to drum up any support for a non-hobo collective influenced soundtrack. Nary a Brit Hobo on there! For shame.

Has this completed fic called The List (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4934524/1/The_List) been recced before? I haven't read it yet, but those that like their Bella and Edward smutty and naughty seem to be enjoying it.

I've been reading the WIP (I know! *sigh*)Edward Wallbanger. (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5072648/1/Edward_Wallbanger) It's not only all human, but they aren't teens, and they don't live in Forks, and they don't even seem to have dark pasts or major angst. There's no reason for this to be a Twi fic at all! In fact, Bella is a lot more Joey-esque, and Edward is waaaaaaay more Pacey-esque. So I'm mentally adjusting the names and changing the town to Boston, and it works really well (much better) as an AU DC P/Jer fic. It's nice when fics can be that flexible.

09-22-2009, 12:23 PM
Gah. Well, I read the first few chapters of Wallbanger. I hope you're proud of yourself.

Stew411 has started a regular fanfic rec feature here. (http://robmyworld.com/2009/09/22/introducing-fanfiction-reviews-from-kstew411/)

She also rec'd some RPF. I wasn't sure how the Twidom felt about the Robstenites' RPF but, um, there's some pretty good stuff out there. If you're curious, I'll link. If it's *too* creepy, I'll never mention it again. ;)

Delaney and her followers are obsessed with these fics:
Emancipation Proclamation (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5180793/1/Emancipation_Proclamation)
Hydraulic Level 5 (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4931075/1/Hydraulic_Level_5)

I heard EP takes a while to get into and I know nothing about HL5.

New calinative vid! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiZMLQvaKgA&feature=channel_page)

Not a lot of news lately. They really are on lockdown in the Couv.

09-22-2009, 02:50 PM
Pic of KStew after LA Twi Premiere. (http://i725.photobucket.com/albums/ww258/soulnotasoldier621/2im6yhu.jpg) I :heart: that she put her jeans on right under her fancy dress.

There's NOTHING going on. Jeez. Guess we can talk fic instead.

I dipped my toes into the RPF Robsten fic Beyond Twilight, and it was creepy. REALLY CREEPY.

That said, I wouldn't be adverse to checking out something less explicit and cheesy, so link away. I don't know that I could get that into it, though. With most of it, there's that bit of ick that you just can't wash off afterwards.

KStew411 is like, my fandom hero, but I don't get her fascination with Tattward.

Trying to think why I have such a problem with most twi fic. I think the problem is that I could never fall for SM's Edward, so if the fic writer keeps him in character he's often too bland and/or domineering. But if they don't keep him in character it doesn't seem like a legit Twi fic to me. Kind of a conundrum.

Isn't Edward Wallbanger *exactly* how an imaginary wildlife photographer ladies man Pacey would have turned out? Cocky, charming bastard full of sexual innuendos who actually cares deeply about all of the women he's fucking? He's totally Pacey. But he ain't Edward. That's the problem!

There's another WIP fic I read some of, where Bella is more or less Bella, but Edward is basically an idealised Rob (a British musician who sings bluesy stuff). I forget which one that was.

I don't know where I'm going with any of this. I'm tired.

Turns out that what the whole ophy clan had for the past two weeks *was* the swine flu after all. It wasn't that bad as far as the flu goes, but it's taking a hella long time to get over.

09-22-2009, 07:15 PM
First of all, OMG, I hope you and the ophy clan can feel better soon!

:luv: that picture of Kristen! I'd seen her premiere after-party outfit but didn't realize she'd gotten dressed in stages. Ha!

Edward has two really hot moments in the whole saga and they're both in Eclipse: famous leg hitch (http://twicrackaddict.blogspot.com/2009/07/leg-hitch-scene-my-vote-for-6th-scene.html) and I love you. I want you. Right now. (http://www.fanpop.com/spots/edward-and-bella/articles/7965) during would-be meadow nookie.

I like the idea that this is who Edward would be around Bella were SM not such a puritanical harpy, so I can get behind a ficEdward that makes with the sexin' (vamp or not). I do think many ficEdwards read like Pacey but I think that's because Pacey was the actual ideal being (as a romantic lead) so ficEdward retains some of his attributes eg; ficEdward is usually snarkier than bookEdward because who the hell writes someone as the perfect boyfriend but gives him no sense of humor?

And I appreciate that ficEdward really *wants* Bella because I HATE that SM implies that part of Bella kissing Jacob is that she's all worked up from Edward and has no outlet for release. Like, if the silly little girl could just keep her silly little hormones in check then she wouldn't betray her perfect, otherworldly fiancee. Yeah fuck you, SM.
Also, if Edward were really the perfect guy he'd be helping Bella out in ways that are not about him losing control, ahem.

There's enough of a framework of bookEdward in sexy ficEdward for me, but I like that the fic authors try to create a more balanced dynamic between E/B. Sometimes.

So this (http://robsten2008.livejournal.com/) is the epic Robsten RPF. The author is a BNF because of it. It offers its own take on the timeline. It gets a little graphic in parts but it's all in context and not super explicit. Um, you might not like her Kristen. She's a little too harsh and Rob's a little too perfect but she does write their connection convincingly.

This Tokyo one shot (http://luvcali76.livejournal.com/3835.html#cutid1) is also pretty popular. It's also a little smutty but really, really well written. Some of the prose is just beautiful (not cheesy) and a lot of the dialogue feels authentic (not to R/K necessarily but to a couple in that situation).

Both fics are fairly ANGSTY which I far prefer to fluff. The two RPFs I've seen at ff.net were either ridiculously OOC or sacchariney sweet or both. (Also when KStew is a virgin so she's untouched for the consummately perfect wonderboy that is Rob, I can't hang anymore.)

I've read a little of The List which is the only Edward as vamp fic I've read (heh, canon I guess that's called) but it's pretty fluffy so far so I don't know.

09-22-2009, 08:51 PM
The swine flu is real! ZOMG. Ophy, I can't believe you all had it. I hope your house rights itself ASAP. Good god.

09-23-2009, 12:17 AM
OMB, Ophy! Glad you are on the mend!

09-23-2009, 01:36 AM
You don't have to be afraid of the swine flu! It really wasn't all that bad. I mean, yeah, being sick always sucks. But it was no worse than the flu I get every year, except the recovery has been rough and long. And I seem to have developed tachycardia, so I'm going to call the doc in the morning and see if that's something bad. I haven't really been able to sleep the past three days, so I'm up right now watching the O.C. prom ep. Big Korea!

And AnnaLynn McCord just showed up to smoke weed with Volchok! Yet another Twi connection. (She is/was dating Kellan Lutz).

HQ pics of KStew from last year's Twi promotion. Purty! (http://community.livejournal.com/kstewartfans/1083502.html)

Gil, Tay, and Kristen after last friday's filming. (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2626380&id=79578216452)

I made it 9 chapters into The List before giving up. It's one of the more canon Edward and Bellas, but honestly? I don't need to read about orgasms in *every* single chapter. It kinda turned into PWP really fast. Inventive, though.

Oh, and btw?RPattz is asexual. Trufax. (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/09/tmz-robert-pattinson-asexual.html)

09-23-2009, 10:56 AM
The Host was optioned (http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118008985.html?categoryid=10&cs=1&nid=2248). I wonder how much carry over she'll have from the rabid vamp camp. I remember having big irritating problems with that book too and it didn't offer any silly romantic schmoop to laugh about.

ETA FanCasting! My *FAVORITE*
Photoshop mockup! (http://fc09.deviantart.com/fs41/i/2009/052/7/e/The_Host_DVD_by_AnaB.jpg)

09-23-2009, 12:36 PM
I stayed up until 3:30 last night reading fanfic. Real Person Fanfic. So ashamed. You can actually trace my descent into fandom lunacy through this thread. And I need to know what my next steps are. Do I start baking Twi themed cupcakes for my mommy's group? Buy an Edward Cullen shower curtain? Spend crazy amouns of money at a fan con where only Justin Chon and 100 Monkeys are going to be attending? Eat Vampire chips? (http://robstenlovers.blogspot.com/2009/09/got-munchies-how-about-salt-vampire.html)Start wearing these around town? (http://robstenlovers.blogspot.com/2009/09/coastal-contacts-introduces-new.html)Use twi birth control? (http://robstenlovers.blogspot.com/2009/09/twilight-birth-control-pill.html) Spend a night here? (http://boxwish.com/blog/view/1122-spend-a-night-in-a-twilight-themed-hotel-room)Make a pair of Pattinson pants? (http://letterstorob.wordpress.com/2009/07/29/pattinson-pants-lady/)

I just need to know what comes next for me so I can mentally prepare.

I did read the mega-RPF you recced, emmaleigh, and it was surprisingly non-cheesy. Her Kristen had the appropriate amount of edge, and I do love how Kris and Rob were pretty much stoned half the time. She apparently supports the Kris-as-yo-yo timeline, which is the one I least understand, but she did make it seem fairly plausible . . . oh, and I :heart: the use of Gibran throughout. And DrunkRob! Lots of DrunkRob! And a DrunkRob that drunktexts. That was nice. I have a hard time picturing Nikki Reed as *quite* that saintly, but it was refreshing to not see her portrayed as a souless harpy for once.

You saw that she's written some 2009 stuff as well, right? MTV Movie Awards 2009. (http://lindseyrkrpf.livejournal.com/27200.html)
Joan Jett hair. (http://lindseyrkrpf.livejournal.com/28489.html)

09-23-2009, 01:56 PM
I :luv: :luv: :luv: :luv: you!

I don't really have anything else to say except that I so feel your crazy. I've doubled the post count I acquired in 6! years of membership here in the last three months all because of fucking Twilight.

2008 is one of the better RPFs I've read. I :heart: 2009 as well but she doesn't update it as frequently.This (http://lindseyrkrpf.livejournal.com/34064.html#cutid1)is a short little piece on TwiRobsten. The author also has an E/B fic on ff.net that I haven't read called Bare.

This author (http://1297.livejournal.com/tag/rpf:+rpattz/kstew) has also done some good stuff, particularly Sympathy for the Devil. It's all A LOT shorter than 2008.

So with you on The List. I stuck with it till chapter 14 but E/B got more and more OOC and it really was PWP.

New/old pic of TwiRobsten (http://img185.imageshack.us/img185/565/327721212100a4769232o.png). Aww, I miss TwiRobsten.

The latest calinative vid I linked up thread has some other new/old pictures of TwiRobsten (that I'd only seen in the LJ picspam I sent the PM about)including one of them with Gil Birmingham where K has her hand in Rob's jacket (kinda like the famous VMA 09 pic.) They both look so young and happy and oblivious to the madness to come. It's almost bittersweet.

Although, I'm sure they're somewhat content sleeping together every night on their GIANT pile of money and perks, handily acquired before they're even 25.

LTT (http://letterstorob.wordpress.com/2009/09/23/really-robert-pattinson-really/) bring the funny again. Otherwise, all still quiet on the Couv front.

Ha! Kbitch is in the urban dictionary! (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=kbitch) She is epic.

09-23-2009, 04:37 PM
Sarah, does that fan think The Host is being made as a TV movie for The WB (I refuse to acknowledge The CW)? What a bunch of z-listers! Aim higher, little fan girl!

RPF sounds more exciting than actual TwiFic. Is that weird?

09-23-2009, 10:13 PM
It's because even the idea of Rob and Kristen is infinitely more interesting than Edward and Bella.

Man, so much for a New Moon world tour. First the UK premiere is canceled. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/09/london-new-moon-premiere-cancelled.html) And now Robsten is avoiding Rome as well. (http://www.gossipcop.com/new-moon-over-rome-details-on-those-twilight-film-festival-rumors/)

Oh well, hopefully they can lay low in London or L.A. for a bit. Unbound Captives has been put on hold so in theory, their new projects don't go until January. Although Bel Ami still seems up in the air as well.

Maybe this is a good time to talk about my EXTREME dissatisfaction with K-11 getting greenlit. K-11 is going to be a mistake and a bomb, if it ever gets released at all.
I mean, it's written and directed by her mom so of course she's going to do it and we'd think less of her if she chose her career over her family, obvi. But I was really just hoping it'd be shelved indefinitely.

A feel good movie with a stripper KStew can't even get distribution right now, no way people want to see a transgender autistic prison bound KStew. I've heard the script is not good, just really dark and relentless and rape-y. Plus I hate the idea of Stew and NR working together some more.

Even if they make it on the cheap (and cheap is $7-15 mil these days,) no way will they make that back for their investors. The indie companies are not paying anymore, video is dead, the P&A for theatrical will be a nightmare. It's such a bad idea all the way around.

Combine that with all the emotional attachment- it'll be her mom's directorial debut and it'll fail and she'll feel kind of responsible and she'll feel bad for her mom (which is maybe the worst feeling in the world) and she'll get even more resentful of Twidom because the vapid Eclipse will make a boatload of money but nobody wants to go see a super interesting character piece (which is fucking depressing but that will be neither here nor there) and there will just be a pall over the whole project.

I really hope something falls through at the last minute. It's not career suicide (and I doubt Stew would give a shit if it was) but it'll be personal and professional disappointment.

She should go to London and hang with the Brit pack so that they can begin to establish the hobo collective. They can all go stay in a huge house in the English seaside and have sing-a-longs and writing roundtables and smoke hash and swim naked in the ocean (can you swim naked in the ocean in England in Jan?)and just generally disappear until they have to film Breaking Dawn.

That plan is so insanely preferable to staying in L.A. and filming a depressing and ultimately doomed project in a prison for five weeks.

Speaking of NR, here she is with her hideous "boyfriend." (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blogs/nikki-reed-and-paris-at-the)

More pretty dream sequence stills. (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/09/hq-scans-from-people-magazine.html)

09-23-2009, 11:27 PM
You know, you probably *shouldn't* swim in England in January, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't if the opportunity presented itself. TomStu strikes me as the kind of guy who skinny dips at the drop of a hat. Don't know why.

And I so agree with you! K-11 has DOOM written all over it. The hobo collective should take over some old castle in Ireland instead, and record a couple of albums. Like where U2 did Unforgettable Fire. But not the *exact* same castle, since that burnt down. Anyway. That idea of yours sounds AWESOME. It also seems like a much, much better idea for a movie than K-11 ever could. It's going on our (entirely mythical) blog.

I'm having a hard time letting go of Robsten2008. It was so plausible in so many ways! Although, she left out some key trufax things. Like, the actual present Rob gave KStew for her 18th (the "beautiful" guitar), the fact that her mom would have been living with her and on set through much of twi filming, the condo Kristen owned by herself in LA, and that she and Mike were shot by paps still "together" at the end of the year. Oh, and that she was with Joan Jett for New Year's. And no mention of the bong pics? I know we're blase about such things, but I have the feeling those pics caused quite the furor in Kristen and Mike's life at the time. Summit and their various handlers could NOT have been happy about it. But these are just quibbles.

I checked out the twilight_rpf community (http://community.livejournal.com/twilight_rpf/) (fairly banal stuff mostly) and was suprised at how much femslash was in there. Nikki/Kristen is an obvious pairing, but Kristen/Ashley? Hmmmm. I can imagine a Spanish Armada's worth of interest in shipping Bella/Alice, but I can't see the point of K/A at all.

This RPF has got me thinking. If a gun was held to my head and I was told I had to spend a few hours with a twi castmember, I would totally pick PFach. I'd bring the ophykid over for a playdate with his kids, and we could chat about potty training, Crocs, and Kelly-Brenda-Dylan, and it would be adorable and entertaining. If a second gunman was involved, I'd pick Eliz Reaser. Just so she could fill me in on what was supposed to happen on The Ex-List before it got canceled, and whether or not notorious showkiller Eric Balfour is as big of a tool in real life as he seems on tv. I think I agree with Kellan that Kris and Rob would be too intense and complicated to hang out with. And Robsten2008 totally captures how annoying they probably are to everyone else. That really rang true.

09-24-2009, 01:57 AM
They're alive! (http://twilight-gossip.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=2)
And looking oh so happy on set. (http://twilight-gossip.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=1) (Damn, I really wish I could link the big ones.)
So cute. Even in the soccer mom Volvo.

I really know nothing about TomStu or any of them. I need to familiarize myself with the Brit pack I suppose, before I begin making elaborate (imaginary) life plans for them.

I know what you mean about 2008. Parts of it have elicited a few rereadings. I agree that she writes the yo-yo Kristen pretty convincingly and I think she effectively conveys their intimacy, that they're just sooo connected (even when they're not together) which is sort of the shippers' favorite thing about the idea of Robsten. But yeah, she manages to do it in an entirely non-cheesy way (well, the VF dress is a little cheesy.) I wonder if the Robstenites were not yet aware of the birthday guitar when she wrote because it's a pretty romantic fact not to include in fic. I get a little tired of saint Nikki but I do appreciate that MA is kind of douchey, but not outright evil. Haha, did you appreciate the slam on Lainey when she showed up briefly?

Set_Break (http://community.livejournal.com/set_break/) has some other good stuff. It's how I found the Tokyo one shot.
I guess some LJ community called A Soul Enchanted is the premiere place for Robsten fic, but it's locked and membership is closed indefinitely (which is funny to me.)

Hee! But do you follow PFach on twitter?
I would have absolutely nothing to say to Rob, but I'd kinda want to talk books with KStew. I think she'd be a little less guarded talking about something non-industry related and she smartly claims East of Eden as her fave book and it's in my top 5 so I'd be curious to hear her (albeit 19 year old) take.

09-24-2009, 11:44 AM
I don't have twitter, but KStew411 is pretty good about RTing PFach's stuff. So I feel like I follow him.

More set pics! (http://www.breaking-dawn.fr/Photos/thumbnails.php?album=374) What poor Kris looks like without the wig. (http://www.breaking-dawn.fr/Photos/displayimage.php?album=374&pos=13)Robsten bubble! (http://www.breaking-dawn.fr/Photos/displayimage.php?album=374&pos=19) There are some closer Volvo pics as well. Robward lookng thin. Does he look thin to you? (http://www.breaking-dawn.fr/Photos/displayimage.php?album=374&pos=22)

PunkD says they will have some more set pics on Lainey later today. And speaking of, yeah, I did :luv: the shout out in Robsten2008.

And a set report w/non-Robsten pics. (http://maliciousmandysmind.blogspot.com/)

HQ People scans. (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/09/hq-scans-from-people-magazine.html)

Paris Ltsis has 'Nikki' tattooed on his hand. Ugh. (http://api.ning.com/files/v0ZfgXKCotGi78RDAb7PRFeccjEFDXIPE8szWM*cgidaXeCo3B v2OujUlGqnrH3-jv7B9v86CxOeF2Z9qAISbN73W*lnmnNS/msg1253634945623.jpg)

Um. Not sure what this is. (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_M21-q1qmSDo/SrrISxPM-CI/AAAAAAAAFSc/e5O57rD6_Q4/s1600-h/Edward_rejects.jpg)

More rumors that BD will be two movies. Whatevs. (http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b145721_source_breaking_dawn_screenwriter.html)

Still, nothing has been decided yet. Most likely what's happening is Rob 'n' crew agreed to a fourth…not fifth. Once the cast determines if they are up for five, then Melissa can plan accordingly about how to pen out this fourth flick. Don't do it, Rob n' crew! That's another 18 months of indentured servitude to Summit. We;d have to wait that much longer to launch the hobo collective!

Silly little 2 min E! special on Rob. (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blogs/two-minute-rob-pattinson) They interview BeardedRob! Just for a bit. And he talks about making out with KStew for 2 hrs at the audition.

Nicely done NM fanvid. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPuz_uYdZgo&feature=player_embedded#t=79)

New Robsten fanvid. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TP-IEMg5P7w&feature=channel) Nice moments, including a PFach interview where he mentions MA.

ETA that Robsessed (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/09/robert-pattinson-on-eclipse-set_24.html) is a better place to scroll through the new set pics.

09-24-2009, 01:04 PM
I totally forgot to post this 15 yr old KStew is freaked out vid. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piXcfcND5C4&feature=autoshare_twitter) Interesting that Larry Carroll has been interviewing Kristen for so many years.

I was thinking about how they have scaled back Robsten's participation in NM promotion, and I guess it makes sense. Rob and Kristen would have every reason to request it, and it's not like Summit has to worry about the movie *needing* a lot of promotion this time around.

I do miss InterviewRob, though. In solo interviews, he was always good for adorkableness - inappropriate comments about 12 yr old girls, accidental gushing about Kristen, and awkward oversharing with the interviewers. We may never see the old InterviewRob again. *sigh*

09-24-2009, 01:25 PM
Awwww, :heart:. They look so happy and relaxed. :luv: the Robsten bubble! Especially where his hand is *clearly* on her back.

Stew is totally wanting it from in this one. (http://www.breaking-dawn.fr/Photos/displayimage.php?album=374&pos=24)

Good BeardedRob in the E! thing, talking about the audition kiss no less.

Verray nice Robsten vid. Really, K looks so smitten in that early footage and on the Twiset I'm surprised she was able to walk and talk at the same time.

So, new NM photos on Monday and Wednesday and new set pics on Thursday. Guess the Robsten drought is not as prevalent as it feels. ;)

8 hours without Twinews feels like an eternity.

15yo Stew is ADORABLE.

I think it was to the Robstenites extreme benefit that K knows Larry Carrol and felt comfortable with him. Just look at the difference between their 2 MTVMA 08 red carpet interviews-
Larry Carrol interview (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2Evwwlwu_A&feature=related) vs.
the other random VJ one (where she asks if they're together- I can't find it but I know you know it.)

Yeah, I don't think we'll get anything like the Twilight promotion ever again. They'll either be quiet or incredibly guarded and likely never with each other. Sad, but probably better for them.

We haven't really seen Rob speak to the press since the MTV Movie Awards, right? And that was just the backstage thing. When/if he does talk, I'll bet he slips up a little about Kristen.

Oh! Comic Con! Yeah, they were totes talking about each other under the guise of E/B. Hopefully they'll continue to do that. They probably love that actually, being able to gush about their "characters".

09-24-2009, 03:43 PM
If you are feeling nostalgic. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFEFeqdTtBE&feature=related) Old fanvid with mostly twiset stuff. But listen with the sound off, cuz the music is terrible.

Larry Carrol is like, one of the patron saints of Robsten.

Stoli Watch 2009 continues. (http://robert-pattinson.ca/2009/09/24/rob-in-the-name-of-all-that-is-good-stoli/)You have to scroll down for the gallery.

Darts. (http://www.sassyqarla.com/2009/09/news-0000479.html)

National Enquirer recently reports that Robert Pattinson "hates his face". An UNNAMED source tells the tab, "Rob got a magazine cover with a picture of his face on it and pinned it to a dartboard that was in his trailer,"

Oh! Wonder if this is true.Harper's Bazaar reveals all! (http://www.popcrunch.com/robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart-will-confirm-romance-in-harpers-bazaar-december-issue/)

Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will reportedly go public with their clandestine romance in a revealing interview on the pages of the Dec. issue of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. . . Rob and Kristen were relatively open about their relationship,” says a Harper’s employee who accompanied the couple to an Aug. 20 photoshoot for the magazine.

Lainey finally posted the set pics. But there's nothing new. (http://www.laineygossip.com/Kristen_Stewart_Robert_Pattinson_and_Billy_Burke_s hoot_police_station_scene_in_Vancouver_for_Eclips. aspx?CatID=0&CelID=0) She had new twihard mail to post, though.

I have a 3 year old daughter and I’m raising her to be like Bella. There is nothing wrong with believing in the power of one true love and protecting it at all costs when you find it. Life is about choice and if I choose to love who is anyone to tell me my choices are wrong? I read that you are married and the things you say about your husband, who knows if you are joking but if you are serious I am truly sorry that you are stuck in a loveless marriage with a man who doesn’t appreciate you and would rather play video games than enjoy a romantic dinner talking and just being.

Oh, dear.

09-24-2009, 08:15 PM
I haven't read East of Eden. Recommended, huh?

So I dug up the twitters of the hobo collective (TomStu doesn't seem to have one) so we can start getting a sense of which of them will most likely to skinny dip in January:

Bobby Long (http://twitter.com/BobbyLongNews)
Marcus Foster (http://twitter.com/Marcusfoster1)
Sam Bradley (http://twitter.com/SamuelTwitt1)

Sam is in Vancouver now to play a show tomorrow night. He twitted this earlier:

have tried to find interesting pics but nope it's an airport. Can't wait for Rob to pick me up in Vancouver. 10:34 AM Sep 19th from Twitterrific

# Sorry that was silly and a lie... I'm that bored. Wanted to see what would happen! It will be a quiet taxi home. Maybe mum will surprise me!10:38 AM Sep 19th from web

And Marcus tweeted this:

# went to the salvation army yesterday and it was 99cents wednesday, bought about a thousand shirts, Denver is cool.11:32 AM Aug 13th from web Wow - he just vastly expanded the wardrobe of the hobo collective!

Shack of Soul (http://shackofsoul.com/) is a site dedicated to the above hobos and their music. They don't seem to like it much when people mention twilight.

emmaleigh- this chick petiiit (http://petiiit.livejournal.com/) writes angsty smut. And smutty angst. Just up your alley. She does a lot of one shots and short stuff. Like Sunday Afternoon. (http://petiiit.livejournal.com/16108.html) And Absence (http://petiiit.livejournal.com/10239.html) Which has Tokyo angst!

Gossip Cop is on top of the Harper's story. They have doubts. (http://www.gossipcop.com/claim-robsten-relationship-revealed-in-harpers-bazaar/)

And this fan posted a set report and pics (http://natspov.blogspot.com/2009/09/twilight-saga-eclipse-set-pictures-w.html) from yesterday that includes this one of Kristen crocheting? Tatting? Not quite sure. (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_suOamiTVHvo/SrvU7XXa4gI/AAAAAAAAAQI/yiWKq63GPik/s1600-h/DSCN7152.JPG)

09-25-2009, 03:02 AM
Oh, highly. Gorgeous prose, epic themes, two of my favorite quotes ever. Stew likes it too. (http://community.livejournal.com/set_break/) (She gets bonus pretentious points for saying literature and not English.)

Thanks for the fanfic link! I realize from her avatar I've read some stuff of hers. I like the story ideas but she's either an ESL writer or doesn't have a beta (possibly both) so I did get distracted correcting as I read.

Even if there's no mention of the relationship, that Harper's will be the most purchased magazine in the history of ever. Wasn't the Rob GQ the number one sold publication of 2008 or something? OMG, it will be uh-mazing.

More Robward/Belsten pics! (http://community.livejournal.com/lion_lamb/5762740.html)
Holy shit, if Kristen actually knits? She might actually be too cute to exist.

Love this comparison (http://es.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=23uzfo4&s=4) of the Robsten bubble!

You mean you're not raising the ophykid to be like Bella? :lol:

So Delaney tweeted what her source tweeted RE: the Harper's shoot (which makes me think it's not super confidential) and his direct quotes are "hot and romantic as FUCK" and "These make that Vanity Fair photoshoot last year look like puppy love in Romper Room." And it looks like the cover is just them, no word on the rest of the shoot.
So... awesome. :heart:

09-25-2009, 11:49 AM
Hot Rob photos. (http://robmyworld.com/2009/09/25/top-10-pictures-to-convert-your-lady-friends/) Among them, RomeRob and GQRob. Fuckhawt.

More old/new BeardedRob. (http://thinkingofrob.wordpress.com/2009/09/24/old-pics-of-robert-pattinson-out-and-about/)

15 yo Stew interview (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLhl9wRZdWQ&feature=related). She's so animated. This (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9cya527xqM&feature=related) is the movie she was promoting, btw.

This is a good Twi one. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WW-qkCEHTpY) :heart: her look here.

09-25-2009, 11:56 AM
IS. DEAD. Can you IMAGINE??? More fuckhawt than Vanity Fair? The hobo children, they kill me. I wonder how they ended up styling the mullet. If they took inspiration from it for the shoot, I'll bet the whole spread is raw and rock 'n roll. Really, you just have to embrace the awesome badass-ness of the mullet and not try to romanticize it into something fluffy.

I wonder how soon we will see the pics start to leak. Oh! And if there is backstage footage to gape over that inspire new CaliNative vids???? I have never had a Delaney tweet make me so happy.

I had this small secret hope that Rob would do a teensy (but definitive) confirmation in his upcoming VF profile. I imagined it going something like this:


We met at a low key West Hollywood eatery, the kind of place that tries just a little too hard to be casual. He entered the restaurant with the lithe grace of a young panther, removing his Ray Bans and slowly scanning the nearly empty room.

I gave a small wave, and he nodded in acknowledgment - seemingly unaware of the stir that his lean, 6 foot and one inch frame was causing among the hostesses in the entrance.

As he sauntered over to the table I had snagged in the back of the room (as per his management's request), I took note that he was attired in this season's hottest hobo chic wear. Crumpled denim, grey tee worn thin and mended several times advertising a Russian vodka, dirty black Nikes, and an open plaid cotton button up shirt that emanated the misama of a thousand cigarettes and a hundred spilt Heinekens. His famous bronze hair was covered with a blue NY Yankees cap, much to the collective disappointment of the female wait staff, and ten percent of the male wait staff. Oh, who am I kidding? This is West Hollywood. A hundred percent of the male wait staff.

We greeted each other as he sat across from me. Almost immediately, I heard his phone buzz, and he pulled it out with a charming apology, his British accent rolling over me like a wave of fox hunts and Christmas pudding. Glancing down at the screen, Rob Pattinson gave a trademark smirk.

"Something funny?" I asked.

"No, just my girlfriend. She wants to make sure I don't spoil my appetite for the feast she is preparing tonight. Three kinds of Hot Pockets with Pop Tarts for dessert." His delight with the news was infectious.

"Girlfriend?" I said, with an innocent smile, my journalistic senses tingling.

"Yeah, my girlfriend Kristen." He reached nonchalantly for a menu. "So what are you having?"


Totally just like that.

I figured out that petiiit is an un-betaed ESL writer when she spelled 'sacred' as 'sacrate'. I have a lot of tolerance for that kind of thing in general, because I'm so crazy impressed when someone can write in a language foreign to them at all. I have no real aptitude for that. And English is so hard! It's a ridiculous language.

By the way, a new CaliNative vid here. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AggHWTL8-E&feature=related)
Another new Robsten fanvid here. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1dbgHuF7xY)

And this is a pap vid of Rob and Kris arriving (separately) at the after party for the Twi premiere in LA. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQNWKKZHrU8&NR=1) How crazy good natured these kids are! Especially Rob. It was chaos and everybody with their WANT WANT WANT WANT!ing anything EVERYTHING from him, and he spent forever doing autographs and pics. With the smiling and gum chewing and the politeness, just as though he hadn't just had a full blown panic attack a couple of hours before. He's a really nice kid.

Oh, and this is his favorite book. (http://twitpic.com/izzh2)

edited to say (in case it was too subtle) that the tenses are all over the place in my VF profile excerpt on purpose. The last mag celeb profile I read had so many tense shifts that I got seasick. Just didn't want y'all to think, you know, that I am the dumb, or anything. Also.

09-25-2009, 12:33 PM
Wolves out and about in VC. (http://www.laineygossip.com/Quileute_wolves_around_Vancouver_September_2009.as px?CatID=0&CelID=0)

BooBoo is ADORABLE. I :heart: him as Seth Clearwater already.

Also, I shall now begin shipping Chaske Spencer and Tinsel Korey.

And speaking of adorable, I wonder if we will ever see KStew so natural, so happy and so excited in an interview again. 15yroldKristen in interviews was awesome. I wonder if Rob has seen any of these?

09-25-2009, 07:49 PM
Old Ashley Greene interview from May '09. (http://www.okmagazine.com/2009/05/ok-interview-ashley-greene-spills-on-new-moon-14027/)

Relevant bits:

OK!: How is Robert handling being the world’s most desirable man?

Rob’s always like, “I don’t belong here, what’s going on?” He’s not the most sociable. He’s not one of those people who can go and talk to anyone. He’s kind of a hermit and a little awkward. He got thrust into this limelight, but he’s dealing with it. I think it’d be kind of difficult for anyone.

OK!: It’s been rumored that Rob had a crush on Kristen. Is that why he’s not dating?

I think he’s loving being single. He’s pretty much one of the most eligible bachelors out there right now. So if he was sad before [about Kristen], I think that he’s all right now.

OK!: Does Kristen stay in touch with her boyfriend, Michael Angarano?

I know that she cares about him a lot and they have a great relationship. On the last film, he would hang out often.

Ashley is very diplomatic here. She doesn't *exactly* tell any lies. But oh! Rob was sad! Well, we knew that. I guess everyone did.

Fang Friends. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--eoCvrKfm4) Spike, Edward Cullen and Alucard share a house.

Sam Bradley concert tonight in Vancouver! Odds are very good that we might see some Robsten "darting out of/into cabs" pics tomorrow morning. Is it sad that I find that exciting?

09-25-2009, 10:33 PM
I've had this window open ALL DAY to reply and then my job kept getting in the way. Thank god I have my busiest work week of the year, the week before the NM premiere because I think I will literally not be able to sit still for the entire month of November leading up to it all, the Westwood premiere, NM opening, and now Harper's (which let's be honest, totally trumps the movie opening).

:rollin: at Rob's hypothetical VF confirmation. OME, that killed me!!
I had a similar fantasy except mine involved Rob talking to Jay-Z (and B) backstage at the VMAs and then introducing Kristen to Jay and being like, this is my girlfriend Kristen and someone would overhear and tweet it and then J/B would offer Robsten tips on how to be a super stealth couple.
I do wonder if that's sort of how it'll happen though, just the casual mention of the significant other.

The first "official" Brody/Bilson confirmation back in the day (long after those that cared knew they were together) happened when Rachel got Punk'd and her dog escaped and attacked a mail truck or something so the fake animal control guy was like are you the owner of this dog and she said co-owner, and then stated "Adam" was the other co-owner because she didn't think she was being filmed. After that they started mentioning each other in interviews which they'd previously never done.

Yeah, I don't want to get my hopes up, but I think the Harper's may be kind of amazing. I really can't imagine what will be hotter than *straddling* but I'm game to see what qualifies. And very curious about how they handle the JJhair but we've seen Stew be downright glamorous with it so it's all very promising.
If there is extended b-t-s video footage? I will die. I bet Cali's already planning her music.

A RL friend sent me an email today because the LA Times picked up the possibility of confirmation story with the subject line 'Robsten?!?!?!?!' And I tried to very nonchalantly confirm that they are together and provide a very, very brief timeline so as not to completely start gushing (the way I do here.) She wrote back how do you know all this? and I was like, ummm... the internet?

Ooh, Sam Bradley concert! *crosses fingers for pics or sightings (whichev is least intrusive)* They looked more relaxed on set this week so hopefully they'll feel comfortable going out.

Hmm, there are no links in this very long post. Unacceptable.

Kinda sad Robsten vid (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFCDX8o9XBQ&feature=related)
Pretty Once song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14230nSKL_M&feature=related) I :luv:

Ooh, hobo collective should totally make a 'Once' type movie with no money in about 3 weeks completely on location that spawns a PHENOMENAL soundtrack. It'd probably be too 'vanity project' for them but holy fucking crow, that'd be awesome. I want to hear them record together beyond this. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwydFeRyAaU)

ETA: I finally got to watch all the linked vids. I :heart: the second one with all the VMA pics.
And man that pap vid of the after-party, I got anxious and exhausted just watching it. I can't even fathom how they must deal. And Stew just walks up and throws her arms around all those fangirls. (How, HOW?! does anybody hate her?) I think RPattz was calm and jovial because he knew he'd be spending the rest of the night with K. I've decided that's part of my timeline based on their red carpet looks. Why is there not fic about that (and why do they break up then in 2008)?

Here's the vid where she says Robsten in Italy. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECCjXhDCJD8&feature=related) It's at 4:12. She doesn't smirk so much as she looks caught and says oh my god. At 2:12, it's a babyStew (13) on the set of Catch That Kid with the same exact mannerisms she has today.

09-26-2009, 02:23 AM
From Ted's Bitch Back comments today (via Robstenlove.com):

This is from a pretty good insider at Ted's from today:
91.I'm Listening Fri, Sep 25, 2009, 10:14 AM
Ted has gotten more vicious but I like vicious bitchy Ted. And Megan does look cheap and this choice of picture wasn't an accident, Ted is still digging at Rob which is kind of funny and it also means there is something to tell regarding Robsten IMO. I know there is plenty of gossip to tell about the filming of the original Twilight and that could start leaking out if no new info is around to be discussed

Please dear god, let this be true. And let it be as scandalous as I continue to *feel* it probably is. Just look at this picture. (http://robstenlove.com/robsten-love-decorating-t741-465.html) They just look like they have a secret. (You have to scroll down to the cafeteria pic in the thread. I looked everywhere for just the picture to link but couldn't find it.)

And here's arcade again:

This "arcade" is someone the regs consider an "insider". Just a little tidbit about the Harpers Bazaar photo shoot (by the way, squeeee to that!)...anyway, here is what "arcade" has to say...


395.arcade Fri, Sep 25, 2009, 6:47 AM
good morning. gotta write quick and go... harpers bazaar thing is the new spin.notice the date when photoshoot was done and compare it to the period new people came to direct the promotion for NM. they're slowly spinning the PR into edward direction (heck the newest scan summit released in people's mag) cus the testing of the selected group (of the fandom) got negative response to the way promotion has been going till recently. learned this bit few days ago. really have to go. *wink*

:luv: if that's really true and there will be more Rob going forward, the timing does make sense with the changing of the Summit guard and when the photoshoot supposedly happened.

Apparently, R&K are filming super late tonight and likely won't show to the show. Oh well. I hope they go home and eat and sleep because yep, I agree Rob is looking very thin.

ETA: Delaney just tweeted some more on the HB shoot. She's calling it. Make of it what you will.

# No one has seen the pics, but I will happily eat crow for all eternity if I am wrong. No more on this. Will post soon. 7 minutes ago from web
# The confirmation might not be in the article, which is more R/K centric than E/B, but in the pics. Just sayin. 8 minutes ago from web

ETA again: Oh man, they totally got me. The cafeteria pic linked above is a manip! This (http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/738/040zrx.jpg) is the real pic. I still think they look like they have a secret. Robsten bubble in full effect, Melissa R. be damned.

09-26-2009, 11:49 AM
Dude, that manip got me, too! It's as good as the MTV MA 09 manip on the couch that fooled the Australian Ok!.

I :luv: :luv: :luv: when mags put manips on their covers.

In my VF excerpt, I left out the bit where his "three day old scruff caressed his chiseled jawline like a lover's hand." My hypotheical interviewer is a fan of the jaw porn, apparently. She/he would prob be a fan of this pic. (http://twitpic.com/j3pfv)

Grrrrr. No Sam B pics. They filmed late.

RobPattzNewsBella's house set is a wrap. Kristen, Rob, Xavier, Billy, Ashley there. More deets later. @David_A_Slade waved @ us on the way out! The hobo children don't need sleep the way mortals do, so they prob hooked up with Sam later after his show. To swap clothes. Sam might want in on whatever plaid they picked up during their thrift store run with Bobby.

Before Kristen, there was Rob's first love - the Stoli shirt. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXP0T4Y2gkk&feature=related)

Ha! "Falling Slowly". I totes already have that song on my R/K playlist. And oh gawd, did I just admit to having an R/K playlist? *shame shame shame*

Another new Robsten vid. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWSKdG_lrI8)This one has nice Kris voiceovers.

That Cold Desert vid! That killed me. Their summer really sucked. You know that Rob voiceover bit from CC'09 where he talks about absence? You can't even begin to spin that as talking about the character. That was totally Rob talking about R/K, not E/B. CC'09 has so many nice bits like that.

You know, I was listening to that Stray Dog song you linked, and then went on to I was broken (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XvgUp1csUA&feature=related) (which would be a great Rob POV Robsten song), and I'm starting to think it was a terrible shame that he decided to take on acting. There's a definite market out there for his so sincere! earnest Jeff Buckley-esque vocals, I think. If he had been able to do what he wanted to do when he still thought Twilight was going to be a small indie film (move to Nashville and record an album, and then tour around America like his mates are doing now), he probably could have built up a little cult following. He could have sold his songs off his MySpace page, played college pubs, and generally just had a low key, nomadic hermit life. So much better than the crap he puts up with now!

Of course, Robsten was DESTINY, so he would have run into Kristen eventually. But she could have stayed an indie actress, and he would have just been her cool British musician boyfriend. Just like every indie actress tries to collect.

Basically what I am saying, is that Catherine Hardwicke and Stephenie Meyer ruined their lives. *That's* who Rob should have dart boards made out of.

I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: that you know the history of the Bilson/Brody confirmation. I didn't follow their RLTL very closely, but I remember being bummed when they split up, and when she started to beard Anakin Skywalker. I don't even see what she gets out of that arrangement, unless it's all just to mask her broken heart over Adam.

09-26-2009, 06:28 PM
*I'm* a fan of that pic. Rob is getting exponentially hotter to me every day. I really was pretty lukewarm on him when this whole thing started. Hmmm.

Poor kids. I guess they're used to it by now. Here's (http://kate-stew.livejournal.com/3788.html#cutid1) a sweet little ficlet about them literally sleeping together.

I wonder if Rob's possessive side doesn't like Stew wearing the other brit pack's clothes. Cigs and alcohol aside, he doesn't want her to smell like Bobby Long y'know?

I'd been pondering an R/K playlist and now I'll create one so you don't feel alone. :heart: You *must* share what's on it though.
It kills me that "I'll Be Your Lover, Too" by Van the Man is part of the Robsten mythos because I've loved that song for many, many years (even after I temporarily burnt out on VM after college). "Breathe Me" by Sia also seems to be popular, no doubt because of the VF shoot. And I downloaded that Hana Pestle song "Need" that's used in the superpretty Rome vid after I couldn't get it out of my head. Calinative has also picked some very good music for her vids.

Rob's celeb playlist is still up on iTunes, it's hard to tell how serious he was being with it. Stew didn't do one. NR's list overlaps with Rob's a bit. :madnono:

Beautiful Robsten vid. I :luv: all the stuff she used from Comic Con 08 and Kris's interviews. The first one from Rome? :heart: She was trying *so* hard to make up with him.

And yeah, CC 09 really generated A LOT of good stuff in retrospect. I feel like every time either opened their mouth they said something semi-revealing.

And I've noticed when Kris is interviewed in the proximity of Rob or about Rob, she's all about how similar she is to Bella (or Bella is to her). But around Taylor, it's all about how she's nothing like Bella, really (like in the EW vids).

Mmm, it's interesting to think of Rob as a touring musician and Kris as a still somewhat obscure indie actress. They'd probably love that. She could travel with him when she wasn't working and no one would even recognize her in her glasses and dirty, oversized tshirt. Maybe they can still get there some day. (I honestly don't know about R's acting prospects having to surmount being the It boy.)
I would love to be a fly on the wall during one of the supposed R/K jam sessions (according to one of the wolf pack).

Ha! I'm totally on board with the idea that Stephenie Meyer ruins lives. I think Rob may send CH a fruit basket once a week though for creating a situation wherein he gets to make out with K on a bed for two hours before he even gets the job. Her unconventional screen test was his winning lottery ticket.

O/T: Oh, Bilson and Brody- the last RLTL I hardcore shipped. I adored them equally (and also as much as I :luv:ed Sethummer). They were just so cute and domestic and low-key. Their breakup was rough (on me of course.)
I used to go to Adam's band's shows occasionally and I have a friend who was a friend of a friend of one of the nonfamous band members. We'd heard Rachel was definitely going to be at this music festival show and then she wasn't there and the following week it was announced she'd signed on to Jumper (which oddly enough has KStew, ha) and my friend and I just had this *feeling* that it meant bad things.
So she and Adam were still together while she was filming (around October) and probably broke up around December (all during S4 of The O.C.) We were in denial about the breakup (obviously) and went to another show in early January where he was super flirty with a couple different girls. (And I'd always kind of feared that the more dick-ish Seth Cohen qualities were really Adam but the few times I talked to him, he was really very nice and down-to-earth and he always seemed so devoted to her.)
And then Bilson started to publically beard Hayden and we were done. Thankfully the show was over too (yeah, they were together *just* the run of the series) so we moved on. I guess now Bilson is actually marrying HC. I don't get it. She never really seemed like the starfucker type (and it's not like becoming Mrs. Christensen is doing wonders for either of their careers). Anyway, A/R's bizarre Hollywood ending doesn't make them (or S/S) any less adorable than I thought they were at the time.

09-27-2009, 11:06 AM
Sex on Fire - KOL (duh)
Use Somebody - KOL (duh again)
I'm Yours - Jason Mraz (one of the first fanvids I saw used this song and I got addicted)
Your Song - Elton (I already had this in my iTunes anyway, so what the hell)
Breathe Me - Sia (VF obvs)
Say - OneRepublic (I know! crap song. But it also reminds me of the VF shoot)
Falling Slowly - Glen Hansard
I Don't Mind - Marcus Foster
Left to Lie - Bobby Long
Daniel - Bat for Lashes (No particular reason, I just like it with the others)

The ophykid has VERY definite taste in music. She :heart: :heart: :heart: the Jason Mraz song, and will even sing along, but she doesn't seem to like KOL "Mommy, that one NOT good.". And I don't think I really want her screeching "Youuuuuuuu, your SEX is on FIRE" at preschool, so we don't listen to that much. She loves the Sia song, and the Elton John song, though. However, what's really hysterical is to see her dancing around the living room to The Ramones. "I vanna be sheedated!" Or the B-52s. "Bang, bang, bang on de door, mommy!"

Totally adored that wee ficlet. However, I'm in a feud with the BNF RPF writers right now, because it seems like a lot of the good stuff has been flocked. They are issuing dire mumblings about some kind of incident making everyone retreat. Not sure what went down, but it's hella annoying. I don't have an lj, so that shuts me out of a lot of well recc'ed fic.

So instead, I have a completed E/B rec. It's canon (Cullens as vamps, Bella as human teen, everybody living in Forks), and it's EPOV (which I tend to favor). Also, it's educated and researched and almost literary. She achieves everything SM does, but in a much shorter format and without the really annoying things like the love triangle and Renesmee and the horribly bland dialogue. It's not terribly smutty, and would actually make a very good, albeit really dark, YA novella. If Love Could Light a Candle (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5022358/1/If_Love_Could_Light_a_Candle) Worth reading! If only to note along the way where pastiche pen is a far superior writer to SM and fixes a lot of SM's mistakes.

The one thing I was immediately struck by was that none of the Cullens are pretending to be high school students. Finally! That bugs me so much - you are an immortal who can go anywhere, do anything, be anyone, with unlimited wealth and super powers . . . and you choose to attend an American public high school? For reals?? Nobody would do that. Nobody. There are a zillion better ways to pass your time than sitting in bio class and pretending to eat in a high school caf. The world is full of possibilities of things to see and do! And this is what they voluntarily choose!

And their cover story is pathetic. Yes, surgeons who look like they are in their twenties often adopt 5 teenage foster kids. Except not so much ever. It doesn't even make a lick of sense that going to high school would actually help to maintain their supposedly low profile. There is no place gossipier! Or more bureaucratic and restrictive to personal freedoms! And there's got to be blood every now and then from accidents in P.E., and girls on their periods, and boys fighting in the halls, and blood typing in bio. So . . . how did Jasper handle that, if he can't handle Bella's papercut? Why would they risk Jasper around so many nubile temptations?

I especially don't think that Edward would choose to be in high school if he didn't have to. It's hard enough to have to read everyone's thoughts, I can't imagine the hell it would be to have a hundred idiot teenagers' thoughts forced into your head every single day. Of all the ridiculous places for a mind reader to trap himself. ** sex, video games, sex, sex, new Star Trek movie, sex, sex, I wonder if Katy Perry really likes to kiss girls?, sex, wow, those boots are really cute, sex, sex, sex** Yeah, that's worthwhile, when instead you could be around grown up, creative people with far more interesting thoughts if you wanted to be.

Also, I have never understood why Alice held Bella hostage in Eclipse so that Edward would buy her a yellow Porsche, but in BD it's made quite clear that Alice and Jasper keep enough money in their bedroom to keep a small country afloat financially. Alice could have bought her own motherfucking car, Meyers. Damnit.

SM = :curse:

In Robsten news, apparently there was a cast dinner last night. But it doesn't look as though they attended. Have you heard when filming actually ends? Ashley Greene recently tweeted that they were about halfway through, but I didn't know if there was a approx. date floating around somewhere.

I need new RPF! So bored.

09-27-2009, 02:59 PM
This Twitter (http://twitter.com/tracyxlee) saw Robsten leaving their hotel around 11 PM last night but word is they didn't go to the cast party or there were two cast parties or something (maybe one was a birthday party for Slade.)

Ooh, I'm intrigued how the RPF retreat is working. Where are the mumblings coming from? I found another site that hosts RPF (http://community.livejournal.com/rpattz_kstew/tag/fic) but it's also an LJ. I sometimes have to sign in to mine and then reload the page but I'm not friends with any of the authors or communities- can you not access the page without an LJ? I have noticed that some authors have taken their stuff off the public sites and locked it in their LJ (which is amusing since the whole reason I got an LJ account years ago was to read a different fandom's locked fic.)

@FakerParis (http://twitter.com/FakerParis) got into it last night with this Twitter (http://twitter.com/jolilabrat) about RPF, among other things. It starts around 14 hours ago and is completely ridiculous but 411 RT the tail end of it.

:heart: the playlist and the very adorable image of the ophykid dancing around to it. My 2 yo niece goes crazy for Adele and No Doubt and it's the cutest thing EVER.

Make You Feel My Love- Adele (:luv: this cover and v. pretty fanvid)
Boom- Anjulie (good early Robsten, would love to see a vid to this)
China- Chris Holmes (would love to see a vid to this too, basically I wish I had vid making skills)
Will There Be Enough Water?- The Dead Weather (because over a month after 411 tweeted they were seen at TDW show in NY in July but there was no proof, various additional tweets by nonfans were discovered confirming the sighting at the time. And this is their bluesiest song for Rob.)
Red Right Ankle- The Decemberists (just such a pretty but not cheesy love song)
Your Song - Elton John (duh.)
Need- Hana Pestle (Greatest Rome vid evah.)
Flightless Bird, American Mouth- Iron & Wine (duh.)
Goodnight Bad Morning- The Kills (early angsty Robsten)
True Love Way- KOL (my substitute for Sex on Fire, read it was also on the setlist for the Couv show)
Cold Desert- KOL (more angst, :heart: angst)
5 Years Time- Noah and the Whale (just a shiny, happy love song by a brit band and the band name comes from the movie with Jesse Eisenberg, K's costar in Adventureland)
Loving Cup (live)- The Stones f. Jack White (pretty Stones/Jack White song for R and K)
Moonlight Mile- The Stones (pretty, angsty Stones for K)
Breathe Me- Sia (duh.)
Set Fire to the Third Bar- Snow Patrol f. Martha Wainwright (I already :heart:ed this song then it showed up at the VF shoot, right before the One Republic song that I too like now for the same reason)
I'll Be Your Lover Too- Van Morrison (duh.)
Somersault- Zero 7 (more Sia, another sweet non-cheesy love song)

Tried to include a fair amount of Brits. It's too long, but I SUCK at editing.

I will most definitely check out the completed canon fic!!!

I am :lol:ing at your enumeration of all the massive failings of the very premise of the Twisaga. I feel like aside from a very cursory interest in E/B, I could just say whatthefuckever to the entire saga. It makes no sense, from beginning to end.

And sex and immortality aside, I'm still :dblnono: to Bella getting married, right after she graduates. Creepy.

Speaking of I guess the E! commenters are back on the Robsten's married and also pregnant! (that's why K was knitting) train. *sigh*

I think filming will definitely be done for R/K by the end of October, possibly earlier. The other cast will probably wrap up sooner. It'll be just about 3 months at the end of next month, right?

09-27-2009, 03:06 PM
Is it wrong I hope they break up before the last movie so there will be tons of painful awkwardness?

09-27-2009, 04:26 PM
Blasphemer! You are supposed to hope that they get secretly married while filming Breaking Dawn and have a wee baby of their own. Otherwise, how are they going to be all method-y?

I get what you are saying, though. It was all interesting and angsty while they were locked in a lurve triangle, and had a Big Secret Love. But now, there's just the tiniest bit of interest left due to not being entirely public, but that's it. So yeah, a big break up would certainly rekindle the angsty good times.

Thinking that I was being oh-so clever, I went to the voting page at set_break for some fic awards they did in March (http://community.livejournal.com/set_break/65247.html) to find decent fic that way. That's when I figured out almost all the links either ask you to log into LJ, or they just say that the fic is flocked. This one Leave You Muddled Up and Blind (http://dcavv.livejournal.com/1289.html) works, though. And this one Four Times Rob Asks Kristen To Marry Him and One Time He Didn't (http://snarky-kat.livejournal.com/249346.html)

I saw there was something bigger going on when I went to windtrail's LJ. (http://windtrails.livejournal.com/)

As of now, I will no longer be publicly posting my Rob/Kristen fan fic. After witnessing the fiasco of what happened to my dear friend's work that I will not make my writing vulnerable to such a fate. I'd prefer to keep it quiet than to be made a mockery of because I take writing seriously. It's my life's work and I hope to make a career out of it somehow.

Someone did tell her that you can't *actually* make a career of RPF, right? Although, I guess Kitty Kelly did just that.

I think this is what Rob looked like at the Twi audition. (http://thinkingofrob.wordpress.com/2009/09/27/two-new-pictures-of-robert-pattinson/) Yeah, no wonder CH and the producers were a little worried.

I've been spoiled for the twist ending of Remember Me. Which doesn't matter, since I never planned on seeing it anyway.

ETA Your ginormous playlist! OMB, I think I only know half of those songs. Guess I need to spend some more time on iTunes. I haven't seen the RPattz celeb playlist yet either. And speaking of music, today the ophykid and I rocked out to Kiss Off (Violent Femmes), Rebel, Rebel (Bowie), and Suedehead (Morrissey). You kinda have to be a 4 yr old to figure out how to properly dance to VF.

09-27-2009, 05:09 PM
Thinking that I was being oh-so clever, I went to the voting page at set_break for some fic awards they did in March to find decent fic that way. That's when I figured out almost all the links either ask you to log into LJ, or they just say that the fic is flocked. This one Leave You Muddled Up and Blind works, though. And this one Four Times Rob Asks Kristen To Marry Him and One Time He Didn't

Ah, yes. I know what you mean now. I had that same experience. I'm really sad that some of lindsayrkrpf's stuff has seemingly disappeared. I keep seeing Senses rec'd all over the place but I can't find a link to it anywhere.

I :luv: :luv: Leave You Muddled Up and Blind. It's one of the best RPF's I've read. And I also :luv: her VMA fic Come On, Get Higher (http://dcavv.livejournal.com/2897.html) but I didn't rec them with the others because I wasn't sure if the sexay factor would be too high (it's not porny though which I can't do). I really wish the author had written more Robsten (like she said she was going to).

Nice Tokyo fic (http://community.livejournal.com/rpattz_kstew/507924.html#cutid1)
I love the London angst of Feels Like Home.
Part 1 (http://community.livejournal.com/rpattz_kstew/424241.html#cutid1)
Part 2 (http://community.livejournal.com/rpattz_kstew/424584.html#cutid1)
More London smutangst from the same author. (http://community.livejournal.com/rpattz_kstew/159449.html)

And yes, they will totes be secretly married by BD's release.

09-27-2009, 07:01 PM
It's like my own personal brand of heroin! And you're my dealer! I hope you're proud of yourself, missy.

So two pet peeves with R/K RPF. When he calls her "Krissy". Do we have any basis for thinking that he ever EVER does that? And when he calls her "love". I get that it's a Brit thing, and people want to make him sound British, but I can't remember hearing him use any endearments of that kind.

Also, just once I would like to read an RPF where they take into account (or even mention) her cat, Max, who she has said numerous times is super important to her - and we have seen the cat on set with her in her trailer on a different movie. And DEFINITELY take into account that her mom would have been living with her and on set with her for most of twi filming. Kind of hard to do the smutty smut in Kristen's apartment during pre-prod (a fave trope) with her mom right there. I just think that had to have an effect on their early friendship dynamic. Rob was reminded *every* day that she was just seventeen and under parental supervision. And CH rarely shows up in these fics, even though she seems the type to be hanging around and interfering with the cast all the damn time.

Anyway, these are stupid quibbles.

09-27-2009, 09:51 PM
Tinsel Korey also plays guitar! She can join the hobo collective if she wants. (http://bauergriffinonline.com/2009/09/korey-joins-the-twilight-band.php)

And new Rob pics from last night? I think. (http://socialitelife.celebuzz.com/archive/2009/09/27/snapped_robert_pattinson_heads_home_from_a_night_o f_drinking.php)
Missed buttons and . . um . . interesting stains, Rob. (http://twitpic.com/jfhpn)
I think this is Rob and Kristen in a cab? Maybe? (http://media.photobucket.com/image/recent/mimignyc/robsten_pappz/8931_1172358043362_1660362530_43282.jpg)

KSWI's post today was about Charles De Gualle. Brilliant.

09-28-2009, 05:04 AM
WOW. RPattz, you are looking hobotastic. With the buttons? OMG, that's not even close. Stew's gotten lazy- they're not even trying. Must be the extreme lack of sleep.
And yeah, I blame the RPF haze but my mind immediately went *there* regarding those stains on his pants.
Also I love how in his infinite layers and leather jacket, he still manages to expose a fair amount of bare chest.

411 says the cab pic is from sushi night. I just like how it's all 'Rob & Kristen papped in a cab together' and "Kristen" is like, a sliver of her cheek and jaw and nothing else. It's most likely her but it's hardly a picture of KStew y'know?

Onto the important stuff- fic!

I'm completely satisfied being your RPF pusher. Fuck it's addictive though.

I've noticed something curious. Most of the good stuff was written between August and December of 08. Not a lot has been written lately so on most of those RPF sites, you have to go way back to find the best entries. I suppose it's not as inspiring now that they're officially a couple (like how all the best anygivenfandom canon fic is written when the couple *isn't* together).

I did find this (http://oxymoronassoc.livejournal.com/459946.html#cutid1) which is pretty awesome. There's some talk in the comments that the pic of Robsten walking away with his arm on her back is actually K's body double but um, pretty sure that's Stew's ass.
There's no way this doesn't sound pervy but the robust butt is fairly remarkable, 'specially on such a skinny girl.

I've noticed the Krissy thing. She really doesn't seem like a Krissy, although one of the "insiders" at Ted's board referred to her as Krissy and she sometimes surprises me with her complete and total valley girl-ness so I'm okay with it as long as it's not overused.
But I'm so with you on "love." No, I don't think there's any evidence anywhere of RPattz using "love," in reference to Kristen or anyone. You know who uses "love"? Edward. And yeah the British thing but they're kids and "love" is just so stuffy. I'd guess they use the way more common 'babe' and 'baby', maybe 'sweetheart' when he's feeling romantic. We've seen Stew (allegedly) use 'sweetie', something else I'd consider totally OOC if it hadn't come from Kristen herself (along with singing along to pop songs and karaoke duets). I've totally expanded on what I accept in ficKristen since RLStew is seeming more and more typical.

That being said, in the second pic of that Stew picspam, she's posing with her family's pet wolf. That's right, the Stewarts have (or had) pet wolves. So not always so much with the typical.

MamaStew. I would guess (just given how permissive the Stewarts appear to be) that they raised those kids with lots of freedom. K has elected to not move out of their house (even though she has her own) which makes me think that she can do pretty much whatever she wants there and elsewhere. (MA also still lived with his parents, fwiw.) I know she was 17 so legally, MamaStew had to be there but it'd be easy for her to have a rented house in Portland where Stew's officially based while K has her own rented place or hotel room or is crashing elsewhere (I mostly think that last one).
Rob was born in '86 and MA in '87 so I just don't see the whole forbidden "underage" thing really being a factor. RPattz is only a year and a half older than her longterm bf.
C'mon o, they're resourceful, hormonal young people. If they want to make with the smutty smut, they'll find a way. ;)

I meant to mention from a few posts back-
1) Oof, Twiaudition Rob not so hot. :heart: that 17 yo K was still instantly attracted. What did CH say? They were immediately "fascinated" by one another. They're so insane.
2) :luv: :luv: :luv: that you are a Robsten fan with no intention of seeing any of their movies! :lol: Yeah, they're great. I like their interview work mainly. Picspams, they're great in picspams. :heart: :heart: :heart:

People were pissed last night with the spoiling of the RM ending. But how twist-y could it be? Does he die? Does she die? The movie's called Remember Me for fuck's sake. Wouldn't it be a twist if one of them didn't die? Unless he's really an alien or it's all a dream, I don't understand what could be so surprising (not saying you're saying it's a surprise but the overreaction on Twitter.)

Yay! More photo shoots! This was tweeted about an hour ago:

[ #Eclipse Update] Rob and Kristen had a shoot together today! As well as some of the other cast members! Cant wait for the new pics!

E/B make Rotten Tomatoes list of Top Iconic Romances (http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/love_happens/news/1840780/total_recall_iconic_movie_romances) which, wevs. But bwahahaha! to them using a fanvid (and not even a great one) as the official Twilight trailer. Um, RT? Did you even watch Twilight?

09-28-2009, 11:25 AM
E/B on the RT iconic loves? That's funny. I can't really compare to other newish stuff, though. I've never seen Titanic, The Notebook, or Brokeback Mountain. See why it's not so surprising that I don't plan on watching any of the other Rob and Kris movies? I wish Twilight was a tv show instead. Movies generally disappoint me in ways that tv doesn't. I feel like a wrong turn was taken in H'wood after 1989. The only big movies I like that came out in the '90s were Toy Story and Pulp Fiction, and it's been all downhill since. Although my dad would make a strong argument for Quigley Down Under, I would counter that all of the actual production work on that project was probably completed in the 80s. Anyway, I'm a cranky old lady that doesn't like anybody or anything. Get off my lawn, you damn kids!

But yeah, I think their work in pic spam is really pioneering. :D

Radar (http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2009/09/robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart-rock-n-roll-vancouver-party) says they were returning from a Rock N Roll party in those pics. Kristen apparently darted into the hotel too fast for paps, and Rob stayed behind to pay the cabbie (and prob to draw the paps to him). I'll bet on some level it makes all of this annoying shit more bearable if he can tell himself that he does it all for her . . . so she doesn't have to. Appeals to what is british and noble in the kid.

Rob has a new mag profile and pics. (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blog/show?id=2644331%3ABlogPost%3A986945) I think these are new.

Different version of the 'Cats die' clip. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQpeZOxZXdk)

Kristen and her cat on set at The Messengers. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40kaisml1I4&feature=related) Kristen has to do schoolwork, too! Just like she had to do on the twiset. I finally found the audio of the DVD commentary on You Tube (only listened to a tiny bit so far) and she mentions having to go to school at the high school where they were filming. Apparently, she just used an empty classroom or something. And every time she had even a short break, she was expected to do school stuff. Kristen has said that she felt left out because she had to be treated differently as a minor, and couldn't hang out as long on set and was busy with tutors.

I totally get what you're saying about how MA and Rob are close in age, and that the Stewarts seems permissive. But! I think there's a difference in being teens together (like Kris and MA), and a man in his twenties meeting a 17 yr old girl. And it's something that was supposedly on Rob's mind, because he does bring it up in interviews a couple of times. "You will go to jail!"

And honestly, if she was still mostly living with her folks at home, why would she have a separate place from her mom in Portland? I'd think her mom would have wanted to be with her. It's not like Jules would have had that much else to do in Portland, if she was there for Kristen's benefit. I see them as permissive in some ways (like the pot smoking) but super close in others. Like Kristen said not long ago: (http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/features/kristen-stewart--the-twilight-zone-1778126.html)
"Even your parents have to know where you are because of course you have a cellphone. They can always reach you. You can't even have a private life away from your family, it's like everything is very hands-on."

I'm not trying to build a hedge around 17 yr old KStew's virtue or anything, I just doubt the dirtay affair began between herself and Rob quite as early as most RPFer's portray. Yes, kids always find a way . . . but maybe not quite to that extent. In most of the fics, they are only sneaking around to avoid MA or perhaps Nikki. I just think they would have a *lot* more folks to be dodging and keeping secrets from if it happened that early.

But what really makes me think that most twi set fics are unrealistic is Rob's attitude in twi promotion. Rob comes across as a guy who is pretty damn sure that he's not good enough for the object of his affection. If he was getting her off on a near daily basis, I just don't think this would be his attitude. And he does not seem like he's lying when he is being upfront about being single and wanting girls to throw themselves at him. He seems pretty darn sexually frustrated in some of these interviews, actually. I'm not saying NOTHING ever happened, I'm just saying it doesn't *seem* like a ongoing affair is happening on a regular basis every time they see each other while doing those early promotion interviews. HOWEVER, by the time the premiere is out of the way and they were all in Europe, I don't know.

ETA that a dying girl wants to meet Rob. (http://edward-cullen.net/thanksrob.php) Man, sounds like her life sucks. There's got to be somebody at Summit who can get her to the LA premiere.

09-28-2009, 04:42 PM
Rob's iTunes playlist. (http://www.sugarslam.com/what-music-is-rob-pattinson-listening-to/)

From this, we can add Johnny Flynn to our brit hobo list.

Rob answers 17 Questions. (http://www.seventeen.com/dating/17-questions/robert-pattinson-17q)

I think this came out in Dec '08, maybe? Who knows when he did the interview, though. Can't really tell. Pertinent remarks:

S:Who’s your celebrity crush? RP: Kristen Stewart

S: What’s your worst habit?
RP: Speaking too much.

S: What did you dream about last night?
RP: Kristen (Stewart).

Ha! He really does like to make life hard for her.

And who knows where/when this came from, but Rob says something about love. (http://www.celebrity-gossip.net/celebrities/hollywood/robert-pattinson-talks-fame-and-love-219203/)

And when asked about his romantic tendencies, Rob revealed, “I do consider myself a very romantic person. I see love as an evolution of true friendship.”

09-28-2009, 06:45 PM
Originally posted by ophy
... I've never seen Titanic, The Notebook, or Brokeback Mountain.
I feel like I need to get in my car and spend eight hours with you on the couch! OMG! Except Brokeback. I liked it but I feel it's in there for only PC reasons which kind of pisses me off.

09-28-2009, 08:04 PM
:luv: today's AT post! (http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b146353_vancouver_locals_rob_kristen_are_always.ht ml)

There are way more than 5 but it's a good start. (http://twilight-review.com/5-reasons-love-kristen-stewart/)

Okay, the reveal that there have been no good movies since 1989 made me choke. Whuh? Did you see Clueless? American Beauty? Almost Famous? Silence of the Lambs? JFK? Philadelphia? Fargo? The Usual Suspects? Good Will Hunting? Baz Lurhman's WS Romeo & Juliet? Three Kings? The movies of the 90s are what made me want to work in movies, so I'm having a...hard...time... Ok, moving on. Wait! The Notebook (while total schmaltzy cheese) has some fuckhawt RLTL chemistry. McGosling sizzles.

Yep, Rob's chivalry is all part of the sexay. Stew can run and that twitter that saw them leaving for the party said she was all in black so she easily could've escaped the paps' eye.

They were returning from a 100 Monkeys party (http://www.laineygossip.com/Jackson_Rathbone_hosts_private_party_for_Twilight_ cast_and_crew_in_Vancouver_.aspx) hosted by the increasingly adorkable Jacksper.

You should do the DVD commentary at some point. If for no other reason than it's just 90 minutes of them being cute.

In his 20s? He was 21.

Conversely, I don't want to go too far the other way and say Stew was giving it up left and right BUT there's been lots made about how the Twilight filming experience was very different than her previous set experiences because of the role, because of how she was with her costar, because her official bf occasionally showed up on set, because she was on the cusp of becoming an adult.

I don't think the dirtay affair happened with the quickness it does in fic (I really don't) but I think when they did decide to act on feelings (lust, love, what have you) while they were filming, it wasn't insurmountable to figure out how. And I keep going back to the little bit of commentary where Rob slips up about her staying at his hotel.

And just to play the other side, Rob could've been feeling down and insecure and frustrated if he *was* getting her off regularly and she still wouldn't commit to him. But aside from Rome (sweet, sweet Rome), I don't really see him as down in the Twipromotion. ??? Idk. I've mostly only watched his stuff with K and he seems happy with her but maybe there's stuff I'm missing.

:heart: the 17 questions interview. Oh, unguardedRob. When will we see you again? Despite K's insistence that he's incapable of lying (which she amended to "sometimes incapable of lying"), I absolutely think he's capable of lying. Maybe not to her when they're stroking each other's faces and seeing each other's souls as Robward and Belsten or whatever, but to press? Dude can totally lie. Or at least cover. I just think he frequently opted to not.

I'm curious, what do you make of his dismissal of MA in the infamous "Pfft! What about the boyfriend?" answer? Do you think he'd be so flip if he thought MA was really formidable competition? I think he was just fucking with her.

This has been cracking me up all afternoon. (http://oxymoronassoc.livejournal.com/?tag=books:+my+boyfriend+sparkles) Her recaps of BD are HI-LARIOUS and spot on. And she addresses the lack of RPF as of summer 08 and then writes some of her own (which is indirectly in this link but I will not directly link because it is straight up (well written) smut that might make your eyes bleed.) She even started a community to hate on Wide Awake (but nothing came of it that I could tell.)

09-28-2009, 08:33 PM
Um, I'm with Emmaleigh on disbelieving your lack of movie love, o, but her choices are a mixed bag.

But seriously, Almost Famous is SOOO GOOD. Clueless is quite enjoyable! Silence of the Lambs is genius for Jodie Foster's performance (I happen to think she's the quiet genius in that one). The Usual Suspect is also fab.

American Beauty is over-rated as is Philadelphia (feels like a TV movie). JFK is fun because it's insane and the editing is amazing.

Romeo & Juliet? No. Not when Moulin Rouge is on the table!

No Hedwig & the Angry Inch for ophy? Being John Malkovich? I'd take Big Lebowski over Fargo. BRING IT ON? The Commitments? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? The Departed? Fight Club? GHOST WORLD? Heavenly Creatures? Amelie?

That doesn't even TOUCH the flood of fantastic documentaries in the last 15 years. HOLY SHIT. The Kid Stays in the Picture. King of Kong. Paradise Lost.

Don't get me wrong: I dislike many, many movies that most people seem to love (like Slumdog Millionaire and almost all indie flicks) but it's downright scandalous to make that sort of declaration! :nono:

Please go back to your regularly scheduled RLTLing (until New Moon comes out and us "real" Twilight fans return! Hee!).

09-28-2009, 08:41 PM
Not having seen Titanic is like, my only party trick. I say it, everybody gets all shocked, and then they think I'm somebody with more important things to do than watch movies. Ha! If they only knew.

Taylor is his adorable self. (http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/hwood_party_girl/b146361_cover_boy_taylor_lautner_talks_crushes.htm l) The Young Hollywood party. Could he *be* any more perfect for all of these interviews and press events?

So Ted's latest posts brought out the 'insiders':

110. The Sheraton Mon, Sep 28, 2009, 1:24 PM The Sheraton hotel Rob was papped outside on saturday is NOT where he's staying, he purposely headed to that hotel and purposely didn't avoid the paps, it was a decoy, he was seen at three different hotels last week or so, it is to throw people/paps off. Now there are morons camping outside the said hotel thinking they'll see him coming out lol Looks like it's working...at least the place they're really staying at is safe for now...

120. sorry Mon, Sep 28, 2009, 1:46 PM I am the one who told you they were on the rocks and that they left separately. You can believe what you like but here are a few facts. Kristen left very early in the night, Rob stayed on with Ashley and Kellan and yes he was very drunk. But he was having a great time. Kristen apparently got upset because he wasn't paying her any attention and was giving his attention to any girl but her. She knows rob is a flirt but she just seemed to take it really bad that tonight. Also can say this without any ramifications either, just like me telling you he left separately. Rob told EVERYONE WHO HE SPOKE TO, and yes i mean everyone even some of the supporting new cast that he is NOT into kristen and he is just staying with her for the sake of the films. One relatvely unknown male actor took real offence to the way he spoke about kristen and was heard telling a wolf pack member that he was shocked that rob could be so disrespectful of someone he is sleeping with. Rob was adamant on emphasizing to everyone that he didn't care for kristen strongly and it was only a hook up situation for him while he is filming. He made it very clear that they have nothing deep and long lasting going on. That is all i will say, have to run but just wanted to rub it in your faces that none of you ever believe what i tell you. I know all and i know alot more than you would imagine, rob and kristen are NOT happy, well at least on his part. But kristen doesn't see this side to rob and he knows the guys won't tell her. He is a very open man especially when he is wasted. Let me tell you that if she heard him speak about her last night, then she would never speak to him again unless they were saying lines. I swear on this, i find it all amusing that she has no idea, love really does make people blind. He is a douche though for faking it with her in private, he really is a good actor after all.

95.No fight Mon, Sep 28, 2009, 1:11 PM There was no fight at all, somebody saw them yesterday and they were together and fine.

66. sat night Mon, Sep 28,2009, 2:11 PM Heard Rob left the club separate from Kristen and went in the main entrance as a decoy since figured the papz would catch him arriving. They supposedly didn't even stay there that night but stayed in the 'residence' outside Vancouver they've been keeping. They took the same cab out that night and were seen hanging out smoking on the patio just the two of them at Players Chop House. Then they were back on set alone together again (surprise, surprise) on Sunday for a photo session and filming when they were spotted by VanCityBuzz who tweeted in real time that she saw them. They smiled and waved back when she called out to them--no tension or drama present between them. Just because they decided to take rides home to throw off the papz, doesn't mean a thing. Rob took one for the team, so Kristen could get to wherever she was headed unnoticed. Very considerate of him, if you ask me. Oh yeah, and Rob wasn't doing coke or crying in the cab over Kristen. It's always sumthin with these haters.

80. Harrodian Mon, Sep 28, 2009, 2:22 PM If they are together now * and they probably are * I fear there's no way it can last. For reasons many Twihards would never be able to admit. I think RP is experimenting (at best) and bearding (at worst). I've said it before and I'll say it again * he was not ashamed of his sexuality back home before and hopefully he won't be again. He's too good a bloke to live a lie.

That's two totally new spins on things! 1) that Rob is a douche and screwing over a besotted and clueless Kristen AND 2) that Rob is gay, and either confused or needs a beard.

Number one is intriguing, and I would like to read some RPF that could elaborate on it. And number two is equally intriguing and I would like to read some RPF that could elaborate on it.

Oh, silly doucheRob. What would he get out of it? If he was just into a temporary filming hookup he a) wouldn't choose to hook up with his co-lead when they still have more movies to film together and several more years of promotion and press to do, and b) would have just stayed fuckbuddies with Nikki Reed. You can dick over a co-star in a one shot movie deal, but in a freaking long-ass saga?? It makes no sense, also, to be stringing someone along, and then to tell EVERYONE in the world that you are stringing them along. Not unless you are a flaming moron. I mean, I have never been on a film set, but I imagine it's a lot like being at a sales conference or a summer camp. One of the most gossipy places in the world. It would get back to Kristen in a couple of heartbeats if he was honestly being so crass. But anyway- could make for angsty fic!

As for number two, I loves it. I could so so so see Rob and Kristen as a bi-sexual couple, maybe even with a bit of an open thing going? Just a bit? Like only TomStu and Tinsel Korey? fic Puh-leez? The idea that they are both bi would make them fit almost perfectly into the Nevis Divine and Terry Tush-Trade blinds, too. I also :luv: the way the poster uses the word "bloke. See? They are obviously British, so they must really know Rob!

And then Ted posted a convo that his assistant Taryn had in the Couv this weekend with the hostesses at a local eatery where the cast often hangs out stealth style. (http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b146353_vancouver_locals_rob_kristen_are_always.ht ml)
A.T.: How about Rob and Kristen, what is their dynamic like?
Hostess One: Doesn't everyone just know that they're dating?

A.T.: Uh, you'd be surprised how many don't want to believe it.
Hostess Two: Oh, well everyone here knows. They are the only cast members who will come in alone a lot. You can just tell by looking at them. They're really cute together, always smiling.

A.T.: Love it! Hate to say it though, but "smiling" and "Kristen Stewart" seem unlikely to be in the same sentence together.
Hostess One: No way. She is incredibly sweet—I'd be a bitch, too, if there were cameras constantly in my face. But she's great, and so is Rob. They just seem to make each other happy.
This is apparently a place that is not on the pappz radar, so Ted kept the name a secret, too. We should run the doucheRob scenario by these hostess gals and see what they say. I mean, if he's literally telling EVERYONE like the poster said.

Never say Never new fanvid. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8z90Bae_qsI)

09-28-2009, 09:16 PM
Oh gawd, you guys took me waaaaaaay too seriously about movies! It's not like I moved into a cave on 01/01/90. I've just not seen a lot of the big movies, and haven't liked a lot of the movies that I *have* seen. The 90s and early 2000s were when mr.o and I were going through a Japanese samurai and yakuza phase. Toshiro Mfune is still my absolute fave actor and always will be. That's the only glossy pic of an actor I have ever owned. I wish it was signed! Oh, and mr.o made me watch the Apu Trilogy on repeat for nearly a year, which took up a lot of potential movie watching time. We lived in Brooklyn with no movie theatre, and no Blockbuster. Just a teeny video store that only stocked imports and indie stuff.

I *have* seen some of the movies you have mentioned. Clueless was fun. Bring it On, sure. And I own copies of Amelie *and* Moulin Rouge. A few of the others you cite I saw, but wasn't really into.

And to bring this back on topic, some people get really into Robsten shirtgate evidence. (http://dreeaf.livejournal.com/1820.html)

ETA that the Oscars are always a little bewildering to me. Since 1990, I've only seen 6 of the Best Picture winners, and none in the past 5 years.

09-28-2009, 09:30 PM
You mean we took your lighthearted commentary on media too seriously, Hophay?

Have you met us? It's who we collectively are! Hee!

The Oscars bewilder me, too.

09-28-2009, 10:39 PM
I think this is a Brazilian profile of Rob. (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/09/atrevida-magazine-scans-new-interview.html)

The scans include VF pics!
About his music
"I went to a concert in Vancouver of Jackson Rathbone's band and it made me feel upset because I can't do shows. I'm scared that people will record them when I'm not ready yet. I wanted to record an album. I should have done that already, but I don't have time. But I've already written songs for that."

About love
"First, you need to decide if you like the person. Because after that, nothing else matters. Unless she does something terrible, like cheating on you in public. But if you like someone, you should follow your instincts."

09-29-2009, 03:55 AM
Um, I'm with Emmaleigh on disbelieving your lack of movie love, o, but her choices are a mixed bag.

Hey! It's my list and I stand by it! And I was picking movies that are not so much excellent as very distinctly '90s, so there.

No words for the haters posing as "insiders" in the Ted comments. I guess because it's a positive (ZOMGsuperadorableandsqueeworthy) Robsten report, it was inevitably gonna bring out the vitriol.
I don't believe in doucheRob or biRob- those problems could be remedied so much more easily than controversial (fake) costar romance.

Hooray! Team 411 are getting their own feature in the Twi column (http://www.examiner.com/x-23294-Kristen-Stewart-Examiner~y2009m9d28-Team-411-takes-on-Kristen-Stewart-as-Joan-Jett-in-The-Runaways) at examiner.com.
I love when BNFs make good and 411 is one of the best.

I like the one with the fingers. (http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/b146332_robert_pattinsons_not_just_another_man.htm l?utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=twitterfeed&utm_campaign=twitterfeed_celebrities_twilight) The other two I'm not so into.

Flipping through a mag today, I saw a GQ ad that featured the RPattz cover and I just stared at it for an inordinate amount of time. GQRob is quickly becoming my favorite Rob, slightly edging out beardedRob.

:heart: the shirtgate evidence, both the sharing of and the sending secret msgs through tshirts.

This fic (http://krazykat-neko.livejournal.com/71780.html#cutid1) is too fluffy for me, but it is well written and there's a brief mention of her cat!
There are 3 parts so far but it's on an indefinite hiatus.

09-29-2009, 10:21 AM
Why Kristen Stewart Matters (http://annehelenpetersen.wordpress.com/2009/09/27/kristen-stewart/) is the biggest piece of pretentious bullshit I think I've ever read about Kristen. (and Kristen and Rob)

I have to go pack! But I really want to finish listening to the twi commentary and read fic. But I have to go pack! We're making the nine and a half hour drive to Missouri tomorrow to visit the in-laws. With 55lb dog and 25lb child and about 100lbs of stuff. That I need to go pack.

So I won't be holding up my end of the Robsten broadcast network until Monday. emmaleigh, you will have to post twice as often. Let your bosses know that - I'm sure they will understand that it's an emergency sitch.

I don't even know if the hotel has wi-fi! Better look into that. Grrrrrr.

Somebody let Rob and Kristen know that there had better not be any photographed pda while I'm gone. And tell CaliNative that I'd appreciate it of she waited until I get back to release any new fanvids.

09-29-2009, 11:19 AM
Whoa, Why Kristen Stewart Matters? Hey academic lady pretending to be above it all, your nonsten is showing.

Ophy! Oh no! What will I do? *so much pressure* What if they are caught making out and there are tons of pictures and that forces them to confirm and in their confirmation they admit they're engaged and they're quitting the saga? What will I dooooo?

Travel safe!

HB on sale the 17th? (http://www.edwardandbella.net/?p=2347)
I don't know how accurate this is but um, sweeeeeeet.

09-29-2009, 05:13 PM
Packing almost done.

If it goes on sale 11/17, how soon do you think pics will start to leak? End of Oct?

Since you like GQ Rob. (http://twitpic.com/jax0j) BeardedRob trumps GQRob, btw. BeardedRob in the sun is like, the pic that would have been used as the cover art for his first acoustic album, if Rob was the kind of guy to put his own face on the front of his album. Maybe in the liner notes.

I found a version of the twi commentary with video! And watched it all really quickly, because I was worried Summit would discover it and pull it down. I think it was just put up on You Tube a day or so ago. The commentary was pretty damn funny, and just made me girlcrush on Kristen even more. And it means that I have now more or less seen the movie twice, so it was nice to revisit Twilight without mr.o rolling his eyes at every scene. He hated this movie so much. Whenever he wants to shut down a convo, he just says "You made me watch teenage vampires." and that does it. Anyway, at the bit with the hotel exterior, CH doesn't say "That's where you stayed, Rob." But she does say "That's where you stayed." And there is giggling. But she doesn't say 'Rob', so it has a slightly different emphasis than I was listening for.

The commentary actually reinforced my belief that there wasn't a *lot* of sexual Robsten hijinks (not saying none) going down during twi filming. It sounds like they were always tired, and rushed, and freezing, and in pain from stunts, and surrounded by people all day long. I'll bet those months just whizzed by.

babyfaceRob in an old mag scan. (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/09/teen-rob-old-cosmoboy-scan.html) Spiky hair and rosy cheeks!

Also, Rob *isn't* going to do the Dune remake, thankfully. Sounded like an annoying movie to make. He's still on for Bel Ami, though.

Rob's hair through the years. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1TwBg5JBRs&feature=related) I had no idea one man could have so many fugly hair styles in his lifetime.

This is bizarre. (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blogs/funny-robert-gif)

Twi promotion KStew interview vid (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEwACJ6OAX0) Hadn't seen this short british interview before. She's so nervous that she's literally vibrating in this clip.

Ugh. Have to go round up toddler socks and figure out which jeans the ophykid can still fit into before I can finish packing. Stupid road trip. Stupid in-laws.

ETA weird vendettas among VC stalker chicks. (http://annechantal.wordpress.com/2009/09/29/kicking-ass-and-taking-names/)

And I am 99% sure this has been linked before, but I don't care 'cuz it's awesome. FU KStew Haters. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1euXWU5W5o)

Odd little article about the brit pack. (http://www.examiner.com/x-14262-British-Pop-Culture-Examiner~y2009m8d31-Looking-into-the-romantic-soul-of-Rob-Pattinson-Sam-Bradley-Marcus-Foster-and-Bobby-Long) They are the "New Romantics".

09-29-2009, 11:44 PM
Awww, Robsten had a date night last night!

Still, if you're in Vancouver right now you may want to head downtown. I would try to spread the word but I need help (more friends on this vox thing, so spread the word please). Rob and Kristen are currently dining out at a restaurant on Robson St. It rhymes with Din Din. Friend of a friend just spoke with Rob (lucky bitch) and he was polite and charming. Good to know he's still like that even amongst crazies. Denied pics though. Don't blame him. Still delicious!!

Also two separate tweets about the dinner

Quote:"Pretty sure getting a call a 11:30 last night from my friend in VanCity saying Robsten was in her restaurant, made my night!!"

Quote:"Just ate next to Kirsten stewart and Robert Pattinson at Chin Chin in Vancouver"

Isn't commentaryStew adorable? Seriously, I feel like all haters should just listen to 8 minutes of commentary and they will see she is lovely and endearing. And self-deprecating. And articulate. And way more girly than people think. Also Rob is a huge dork (and she totally loves it).

I am beaming that you have amended your original position to there were *maybe* *some* sexual hijinks on the Twiset; I feel like my timeline work is done. :D

Not that I don't appreciate the effort, but GQ sketch = creepy.

And yes, you are right in that beardedRob still takes all but sporadically other Robs slightly edge him out. GQRob wins the battle. BeardedRob wins the war.
Maybe this will eventually be the face of the hobo collective but as much as I love superGLAM premiereRobsten or VFRobsten, I'd love to see lowkey Austin or NashvilleRobsten, K in long, messy hair and glasses, R in full beard. If I had any skills at all, I'd manip that shit in a heartbeat.

Btw I'm completely annoyed that I now am like every other woman on the planet in finding RPattz hot. I was resisting, dammit!
He's totally grown into his features though. BabyfacedRob looks like an alien.

I love that Stew interview- both the expression on her face when she hears 'British gnashes' and admitting she aims to look like a hobo (too).

Oh, Delaney was tweeting that Brianne chick is bad news bears last night. I don't get the infighting. Just take a pill and go watch some VF footage or something, the fighting is such a waste.

:luv: :luv: :luv: the New Romantics, but I kept waiting for 'hobo collective' to appear in that article so we could sue. It seemed like she used every combination of words detailing that idea without actually saying 'hobo collective.' We need to TM it.

No links here. But awwwwwwwwwwwwww, date night. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
This is where they ate: http://www.cincin.net/
Good job, RPattz!

09-30-2009, 11:45 AM
So this fan's thank you letter (http://edward-cullen.net/thanksrob.php) totally made me cry. She gave the letter to PFach who tweeted he'd pass it on to Rob.

New New Moon poster with the Cullen clan. (http://www.twilight-gallery.com/displayimage.php?pid=76458&fullsize=1)

New VF outtake. (http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=161&pos=29) Um, I'm not sure Stew has ever wanted it as much as she does here. Holy fuck, they're hot. I don't know if Harper's can top VF, I really don't.
If they're still releasing outtakes, maybe we'll finally see the kiss. (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blogs/robs-kiss-on-kristens-face)

Newly released Twipromotional stills:
One (http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=-89&pos=3) Still bittah about the lack of dream smackity.
Two (http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=-89&pos=2)
Three (http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=-89&pos=1)
Four (http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=-89&pos=0) She's staring at his mouth.

Comic Con 09 pic. (http://robstenlove.com/robsten-love-decorating-t741-555.html) Scroll down. She's like, look at my sweatshirt and he's like, I'd rather look at your ass.

Stewie fanvid. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZhHZXoaUE8&feature=player_embedded#t=108) And the Nylon interview (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IG8xY4WhOXk) it pulls from.

Old/new NM set pics:
Rob (http://twitpic.com/jngry)
Kris (http://twitpic.com/jngxx)

09-30-2009, 09:41 PM
Robsten fucking in a dressing room. (http://www.showbizspy.com/article/192598/robert-pattinson-and-kristen-stewart-romp-in-changing-room.html) Except probably not since they were never in Toronto.

Even more on the 100 Monkeys party. Or more just an excuse to show off some hot Robsten pics. (http://socialitelife.celebuzz.com/archive/2009/09/30/kristen_stewart_robert_pattinson_stay_close_off-camera.php)

Speaking of Robsten pics, the original lovely VF outtakes. (http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/features/2008/12/twilight_outtakes200812#slide=1)

They're not in the closet; they're just happily shacking up. (http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b146617_yikes_robsten_going_back_in_closet.html?si d=twitterfeed_awful&utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=twitterfeed&utm_campaign=twitterfeed_awful)

Super pos Stew article! (http://www.examiner.com/x-23294-Kristen-Stewart-Examiner~y2009m9d30-The-buzz-on-Kristen-Stewart)

Robward standee sold separately. (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blogs/nordstroms-debuts-their-new)

The objective would be what exactly? (http://en.twilightpoison.com/featured-product/twilight-the-movie-game-exclusive-screenshots-and-trailer.html)
*totally might get the iPhone app*

09-30-2009, 11:53 PM
I have wi-fi! Thank Beek. It's hella slow, though, and I can't get You Tube vids to load at all.

mr.o is being a prince of a guy and taking one for the team tonight. The ophykid was supposed to stay at her grandma's, so we could have the night alone here at the hotel. She threw a bit of a fit, though, so he stayed there with her. I've got this huge ass suite all to myself, and get to sleep in tomorrow morning. Heaven! Unmarried and non-kid having folks just don't know how good the word "alone" can be sometimes. I'm watching Octpussy for no particular reason, and eating sirloin from Dennys. It's glorious.

Nice run down, emmaleigh!

Here's a less pixelated version of the VF "kiss". (http://lmrg1122.livejournal.com/10246.html) Still not very clear, though. But what else could it be?

The AnneChantal/Brianne stuff just keeps getting crazier. I don't know whose "deets" these are, but they are batshit. (http://www.twitlonger.com/show/j98t)
Canadagraphs weighs in. (http://canadagraphs.weebly.com/1/post/2009/09/clearing-some-very-dirty-air-twilight-fanspap-related-not-cast.html)

Is Rob the Brando of his generation? (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/09/rob-in-gq-style-magazine.html)Um, whatever about that comparison. Weird collage.

I'm away one day, and something called 'cupcakegate' occurs? WTF?

From Ted's comments:

13. mich1 Wed, Sep 30, 2009, 11:04 AM One more thing, the drama resulting from cupcakegate has got to be hands down one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. Rob called someone to compliment her cupcakes. Who the eff cares. It was a really nice thing for him to do. Instead of people praising him for his actions, people are trying to find some seedy ulterior motive. Rob has always said he's a night owl. 2:30 a.m. probably isn't late for him. If the party ended at 1am, it makes sense that Rob called at that time. We all know he's shy...maybe he didn't want to talk directly to the person, which is why he called after business hours. Why do people need to find drama when there is none to be had? I bet you that if the cupcake lady was an 85 yr old woman, people would still say that Rob had to have been drunk or on drugs at the time, or that he had some Grandma fetish. All this story tells me is that Rob was a nice guy who wanted to give someone credit for their hardwork. I know, so scandalous lol.

60.@9 Wed, Sep 30, 2009, 10:08 AM

Personally, I think IF the phone call happened, the cast was still out together and someone on Jackson's team got Rob on the phone to thank them because they know it would mean a lot and they did a great job for the party. Or if the party had dispersed, Jackson or someone on his team called and asked Rob to make the call. Of course Rob obliged. He has made calls for people before and I am sure he enjoyed their cupcakes or thought they looked awesome (which they did). This scenario is likely what happened. That's IF it was really him on the phone because it could have really been anyone jerking their chain.

87.Anne Wed, Sep 30, 2009, 10:37 AM

Great!......Now I am craving a cupcake......

Yeah, me too.

Scroll to the very last post on this page at the henhouse. (http://boards.eonline.com/Insider/Boards/thread.jspa?threadID=72315&start=6015&tstart=0) Somebody did something nice to that VF outtake.

Angarano to star opposite Uma Thurman. For reals. (http://www.collider.com/2009/09/30/uma-thurman-joins-max-winklers-ceremony/)

Great old interview with Rob. (http://spunks-girls.popsugar.com/2478824) I don't know where this is from, but finally! This has the stuff in it about Rob trying to impress Kristen so hard on set, and how she busted his balls for it.

Stewart laughs when reminded of Pattinson's inner turmoil. "Rob made himself crazy the whole movie, and I just stopped and patted him on the back through his neuroses," she says affectionately, then pauses. "He would punch me in the face if he heard me right now." Pattinson and Stewart's onscreen chemistry is crucial to the movie's success, so the actor can be forgiven if he acted smitten with his costar when the cameras weren't rolling. "In the beginning I thought to myself, 'Because she's so serious, I've got to be really serious,'"he says. "I didn't speak for about two months so I would seem really intense. I would only ever talk about the movie. And I kept recommending all these books. It didn't really work, though. Then I started falling apart and my character started breaking down. I felt like an idiot just following her around, saying, 'You really should read some Zola — and there's this amazing Truffaut movie.' And she started calling me on things: 'Have you actually watched this movie? Yeah? What's it about?' 'It's about a guy on a train.' 'Did you just look at the photo on the cover of the DVD?!'"

And hysterically enough (to me, anyway), thsi interview reveals that he *really* wants to play Jeff Buckley in a bio pic. That would be awesome.

Also, it's nice to see SM admits this:

By the time Pattinson's mother told him she'd read online that her only son was wretched and ugly and had the face of a gargoyle, the author found herself awash in guilt. "I apologized to Rob," says Meyer, "for ruining his life."

Okay! Now I am going to use up all of the hotel's hot water supply and then lay spread eagle across the very middle of a giant bed.

ETA to add this fic rec. To Be Broken. (http://lc009.livejournal.com/736.html) A little odd, but has some nice bits in it. Shortish. Not smutty, so you prob won't read it. :D

10-01-2009, 12:00 PM
I was worried the run down was so boring because I didn't want to just be talking to myself for five days.

I only indirectly heard mention of cupcakegate and never got the deets. I agree with mich1 though, most ridiculous dramz evah.

From various insiders at Ted's board trying to do damage control yesterday:

92.no drama again Wed, Sep 30, 2009, 10:45 AM
I said this last night and I'll say it again. There is NO drama b/w Rob and Kristen, no drama with their relaysh, they are simply a young couple in love who are crazy about each other. Rob just wants to spend time with his girlfriend, and Kristen wants to spend time with her boyfriend. They just happen to be the most stalked couple on earth right now and at the age of the average college student. Ted writes these things precisely BECAUSE there is no drama with them and he knows it. If he writes "Rob and Kris are in love, they went shopping for tshirts yesterday before going to have pizza and then back to their place to watch House reruns" there wouldn't be much of a gossip column. They are fine and Ted knows it.

279.arzi Wed, Sep 30, 2009, 2:36 PM
I don't remember which number asked this, but everything I hear is smooth sailing and happy.

223.Quizzical Wed, Sep 30, 2009, 1:25 PM
Not sure what is wrong with Classy, don't get mad because they want to stay on the DL, it is their business and Ted never wavers, he is 100% saying they are a committed, devoted and serious couple, he has never said anything different. I for one want them to have privacy, that is one reason I post so infrequently now. I know they are positively a couple, happy, in love and maybe E/M and just want to let them be. As for the comment regarding cupcakegate, saying they could not possibly be married or engaged because Rob is still doing immature things. Give me a break. Since when did being a stuffy old man mean you made a better husband, I like that he still has fun, is unpredictable and does crazy fun things. Rob is much more mature than most of the Hollywood A listers.

Actually aside from arzi, I don't know if those posters are perceived as "insiders" or if they're just being taken as such because of their positive reports.

The report from the chick who saw them leaving the hotel Sat. night:

The Holy Grail of Sightings.
Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Saturday night, it happened. I saw him, in the flesh. It happened so quickly I had no time to react. Any by react I mean faint. It lasted maybe 10 seconds and then he was gone. If I blinked I would have missed him, actually I'm amazed I didn't- I'm not very observant when it comes to randoms on the street. It was serendipitous. We (the ladies and myself) were in Gastown searching down the wrong path. I decided it'd be best if we went back to the hotel (the ladies were staying there) and wait until we hear news. Little did we know, we'd break some. I hailed a cab, something I've only done once before. There were five of us and the cab couldn't take us all, there was another cab behind and he stopped too. Myself and one other got into the van cab, and the other three got into a car cab (should have been the other way around but whatever). In the cab we are talking about what we think might be going on and where to be, the cab pulled into the hotel and we got out, I walked around and stopped waiting for everyone else. A man was talking to our former driver and asked if he could use it, he could and he said he'd be back. He walked in front of the lobby door and waved, two people walked out, I wasn't paying much attention until I saw him.
Dressed in all black the boy walked out and my heart stopped. I looked to my left and his girl walked past me. I walked up to my friend and quickly and quietly asked if she saw who that was. I turned around to see him getting into the cab we had just gotten out of. He looked me right in the eyes as I just stood there. Maybe he was waiting for the screams or sudden movements towards him. My feet were stuck, my heart had stopped and I thought my eyes were tricking me. It really was him, the holy grail of sightings. If I got to relive the moment I wouldn't change anything about it. No pictures, no talking, nothing except I'd smile when he looked at me (I don't think I did). As cheesy as it sounds I literally don't remember anything when he looked at me, there was nothing around me. It was a split second but it felt like a lifetime.
There were no paparazzi around, no fans, nothing but us ladies, a few bell hop guys and some cabs. I posted a tweet on twitter about the moment and it went crazy. Everyone had been wondering where Rob and Kristen had been because they weren't at the cast dinner. We found them, we knew and we weren't going to invade their privacy. It was the best celebrity sighting moment I've ever had. Below is a picture of him when he returned to the hotel a few hours after we had seen him. Won't somebody please get him some new pants?

Robstenlove.com launches

their blog. (http://www.robstenlovetheblog.com/)

Vote Kris and Rob the sexiest under 30. (http://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/celebrity/photo-galleries/celebrity-life/090929-30-hottest-under-30.aspx?imageno=19&static)

That page at the henhouse also had a link to the GQ interview which I reread. :luv: :luv: :luv: Most candid interview ever. And I :heart: the old interview where he admits Kristen busted his balls.
That's the third time, K has used the phrasing '[Rob] was/is going to punch me in the face.' I wonder if he was ever like uh Kris, maybe not so much with alleged face-punching?

I read the linked fic! It was lovely. Then I read the rest of the author (good find!) and came across this G-rated sweet little ficlet (http://lc009.livejournal.com/2062.html) based on a Ted C. report last spring.

Rob in AnOther mag scans. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/10/scans-robert-pattinson-in-another.html)

So, date night included chaperones. (http://ow.ly/s7Gp) C'est la vie.

More on the Glamour poll + Stewie slideshow. (http://www.examiner.com/x-23294-Kristen-Stewart-Examiner~y2009m10d1-Vote-Kristen-Sexiest-Hollywood-Woman-of-2009)

And now I'm going to be late to work. Sweet.

ETA: Um, COVER? (http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/celebs/c113321_kristen_stewart.html#photoSection) So FUCKING BADASS. (http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/celebs/c113321_kristen_stewart.html#photoSection)
So that's Allure, Interview, and Harper's covers all in the next month.
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

ETA again:More on the Interview cover. (http://www.popsugar.com/5366424)

10-01-2009, 03:37 PM
Fucking hell. New post because

SHE. OWNS. ALL. (http://media.photobucket.com/image/recent/oddieodelia/random%20uploads/kristeninterviewpics.jpg)

I'm making the finger one my desktop.
I wonder if she watches all her 'Fuck you, hater' fanvids on youtube every morning as like, a daily affirmation ritual.
What am I saying? Of course she doesn't. She doesn't need affirmation to be a badass. She just is. Like she just wants it. She watches those vids and is like, that's right.

So effing excited for the HB shoot with this hair! Holy hell, pretty doesn't begin to cover it. RPattz is a lucky bastard.

ETA: excerpt from the interview by Dennis Hopper (http://www.interviewmagazine.com/film/kristen-stewart-1/)

Fuck it. I'm quoting. It's too good not to. (bolding mine)

DENNIS HOPPER: Before we start, I have a little six-year-old daughter here who’s going crazy right now because you’re on the phone. Could I just put her on for a second to say hello?


HOPPER: Okay, her name is Galen. [hands phone]


STEWART: Hi! How are you?

GALEN: Good.

STEWART: It’s really nice to meet you, Galen. [pause] Hello?


HOPPER: [takes phone] She’s so excited.

STEWART: Wow, that made me so nervous!

HOPPER: It made you nervous?

STEWART: Yeah. I’m just sort of intimidated by kids. I didn’t know what to say.

HOPPER: Well, thank you for doing that. So how are you doing?

STEWART: I’m pretty good. I’m not very good at interviews, but this is a trip. Why in god’s name did you want to do this? You have no idea how cool this is for me.

HOPPER: Well, you’re a really good actress. And my daughter is your biggest fan, so I thought, What the hell? [laughs] I usually don’t do this, either. But you must be going through a lot right now, the way Twilight is hitting. You must have no peace at all.

STEWART:The sad thing is that I feel so boring because Twilight is literally how every conversation I have these days begins—whether it’s someone I’m meeting for the first time or someone I just haven’t seen in a while. The first thing I want to say to them is, “It’s insane! And, as a person, I can’t do anything!” But then I think to myself, God damn it, shut the fuck up.

HOPPER: You know, you’re giving really wonderful performances. Since you didn’t know you’d be making sequels when you were making the first Twilight, has it been difficult for you to get back into character for these new ones?

STEWART: I’ve actually always been interested in following a character more long term, but the only place to really do that as an actor is on a TV series. But the Twilight series is cool because you know what’s ahead of you—all of the books have been written. And I get breaks in between. It’s sort of a depressing thing to lose a character just when you’ve been able to get to know her. Usually, at the end of a film it’s like I’ve finally gotten to know this person completely, and then we’re done. That actually happened on the set of Twilight, and then it happened again on New Moon. Each time my character Bella became a different person, and I got to know that person and take her to the next level.

HOPPER: Have you been able to enjoy it? Or do you feel more pressure doing these sequels?

STEWART: I do feel more of a pressurized strain than what is typical for me. Usually, what drives you is your own personal responsibility to the script and the character and the people you are working with. But in this case, I have a responsibility not only to that but to everyone who has personal involvement in the books—and now that spans the world. It’s an insane concept. [b]There are certain things in Twilight . . . As much as I’m proud of that movie and I do like it, I feel like maybe I brought too much of myself to the character. I feel like I really know Bella now. But most readers feel like they know Bella because it’s a first-person narrative. She’s like a little vessel and everyone experiences the story through her. All of these girls who are fans personally feel like they encapsulate that character. So it’s like, “How the hell am I going to do that for all of them? It’s impossible!” But I’ve decided, if you’re just unabashedly honest all of the time, you have nothing to be ashamed of.

HOPPER: These Twilight books have some dark material.

STEWART: But the movies aren’t that dark, as much as we’d all have loved to have made those films. But as pretty as it is to watch and as nice as it is to have watched these two characters find solace in each other, everything around them is absolute chaos. I mean, you have to question their motivations—to watch two people so unhealthily devoted to each other . . . I stand behind everything that they do. I have to justify it in my mind, or else I couldn’t play the character. But they are definitely not the most pragmatic characters. The weirdest fucking themes run through this story—like dominance and masochism. I mean, you always have to realize that the story needs to make sense to the 11-year-olds who read the book and aren’t necessarily going to be viewing a scene as foreplay. But then there is the other segment of the audience—a large percentage—who does see the scene as foreplay. And it’s pretty deep, heady foreplay. [laughs] So it’s fun to play it both ways. I mean, I don’t know what it feels like to make out with my vampire boyfriend because it isn’t something that anybody has ever felt. But it’s funny to think that a lot of the audience is 10 years old and will maybe one day grow up to realize there are a lot of involved thoughts in Twilight that they didn’t see before.

HOPPER: Well, you’re getting a lot of attention.

STEWART:Yeah, it’s weird. There’s an idea about who I am that’s eternally projected onto me, and then I almost feel like I have to fulfill that role. Even when things come out of my mouth, I want to be sure I’m saying exactly what I mean. All I’m thinking of is the fact that everything that I say is going to be criticized—not criticized, just evaluated and analyzed. And it’s always something that matters so much to me that doesn’t come out right. But in terms of how my life has changed, I never really went out a whole lot before. I’m sort of an in-my-head kind of person. I wish I could take more walks . . .

HOPPER: You can’t take walks?

STEWART: I’d like to take more walks after work, instead of having to come back to my hotel room and not leave. So it can be boring. I’ve been working as an actress since I was very young, and I know a lot of people who are actors who don’t have to deal with having a persona . . . You know, if you look up the word persona, it isn’t even real. The whole meaning of the word is that it’s made up, and it’s like I didn’t even get to make up my own. It can be annoying. But I have a really strong feeling that this is going to go away, that this is the most intense it’s going to get—and could get—and that it’s fleeting. So in a few years, I will hopefully become more like the people I want to become like.

HOPPER: Does it bother you to see yourself in the tabloids?

STEWART: There’s nothing you can do about it, to be honest. I don’t leave my hotel room—literally, I don’t. I don’t talk to anybody about my personal life, and maybe that perpetuates it, too. But it’s really important to own what you want to own and keep it to yourself. That said, the only way for me not to have somebody know where I went the night before is if I didn’t go out at all. So that’s what I’m trading. It depends what mood I’m in. Some nights, I think, “You know what? I don’t care. I’m just going to do what I want to do.” Then the next day I think, “Ugh.Now everyone thinks I’m going out to get the attention.” But it’s like, no, I actually, for a second, thought that maybe I could be like a normal person.


10-01-2009, 04:04 PM
Rest of excerpted interview:

HOPPER: I was looking at all the films you’ve done, and you’ve worked with some extraordinarily talented people: Patricia Clarkson—god, she’s a great actress—and Jodie Foster. Just really wonderful people. And your performances are very different. You started when you were nine years old. You wanted to act, right? It wasn’t like you were forced into it because your parents were in the industry?

STEWART: No. Not at all.

HOPPER: Because Dean Stockwell is one of my best friends, and he has horror stories about acting when he was a kid. But you wanted to do this, right?

STEWART: It’s a weird thing to expect a child that young to say what they want to do, like act. I’m not sure it was a natural inclination for me either, but it was something that I fell into. To be honest, I had fun at first. It was the first thing I ever thrived at. My parents are crew. They were both baffled that I wanted to act. But they support anything that me and my brothers want to do. It was something I thought was fun because I grew up on sets. And then a few years later, I grew up and acting became very different to me. I think I was about 13.
HOPPER: Did you study with anyone? Or did you just pick it up through association?

STEWART: No, I just walked into it.

HOPPER: You learned it there. That’s the best place to learn. I saw Panic Room again last night.

STEWART: Really? I haven’t seen that in so long. That was the second movie I ever made. Thank god Jodie Foster did that movie because I wasn’t thinking about anything on that set. I was literally just hanging out with her and being myself. I can’t think about watching that—it would kill me. It would be like watching a home movie.

HOPPER: But you’re so good in it. Did you go to school while you were working as a kid?

STEWART: I went to public school up until junior high.I know it’s a little late and I’m a little old, but I just finished high school—with honors. The other day I was doing a graduation scene on Eclipse, and I had just finished high school myself the week before, so I told the crew, “Hey, just so you know, I’m actually graduating right now, and I’m not going to have another ceremony.” So I took a mock picture with an extra. I literally asked the actor to come back and shake my hand and hand me the diploma while I was dressed in a cap and gown.

This is an excerpt of the October cover story. To read the full Kristen Stewart interview pick up a copy of Interview.
Holy. (http://socialitelife.celebuzz.com/archive/2009/10/01/shoot_kristen_stewart_for_interview_magazine.php?i mg=8&gfmt=m#alpha-inner) Fuck. (http://socialitelife.celebuzz.com/archive/2009/10/01/shoot_kristen_stewart_for_interview_magazine.php?i mg=11&gfmt=m#alpha-inner)

Despite the presence of the JJhair, you can tell she's left Joan Jett behind and is a little more in Bella territory (she did the interview on the phone from the Couv).
Less swearing, less anger here than in the equally badass D&C interview from the summer. Absolutely no discussion of RPattz except for a passing reference to being "linked in tabloids" in the intro.

*is dead, btw*

ETA: Behind-the-scenes vid (http://www.kstewartfan.org/2009/10/interview-magazine-cover-shoot-bts-video/)

10-01-2009, 11:33 PM
Is also dead. Fuckhawt! No wonder Rob never looks like he gets enough sleep.

Arrrrgh. Internet so slow here! I could only open some of those links, so bless your heart for copying over that excerpt. Badass all the way. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

10-02-2009, 04:58 PM
My pleasure! I did it mostly so I could read it over and over again till I get the mag.
I realized last night I have an ulterior motive in posting links- it's my quick and dirty one-stop shopping for all things Robsten. All the linked fic? Sweet, now I don't have to go hunting back through the interwebz to find that one thing I remember seeing somewhere (and I don't have to bookmark RPF on my work computer which is my line and apparently, my only one.)

So in that vein and baring in mind links aren't your friend right now:

Ted C's Bitch Back: Girls Go Gay for Kristen! (http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b147022_bitch-back_girls_go_gaga_kstew.html?sid=twitterfeed_awfu l&utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=twitterfeed&utm_campaign=twitterfeed_awful)

Dear Ted:
I'm 100 perfect definitely in love with my BF, but when I started surfing online and was able to see this Twilight phenomenon, I started to get addicted to Kristen Stewart. I can't help myself looking for her latest news. For me, she's so hot, especially when she tries to dress up like on her cover photo shoots. Can you tell me what is her next project after shooting Eclipse and K-11? I'm hoping K.Stew does a movie with Ryan Gosling, they are both hot...probably a story about May-December affair. What do you think?

Dear Gay for K.Stew:
Wow, another doll desiring a Gosling-Stewart onscreen hookup? H'wood execs, you paying attention? And K.S.'s next project after Eclipse will, duh, be Breaking Dawn. If she wants to film anything else, it's gotta work around B.D.'s schedule.

I think Stew&Gosling would be hot like fire but I don't want them to work together. Yet. She needs to get a little older.

That's not what she said and you know it! (http://www.usmagazine.com/moviestvmusic/news/kristen-stewart-filming-twilight-can-be-boring-2009110) (US Weekly misrepresents one of the Interview quotes to make her look ungrateful. Lovely.)

Kristen Stewart is no fan of the fame that comes with starring in Twilight.

"I'd like to take more walks after work, instead of having to come back to my hotel room and not leave. So it can be boring," The actress, 19, tells the 40th Anniversary issue of Interview magazine.

See photos from New Moon (in theaters Nov. 20) and other fall flicks

"I've been working as an actress since I was very young, and I know a lot of people who are actors who don't have to deal with having a persona," Stewart -- who got her big break starring in Panic Room at age 9 -- goes on. "The whole meaning of the word is that it's made up, and it's like I didn't even get to make up my own. It can be annoying."

"Some nights, I think, 'You know what? I don't care. I'm just going to do what I want to do.' Then the next day I think, 'Ugh. Now everyone thinks I'm going out to get the attention.' But it's like, no, I actually, for a second, thought that maybe I could be like a normal person," she says.

Check out pics of Kristen and her New Moon costars

But Stewart doesn't think she'll always be so famous.

"I have a really strong feeling that this is going to go away, that this is the most intense it's going to get -- and could get -- and that it's fleeting," she says. "So in a few years, I will hopefully become more like the people I want to become like."

See a pic of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kissing

If her whole career involved filming the vampire flicks, she laments that she "would have been a psychopath by the end of a four-year stint on the Twilight saga without anything like that to change it up."

Even though she's over the stardom, her parents couldn't be more excited, Stewart says.

"My dad is ridiculous. He's, like, embarrassingly proud. He really goes overboard, like walking around with magazines and sh--. When this comes out, if this is mentioned in the magazine, he's going to walk around the set and be like, 'Hey, look at what my kid said,'" she says.

Aww, love that PapaStew is so proud! So adorable.

Rob talks New Moon! (http://www.showbizspy.com/article/192687/robert-pattinson-most-people-have-a-secret-in-their-relationship.html)
Interesting part:
The hunky actor — who is widely rumored to be dating his costar Kristen Stewart — insists the second film in the vampire franchise is “much more masculine” than the first.

“It is a love story, but there is something that gives a darkness to it,” Pattinson said of the film, which hits theaters NEXT MONTH! “I think most people like to have a secret in their relationship with their girl or boyfriend.

More spec about Robsten coming clean! (http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/thedishrag/2009/09/robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart-reveal-reallife-romance-in-harpers-bazaar-1.html)

"Twilight" lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will finally allegedly reveal their real-life romance in the December issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

If you believe In Touch Weekly, that is.

The tell-all interview promises to confirm the romantic rumors linking the young "Twilight" stars

“Rob and Kristen were relatively open about their relationship,” a Harper’s employee who accompanied the couple to an Aug. 20 Harper's photo shoot tells In Touch.

Relatively? Hmmm. That's not quite the same as brutally.

Keep reading for the truth...

But now a Harper's rep has come forth to Gossip Cop to squash this delish rumor.

Sigh. Do you think they will ever 'fess up?

It's basically the same story GossipCop squashed a couple weeks ago, but Ken Baker also did an interview with Seacrest (http://ryan.kiisfm.com/pages/kenbaker.html) where he mentions that he's not been welcome on the Eclipse set BUT he's there because is planning a 'Secrets of Twilight' special in a few weeks and he's heard R/K *are* going to be much more open their relationship after the premiere.

I've decided that I don't think they are. Especially rereading the interview (which is kind of heartbreaking at moments), I don't think they'll ever be open at a public event. I will be happy to be wrong but there's been spec for the last two months that at *this* event, they'll finally come out (Comic COn, TCAs, VMAs) and nothing direct ever comes of it. They'll stay private and that will be fine and the Robstenites will continue to devour and analyze every photo, look, and quote. That's worked just fine up until this point.

Speaking of, the Interview pics still leave me speechless. My god. Fuck, her legs. She redefines fuckhawt with these pictures.
Word is she did the shoot in L.A. in early August (when Rob returned) so she was likely sexed up before and after (possibly during, if he went with her).
Um, yeah.
I'm now picturing that the :heart::heart::heart: Harper's shoot =(InterviewKris + GQRob) X (VFRobsten + KoLsexathon):heart::heart::heart:
I will accept nothing less. (What's a suitable :is dead: smiley?)

There *needs* to be fic based on these Interview pics. If ever there were inspiration... C'mon, BNFs get on it!!!

Oh! I almost forgot- Cali made a vid! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeZCOoP9zsk) Starring Queen Badass. :luv: :luv: :luv: :luv:

ETA: Interview behind-the-scenes vid (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTqTrOhL01U&feature=player_embedded#) Erm, maybe not during. She doesn't look too stoked and really, really tired.

10-02-2009, 06:23 PM
Wow, thoughtful, insightful, almost poignant Rob interview (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blogs/robert-pattinson-talks-to-joy) with Joy magazine.

They really are two peas in a pod, or at least, two people experiencing the exact same thing at the exact same time. (bolding mine)

Translated interview
Robert is the perfect example of what the media and fame are capable of doing. It’s a huge stroke of luck, brutal and well-aimed that all of a sudden launches you to the highest peak of worldwide attention, away from good and evil. Something very tempting and are.
“I wasn’t expecting having this much success. It’s something I still can’t understand. The truth is that in certain occasions I feel dizzy and I still don’t know how to handle so much attention” he expresses, in a very shy voice, almost like a whisper, as if he was telling us a secret. His eyes, so clear they’re almost transparent, stare attentively at us and distract us. It’s not easy resisting his charms! His honesty wins us over though, because far from finding a male diva, we discover, little by little a sensitive man. Warm and charming. We don’t hesitate in sharing with him what we really think: luck, yes, it’s fundamental, but if it doesn’t come hand in hand with talent and magic, everything remains just an anecdote. Robert smiles, he likes the idea. For now he knows that in talent he has exceeded expectations but he worries that he might not be up to the hype and the phenomenon that he’s become. It’s clear to us; charisma is authentic. And after this interview, there’s no doubts about it.

Last time we saw you, Twilight was about to be released and you said you didn’t know what to expect of the movie, and that everybody was looking forward to it. After all the success and box office numbers, how do you feel?

It’s very strange. I can say that everything has happened very fast. Like I’m fast-forwarding through life. Like everything around me is happening at 1000 m/p. The way you fast-forward a movie, just like that. I never thought the movie would cause such a stir. Seeing girls screaming around me is so bizarre. Sometimes I can’t believe is all about me. It’s like I’m living inside a movie, but I wake up and it’s all real. I see that it’s real and how much my life has changed. I still don’t know in which ways my life has changed, I’m still figuring that out. And I don’t know why but I think it’s going to take me a long time to figure it out. I guess it’s normal, don’t you think?

Of course! But we can’t deny that you’re already such a phenomenon by yourself. You have fans waiting for your next movie and wondering what you’re up to. Are you aware of that?

Yes, in fact, that’s the most strange part of it. For instance, I haven’t been able to see the final cut of New Moon, and I’ve read so many comments and opinions about it already. It’s something I can’t understand. It’s like everyone else can read into your future or, like they have more information of your life than you do.

Does that generate any pressure for you? Has it affected your work or changed you freedom in doing other things, or taking chances for fear of not accomplishing what others expect of you?

Honestly, no. In that sense I feel like I’m the same person I’ve always been and I feel I have all the freedom in the world. I’m still doing my job as best as I can, and most importantly, I still enjoy it. I admit that I do feel more safe in movie sets that on the streets. I never thought that one day that would happen, but I feel that in movie sets I can be myself, and be more relaxed and focused on what I have to do. When I go out for a walk, I have to be aware of everything that’s around me and that’s out of my control. On a familiar set at least you know what to expect most of the times (laughs).

Does it affect you what tabloids say about you and seeing yourself in the cover of these magazines?

Not at all. I don’t like to read them or be aware of what they say. At all. It’s something I avoid completely. I do my work, live my life and follow my intuitions. I make my decisions the best way that I can and that’s it. If you pay attention to any of that, you’ll lose. I’m aware of that and I try to be very careful about it. I try to live away from that, saving my self disgusts and headaches.

In Twilight we got to see some sexual tension between Bella and Edward. That’s something very enigmatic. Will that continue in the rest of the movies?

I don’t think there was sexual tension, nor do I think that that’s the focus of the movies. I don’t see it that way. I think it’s a story about what it means to commit to a feeling and to the person that you love. Above all, it’s about finding someone to love despite having to fight so many problems that might show up. What hooks you about the movie, I’m convinced about it, is that it talks about the fear of what can happen to you if you fall in love and give yourself away completely. Realizing how far you can go for love, passion and being amazed by it.[me: Wow, romanticRob] People identify with it more than you can imagine. To me it’s not even a story about vampires, but about feelings that we’ve all felt before. It talks about the fear of feeling those things. It’s a movie with so many meanings, that’s why I like it and I think that’s why people like it too.

Tell about how you can’t expect what’s going to happen when you go out.

Yes, it’s something I’m still taking in. I’m plain, I like normal things. But now there’s rumors about the places I like to visit, and I can’t go to those places anymore. One time I tried. I wanted to celebrate my birthday on the same place I always go to, and it was a total failure, There was so many people, I couldn’t have a good time. From that point on, I try to avoid places where I can be seen and become the object of paparazzi and curious people. I also avoid the hip, famous places where people think I might be at. I’ve changed them for darker places, those dodgy places where there’s good food and music. It’s sounds crazy, but I’ve had to develop strategies to go out with my friends and have a normal life. It’s the dark side of fame. But I don’t complain. I just assume that I have to deal with it now. Not everything can be perfect. I have so much already, having the opportunity of living from acting. It would be unfair to say that I’m unlucky.

There are actors who would die to be in your shoes. Would you say that it’s a double life? The one that you live in front of the cameras, in red carpets and the one you live intimately?

Yes. In the end you have your real life and the one they make up in interviews, not caring if what they’re saying is true or false. What’s true is that I’m too normal and I give them no material to write, so I’m an easy prey for make up stories. I should go wild and do crazy things so they have something to write about. My flaw for those tabloids is that I’m too calm and quiet (laughs).


10-02-2009, 06:27 PM
And in those moments of intimacy and privacy, is it true hat you like to play the guitar? What do you do when you’re by yourself?

I do play the guitar. I have friends in Vancouver and I get together with them to play the guitar, listen to music. We spend the nights singing and swapping stories. I also do that when I’m at hotels. It’s relaxing. Music is my other passion. I hope I never leave it.

Speaking of passion and music, we know you write songs. What can you share about it?

I’m trying to write some songs for the next movie. I don’t know if it will be possible because of my schedule, but I want to do it. Music is the other side of me, it’s one of the things that complete me and I wouldn’t want to leave it aside for anything in the world. I have the intention of evolving in that aspect. It’s something I want to develop just as much as acting. I want to have a balance between those two things.

What other artistic endeavors are you interested in?

I always wanted to be a pianist and live in the south of France (laughs). But I’ve learned that it’s not important how you do things, but the final outcome. In life you always end up doing what you like. And nothing completes you more than that.[me: Wow, that feels really loaded.]

Do you have a spiritual side?

I believe in Karma. I believe it exists and whatever you do in your everyday life makes the person that you are. What you give in life comes back to you. I’m convinced of that, so I’m sure that everyday you have to be a good person and treat everyone with respect. We’re all connected.

We know you can’t say much about New Moon, but don’t leave before you tell us, did you have to go to some place dark to play this vampire again?

Yes, the truth is that the way I wanted to play Edward was less powerful. He’s a character that can’t change his condition, he didn’t choose his fate. He was unconscious when Carlisle turned him into a vampire. When he woke up, three days later, he realized that in order to survive he would have to kill people. Imagine what would you feel like if you knew you would never grow old and that you would live forever. And what’s worse, you didn’t look for it. You become a sort of Superman without even wanting to be that, you were just a 17 year old kid. You must feel a huge impotence and frustration. Instead of believing you’re hero, you’re a person who can’t find himself and doesn’t know who he is. Understanding that has been fundamental in understanding Edward. That very human side of him is what I love about him and I feel like I can relate to that. There’s something we all find hard to change and face about ourselves.

Thank you Twilight Poison for the translation & see the rest of the page scans here.

Man. They both seem to have a shockingly healthy and mature perspective on the whole "fame" thing. You can tell it's fucking with them but they both maintain they believe it'll be short-term.
Props to the Stew-Pattz parents for raising such grounded kids.

ETA: Delaney just tweeted:

Harper's shoot - think old Hollywood, James Dean, Snow White on the grounds of a pretty white manor.

10-02-2009, 11:03 PM
Oh, nice interview. BadassStew and romanticRob seem to go really well together, for some reason.

Rob My World's homage to the Interview pics. (http://robmyworld.com/2009/10/02/my-homage-to-the-queen-of-badassness/)

Tim Gunn says Rob is "a bit sloppy". (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/10/tim-gunn-calls-robert-pattinson-little.html) That's like saying the ocean is "a bit wet", or that David Slade is "a bit short".

10-03-2009, 10:48 PM
New HQ scans of New Moon Companion stills. (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/10/new-moon-movie-companion-hq-pictures.html)

Some of these are awesome. Like this one of Carlisle in the 1800s with the Volturi. (http://pics.livejournal.com/brandnewluv/pic/001xp7ay/g1222) I seriously :heart: PFach.

And this one at the movie theatre! So awkward. (http://pics.livejournal.com/brandnewluv/pic/001wcrsw/g1220)

However, this is a supremely fugly Edward coat. (http://pics.livejournal.com/brandnewluv/pic/001wwb3z/g1221)

James Woods wants to direct KStew in new movie project. (http://www.examiner.com/x-23294-Kristen-Stewart-Examiner~y2009m10d3-Kristen-Stewart-An-American-Girl)

Nice old Joy interview with Kristen. (http://en.twilightpoison.com/movies/kristen_stewart/joy-magazine-interview-with-kristen-stewart-translation.html)

In a car for nine + hours tomorrow! Hopefully the trip home will go smoother than the trip here. On the way up, we stopped seven times in the first three hours. Potty training is a bitch on the road.

10-04-2009, 05:55 AM
Heh, that Joy interview makes KStew sound positively 18 y.o. Yet another reason to chat books with her, to show her there's a wide variety of contemporary lit beyond Sophie Kinsella.

This is the kind of stuff (http://pics.livejournal.com/brandnewluv/pic/001t2a3s/g1218) that makes me remotely excited to see Edward/Bella onscreen. Because I'm easy. This too. (http://pics.livejournal.com/brandnewluv/pic/001y8qr4/g1222) Go Robward, grabbing the jacket. BookEdward would nevah do that.

Robsten bubble! (http://pics.livejournal.com/brandnewluv/pic/001x6xas/g1221) This (http://pics.livejournal.com/brandnewluv/pic/001st6rc/g1221) is kinda cute as a Robsten pic but creepy for Belward. And like Bella would care enough to have pics of the humans.

:luv: that theater pic. Belsten looks like she'd rather be dead than in a Jake/Mike Newton triangle.

Stew looks like she wants it more from the wolf than Robward here. (http://pics.livejournal.com/brandnewluv/pic/001tyzs3/g1220) But :dblnono: to cutting the weird ass dream sequence with mounting!

Yeah, the clothes are awful. All of them. What's up with Eddie's cheesy red bathrobe?

The 'An American Girl' role sounds like an awesome opportunity for Stew (even though James Woods is a creeper,) but when is she going to rest? I can understand wanting to do intensely unTwilight roles during breaks in the saga, but I worry she's going to burn out. She already looks tired pretty much always.

In honor of her legendary week though, the cooler fangirls have been on it with the picspams.

Sexy B&W Robsten. (http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/5461/grey.jpg)

2009 photoshoot spam. (http://community.livejournal.com/belle_icones/17988.html#cutid1)

KStew + math spam. (http://community.livejournal.com/endlessxcolor/25306.html#cutid1)

ABCs of Robsten spam. (http://community.livejournal.com/nevergrowoldxx/2026.html#cutid1)

I can't tell if this person is an insider but it's a good comment nonetheless (from Ted's):
79.anonymous44 Sat, Oct 3, 2009, 1:27 PM
Some of you guys act like Rob and Kristen are two year olds. They're in a committed relationship and will work to keep their relationship strong and it would be nice if the fans, espcially on this board, would support them. This is not a "showbiz" romance so stop judging it in that light. Both have strong relationship role models in their parents and know that it takes many things to stay strong. They have been through so much to be together and they're not going to throw it all away now. Word is they'll be seeing a lot of each other once Eclipse is finished and we will probably never know anything about it. Be happy for them and stop with all the negative crap. If everyone would calm down and be more respectful Ted might give us more intriguing stories and we could do some of our famous detective work to get info. I think Ted is as tired as I am that some of you constantly worry and make up disaster scenarios for them so he's pulling your chains now just to hear them rattle.

This person, claiming to be an insider, is crazy:
465.B.I.O.N. Sat, Oct 3, 2009, 10:39 AM
Curious Clerk was a little off, the 12th was the day the documentation was submitted for the license. I will not give out the actual date of marriage, but some of you have it figured out. They were engaged on her 19th birthday. (No coincidence that this was the age she had to be without parent's consent)Kristen even gave him a hard time, beacuse the beautiful ring he gave her was a little to "flashy" for her taste. He always goes above and beyond for her.But she would have said yes with a ring out of a bubblegum machine. They married 1st because they love each other, 2nd to take back control over thier lives. They were put through ***** Summit trying to lay down the law. They thought they would both cave. Boy were they wrong, it just sped up thier date to the alter.That ceremony was small and intimate.They went to Italy and threw a more grand affair, rented a beautiful estate for the wedding/honeymoon. It was said he bought it, which wouldnt surprise me. He's very sentimental.

473.B.I.O.N. Sat, Oct 3, 2009, 11:30 AM
Only thing else i will say is that Rob got everything he wanted for(on) his birthday.

This was just tweeted (though I don't know by who):
Spotted: Rob and Kristen out with friends tonight. Pictures on the way.
33 minutes ago from mobile web so I guess I'll stay up a bit longer and see if there are pics.

Oh, it's canadagraphs. His tweets:
Just heard a guy yell out "Edward Cullen I love your Dick" to Rob.42 minutes ago from web

Rob and Kristen left Pinkys about 10 mins ago together.40 minutes ago from web

Rob doesn't seem interested in signing autographs anymore38 minutes ago from web

Robsten pics and vids coming later tonight or tomorrow. Interesting materials.23 minutes ago from web

Wonder what "interesting" means...

More tweets from tonight. They were out with Sam and other potential future members of the hobo collective.
@lindsayinyvr Rob and Kristen were at Pinky's Steakhouse with Sam Bradley and friends
Can't believe I sat a table away from R/K 2nite.They were a party of 8.No one else from the cast was there

Rob + Kristen sat across from each other + they seemed really happy! Their party was having a great time. K's still rockin the mullet16 minutes ago from web
@KillerCortez They were all laughing alot and havin a great time! Shared some pitchers and appies Sounds like they were having fun! :heart: :heart: :heart:

A couple more Stew busting him/flirting with him quotes:
"Favorite Song?"

Rob: "I used to be really into Morrison, now I like hip-hop. Her? Yeah, I guess I only play my music when I’m with people, that’s terrible, isn’t it?"

Kristen: "I like Cul de Sac by Van Morrison. Rob’s a huge fan of him. If he says he’s not, he’s just saying it to contradict me."
A recipe?" Rob: "I’m really good with the microwave. She makes noodles and meatballs (he did say noodles, not spaghetti)."

Kristen: "I make canned meatballs and noodles. The best thing he knows how to do is opening a bottle of beer."
"What would you do if you couldn’t sleep?" Rob: "I’d read. I only sleep like three hours a day. I don’t like it. I never dream anything, it’s so boring."

Kristen: "I’d write. I’d go crazy. Rob is going to say something just to tease you. He’s going to say something very dark and dramatic." and
"If you could bite anyone, you’d bite…?" Rob: "She’d probably say she’d bite me (laughs). I would bite anybody."

Kristen: "Nikki Reed. Just kidding. He would bite me." Hmm, jealous Stew?
From a German mag. I think they were asked to give their own answer and then guess the other person's.

I have no idea the context of this RPattz quote but it cracks me up:
"I’d just walk into Kristen’s bedroom naked, just to shock her! (laughs) Not really. " and here's a sweet Stewie
"I'll promote him if he doesn't want to do it." (In regards to his music)
OT: Ryan Reynolds hosted SNL tonight and despite my better judgement, I like him and ScarJo. They just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary but are famously never seen together, never do public events together, and never talk about each other. So ScarJo shows up in a skit tonight and I kept waiting to see if she and RR would share the frame which they did at the very end. Then in his goodnight, she was standing next to him along with the other guest stars and he thanked the "incredible Scarlett Johanssen" and before they broke off to talk to hug the other cast members and such, they high-fived and he put his hand on her back. It was maybe the most PDA from them ever, certainly since they got married. Anyway, it made me think 1) if Rob does ever host, it'd be awesome to have Stew in a skit or even just announce the musical guest once and 2) I can totes see them going the Beyonce/Jay-Z and RR/ScarJo route and just never appearing together ever (outside of going to the grocery store, etc.) to maintain privacy (once the saga is over, at least until people stop caring).

10-04-2009, 06:18 AM
New cab pic. (http://twitpic.com/k7wty) There are possibly two other people in the cab with them. Rob's wearing hobo jeans. I like Stew's gray cardi/sweater/jacket thing.

PopSugar has some more pics and a blurb. (http://www.popsugar.co.uk/5425163) :luv: how he always goes in front of her as a shield. Stew is hard to see but looks totally content; Rob looks drunk. Or tired. Or both.
Looks like Steph is in town and chaperoning.

Good for them, enjoying a nice time out on Sam's last night in the Couv.

10-04-2009, 09:28 AM
Awww, bye bye SamBrad! He's off to Manila according to his tweet. Nice that they had a good time.

Those picspams were AWESOME.

I have mixed feelings about ScarJo and RR, but that does sound like a sweet moment.

Why does it always seem like the foreign mags get the best soundbites from interviews? Wonder if they just feel more free when they know they going to go through a translation filter. Or if they just assume it won't get back to the english speaking world, or something.

Showering, packing, leaving. Laterz!

10-04-2009, 12:44 PM
More pics from last night. (http://socialitelife.celebuzz.com/archive/2009/10/04/new_photos_robert_patttinson_kristen_stewart_hit_t he_town.php?img=0&gfmt=m&gp=1)
Seems the full Robsten team was out- Nick, Stephanie, Nick's wife, and John (who has a beard now).

Rob looks not thrilled to be taking one for the team (but good in his tight jeans) but K looks relatively relaxed and unmolested so...good job, boyfriend.

Travel safe, O!

ETA: Here (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/10/rob-kristen-and-friends-out-last-night.html) is the best roundup of tweets, deets, and pics from last night including some "controversial" elevator pics.

Oh, and crappy quality New Moon behind the scenes vid. (http://thinkingofrob.wordpress.com/2009/10/04/new-moon-behind-the-scenes-video/) Mostly Taycob & the wolves.

ETA again: Team 411 turns in another awesome KStew piece (http://www.examiner.com/x-23294-Kristen-Stewart-Examiner~y2009m10d4-Team-411-Being-a-Kristen-Stewart-fan) to the Twiexaminer column.

10-04-2009, 10:05 PM

It rained the whole way, but mr.o has super ninja driving skills.

Will take me awhile to catch up on all the links I couldn't open before.

10-05-2009, 11:41 AM
Elevatorgate! (http://www.gossipcop.magnify.net/video/Robert-Pattinson-Kristen-Stew-7#October%204,%202009%2011:56%20PM)

And an examination of elevatorgate by canadagraphs with an unnecessary level of detail. (http://canadagraphs.weebly.com/1/post/2009/10/robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart-argument-video.html)

The argument. Its why some of you are reading this. So here it is. It had nothing to do with the two random people that were there around the same time. Frankly, no idea what they were doing there. 1 of them gets in with R&K, so I don't even know if they were together, since the other one appears to leave. Quite weird & random & more importantly, irrelevant to the discussion. What you hear Rob say is "I'm sorry I paused.." This was undeniable. Oddly, I don't think I saw a single person say that in all the replies I saw places about the vid. Probably because people wanted it to mean more, or because arguing about pausing seems odd. Kristen replies "Can we just wait..". the second part there was disagreement over. " & do this in the elevator please?" or "till these people are on the elevator please?" I'm convinced it was the first, one of my friends thought it was the latter. In either case, kristen is basically saying in her own way "not right now Rob, people are here". It took awhile to figure it out, because we didn't get what they were talking about. What was he apologizing for?

I've only watched the vid once, (I can't find my earphones, and the ophykid is half on my lap) and I wasn't even convinced that it was Rob apologizing. I guess so. Anyway, didn't sound like an argument, just KStew not wanting to have a discussion at all in front of people about anything. But still! Scandal! They must be breaking up!

Oh, and GossipCop confirms KStew's new film role. (http://www.gossipcop.com/confirmed-kristen-stewart-is-joining-the-marines/)
“An American Girl,” to be directed by James Woods, is about a woman who after high school finds herself wasting her life drinking and drugging in a small town in Indiana. During one particular night of boozing, she has sex with a guy in a quarry. “She gets taped doing it on somebody’s phone and in a small town,” says Woods, “her reputation is ruined and on a drunken whim, she joins the Marines.” . . . . Woods, who didn’t want anyone else but Stewart for the lead role, adds, “It’s a phenomenal story and a slam-dunk Oscar for her.” They don't mention filming dates. Sounds like a dull movie to me.

ETA that the current interpretation of elevatorgate is actually that one of the pushy chicks by the elevator was asking for a pic/autograph, and Rob was apologizing to her, not to KStew. And KStew was just telling her to wait until they got on the elevator or until the paps backed off, or whatever. That makes more sense than candagraph's explanation. Anyway, this ranks right up there with cupcakegate for nonsense.

But it *has* prompted another petition and open letter to Summit about increasing security. Protect Robsten - Our Greatest Natural Resource. (http://robstenlovers.blogspot.com/2009/10/petition-to-summit-requesting-security.html)

10-05-2009, 01:45 PM
Pffft. I think canadagraphs (despite his ohsosubtle feigned nonchalance)is bitter Rob didn't give him an autograph and is stirring up trouble.

I've watched the vid a few times (because I'm not a good fan) and this seems to be the most accurate depiction from what I can tell
a FAN walked up to them,asked for a pic or autograph."Rob says I'm sorry I can't" then Kristen says to the FAN "Can you wait until these people are not on top of us".The FAN then can be heard saying "sorry" to Kristen and Rob.Kristen and Rob get in the elevator the fan girl follows,the fan girls friend waits outside the elevator for her to get her autograph or whatever

I still can't really hear Rob since a lot of people seem to be saying 'sorry, sorry', maybe one is with an accent???, but I can *clearly* hear K say "Can you just wait until these people aren't on top of us?" and she's not saying it to Rob but to two girls that are sort of crowding them in the corner. Now K does sound fairly annoyed when she says but extremely, understandably so. The more telling thing is that in the "elevator" pics, Rob moves in front of her while they're waiting so she's hidden from the photogs, fans, etc.

And the weirder thing about canadagraphs' "report" is the idea that Kristen was more upset than usual when in all the pics, she of the epic bitchface, doesn't really look upset, looks uncharacteristically not upset you could even say.

Hahaha! Like you would've seen the movie anyway. ;) My only issue with it is that it sounds like another emotionally and physically exhausting role and I hope she's pacing herself.

K gets Digital Spy Movie Awards Actress of the Year. (http://www.digitalspy.com/movies/a179119/dsma-actress-of-the-year-kristen-stewart.html#) Whatever that is.

{Re}posting this LOVELY vid. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiZMLQvaKgA&feature=channel_page)
:heart: :heart: :heart:

ETA: posting at the same time again! Blast. Anyway, I agree with the latter and the interpretation that it's all nonsense!

ETA again: :luv: this little EW blurb (http://popwatch.ew.com/2009/10/05/kristen-stewart-interview-dennis-hopper/) on Stew! Can't wait till the Interview is available.

10-05-2009, 05:23 PM
I'm going to have faith and believe K-Stew can pace herself just fine, Stela!


10-05-2009, 06:08 PM
Ha! You're mean.

This is what Robsten thinks about meanness. (http://i581.photobucket.com/albums/ss259/RobsessedBLOG/Castmates/Kristen-Rob-Finger.jpg)

Brit-pack rundown. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/06/brit-pack-leader-wanderer-muso-geezer.html)

MTV is having a Rob O' Lantern contest. (http://hollywoodcrush.mtv.com/2009/10/05/enter-our-rob-olantern-contest-by-creating-your-best-robert-pattinson-pumpkin-carving/) I'll bet it gets disturbing.

ETA fic link to RPF one shot Until We Bleed. (http://bagsandshoes.livejournal.com/17903.html)

edited again to fix the fucked up first link.

10-05-2009, 07:13 PM
Ha! Which one was Stela again? Yeah, this thread encourages my totally crazy so I'm surprised there hasn't been ribbing before now. I can take it.

You're mean for linking an RPF where Stew almost dies. Jesh.

So, the petition. I don't think they're literally in danger or that it's a crime against humanity that they were chased into a hotel. I watched the vid. I don't feel bad about it. It completely sucks to have your privacy violated and I don't think what they're dealing with is justified, but if Robsten can keep perspective on it, the fans should be able to as well.

I thought it was interesting that in the Interview excerpt RE: the paparazzi, KS talked about the consequence of the pictures showing up the next day vs. the more immediate consequence of being chased down or having to shield your face and run. She didn't address that at all which makes me think extreme fan analysis and whinging aside, Robsten aren't that fazed by it. When you see the vid, it's literally less than a minute between the cab and the elevator. Not so traumatic all things considered.

Now there's spec that it was a setup, from the E! comments:
150.source Mon, Oct 5, 2009, 11:33 AM
The girl in the elevator is not a fan. She is part of husband and wife team, he is the photog to slow them down then she asks for autogrphs which they sell on Ebay or where ever they can. This is why she called Kristen a ***** that one time, because she would lose money without the autograph. It's a racket folks and should be stopped. Has any one got the cahones to do it?

I'm over elevatorgate. How many 'gates' have there been for them now? I feel like they're averaging a 'gate' a week.

Instead, old calinative vids!
Adorable. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRFE4piOKok&feature=channel_page)
More with the adorable. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VqA_5qI0ns&feature=channel_page)

And audition fic. (http://splyce.livejournal.com/767.html) Not smutty.

ETA: Taycob loves The Notebook. (http://www.mtv.com/movies/news/articles/1623044/story.jhtml)
How many blurbs do you think will be written about RPattz vs. Taycob V-Day 2010 opening weekend? I predict 42.

ETA again: INTERVIEW Scans!!! (http://community.livejournal.com/fiercebitchstew/464179.html) Mostly what was included on the website but there's a little more at the end about Sean Penn, Joan Jett, and the Stew 'rents. She notably says she no longer lives with them (but goes home for food. Aw, 19.)

10-05-2009, 09:41 PM
When I see a magazine that has a whole page dedicated to scripty over-sized fonts? I just think: Eh, somebody didn't make their word count and there weren't enough photos to fill it... but perhaps that just me be a jaded publishing professional.

ETA: And the legendary Stela was a major James/Katie shipper but she liked to pretend she was cool with whatevs. Hee! But the one time I did a covert exchange of information with her (BWAH) she pulled some JVDB/KH nonsense out of her hat. It was the greatest exchange of non-information in my history on the internet.

10-05-2009, 10:07 PM
And the legendary Stela was a major James/Katie shipper but she liked to pretend she was cool with whatevs.

Well in that case, I suppose it applies. Except for the comparison between James/Katie and Robsten. Ew. ;)

273.to 265 ummm Mon, Oct 5, 2009, 4:55 PM
lgsts was on last night and said everything is okay. I don't remember his/her exact words but it was very reassuring. Rob/Kristen expect this and despite of what happened, they seem to be able to venture out without being papped more often than not. He/she also mentioned that they are very happy in VC right now and plan to be happy for a very long time. The post was in last night's thread.

From a perceived insider at Ted's. Tru enuf.

10-05-2009, 11:27 PM
I double your EWWWWWW at the JVDB/KH comparison. *shudder*

Feature length doc "Robsessed" in the works. (http://www.screendaily.com/news/distribution/revolver-snaps-up-pattinson-doc-robsessed/5006442.article?referrer=RSS#) I wonder if the ladies at the robsessed blog can sue?

One of my fave old Rob interviews. (http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid301778988?bctid=1906945203) Glad to find this again! He's so mellow and relaxed in this interview. I had forgotten that he had to take his shirt off during the audition. People need to start adding that to their audition fics. Like, now, plz.

And I love this quote, "If you feel like a dick, and you like someone and you feel like there's a connection there, a possibility there of something happening . . . I mean, I do it so many times, when I like someone I'm like, 'don't like me, I'm a dick'." There's something about his expression when he says "I'm a dick" that always kills me.

The brit pack does the Monster Mash. (http://www.monstermashup.com/32f6ab) I mean, why not, right?

Did we already talk about the fact that the Allure photoshoot with KStew will hit the stands on 10/20? More fierceness, but no mullet, I think. These are supposed to be the beach pics she did after the MTV MAs.

Cheesy Bryan Adams song fanvid. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUpUdsmS-uI) Have we seen this one before? It sounds like Rob actually mentions the bubble in one of the voiceovers.

10-06-2009, 10:36 AM
I :luv: that Rob interview. Thank you for posting. He looks gooood and v. relaxed. Do you think the interviewer is Nicole Sperling (from EW)? The same woman conducting this Comic Con interview? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYrT9v2jaDM) She has a pretty distinctive way of speaking.

Gossip Cop addresses the "argument." (http://www.gossipcop.com/update-yesterdays-robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart-video/) The comments below are priceless.

I read about that Bryan Adams vid at Robsten Love awhile back but it was taken off youtube for awhile so nice to see it's been reposted. I loved the timeline vids. Robstenites go crazy for the book signing footage of Rob and Kristen looking "smolderingly" at each other as more evidence of the Rome turning point.

And I *think* (though I could be totally wrong) that the bubble talk came about after that Rob quote.

CAN'T WAIT for the Allure! It's weird no interview has been released from that yet. She looked amazing in some of those photos. Allure behind-the-scenes. (http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=428)

I'm getting impatient for NM promo. I want the live interviews to begin NOW, it's been too long since Comic Con.

Speaking of which... (http://www.allure.com/magazine/2009/11/kristen_stewart#slide=1) :heart: the interview bites.

10-06-2009, 01:05 PM
So impatient! I care more about the possibility of joint interviews (squeee!) than the movie premiere itself. Except that I do want to see what kind of picpsam is generated from her premiere outfits. We're going to get less pda on this year's LA premeiere red carpet than last year's. But still!

The comments on the GossipCop article were classic. I particular love the person who sincerely thinks what Kristen and Rob go through being hot, young, rich and in love is "worse than being in jail." Ha!

I *think* that these are pics with Kristen outside of the Villa de Real Amore True Amore in Italy. (http://community.livejournal.com/kstewartfans/1121257.html) This is the villa that E/M folks say Rob rented as a honeymoon present. The one with the hammock. She does look well sexed. Or high. Either way- fun times!

For people who actually care about the movie, Malicious Mandy has some NM spoilers and technical stuff from the NM Companion. (http://maliciousmandysmind.blogspot.com/2009/10/new-moon-movie-companion-spoilers.html)

I copied these from the henhouse. A few quotes from Rob about Kristen:

"Kristen is amazing, and your first impulse is to ask her for her phone number. But then I forced myself to remember that ninety percent of what you do on screen is acting and make things up."

"Q: What was it about the role that made you overcome those initial misgivings you had about trying out for it? That made you think, “Okay, I really want to do this?”
RP: Just going to the audition. I mean, I went in having no idea how to play the part at all, and thinking there was no chance of getting it. And I – just meeting Kristen. I mean, Catherine literally didn’t say anything during the whole audition. She just filmed. And just, Kristen did it so differently to how I was expecting Bella to be played, that it kind of shocked a performance out of me. And it was the first time in a long time that I’d had an organic experience in an audition. And that’s kind of why. And I thought that there could be a lot of depth to the story. But – I only realized in the audition.
Q: Can you describe each of your co-stars in one word?
RP: Kristen, I don't know. I can't describe her in one word. Just working with Kristen, it's nice to work with someone who you can see what they're going to become. She's going to be the biggest star. [Laughs] Everything I say is really over complimentary, but she is, though, she's really, really good. She's been good in everything she's done, which is really weird because she's really young. She's a lot better than I am. It's kind of embarrassing. I can't even look her in the eyes in scenes anymore. I try to find excuses."

I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: that Rob never thinks he is good enough for Kristen. He's right, of course, but that is beside the point. Folks also need to adjust their audition fics to include the fact that CH didn't say anything. (As well as the shirt taking off stuff). Although it is exceedingly hard to believe that looney toons CH was silent for the whole couple of hours.

Rob to be on cover of Aussie GQ. (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/10/rob-will-be-on-cover-of-10th.html) Looks like they will be yanking the pics from the old GQ shoot, but they claim that the interview is from the Italy set, and is an exclusive. We'll see.

Apparently that super mellow Rob interview was with Variety.

ETA to remove the Allure slides. hee!

10-06-2009, 04:21 PM
More New Moon bits of info.

Part One. (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blogs/tidbits-from-new-moon)
Part Two. (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blogs/tidbits-take-2-more-info-from)
Part Three. (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blogs/tidbits-take-3-from-the-new)

ETA pics of Robward falling down hysterically. (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blogs/still-shots-of-edward-falling)

ETA again to say that Tay, Kris and Rob will all be presenting at the Scream Awards. (http://community.livejournal.com/kstewartfans/1123805.html) The 2009 Scream Awards will premiere Tuesday, October 27 at 10 PM, ET/PT on Spike TV. HOW WILL SHE STYLE THE MULLET??? HOW? WE ALL WANT TO KNOW.

ETA *again* to say that this (http://jezebel.com/5375571/chanel-takes-a-roll-in-the-hay/gallery/?selectedImage=10) is what Kristen should wear to the Scream awards. So classy. Lotsa leg.

10-06-2009, 05:32 PM
Haven't clicked on the NM links yet.

OME, my supervisor is GOING TO THE SCREAM AWARDS. Do you think they'll actually be there? They are nominated. So how do I coolly tell him HE MUST TEXT ME EVERY ROBSTEN MOMENT HE SEES?

I :heart: that Chanel and yes, verray classy.

Delaney just tweeted this RE: HB I'm assuming
Had fantasies of hot Rob driving a motorcycle? U just MAY get your wish. KStew will be on the back, though. More later.
Unless she's riding him on the motorcycle, this does not interest me.

Ha! Stew reflects on past style choices. (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blogs/the-truth-about-kristens) She sounds like such a dude sometimes. And she's clearly just being modest about her fabulous ass which is not at all flat. (http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=361&pos=32)

10-06-2009, 10:36 PM
This physicist grandpa has started a Twilight blog. (http://evolutiontwilight.blogspot.com/)

He has theories on how SM's vampires evolved.

Stephenie got it right! It's an example of co-evolution. The tiny amount of vampire venom in one bite can't possibly carry all the information necessary to cause fundamental changes down to the level of each cell. But the instructions necessary to convert a human into a vampire were there all along -- in the so-called junk DNA (and there might be enough information to cause other changes, as well -- werewolves, take note). All the venom does is to signal the cells to follow their alternative blueprints. It's a painful process, but it's not as bad as growing an insect claw! The result is something wonderful. Brooding for many years in his loneliness, Edward thinks he is a monster. But he is actually an alternate form of human. . .
Perhaps, in some early stage of human evolution, vampires arose as clan protectors. An occasional blood sacrifice might be a reasonable price to pay for the survival of a group. Or perhaps there was another evolutionary reason altogether.

One way of looking at the doctrine called "survival of the fittest" is that individuals are in competition. Only those having the best adaptation to their environment live long enough to reproduce. Predators destroy individuals who are slow enough or stupid enough to be caught. Maybe vampires arose to cull the population, to remove the least fit from the genetic pool.

Ted's latest BB (he printed three!!! questions that were critical of Kristen) brought out a flurry of vitriolic KStew haterz. And defenderz. Even Arrow came out briefly. Really, I can't see how anybody can hate a teenage girl the way these people do. It's so bizarre.


107. choco Tue, Oct 6, 2009, 5:20 PM
OMG if Kristen just wants to dissapear and stay out of the public eye, signing up for New Moon, and Eclipse was a bad idea. Look she wants the money but complains about the fame that comes with it? WTF? Get over yourself. Also being Rob's girlfriend is a BIG DEAL. You can't deal with that either and be brave enough to hold Rob's hand while he's willing to be the equal participant, then YOU need help. Go back to MA or die. Because this fame with Twilight won't go away, and moaning about it, is stupid.

97. Palin Tue, Oct 6, 2009, 5:06 PM

I think Kristen is pretty but I really don't like her eye rolls, cursing and attitude. She thinks she's really cool and it's like wow get a life. I don't care if she's Rob's girlfriend. This is their personal life. But not everyone likes Kristen. She comes across as a emo "b*tch". Sorry just saying what MTV said.

You know, I have zero interest in seeing Robward on a motorcycle. Doesn't seem much in character for either Rob or Edward.

ETA that Calliopeblabs also picked Chanel for Kristen to wear, but she chose this dress. (http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/S2010RTW-CHANEL/?loop=0&iphoto=35&play=false&cnt=41) Nice! I could see that.

10-07-2009, 12:46 AM
Why can't these fucking fic writers ever finish their fucking fics????



10-07-2009, 04:37 AM
Have you gotten into Emancipation Proclamation yet? I keep seeing it rec'd all over the place but I haven't done it because it's a) a WIP and b) from what I've heard, has no sex. I don't need smut in every chapter ala that canon one that became PWP I don't remember the name of, but if there's absolutely no sexin', I might as well just read the saga (again).

Going back a couple posts, :heart: the pics of Stew outside the Villa Amore. She definitely looks like she wants it (maybe also like she's had it). How can people insinuate she's rude to fans when she just throws her arms around them? She is sometimes more affectionate with fans (in fan pics) than she is with her actual costars.

I :luv: :luv: :luv: that you are still lurking at the henhouse!
OMG, the legend of the audition just gets better and better. So CH didn't say anything? So was Stew directing the audition? Whose decision was it that they make out for two hours? :lol: In that MTV interview re: audition kiss, CH says Rob went wild, use your imagination. In the Carrie Keagan interview ("I'm just a big hard tool") she elaborates and says [I told Rob] it's PG-13, watch it from the waist down. And I'd totally forgotten he had to take off his shirt as part of it.

I :heart::heart::heart::heart: that Rob never thinks he is good enough for Kristen. He's right, of course, but that is beside the point.
I adore you for this. True that.

I think someone's been giving KSWI Jordan the head's up on his main followers in that they're all LTR Robsessed girls who can't stomach the thought of Rob with KStew and because he's secretly annoyed by them, he's dropping more and more Robsten bits nonchalantly into his entries to make them twitchy. The analogy between Robsten & the Want and X-Men today was priceless.

It's cracking me up that one of the haterz is called Palin; glad Bristol put down Tractor long enough to post about how much she hates KStew on the E! site.

Munich doesn't get a lot of attention on the Twi tour but these are awesome interviews that I'd never seen before (though some of them are supremely crappy quality).
Stew: Part 1 of 3 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGnXhwMNhX0&feature=related)
Part 2 of 3 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol1RYh6XiHc&feature=related)
Part 3 of 3 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13VwJIop2Oo&feature=related)
RPattz: Part 1 of 3 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gi8Usw0JqOM&feature=related)
Part 2 of 3 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEbJktX82bg&feature=related)
Part 3 of 3 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tif60iherHY&feature=related)
It's a little painful how obviously aware they are of everything written and said about them. I think they both had a beer or 6 before they sat down for these.

Can you spot the Robsten bubble at the premiere? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmKOXFMWes4&feature=related)
How about here? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjtRWxOTVBc&feature=related)

Just for you: PFach tells the "card" story. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bok3dTuLxIs&feature=fvw) Rob didn't get it, Kristen got mad. Hee!

10-07-2009, 01:37 PM
I really hope Jennie Garth and mr.o won't mind when I invite PFach to be my second husband. Polyamory is very 'in' these days. Although, seeing as how mr.o just got voted a deacon at our church, I will probably have to keep my second marriage a secret.

Those Munich interviews are a gem. Nice find! Asking KStew if she would let her daughter date Rob? Ha! "Maybe not . . .I mean, but that's a joke. Uh, yeah, I mean I think so, Rob's a great guy. He's um, he's quite, quite sensitive and um, emotional and um, yeah." I :luv: her hand motions there. The proper answer, by the way, should have been "No. Any daughter of mine would be his daughter as well, and how dare you suggest that I would allow incest in my home? You sir, are disgusting." That would have been awesome.

Sweet tiny Rob interview. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3087D_fIl0&feature=related) Now I want to read fic where Rob is freaking out on the plane and KStew has to calm him down. Sexay style. *ahem*

Rob (and Kristen also, to a lesser extent) pretty consistently paints himself as the one with the most obvious weaknesses - insecure, sensitive, nervous, prone to panic attacks, easily overwhelmed, most likely to withdraw and isolate himself. And he paints Kristen as some kind of super woman badass, confident and wise beyond her years. Wait- they *are* Edward and Bella! Now that I have read about Bella becoming the ultimate vamp as in BD, I get it. And except for the fact that Rob talks waaaaaaaaaay too much to be Edward, and is much less of a stick in the mud prude, I am totally starting to see why Kristen thought he was the perfect emo boy Edward.

I haven't read Emancipation Proclamation yet. Haven't even come across it. The fic writers I am most irritated with are the ones who write Rabbit Hole, Bare, The Rain Season, and Edward Wallbanger. Basically, the ones KStew411 has been pushing. So I blame her. I think you would like Bare, but you should wait til it's done.

Worlds collide! KH likes vampires. (http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20310756,00.html) And yeah, talking about vampires is totally NOT just a way to get invited onto True Blood, right Katie?

Oh, the henhouse. I wish I knew how to quit you.

ETA a new still from NM of Jacob and Bella, and quote from Chris Weitz. (http://www.newmoonmovie.org/2009/10/new-still-of-jacob-and-bella-from-new-moon/)

10-07-2009, 02:18 PM
Australian Today show stalks the Eclipse set. (http://today.ninemsn.com.au/default.aspx?videoid=ff873f25-1a83-47c1-aff8-e4d515e73866) I agree with RPattzNews . . . a must watch for Robstenners. Sex on Fire!

ETA this one shot E/B most definitely wins for most improbable public sex scene. I'll Have a Horn Dog. (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5427071/1/Ill_Have_A_Horn_Dog) If book Edward had really been capable of coming up with *that* I think I would have liked him more.

10-07-2009, 06:30 PM
List of prison games for Rob and Kristen. (http://www.robstenlovetheblog.com/2009/10/rob-kristen-prison-games_07.html)

KStew in a freakin' adorable hat last year. (http://community.livejournal.com/kstewartfans/1125198.html)

Somewhat disturbing photos of underaged Taylor in italian mag. (http://robstenlovers.blogspot.com/2009/10/taylor-lautner-in-italian-vogue-men.html)

Robsten bubble pic from CC'09. (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_frjCPpXN_Us/SszkMea-ewI/AAAAAAAADZk/JdPvqF27TiY/s1600-h/IMG_4827.jpg)
And another. (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_frjCPpXN_Us/SszkLyCaFTI/AAAAAAAADZc/2v3V66k7FEQ/s1600-h/IMG_4829.jpg)

That pretentious lady with all the 'academic' KStew bullshit just gets more pretentious and more bullshittier. (http://annehelenpetersen.wordpress.com/2009/10/02/twilight-hate-mail/)

The trailer for the Robsessed documentary. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_HxNbkK2gw)I find it funny that they don't even use the most attractive pics of Rob, just common ones. And they promise to reveal his 'dating secrets'!!! Um, Rob doesn't have any dating secrets. Hot Pockets in your hotel room followed by ten hours of guitar playing and tee shirt swapping doesn't really constitute a 'secret'.

If the documentarians had wanted to put together a compelling trailer, they should have hired the person that made this fanvid. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJ18BenDh4E) I'm just saying. Although, even she overlooked the obvious draw of BeardedRob.

10-07-2009, 09:22 PM
I changed my mind- KStew should save the white Chanel for the LA premiere, and wear this teal Betsey Johnson to the Scream Awards. (http://www.betseyjohnson.com/store/productdetails2.aspx?categoryid=1101&productid=7659&np=1101) A fic writer had Bella wear it in this fanfic Crickets (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5241436/1/Crickets) and I thought it would be a great color on her. The fic itself was all right. A little fluffy for me.

10-08-2009, 06:47 AM
Ha! That was my response to the "would you let your daughter..." question too. Um, she'd also be his daughter so...no.

Aw, that is a sweet, tiny Rob interview. Well they flew home together after they left their honeymoon Villa Amore so quite possible they joined the Mile High Club then. And that was right before the MMAs and the Charlie, no wonder KStew was walking with a limp at the Allure shoot (sprained ankle was just a cover).

I would like to read Bare because it's by the 2008 author, but I don't know how regularly she's updating anymore so it might be a doomed WIP.

This post is going to get fic-tastic btw.

I :heart: that little tour of the Couv from Aussie Today shown and :lol: to the Robsten prison games!

CC'09 really was a treasure trove; they were not stealth AT ALL. :luv: the bubble.

DCFC's Meet Me on the Equinox vid. (http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/10/07/death-cab-for-cutie-meet-me-on-the-equinox-video/) It's chock full of Robsten/Bedward and no one else.

Cute little Stew interview with Cosmo Girl during IttW promo. (http://www.cosmogirl.com/entertainment/celeb-qa/kristen-stewart-sep07-2)

Gorgeous Stew smile spam! (http://community.livejournal.com/qu0tidienne/1031.html)

So I found some working links to some of the set break awards fic.

Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Promise or Repeat- Part 1 (http://community.livejournal.com/set_break/21175.html#cutid1)
Part 2 (http://community.livejournal.com/set_break/21695.html#cutid1)
Part 3 (http://community.livejournal.com/set_break/22451.html#cutid1)

Real (http://community.livejournal.com/set_break/48916.html#cutid1)

Spark (http://splyce.livejournal.com/771.html)

Singular (http://bagsandshoes.livejournal.com/3233.html#cutid1)

Delicious Torment (http://community.livejournal.com/set_break/39003.html#cutid1)

Come to Me Now (http://community.livejournal.com/set_break/61453.html)

Sympathy For the Devil, Square One, Gravity Always Wins, Fidelity, It's Just a Chemical Reaction, Feels Like Home, London Fog, One Hundred Times, Sex on Fire, Heavy, and Four Times Rob Asked... were all linked up thread at some point.

Other good stuff:
:luv: this author-
Unspoken (http://community.livejournal.com/set_break/61453.html)
Change (http://community.livejournal.com/twilight_rpf/68780.html#cutid1)

Lucid Dreams (http://splyce.livejournal.com/1503.html)

This is a cute 3 part:
First Time (http://community.livejournal.com/twilight_rpf/39798.html)
Second Time (http://community.livejournal.com/twilight_rpf/47327.html#cutid1)
Sex (http://community.livejournal.com/set_break/27006.html#cutid1)

There's also some good, completed
canon Twific but I'll link that tomorrow.

10-08-2009, 11:18 AM
Okay, so I was up past midnight last night reading The Fallout (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4946176/1/The_Fallout) (another WIP! What the *fuck* is WRONG with me?) So I decided to call a moratorium on fic reading for 24 hrs, and then you hit me with a bunch of links. I'm going to take that as a sign that the moratorium is off.

I just heard from Madison on Sirius XM that Peter Murphy just finished filming a scene in Eclipse. Say what? I don't know how I missed that.

Sam Brad talks about working with Rob at a Q/A in Manila. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrTmdn-d__E&feature=player_embedded) Starting at 1:18. Gorgeous accent and funny guy.

Bath and Bodyworks puts out Twilight scented lotion and candles. (http://robstenlovers.blogspot.com/2009/10/twilight-inspired-products-at-bath-and.html) *sigh* Do you think they went with blood scented, or freesia?

That was such a cute picspam! Now I want to see one that is all bitchface.

I'm very eh about the Death Cab song and vid. I *like* Death Cab, but this just didn't feel very Death Cab-ish to me, and the vid is just lame. It even included the Grey Coat of Over-Longness, which I find so disturbing. They should have made the vid from the dream sequence shots with the wolf, and MountingRob, and the bed in the forest. But, I get that they had super limited time to make it and everything, so whatevs.

ETA HQ scans of the Aussie GQ on Rob. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/10/robert-pattinson-in-gq-australia.html) They even borrowed the cover from the US GQ. Most of the quotes sounded old, but there were a couple in there that were new to me. Nothing at all Robstenny. Which is suspicious in itself . . . you go all through 2008 gushing about your co-star and how amazing she is, and then all of a sudden you never talk about her again, and it's like she doesn't exist. Good conforming to the gag order, Rob. He must have been sober. Let's hope Vanity Fair or Harper's Bazaar were smart enough to get him drunk before interviewing him for their upcoming profiles.

And a few new twi set caps. (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blog/show?id=2644331%3ABlogPost%3A1046727)

10-08-2009, 02:58 PM

You linked me to a fic where Rob fucking dies.

While I am PMSing.

I did not know the world could hold such evil.


10-08-2009, 06:02 PM
No he doesn't! I know! I skimmed and was like, not reading, not reading, he's still sick, not reading...fuck. Oh! It's a dream! Ok, *resumes breathing* now I can read it.

I will nevah evah tire of anything Twi set related. :luv: the meadow caps. They're from the August reshoots, between CC and VF. *sigh*

I go motherfucking weak at the GQ pics (http://s581.photobucket.com/albums/ss259/RobsessedBLOG/GQ/HQs/?action=view&current=outtake11.jpg) at this point. OMG. So hot they needed to invent a word (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Fuckhot) for it. Two actually. (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=UNF) But do you think it's a mashup interview? Some of the answers seem very familiar.

Yeah, it definitely seemed like a slapdash music vid. No words if they don't include the mounting dream sequence in the movie. :flamnono: The song is growing on me.

Stewie fanvid. (http://www.youtube.com/user/gemamisas#p/a/u/2/HkJWj2T0wWA)
And VF Italy outtakes. (http://community.livejournal.com/lion_lamb/5863653.html) This is the second time I've read she had the flu in Italy. Poor baby. How has that not made it into the lore (or fic) of Rome?

Rob fanvid. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S12ETfKc6MA)

Some fan went to the set and took pictures of buildings and saw zero cast. (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blogs/my-100th-blog-an-exclusive) And that's news. But it does mention they expect to be wrapped by the 31st if not earlier.

Fanmade E/B New Moon trailer (http://thinkingofrob.wordpress.com/2009/10/08/my-new-moon-edward-and-bella-trailer/).

Does anyone really print out all the fic? (http://robmyworld.com/2009/09/06/tips-for-hiding-your-fanfic-obsession/)

Speaking of...

Canon E/B (between NM & end of Eclipse): One Night (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4581983/1/One_Night)

Canon E/B (post Bella's change): Citizen Erased (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4407921/1/Citizen_Erased). And its prequel, Spiral Static (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4369058/1/Spiral_Static). All complete. Not smutty.


R/K Mile High. (http://kissesblow.livejournal.com/963.html) (No smut.)

Comic Con 08 (http://krazykat-neko.livejournal.com/65970.html#cutid1) Sequel to this. (http://krazykat-neko.livejournal.com/63594.html#cutid1)

VMAs 08 (http://community.livejournal.com/rpattz_kstew/29944.html#cutid1) Sequel to this. (http://community.livejournal.com/set_break/7974.html#cutid1)

10-08-2009, 07:40 PM
Ted's Bitch Back today:

Dear Ted: First, gotta say I love the Awful Team! Second, gotta ask: Did Kristen cast a spell on Rob or something? I was watching some old interviews (from the time they were allowed to say anything they wanted) and noticed how Rob used to talk about Kristen, how inspiring she was, how she made him excited about doing this movie, and now, after the rumor that they were fighting, he apologizes like crazy to her! Is he really that desperately in love with her? (Hope so!) Thanks! —Talita

Dear Love Talks: Rob is hardly K's little whipped puppy dog...but yeah, he's very into that girl.

Oh, come on, Ted. Let's not mince words. Rob, the supposed 'hottest guy on the planet' is whipped like a dog for that girl, and that's the number one sexiest thing about him.

I won't say the *only* sexy thing, because I will keep in mind the very nice jawline and what it looks like covered in beardedness.

Also! How could I not have seen this??? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwNqDJKRmeY) Super cute backstage moment at MTV MAs '09 where PFach is ADORABLE, and Robsten talks about their non-kiss.

10-08-2009, 09:03 PM
That was a nice fan trailer, btw. And I think I have finally found someone to go see NM with in the theatre. Yay! (I don't drive, so an associate in crime is a necessity). The fanmade stuff and Mounting Rob are really making me want to go sooner rather than later, but finding someone who would even admit to having read the books is kinda hard around here. But one of my friends is a True Blood fan, so I used that as an introduction to the topic.

So . . . . how come in *every* single Comic Con '08 fic I have read they reference Rob's shirt being inside out, and both of them having hickeys? Am I missing something in the pics and footage? *scratches head*

Tackling the E/B stuff you linked to now.

10-09-2009, 10:08 AM
Those bastards at the Robsessed documentary are blatantly plagiarizing the Robsessed blog (the original). (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/10/robsessed-dvd-and-revolver.html)

A couple of days ago frank@revolvergroup.com from Revolver Entertainment contacted us to ask if we wanted to partner with them. We have not replied to them since we had no intention of associating with a DVD that's sole purpose was to make money off Robert Pattinson's back. It's an unauthorized DVD that is just trying to cash in on Rob's fame. Now they are copying our blog WORD FOR WORD at their website.

Happy Family manip! (http://c2.api.ning.com/files/QJVv4u2hfmAd5N6i-FbuJXaal*7zcvItO5b5L7BbkCDgeFyy2lVnqyyr2bQFKhQUbkM aPEHaSxDPgqi7BkFWsv36Iuz2kvIa/manip.jpg)

Don't think I have seen this pic before. (http://robertandkristen.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=233&pos=21) Rob is so much taller than Edward. WTF?

Transcripts from DVD commentary. (http://popwatch.ew.com/2009/03/23/twilight-dvd-ro/)

10-09-2009, 12:00 PM
I can't see the manip!

Shitload of Rome fan pics! (http://www.twilightpoison.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=249) :heart: RomeRob :heart:

Rome interview I love. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQB28PYNDuQ) Poor tongue-tied KStew keeps fidgeting and licking her lips. She looks really beautiful here.

I want to marry Alex Patsavas. The soundtrack (http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B002S27W6I/ref=dm_sp_alb/279-4202610-8895469) is stupid good. It's beautiful dreamy electronic indie folk love.

The aesthetics of this movie plus Robsten? Can't fucking wait.

I'm so happy you found someone to go with! Of course if you wanted to fly to L.A., you could come with us! (I'm preparing myself though because I think the friends of friends going in my group are Stew haters. *sigh*)

10-09-2009, 05:06 PM
Speculation about Robsten at the Scream Awards. (http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b148115_are_rob_kristen_coming_home.html?sid=twitt erfeed_awful&utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=twitterfeed&utm_campaign=twitterfeed_awful)

Some of the insider comments from Ted's board from the last few days:
185.Wisdom Thu, Oct 8, 2009, 11:01 AM
Things come and go as the wind comes from the West to the East. When Robsten times are quiet, pots are disrupted and spoons frantically stir. No news is good news except for Teddy boy. R and K are fine. Just look to see. There is nothing to report, so one needs to "stir" a bit to get the convo juices flowing. Enjoy the "quiet" and let R and K do the same. You will see what you are all waiting for when the time is right. Time is right AFTER NM. Watch for it.

203.this place is eye opening Thu, Oct 8, 2009, 11:51 AM
When I read all the gossip online I'm amazed. First of all, Rob and Kris are perfectly fine, they aren't even hiding things anymore from you people. Why cant you see that cause its so bloody obvious. But please give them some privacy. Things will be even more out in the open when they get through all the promo stuff they are obligated to do for the movie. They are happy though, dont let all these gossip folk tell you otherwise. Glad I could be of service. Off to do all the errands I have to run and make sure evrything is going well on set. Please give them a break though, and ease up on all the "Robsten" talk. That word gives us a good chuckle by the way *wink* *smile* what is it I'm supposed to say? Go Robsten? Bloody genious we thought

135.unknown identity Thu, Oct 8, 2009, 9:46 AM
Rob and kris are together! But they will definitely not be coming out as a couple at the New Moon premiere. That's a 100 percent guarantee. Although, expect after January to start seeing them everywhere together. Yes, they have movies they will be filming next year but trust me when I say that you'll start to see them working around each others schedule and start spending most of their off time together, public. But don't ever expect a full on verbal confirmation. It won't happen. But you can bet on a whole lot of Rob and Kris togetherness and some handholding, after January.

136.unknown identity Thu, Oct 8, 2009, 9:50 AM
Also, expect alot more of your trusted insiders to be returning around November and December. They're coming back.

106.@63 Thu, Oct 8, 2009, 8:56 AM
Not only do Rob and Kristen have their strong bubble. They also have a great support system. The Stewart family, The Pattinson family, True friends-like Rob's best friends. I remember Marcus Foster pleading for them to be left alone and saying he loved them (aww). Their Mgmt teams are behind them and are there for them. So, not only are Rob and Kristen solid people, they have some of the best people around them. Not worried about them. They should continue to own what they have and protect it.

37.* Fri, Oct 9, 2009, 10:30 AM
Yeah, Kristen was wearing those pants early on when she knew Rob was chasing after her. And now that he's got her heart, he knows exactly how to keep her happy. After all, she finally did say yes to him this time didn't she? *wink*

55.* Fri, Oct 9, 2009, 11:01 AM
I think Ted has no news and has to create some with his answers like "fine for now". He knows they are fine. There is no drama going on. I liked the poster Drama Sells yesterday. Their post was very true. I think Ted is poking at them to show a little bit more.

229.re 222 Fri, Oct 9, 2009, 11:27 AM
Actually the truth about Emilie is: Her and her husband never split. He was visiting her in NYC all Summer. You are not telling the truth. There was no affair with her co-star. Not even close.

230.arzi Fri, Oct 9, 2009, 11:35 AM
Hello #229. I'd be curious to know your name and how you are connected to the Twilight saga. Is it possible I know you? I don't know every move Rob makes, but I do know he WAS down this summer. And it wasn't over hiding a relationship with his RM co-star. More it was over the insanity that happened while filming with the fans and papz. Being trapped in his hotel. Yeah, that was depressing. He also missed his girlfriend Kristen.

All very positive. :heart: the comment about their stable families and friends, so true.

And verray interesting that EdR's separation was possibly all for publicity!

10-09-2009, 08:09 PM
In a diff Ted thread comes confirmation of what Lainey says here, that BD will be filmed in Portland, not the Couv. (http://www.laineygossip.com/Exclusive_Xavier_Samuel_shoots_opening_sequence_fo r_Eclipse_and_filming_could_move_back_to_Portland_ .aspx?CatID=0&CelID=0)

150.friend of eclipse123 Fri, Oct 9, 2009, 9:09 AM She was going to post but didn't have time. She wanted you guys to know that her last week on set is next week, I'm not sure when filming ends. She also said that if you guys heard rumors that a lot of the crew from Eclipse were told they were allowed to book other jobs it is true. She is based out of VC so if they move filming back to Oregon she will not be hired on.

Pretty sweet Seventeen scans of a Rob interview. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/10/robert-pattinson-in-seventeen-magazine.html) Says Nov '09, and yeah . . these quotes look new to me.

Relevant Robsten quotes:

Question about chemistry w/Kris, was it hard to recreate it for NM?
"I'm really close to Kristen, so it was easy to get back."

[um, duh]

Do you have a rule about how well you get to know your co-stars?
"Are you asking me if I hook up with all of my co-stars? Yes. Every single female member of the cast, in every movie I do. And male. Just ask anyone around. Anyone with legs. (laughs). Actually, no!"

But is it beyond the realm of possibility that you and Kristen would hook up?
"If you talk to Kristen, she'll probably say that it was definitely beyond the realm of possibility."

[I like the use of the past tense there.]

Well, if everyone is obsessed with you, what are you obsessed with?
"Film, however lame that sounds. I'd like to do another type of movie with Kristen, and I'd like to work with Jack Nicholson. . . "

This interview must have been done before Rob's people decided to lock him down about KStew. And I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: that when they asked him what he is obsessed with, his first thought is that he's like to do a non-twi film with Kristen. I find that crazy romantic.

Cute little twi promotion interview with the cast. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XYesoN7ErA&feature=related)

Rob in Mexican mag scans. (http://robwardandkrisella.blogspot.com/2009/10/scaners-de-tu-magazine-mexico.html)

Here's a translated quote from that mag:

Q: Tell us the truth,has being famous helped you out more with the girls?....
ROB: (laughs) yes and no. At first girls can feel attracted, but then people realize you are a human being with virtues and flaws and they suffer a sort of disappointment. It's just, lots of times girls discover what they thought about you were just fantasies. I think, at the end of the day, I'm like any other guy. I can't be what others expect me to be, I'm just me. And then you face lots of preconceived or imaginary notions and that's a problem, because when people realize the truth they get disappointed. I confess before doing this movie, I thought maybe being famous would help me with girls, but then I learned it's not as easy as I thought. In the end if you like a girl... You have to keep making an effort to win her love (laughs)...

Some of the pics seem to have come from this shoot? (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/10/new-pictures-from-exclusive-shoot.html) The vest seems very Edward. But the smile and the scruff? Pure Rob.

Ten Reasons Why Kristen is Rob's Lover. (http://www.theimproper.com/Template_Article.aspx?IssueId=3&ArticleId=4060) That sounds like a fic title, but it's actually an article.

I'm doing a 48 hr. moratorium on fic. I have too many library books due that I have made zero progress on.

10-10-2009, 02:32 AM
Stew did Seventeen too. (http://www.twilightpoison.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=781) (As did Taycob, but who cares?)
It all seems to be legit and it looks like KStew is the cover, but it's hard to believe Seventeen would shoot their Saga load with a cover story that doesn't even feature original photos. Her cover shot is from 09 Movie Awards and her interview pic is a year old.

Her answers aren't nearly as candidly specific as Rob's but of note...

Are you as passionate about love as Bella is?
I hope to be! I want to be as in touch with what I actually want, and be able to trust that. Bella is willing to give her soul to Edward, to live in eternity- but then she has weird moral issues with marriage? She's a total freak! But she's okay with it. And I'm definitely like that.

Were you troubled by her dependence on a guy for her own happiness in New Moon?
I could totally relate to that. There's nothing to be ashamed of. It takes a strong person to completely give yourself to someone else.

What was it like working with Rob?
He's sort of impatient, and that's something I admire. (Heh, wtf KStew?) He gets very frustrated with himself, but he shouldn't- you have to be bold, and he's like that. He's daring.

When you first auditioned with him, did you guys just instantly click?
To be hones, it wasn't even a great audition! (Wait, what?!)Everyone was nervous and weird. ("Everyone" being you and Rob?)But that was what was right about it. We were just very natural and real together. It was instinctual- it was like he was the only choice, and there was no one else.

Where does [the chemistry] come from?
We work well together because we both put ourselves out there and we don't shoot each other down. He plays a really complex character, and he's never lazy about it.

What's the biggest lesson Bella has taught you?
You don't need to give reasons for the things you do- you just have to do what you want. And sometimes the thing that seems messed up to everyone else is what's right for you. (Classic 'messy love triangle' speak.)You have to do it and not be ashamed of it.

There's a sidebar with quotes from her 'BFF Nikki' that claims they dance to hiphop and rap and watch Disney movies together.

Rob's answers are FANTASTIC. So fucking cute that he just wants to work with Kristen more, that he doesn't really want to be an actor unless it's with his girlfriend- man, he's crazy for that girl.
I hope the Robgirls read that and cry.

I can't find ANY evidence that they attended the Scream Awards last year but my coworker says Rob and Kris were definitely both there and they had to stop the show to retape their intro to the Twi footage because Rob was slurring so much, he couldn't be understood. My coworker was like, who the fuck is this kid and why does the world revolve around him?

Oh, drunkRob. That's actually fairly unprofessional and not that charming but maybe he was drinking the pain away or got carried away plying Stew with alcohol hoping to get laid in which case, I'll allow it.

Cast says 'hello' to Italy vid. (http://robertpattinsonwho.com/?p=2150) Stewie sure is beaming at someone offscreen at :14. Oh, who moves into frame? RPattz. Viva la Robsten bubble.

Verray interesting about moving back to Portland. I wonder if the Couv has not been as good to them this time around.

More proposed insider comments:
277.JR Fri, Oct 9, 2009, 1:34 PM
Hello. I am posting under some anonymity, and I am already certain people will make of this what they will but I am going to do it nevertheless. If you're here and reading this, you probably care enough about Rob and Kristen as is. They are fine. I can't tell you that it's always smooth sailing but no one has ever thought things are that simple from what I see and read. As cliche as it sounds, whether people believe me or not is less important than what is evident to all: that's the fact that they have already been through so much, and have an unquestionable bond because of it. I hope you all understand you see about an eighth of what kind of people they really are and how they act around one another. Under the pretense of the press, even what you do see is not them in their most natural environment. Can't say more. Remember, it's easier to beg the question than to answer it, simply because of what is bound to ensue afterwards. And LA is a welcome change for all. Thanks.

296.JR Fri, Oct 9, 2009, 2:27 PM
It was important to me to only post once, but I think I have done more damage than good. I need to clarify. First, I have heard that Rob and Kristen are going to be spending just as much time together in LA as they do now in Vancouver. Rob does not currently have a permanent residence in LA, but I think that people already know that. My intention in stressing the bond between Rob and Kristen is just to say that they respect one another greatly and are more mature and grounded than seems to be portrayed. This is the basis from which anything started. The second point to my post was to point out that I hope people never expect a big reveal; it's not like that. I am going to be fair and say that I only hear what I hear, and am not close enough to know the details of any Harper's Bazaar story. However, if you continue to see and hear of them out and about and "looking" like a couple, it is more than likely true. This, in their own way, is their confirmation to all.

Love the Robward vest pic. Mmm, jaw. Mmmmm, scruff.

10-10-2009, 11:09 AM
How, how, how, could Rob have done the Scream awards last year and there not be any videographic or pictorial evidence? I'll borrow a quote from the Nonstenners here and say "no proof, no truth!".

I did, however, find this vid of Cam introducing a clip from Twilight at Scream 2008. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2Te_5iQdow) *And* he's a tiny bit slurry. I can't imagine that they would have had Cam do it if Rob or Kris were there, so I'm thinking maybe people are remembering a drunkRob, when it was actually a drunkCam.

Sounds like the move back to Oregon is money based. Tax incentives and whatnot. And the US economy went into the toilet prob after they had already made the commitment to film in Canada again, but maybe now they feel more pressure to bring their gobs of dough back to the US. Well, it's a boon to the autograph and 'razzi industry of Portland, no doubt about that. But poor KStew will have to go back to bumming alcohol from everyone else now that it won't be legal for her anymore. If only she was really close to someone who was over 21. Hmmmmmm . . . .

I was thinking about Kristen having the flu in Rome . . . it certainly explains the pale, wan looks and inattention during the panels just as well as break-up angst would do. Maybe that's the answer to what's been bothering me about the MA-is-just-a-super-good-friend-who-was-bearding theory. My biggest doubt about it was because of how emotional she was over fighting with him in Rome. But! Maybe I'm misreading that whole red carpet scene. Maybe she was just really ill. Simple as that. Instead of "we broke up in the car", maybe what she really said was "I just threw up in the car". Maybe that's why she was almost crying, and why Rob looks so concerned for her, and why it took so long for security to open the door. Maybe MA brushed by everyone so quickly and got out of frame because she threw up on him, and he's just trying to cover that up. Maybe Rob was starting to come down with it as well, and that's why he seemed so off key in the panels, too. I'm saying 'maybe' so much, because I'm not totally sold on it. But it's a alternate way of looking at it.

I love the little dresses she wore all over the european and japanese tours, but damn, girl. It was freezing everywhere they went and she was often without a coat. Or tights. As a mom, I am super appalled. Young lady, you are lucky to only have caught the flu! I do hope her stylist for NM promotion cares a bit more about her health than the last one. tsk, tsk. If it's chilly at the LA premiere, you should bring an extra cardigan for Kristen. Just in case she looks cold.

10-10-2009, 12:03 PM
Thanks so much, btw, for the insider quotes. I get a little too irritated with the KStew haterz to sift through for the insider stuff anymore, and cleanex no longer seems to be compiling them as often for the henhouse.

If you're are in the mood for a little Robward porn vid. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2Te_5iQdow) And really, who *isn't* in the mood for Robward porn?

What living inside the twihard bubble can do to you. (http://twitarded.blogspot.com/2009/10/im-living-in-twilight-bubble-is-that-so.html)

Another nicely done NM fan vid. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEGCbMigq3Q&feature=player_embedded)

Ha! The Robsten baby. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/43251636@N02/3997382666/) Someone morphed them, apparently. What an insipid looking child.

E/B fanvid to "Falling Slowly". (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLiDR62oun8)

10-10-2009, 06:34 PM
Rob could hide in Ireland. (http://www.irishcentral.com/news/Why-Robert-Pattinson-should-pick-Ireland-to-hide-out-in-63925462.html)

Nonstenners think Kristen is denying Robsten in this German interview. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/10/kristen-stewart-talks-to-instyle-about.html) KStew411 says this was done for Adventureland promotion closer to the beginning of the year. So even if you read this as a denial (which I don't), it's an out-of-date one. Interesting that she doesn't mention MA, though.

Rob and Chris Weitz will be in Japan 11/3 without Kris or Tay. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/10/meet-robert-pattinson-in-japan-and-see.html)

New Rob outtakes from VF '08. (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/10/new-pictures-from-vanity-fair-shoot.html) I don't understand how new outtakes from this shoot keep appearing over a year later.

Fanpics with KStew in Italy. (http://community.livejournal.com/kstewartfans/1136629.html)

German GQ scan of Kristen. (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blogs/kristen-stewart-in-german-gq) I wonder if *that* is her b-day guitar? squee!

Full translated Tu mag interview w/Rob. (http://twilightersanonymous.com/tu-magazine-new-interview-and-photo-shoot-with-robert-pattinson.html)

10-10-2009, 11:14 PM
Hmm, well the coworker was pretty sure it was RPattz but I agree that there would've been *something* if one or both of Robsten had attended. And there's a distinct possibility the coworker was wasted.

Ha! I forget that K technically can't drink legally in the states. I feel like she's been drinking in public since she was about 16. I can't believe BD is not going till September 2010. I wonder if that will end up being a mistake. Everyone is going to get so antsy in that year between productions. Of course, Robsten will busy themselves getting secretly married.

I'm not willing to give up my Rome angst for the much less sexier explanation that she was actually sick, but I do :luv: you positing that she's say "I threw up in the car." Hee! Funny no one's come up with that lipreading yet!

I know! In one of the newly released Tokyo vids of her in the white dress (somewhere up thread- too lazy to link), where it was effing snowing, a huge gust of wind comes up and you can clearly see her say to Rob, "HOLY FUCK" at how cold she must be. And in another vid at the London premiere, she actually starts the red carpet with her coat on but has to give it up reluctantly at the insistence of some studio flunkie. Fortunately, L.A. in mid November won't be so extreme.

Full disclosure: I pull the insider quotes from Robsten Love; I don't have the patience to wade through Ted's comments either.

:rollin: at the Twi-bubble. So true. I haven't given up news or anything, but I do watch A LOT less TV because it doesn't hold my interest as much.

Oy, that baby is almost as creepy as Reneesme. Speaking of, how the fuck are they going to do Reneesme? I have an awful picture in my head of Stew toting around an animatronic toddler that creeps me the hell out. Can they use a normal baby? She like talks and stuff right? And bites. *shudder*

Part of me kind of wants to reread (parts of) New Moon before the movie but I opened it today and it's just so banal. Ooh, but the NM companion says they're including the dream at the beginning. What do you think, Stewie in old lady makeup? That could be hilarious.

Yeah, the German "nondenial" is getting way too much attention. Unless her response is literally, Yes, RPattz and I are currently making sweet hobo love every single night, the nonstens will take it as a denial. And some of the quotes seem really old (even though the interviewer says it was done in July).
And I love that it's now passe to hate on her so they disingenuously pretend to like her and then come up with shit like this:
rpattzgirl said...


Thanks...although, she did piss me off last week when she snapped at Rob during the whole pappz chasing them into the hotel...it wasn't his fault..and she snapped at him...I wanted to scratch her eyes out...but I still love her..
October 10, 2009 4:44 PM Wow, with fans like that...

I'm surprised by the Tokyo announcement- it seems so close to wrapping and the L.A. premiere, wonder if it he'll try to squeeze in a week in London there.

VF. So pretty. So very pretty. I'm getting more anxious about the HB pics but I guess however bizarre they may be, there will always be VF.

:heart: :heart: :heart: Stew's bitchface in the second fan pic. You'd think on the day of her super secret nuptials/honeymoon, she'd be a little happier. That's why she's wearing a dress obvi.*

Dirty Roblog take on the new pics. (http://7thingsweloveaboutrob.wordpress.com/2009/10/10/7-things-we-love-about-vf-outakes-tu-pics/) It's no KSWI, that's for sure.

Robsten vid I'd never seen before. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQcDvBOQT04&feature=player_embedded)

*so say the delusional E/M peeps

10-10-2009, 11:32 PM
Another mashup Cannes interview with Rob: (bolding mine)
Interview with a vampire - Rob talks music, karaoke in Japan and acting

Ask Robert Pattinson how he's handling the global hysteria that now surrounds him and he says: "All right, I hope." Then he runs his hand through that tousled mop of his (a sign that he's anxious) and adds: "It's still sort of new."

It's almost 12 months since the first Twilight film was unleashed on the world. Twelve months since we clapped eyes on the sensitive, tortured and fiercely handsome vampire named Edward Cullen from Stephenie Meyer's massively popular novels. Twelve months since Pattinson, the 23-year-old British actor who plays the red-blooded teenage vamp, became an international heart-throb.

One minute he has a bit part in two Harry Potter films (he played Cedric Diggory in The Goblet of Fire and The Order of the Phoenix). The next he's the object of every teenage girl's affections. They're screaming right now outside his hotel room. He's in France to promote The Twilight Saga: New Moon , the follow-up to Twilight (there are four novels in all). Whenever he goes near the window to smoke, a crescendo of noise erupts from the street below.

"To be honest, I still don't really understand what's going on," he says. "Like yesterday, I was having lunch down the road. We were in this place for a couple of hours and suddenly there was like 400 people outside on the street. It was just so nuts and it's like that all the time now."

If Pattinson hasn't come to grips with the global hysteria by now, how will he cope when New Moon is released next month?

"When the second one comes out, then I'll see how I am. Mostly I can ignore things to quite a big extent and kind of pretend they're not really happening," he says, sounding eerily calm.

"I just don't take any of it seriously. It's just a job and while it's a job I love, girls scream out for Edward, not Robert. I still can't get a date."

Pattinson has been peddling this line for months. He won't fess up to dating Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella. Perhaps he's under studio instructions to appear single? It probably boosts ticket sales. (At least they acknowledge he's probably giving an outdated response.)

The real reason Pattinson is so calm is simple:"I'm not the lead in the second film. Taylor [Lautner] is." He grins idiotically. "I appear in Bella's dreams. So I'm in it but the focus is not on me. I just have significant moments at the beginning ... and the end. So I'm more of a supporting role in this one, which is why I felt so free. I didn't have to deal with any of the bullshit of the first one. I don't have to hold the movie or worry about the fans. I think I did it better without all those pressures."

Pattinson is extraordinarily beautiful. He's been called the Johnny Depp of his generation and been crowned Sexiest Man on the Planet by Glamour magazine, Top Hunk by Entertainment Tonight and Hottest Actor by Rolling Stone.

Like Depp, he has the same asymmetrical beauty, the same gorgeous man-boy face. He's 185 centimetres tall, lean and he, too, exudes a masculine femininity. Depp also started out as a teenage idol before he began furiously deconstructing that image. Ditto for Pattinson.

"After Harry Potter I could have done a lot more teen movies," he says.

Instead he starred as a young Salvador Dali who has a bromance with poet Federico Garcia Lorca in this year's Little Ashes.

"I had to do all these hardcore gay sex scenes, when I haven't even had a sex scene with a girl in a film yet," he laughs.

"I'm lining up so many different films so it'll be harder to just label me the vampire guy."

Those include Remember Me, with Aussie beauty Emilie de Ravin from Lost, and Unbound Captives, a western set in 1859, which stars Hugh Jackman – but more on that later.

Before Twilight, Pattinson was on the verge of quitting the acting game in favour of music. "With acting, a lot of the time you're doing scenes you don't really relate to and you don't really know why you're being cast half the time," he laughs. He "understood" music. He's been playing the piano since he was five. He composes and sings. It's second nature. Acting isn't. He still feels "awkward in front of a camera".

Pattinson has a lovely voice and performed two songs in Twilight – something he now regrets. "When the first film came out I felt like a complete tosser," he says. "It looked like I was trying to be cool or something, like Eminem. You know, be in a movie and then do a song for the soundtrack. But I didn't look cool, I just looked ridiculous." (*swoon* at his British slang)

Pattinson's lack of self-confidence is staggering yet endearing. Compliment his singing and he'll change the subject. Compliment his performance and he'll tell you you're bonkers. But he'll stick to acting for now only because he'd "starve to death" as a musician.

Pattinson has two older sisters – Lizzy, a musician, who's in the band Aurora; and Victoria, who's in advertising. His father imported classic cars and his mother worked for a modelling agency. It was his father who encouraged him to pursue acting (to meet girls). So he modelled, did some amateur theatre and British television.

But now he has to go. A plane is waiting. He yawns and looks tired. So how does he unwind?

"I don't really need to do stuff to relax or get away because all my interests are part of my job," he says. "Like I'll watch movies to be inspired to do other movies. I read books to be inspired. I listen to music to be inspired to write music. Everything I do is to create something."

Pattinson's next film is Unbound Captives. He met Jackman in Japan recently for a little bonding ahead of the film. "We went karaoke singing," he laughs. "We were singing Abba songs, it was pretty funny. It was sort of an Abba song sing-off, you know, last man standing." (FOR SHAME, discussing karaoke and not mentioning "Your Song")

Who won? "I think he did, only because he can drink more than me and still sing in tune. He's a cool guy and I'm really looking forward to that film."

So are we. The Sexiest Man Alive meets the Sexiest Man on the Planet – now that should be interesting.


Pattinson chain-smokes during the interview. About halfway through, he runs out of cigarettes. He decides to pop out into the hallway to see whether he can "bum" one from a passing hotel guest. When the French hotel staff, who are normally cool, calm and collected, lay eyes on him, they turn into an adoring mass of autograph-seeking fans. Pattinson has to make a quick dash back to the safety of the room. He's clearly unnerved by the run-in.

10-11-2009, 12:05 AM
Niiiiice interview. Yeah, Rob's "I still can't get a date" schtick seems really forced in there. Where is this from? Oh, never mind. Just went to RPattznews and saw it was from an Aussie newspaper.

That dirty Rob blog made me feel dirty. And I don't even like him like that. Kind of creepy, people.

I was returning books at the library yesterday (the fic moratorium is paying off), and decided to pick up Twilight and New Moon. It's been a pretty boring day, so I've already managed to finish both of them.

Well . . . I think I can see why Rob and Kristen both say NM is their fave book. It does have a better pace and flow to it than the others. Certainly yards better pacing than BD, but that's not a high hurdle to jump. And it's less annoyingly shrill than Eclipse. I'm also super intrigued by some of Chris Weitz's visuals. So yeah, I'd like the movie to open next weekend, kthxbai.

After reading NM again, though, I'm once more struck by how NOT TALL ENOUGH Taycob is. It's not that I am not impressed by this kind of thing (http://socialitelife.celebuzz.com/archive/2009/10/09/taylor_lautner_flips_for_rolling_stone.php?img=1&gfmt=e), but still- he's supposed to be nearly seven feet tall, and tower over Robward. Taycob does not tower. Are they going to film him on a box, or just ignore all of that? Based on the fact that none of the wolf pack seem unusually tall, I guess they are going to ignore all of that.

I do find his baby steps towards a Taylor/Taylor romance (http://robstenlovers.blogspot.com/2009/10/little-more-on-tay-tay.html) to be freakin' adorable.

10-11-2009, 03:14 PM
Some behind the scenes vids of the VF shoot with Blake, Amanda, and Emma:

pap vid (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoKvD8veBQA&feature=related) Stew notices them immediately and seems the most bothered by their presence.
fan vid (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XMef_85LMQ) She's so cute being all giggly with the other girls. :heart: that she was gravitating toward Blake and then realized they probably know each other since Blake's brother played her rapist in Speak. Aw, Hollywood connections.

NO! I need the November 20th date. We have a HUGE film market in Santa Monica the first week of November that is going to pull me further and further out of the Twi-bubble in the next few weeks. But it ends on the 11th and my boss goes on location on the 14th which leaves a light work week the 17th which is PERFECT. So long as I don't actually say this in my time off request: Um yeah, I'm going to need leave early on Monday, yeah to stake out the Twilight premiere and I'll be taking a long lunch on Tuesday (to hunt around for the HB) and I'll be taking Friday off to see NM for the second time (without all the tween screaming of the midnight show.) That's all cool right?

Yeah, the height thing I don't know. Because like Bella is taller than Stew, Edward is shorter than Rob, but Taycob is the same to them proportionately IRL and on screen.

Totes on board for a Tay/Tay romance btw.

Awww, pre-production. (http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=108&pos=6) Rob looks like a baby.

This thread (http://robstenlove.com/all-that-is-kstew-pics-vids-part-3-t1047-15.html) is having a pic off that should be awesome.

The German InStyle has caused a WAR between the Robstens and the Nonstens and BNFs are calling out Robsessed left and right because shipping is srs bsns, yo!

And while composing this, I've been listening to the FULL LEAKED New Moon soundtrack! (http://www.youtube.com/user/HackedbutnotHackzed#p/u/9/vgbRJhAIRC4) :luv: :luv: :luv:

ETA: Breaking Dawn technically not greenlit. (http://www.gossipcop.com/exclusive-breaking-news-about-breaking-dawn/) Stop being such a tease, Summit!

I got the Stew Interview last week and it very much has a huge picture of Rob from the controversial Mark Segal shoot (black tee, grey sweatpants) in their picture retrospective. Also she looks even hotter in big glossy pages. So, so tempted to put up the "finger" one in my bathroom with my other random, pop art.

10-11-2009, 04:16 PM
Sounds like you have a very solid plan in place. I commend you for your forethought, and rescind my plea for the movie to open next weekend. Since I like, never leave the house, I will have to live vicariously through you. Which means HB scans and premiere pics, please!

That VF "New Wave" cover shoot has always bugged me. KStew just doesn't look like she belongs there, frolicking in the surf with the other Hollywood starlets. I wonder, though, if Rob has that vid in his permanent rotation.

Speaking of, we *know* Rob likes checking in on fannish things online (well, fanfic at least). You gotta wonder if he has discovered the joy of Robsten fanvids yet. I want RPF that has him constantly sending Kris fanvid links, saying "This is how I really feel about you." and "No wait, forget that one- *this* is the one that fully captures our LOVE". She would get pretty annoyed pretty fast. That would be funny.

Article about vampire casting and portrayal with emphasis on Robward. (http://www.vampirefilmfestival.com/Robert_Pattinson_Striking_Balance.html)

"Insider" post at Ted's board:

JUXTAPO Sat, Oct 10, 2009, 6:53 PM


I agree that the Robshley (Ashbert?) rumors will be predictable and hysterical.

My second husband and his first wife at a soccer game. (http://robstenlovers.blogspot.com/2009/10/pfach-and-jennie-out-for-family-soccer.html) He even sits cute. And mr.o has that same hat, I think. Carlisle has become one of my fave fic characters, all because of PFach. :heart:

So someone named Lalabec posted this at the henhouse (they have been sharing their 'dreams' lately. Like, actual, Robsten influenced dreams). Does this sound familiar to you?

okay i had a dream about Robsten last night that i think i should share ... Here it goes ... it started off with rob proposing too kristen but just as kristen is about to answer the paps find them and start shouting stuff ... so the quickly take off but the paparazzi are chacing after them taking pics and what do you know? kris and rob have a car accident.

rob is fine with only minor injuries while kristen is in E.R . rob is like freaking out and calls lizzy and tells her what happens. Lizzy arrives and one of the doctors spots her and gives her the ring rob proposed too kristen with and the doctor said "she was screaming at me too give Rob this just before she went into surgery".

lizzy is very shocked and relises she has too give the ring too her brother but how ? then rob spots lizzy and they say hi and cry and stuff. Lizzy then gives Rob the ring and says sorry too him. Then about an hour later the doctor comes out and says shw will be fine. THE END. So my dream was sorta like Princess Diana and how her death occured ... In away. yeah my dream was not very intresting but i thought i would share...

I really don't understand why anyone would plagiarize a dream. The spelling is a riot, though. Nobody has called her on it yet, they are too busy fighting with Clini (AGAIN!) about comparing Robsten to Brangelina.

I do love pic offs, but I kinda wish they would leave manips out of it. Speaking of which, I can't find that Happy Family manip anymore. You didn't miss anything.

Okay, I'm calling off the fic moratorium. Off to set_break!

10-11-2009, 07:11 PM
I've run out of decent completed fic. *sob*

10-11-2009, 11:27 PM
From Rpattznews:

# Source: Rob and Kristen are doing new photo shoot this week in Vancouver. Can't give out deets now. More later this week.about 1 hour ago from web


New Rob pic. (http://thinkingofrob.wordpress.com/2009/10/11/new-photoshoot-pic-of-robert-pattinson/)

10-11-2009, 11:32 PM
Haha! I sometimes wonder what aspects of fandom Stew would be amused by and what would piss her off. I kinda think she'd like KSWI for example because it's so random and fairly complimentary. I have a very tenuous plan in place wherein I turn my coworker onto KSWI (check! he read on Friday and was LOLing), he meets up with Ashley at the Scream Awards (half check! he's emailed about getting a drink but nothing's locked), and he tells her about KSWI so she'll eventually tell Stew. It's half-baked at best but I'm working on it.

I wonder if R has discovered the RPF. They seem hyper aware of their "personas" and all the attention paid so I wouldn't be surprised if they've both seen some of the fanvids and the RPF. In the Tu! interview, he mentions he'd send his OOA hundreds of love letters but really, youtube links are so much more efficient. Hee!

Me no likey that "insider" quote because it really puts the kibosh on even the faintest hope that they'll do some NM press together. Rob and Ashley on the Rome red carpet or at the Eiffel Tower just isn't the same. Really wondering *if* it's true, which camp decided it- Summit or Robsten?

Some other "insider" quotes from today:
878.Believe it or not Sun, Oct 11, 2009, 4:31 PM
By posting this information, I know I am opening myself up to endless name-calling, countless bashing and infinite hate. That is one of the reasons I have waited until Sunday evening on a slow "news" weekend when most of the haters have lost interest and gone away. What I am going to say comes for a source so close to our favorite couple that most of you wouldn't believe it. Does my source know I am posting here? Yes, I asked permission first, and was denied permission, but after begging, pleading and agreeing only to give the most basic of what I was told, I finally got a very irritated okay. So here goes. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are in a very committed, loving, faithful relationship. They did not enter into this relationship on a whim. Even though they both realized early on they had intense chemistry, similar beliefs and attitudes and compatible personalities, they both had other outside factors that had to play out first, not the least of which was KS's age...

879.Believe it or not Sun, Oct 11, 2009, 4:39 PM
Their friendship and loyalty, plus the isolation the two of them felt once the "Twilight" phenonomen hit just brought them closer together. I am not allowed to discuss time-lines, and I won't. I will tell you that they are NOT engaged, married or expecting. I will also tell you that they hope to continue their relationship after all of this Edward/Bella stuff is out of the way. They are both geared towards the long run, however are very realistic in their approach to their relationship in their crazy career choice. Do they go on this web-site? Not anymore. Do their friends * family? Yes, absolutely. Are they a normal couple in that they argue sometimes, need some space, yes. Are they totally gonzo over each other? Yes. Do I know every little detail of their private lives? No, no one but the two of them do. Did my source feel disloyal over telling me the little bit I know? Yes, but my constant bugging, and a few glasses of wine helped.

880.Believe it or not Sun, Oct 11, 2009, 4:41 PM
Finally, do I feel like an idiot for saying all of this. Not really. The whole world wants to know and I love that I got a small glimpse into Robsten's world. Will my source tell my anything more. I doubt it, not unless it is already published. But I am glad I told you people because reading some of what you guys write was busting my gut. So, believe me or not, that's what I know. Sorry, Charlie.

Really nothing new or of interest except that allegedly Rob, Sten, and friends and fam are well aware of Ted's. Yikes. I hope they get directed to the fan sites too where the haterade is kept to a min.

This fanvid (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpaoj85Q4i0) compares their "similar vibe" which is not that interesting, but K cracked me up when she said she thought the Twi fandom was the same 5 girls posting online over and over again!

The pic off got its own thread. (http://robstenlove.com/the-kstew-pic-off-its-totally-on-t1052-315.html) And it's UH-MAZING. Only one manip that I can tell so far.

Why? Why?! would you *pretend* to have a dream about something? And how are you so creatively bereft that you must steal every last detail of a fic to relay it? Just further reaffirms that the henhouse is KERRAZY!

:biglaugh: Really? You're done with every last fic? Did you read ALL the PG-13? ALL the PG? (I usually stay away from the PG because Kristen's mouth alone does not a PG fic make- and I don't even mean that in the dirty way.) ALL the completed Twi fic?

In a totally different direction, Hollywood's leading ladies :luv: :luv: :luv: KStew!
New Julianne Moore interview. (http://andthewinneris.blog.com/2009/10/11/juliannemooreinterview/)
Sandra Bullock at The Proposal premiere (day after the MMAs). (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Nf9yYLKf7E) I'd forgotten when I was watching her and Ryan Reynolds give them Best Kiss that RR had his own best kiss with KStew in Adventureland. Makes that foursome's dynamic on stage WAY more interesting.

Here's a vid of KStew & NR maybe kissing to fuck with the paps. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5cMDNP-6Qk&feature=related) (If you're into that kinda thing and by thing, I mean goddess/famewhore kissing, not girl/girl kissing.)
And here she kisses some random fangirl on the cheek. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zv-wZrFNnU4&feature=related) Because she's the most accommodating movie star on the planet.

Ooh, just read about the photoshoot. Squeeeeee! :heart: :heart: :heart:

10-12-2009, 03:41 AM
New New Moon pics! (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/10/2-new-pictures-from-new-moon.html) Looks like every part of Robward sparkles.

ETA: removed the fucked up link since now it's below.

10-12-2009, 10:15 AM
Well, you *know* I like that insider report because it goes along with my belief that her age really did keep them apart (in a sense) during twi filming. Nothing the insider said was new, and yet it all sounded pretty sane and believable. Tru Enuf for me!

I think KStew would :luv: :luv: :luv: KSWI. How could she not? It's entirely awesome. I completely approve your plan. Also, you could have someone tweet KSWI to PFach.

I think the correct link to Eclipse jaw porn is here. (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/10/first-eb-picture-from-eclipse.html) And um. Wowzer. Ever so glad to see that bouffants are out, and sideburns are in. That's some mighty nice hair, Robward. You might want to consider keeping it into your real life. I share the suspicion, though, that Bellsten is NOT wearing a wig here. Maybe these were promo pics they did awhile back or something? Or maybe people freaked out unnecessarily about the wig, and it's really going to be super realistic? From the side anyway? I dunno.

Well, more fic probably exists. I'm just having a hard time finding anymore decent stuff that hasn't already been linked. I went and got all caught up on the WIPs E/B fics I have been following, and now I'm sifting though fanfiction.net for possibly looked over completed gems. Mr.o has been busy doing the surtitles for an opera this past weekend, so I have had *a lot* of reading time since my moratorium was lifted.

Now I am totally imagining RPattz reading that (so recently plagiarized) KStew-almost-dies fic, and being extra lovey dovey with her because of it. I'll bet he would cry! Someone does need to write some meta RPF where Rob is like, totally obsessed with all things Robsten online.

AllureVampBella. (http://twitpic.com/l7p21)

Pics of filming a Rosalie/Royce King scene. (http://www.nikkireedbrasil.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=220&pos=0)

That new Eclipse pic has already found it's way into an E/B fanvid. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImjXXY1UBsA&feature=channel)

By the same vidder: Sad!Lonely!Rob. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVMeX6vH7oY&feature=channel) Also with new pics. I like this one.

And, best of all, a Robsten vid (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBCxPjgpgPs&feature=channel) with a ton of very nice interview clips (weird background music, though). I don't think I have heard Kris talk about Rob's proposals in that way before. "I don't know how serious he was, though." Um, so it *wasn't* obviously a joking around kind of thing? You had to wonder about it? That's very interesting.

Not sure if I have seen these Kristen GQ outtakes (http://community.livejournal.com/lion_lamb/5892375.html#cutid1) before.

11 yr old Taylor doing something? Martial arts? Gymnastics? No idea. (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blog/show?id=2644331%3ABlogPost%3A1072076) I am seriously glad there is no real life triangle going on, because even 11 yr old Taylor could beat the crap out of Rob.

Apparently this site has scans of one of those dorky Rob bios. (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/10/robs-mini-biography-by-little-treasures.html)

I like this quote from Rob about girls. New to me! (http://s422.photobucket.com/albums/pp309/twilightmoviegifs/?action=view&current=26.jpg)

On this page (http://s422.photobucket.com/albums/pp309/twilightmoviegifs/?action=view&current=15.jpg) They claim he had an off-screen relationship with Katie Leung. Um. Did we know this?

And here! (http://s422.photobucket.com/albums/pp309/twilightmoviegifs/?action=view&current=38.jpg) he actually mentions wanting to start his own film production company. Hobo Collective lives!

10-12-2009, 01:31 PM
SAAAAAD Rob interview. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/10/robert-pattinson-has-been-writing-bunch.html) He can be so dramatic. But dude, he totally nails the experience of fandom.

I :luv: :luv: :luv: their crazy self-awareness. It's one of my favorite things about them.

Holy mac, another cover! (http://thinkingofrob.wordpress.com/2009/10/12/more-scans-of-robert-pattinson-in-people-magazine/)

BREAKING NEWS: Only Taycob at Scream Awards. (http://www.gossipcop.com/breaking-news-just-taylor-lautner-confirmed-to-be-at-scream-2009-awards/) Good. Hope the Robsten takes a super romantic vacay instead.

:heart: :heart: :heart: Robward's Eclipse look. Fuckhawt. And with the leg hitching and shirt unbuttoning, Eclipse will be smokin'.

Dude. That K clip is AWESOME. I've never heard her be so matter-of-fact about it. There's the British interview (I'll find it, or maybe it's in one of the calinative vids too) where they ask them both if he *was* serious, would she say yes? And she's like um, he's sitting right here and Rob interrupts to say yes, she would. And there's another Rob interview (shit, ET maybe?) where he says he *could* imagine proposing to her but he wouldn't want to do it on set. Secretlymarriedsecretlymarriedsecretlymarried. Not now but...

I would love that meta fic! *Who* is going to write it? Hmmmmm. (Did you write Babylon once upon a time or am I misremembering?)

Good Rob quote about girls! New to me too!

Rob makes People's Heartthrobs then and now! (http://ow.ly/tX1D)

10-12-2009, 03:06 PM
Holy Beek, I can't believe you remember Babylon. So many years ago. That's kinda embarrassing. That was the only het fic, I ever wrote, though. I did a couple of short femme slash pieces (Jen/Audrey- OTP!!), but that's the last I ever wrote anything. Even when Veronica/Lily was so very, very tempting.

I :heart: SadRob, LonelyRob and EmoRob. LonelyRob in particular, because you just want to squeeze him and tell him to hang in there, it'll get better soon. Like Ashley said, "If Rob *was* sad about Kristen, he's not anymore." But it's fun to remember how sad he was!

This is what I think Rob looks like right before having an emo moment. (http://twitpic.com/gf7e9) Or right before having a seventh drink.

I agree, it's a good thing Taycob is handling Scream alone. It suits his fame level better, and is a real waste of Rob and Kris. Save them for the Oscars. Or at the very least, the Golden Globes.

I'm feeling nostalgic for twi promotion. Like this Teemix interview with KStew (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsLZzauCSwQ&NR=1) where she talks about her haters, and about Edward, and about how romantic she is with guys. It's like this whole interview was designed to make MA feel completely inadequate.

Hot Mess (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzSgxqbUMGo&feature=related) Newish Rob and Kris fan vid. Sexay.

Nkki and Paris pics. (http://www.laineygossip.com/Nikki_Reed_shoots_allnight_scenes_with_Jack_Huston _then_shops_downtown_Vancouver_with_boyfriend_Pari .aspx?CatID=0&CelID=0) He does look better with the buzz cut, but yeah, I don't get it.

The chick at pattinsonintoxication is also a fan of BeardedRob. (http://pattinsonintoxication.blogspot.com/2009/10/day-12-edward-and-bella-show-affection.html) Viva la scruff!

Sleepers Awake (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5118949/1/Sleepers_Awake_Wachet_auf_ruft_uns_die_Stimme) is complete! I guess I can read it now. Yay! Something to do! I don't remember if it's supposed to be good or not. At this point, I don't really care.

10-12-2009, 07:26 PM
<-- totes remembers Babylon! :heart: :heart: :heart:

10-12-2009, 07:39 PM
I remember because it was an unusual SL for them and there was maybe kinda sorta some meta in it?? (and also because I remember every good P/J fic I read evah).

Um, that's what Rob looks like when he's having a HOT moment. Jesh. Typically don't go for the beanie on him but the beard, super casual appearance, and tipsy expression? Niiiice.

I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: that Teemix interview, one of my favorite Stewviews (too cute?) ever. She looks oh so pretty and relaxed and makes her mushy "in love" face (it looks a lot like her RPattz adoring stare (http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=97&pos=39) btw).
Yeah, even if MA is no longer *really* a day-to-day factor here (tru enuf), it's still not the most romantic portrayal of her longterm thing.

I've developed a new appreciation for this pic. (http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=97&pos=13) They just look so couple-y (I know they're not here) and at ease with one another and really naturally pretty. (And some people might be into the Rob tongue porn.)
I don't see the hickeys though. Even in the pictures linked in the actual Hickey fic, I don't see the hickeys. ???
Also :luv: :luv: :luv:
this one (http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=97&pos=82) for the bubble!

New Rob interview? (http://thinkingofrob.wordpress.com/2009/10/12/robert-pattinson-in-quebecs-star-magazine-scans-and-translation/) The answers seem outdated, well, one answer in particular.

CW tweets post-production! (http://twitpic.com/lafux)

Fuckhawt almost kiss! (http://www.mtv.com/videos/misc/395491/2009-mtv-movie-awards-kristen-stewart-robert-pattinson-win-best-kiss.jhtml#id=1611658)
(And duuuude, in the HQ you can so see/hear her "sweetie, come on." I was dubious but it's trufax for me now.)

10-12-2009, 08:21 PM
Well, it was meta in the very worst way possible. It was done purely as a shout-out fic - and those never stand the test of time - and when I made Ginni one of the main secondary characters, I gave her way too many Mary Sue-ish qualities. Oh, and I made Dawson gay for Drue. Although that wasn't a bad thing, really. Mandancers untie! I also committed the cardinal sin of writing about a locale that I had never been to, and had zero knowledge about. *BUT* Pacey starred in a naked stage version of Hamlet, if I remember correctly, so hopefully everything else can be forgiven. I keep waiting to see if a naked!Shakespearean troupe actually starts up IRL, so I can sue their naked pants off. So to speak.

ANYHOO, as far as real fic goes, by actual fic writers, I'm not really sure if I would rec Sleepers Awake. Just finished it, and I bawled like the proverbial baby. Very nicely written, but crazy sad, and no happy ending. It didn't go where I thought it was going to go, and that made me super sad.

But if sad!sad!sad! and a beautiful story, (with *very* little smut) is what you are looking for, then go right ahead. It's your funeral. Well actually, it's Deadward's funeral, and Deadella's funeral, and Seth's funeral, and Leah's funeral, and Jacob's funeral . . . see what I mean?.

That "new" Rob interview? Pfffft. Really getting tired of all of the "new" interviews with their tired, old quotes mashed together. I feel bad for poor Stephanie Ritz (Rob's PR person/wife), because these have to be super annoying for her. Her fake Twitterer doesn't seem to have problems with it so much, though. FakerStephanieR (http://twitter.com/FakerstephanieR) The Fake SR also seems to be a RobStu fan, and definitely NOT a Robsten fan. Takes all kinds, I guess.

Wow, I have no interesting links this evening.

10-12-2009, 09:52 PM
*That's* what I remember! That Ginni was a character in it and a member of a group called the Dobblerites (or sth.) which of course I would join were it to exist IRL.

Ooh yeah, read the spoilers and *won't* be reading that fic. No thank you.

New/old pics of KStew. (http://robwardandkrisella.blogspot.com/2009/10/foto-de-kristen-stewart.html)
These showed up in the pic off (which you now have to register to see. Boo.) and they look like they were taken during her time as a homeless person. But really they were taken during her time as a model. A model of hideous clothes.

The MTV kiss link has all the key moments of the awards show including the Power 3 presenting the NM clip. Holy crap, were they awkward. Even for Robsten. Bubble in full effect though, Taycob who?

CDub twitpiccing some more. (http://twitpic.com/lbc1p) Team Edward 4 life.

This is a poorly edited and incomplete vid on the proposal talk. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duB2d8dKQis&feature=related) But still.

Oh, shit. Stew's Allure feature. (http://community.livejournal.com/kstewartfans/1146417.html) I don't know how this is going to go over. Babygirl is fairly awkward, admittedly so. She admits to Googling herself and knows everything about the blogs, commenters, etc. I now have no doubt they both know E! quite well, probably Robsessed, RPattz news, LTR/LTT, etc. I just hope she also has discovered 411, pattinsonintoxication, and kstewdevotee.
She doesn't mention Rob once, she politely says she's not going to discuss her personal life but she doesn't clarify the author's mention of MA. And there's a picture of her and MA in the 'reflecting on past style' section. Nonstens are going to go apeshit. And Stew's likely going to read about it.
It's well written but not a superduper flattering portrait, she sounds fairly self-obsessed (deprecating but obsessed) and the author notes it in the tag. She seems deeply embarrassed by the whole thing and was flustered from the start since she got lost on the way there and was super late (also noted).
She looks gorgeous and is still endearing as fuck (in her awkwardness) but this is not the BADASS of the Interview piece.

I would quote it but they're only scans right now and I can't copy and paste the text.

ETA: Because this is the shit I care about- she finally hints at a new author she's reading and it's Henry Miller. :lol: Yep, 19 and in your first real adult relationship, just about time for Tropic of Cancer. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tropic_of_Cancer_(novel)) If she were single, it'd be Fear of Flying. Not that it's cliche, she's just way more typical (in some respects) than one would believe.

ETA again: Hmmm, I'm anxious for you to read it. I just rearead and maybe I was too harsh. She is only 19 and there are definite moments of badassery. And the interview was done during her brutal ass summer. Maybe Allure has secret contempt for its cover girls. I liked Amanda Seyfriend a hell of a lot less than I had after reading her Allure cover piece last month.
Humph. Do you :luv: :luv: :luv: how I'm spinning against having a less than glowing thought about Stew? ;)

10-13-2009, 01:15 AM
Some SWEET ASS new Rob quotes from Seventeen! (http://www.seventeen.com/magazine/special/robert-pattinson-quotes)

The best ones (the Robsten ones, natch):
Tabloid Marriage & The Kristen Pregnancy Rumors

"Literally, that would be terrifying if I suddenly — well, actually, it wouldn't be terrifying, it would be quite satisfying, actually, to be able to get someone pregnant from across the country. With a text message!" Yep, can't get pregnant from sexting! This is totes confirmation of dirty texts btw! :luv: :luv: :luv: :luv: :luv:

Getting Deep with Kristen
"Kristen's a really great actress. I really like working with her, and she's very intense about things, and she'll go just as far as anyone else will want to go with it. If you want to go as deep as possible, into any form of material, she's more than willing to go there." I can't not read that last sentence as dirtay.
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

ETA: Kristen's quotes-
Her First Attraction to Bella
"I think it was the fact that she could hold her own against Edward, because it's a strange dynamic that they have. I think people relate to her just because she's got conviction."

Before the TwiMania
"It started out just like any other job I've ever done. I don't like to get excited about something until I've gotten to live through it."

The Payoff
"I'm glad to be a part of something that's actually bigger than me for once. The success of it is the coolest thing ever because I can't tell you how much it hurts to do something that you feel like you can really learn from — and you feel is an important section of your life that you put everything into — and then nothing, it just never comes out. So the fact that we can share that, that's why we do this. It's the coolest thing.

Stalked by the Paparazzi
"It is kind of annoying, I can't really go out. Not because of [fans]--it's the people whose jobs it is to follow you. But it's okay, because I'm kind of boring. I'd rather stay at home. I read a lot and I play guitar. I have to play a lot of guitar right now especially because I'm doing the movie. I don't know. It's not that bad actually."

Eternal Love
"If people don't understand why Bella and Edward should be together by New Moon, then they shouldn't get it."

And this is a major buzzkill, Ashley and Ikki's quotes-
Ashley's Quote:

Best Scene to Film
"Italy was really fun. The Porsche in particular — Kristen and I were just talking about how we were laughing and singing in the car. I'm sure everyone who was making the film was like, 'What's the deal?' We were quoting Anchorman and singing 'Afternoon Delight.' Yeah, very weird!"


Nikki's Quotes:

Kristen & Nikki Chill Time
"Music is a big part of our lives. She plays guitar, and I learned how to play guitar. About a year ago, we went guitar shopping. She picked out my guitar with me. It was fun. So we play, we just sit around and jam."

Nikki's Rebellious Act
"We were shooting at night at the end of filming, and the night I wrapped finished shooting at 9 in the morning. Kristen and I decided that we were going to go back to someone's place, and everyone ended up coming, and we had this sort of crazy party in the morning."

African Safari Adventure
"Kristen and [ex-boyfriend] Michael [Angarano] and I spent every day together, without a distraction, without a computer, without a phone, without a moment to [ourselves]. And we all stayed in the same tent, because I was supposed to stay in a different one, but obviously I got scared."

Still not sure I believe Africa (or anything else she says about Stew). (Pics or it didn't happen!!!) NR is nothing if not a committed, lying, self-aggrandizing opportunist.

ETA again: Add BITTER to the above list.

Exhibit A: "It got really overwhelming when we wrapped the second film with publicity. Having people wait outside of my house sort of gives me a panic attack. I'm a believer in the concept that people should not be followed and photographed everywhere. I decided to leave for a little while, and it turned into a two-month vacation in Greece!"

(Oh yeah, it's obvious how much she's "attacked" the paps.)

Exhibit B: "The first time I met Jackson [Rathbone] was on the flight to Portland, and he had his guitar and his glasses, and I was thinking to myself, Oh boy, another introverted musician/actor. [Laughs] And I don't really know what I thought of Rob. My opinion of Rob has always sort of been the same. He's a great guy, he's really talented, [but] we're not as close as the rest of the cast."

Exhibit effing C: "I'm the only one of the cast members that's Team Jacob, but I am. And that's because I feel like a bit older than everybody else, and I feel like part of being a kid is having the mentality that Bella has with Edward, which is I'm willing to sacrifice my family and my life, literally my life for this person, because he's my everything. She's consumed by him. And for me, that's never been healthy. I've done that before, and I really do take these books seriously. I look at them as being very metaphorical, and for me, Jacob is the one. He's the right one for her. He's her friend, he loves her unconditionally, and she doesn't have to sacrifice anything for him. Relationships are, of course, about compromise, but I don't think they're about giving up a part of your life for somebody."

Wow, condescending, indirectly insulting Robsten and directly contradicting KStew? Bittah Betty scores a hat trick.

10-13-2009, 10:35 AM
Ha! He said deep. That was funny.

And this quote from Nikki:
Kristen and I decided that we were going to go back to someone's place, and everyone ended up coming, and we had this sort of crazy party in the morning.

Was that supposed to be last night of NM filming, or Twi filming? Either way, I choose to believe that "someone" was Rob, and now I would like 'last night of filming crazy party at Rob's place' RPF. Please.

I don't know who I keep sending these fic requests off to. The Great Fic Writer in the Sky, I guess.

I agree that she sounds like the bitterest betty that ever bittered. But hey! She's got a Greek billionaire so wrapped around her thumb that he tattooed her name on his. So, I guess in her mind, she won! I am starting to believe that MA, Nik, and Kris *did* go to Africa, though. Especially with the detail that she shared their tent. Since, *obviously* there was nothing romantic going on between Kris and MA by that point. Heh.

I think I'm going to adjust my mental timeline to have Kris and MA begin to have major the-end-of-the-relationship troubles in a tent in Africa while dealing with Nikki's buttinski-ness. Maybe the paps didn't catch them returning because Kris changed her ticket and flew straight to London from Africa! Although- when were they supposedly there? Would Rob have been back at home still? Must go check bronzehyperion's timeline. I think she's just about caught up now.

Oh, Great Fic Writer in the Sky - I would like Africa break-up fic, please. With KStew running off to the airport to catch the first flight to London. KTHXBAI. I have the feeling that the GFWITS appreciates LOL Speak.

How in the heck are you able to read the Allure scans? I can't get it anywhere near big enough for my crappy eyes to read anything. But no worries. If it's as potentially polarizing as you say, I'm sure I'll see lots of quotes and transcripts hitting the message boards today.

Speaking of which, ack! about poor Kristen having to read about the middle aged droolings over her guy on some of those sites, especially the ones where the mods seem obsessed with the idea of um, servicing him behind dumpsters for some strange reason. When mr.o was in a *teeny* indie band many years ago, there was a groupie (yeah, they only had one. Ha!) that used to follow them on tour and blog (well, what passed for blogging back then) about them and I was NOT happy about some of the things she would say. And it was super mild. I can't even begin to imagine how I would have reacted to the suggestion of dumpster fantasies. Not well. Kristen is a far better woman than I am, though.

Again! No interesting links. I need to step up my game here.

10-13-2009, 03:30 PM
Oh man, there have so many links this morning and I don't have the time to round 'em all up right now but...

THIS! (http://www.robstenlovetheblog.com/)
I so called this in my magnum opus. I didn't know the history as well then, but Lainey changed her tune in DECEMBER for a reason.

I think December is becoming/has become more and more and more and more crucial (crux-y even) in the timeline of "official coupleness" (vs. "togetherness"). And it's during/after the big Europe tour which, yeah.

Sigh. My phone is blowing up with 411 tweets this morning and I don't have time to click on any of them. Stupid, stupid job.

*still waiting for a text version of the Allure 'view*

10-13-2009, 03:51 PM
I haven't checked KStew411 yet today!

That Lainey analysis was SPOT ON. I have noticed all of those things myself.

Did you link to these other quotes from Seventeen yet? (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/10/rob-seventeen-quotes.html)

The only pertinent ones I haven't seen quoted here are:

If the Entire Cast Did Get in a Fight... KELLAN: "I'd beat everyone, even Taylor, no doubt. If they all tried to jump me, they might have a chance. Rob can slap pretty hard though."

Setting the Record Straight
NIKKI: "I can't win, even if I say something relatively bland. A few weeks ago I was at this event, and they said, 'You missed Rob's birthday, how do you feel?' And I said, 'I called him, it's fine.' And they wrote, 'She's clearly bitter over the breakup.' I'm like, what breakup? Rob and I were never together."

First Impressions
ASHLEY: "When I met Rob, he literally didn't make any impression on me. He's quiet, he's not very outgoing, he wasn't like, 'Hey! What's up? I'm Rob!' So with Catherine, she was basically like, 'So, that's Rob.' And I was like, 'Oh, cool.' And it's just so funny now looking at it, because every girl swoons over him."

I generally think of Rob as having been more outgoing than Kristen with the rest of the cast (prob because a lot of RPF has him as the life of the party kind of guy), so it's good to remember that he wasn't that way at all during pre-prod or twi filming. Presumably he's relaxed more now, but Ashley is still describing him as 'quiet'. Poor shyRob!

Oh, and poor Bitter Betty bitterly thinks that we think she is bitter. Um, yeah.

I finally read through an entire Ted thread, and found stuff there!

Somebody on Ted's board is asserting that Nikki slept with MA behind Kris' back. That would put a new spin on an African break-up fic, so keep that in mind GFWITS.

Juxtapo is back with some interesting claims:

234. JUXTAPO Tue, Oct 13, 2009, 9:10 AM


235.JUXTAPO Tue, Oct 13, 2009, 9:11 AM


And someone else thinks they have figured out who Juxtapo really is:

244. JUXTAPO IS NIKKI REED Tue, Oct 13, 2009, 9:20 AM


Another insider claims Rob and Kris have recently broken up:

# 245. here it is Tue, Oct 13, 2009, 9:22 AM

Rob and Nikki did have something; he did get mad at her for using the paparazzi to tie herself to him (he likes to keep everything discreet/secret); she thought she was helping her friends K and MA by taking pressure off the cheating rumors b/w R and K. Later, R and K did have something during NM, hence the bitterness from Nikki... Rob took things very casually w/ K (friends with benefits); he does not want to be tied down to one person only. He has said this in interviews. He was surprised that she wanted something more serious, but he should had known (she is young, was used to a long relationship, etc.); he also does not want to be link, forever, in the media, to a young girl. He stop the fling with K; she however, is heartbroken.. you don't see her with the other cast members; she is trying to be strong and a pro. and finish the movie and continue to be his friend.

Oh, poor This Person's Version of Kristen! It must be rough for her (fictionally speaking).

And some very important stalking info:

249. re 174 new moon secrets Tue, Oct 13, 2009, 9:26 AM

regarding kristen and nikki sharing a hotel room at the sutton during eclipse filming, kristen was seen going into rob's hotel, the sheraton, almost nightly by twi-moms and hotel workers. she snuck in through the underground garage and back entrances to the hotel. the week before rob's birthday after the new moon cast party at the blue water oyster cafe she moved in permanently to his hotel. she's staying there now with him during eclipse filming, although they have seperate rooms booked, when they aren't staying outside vancouver in the seperate house summit has set up for them. nikki's staying at the sutton again, along with elizabeth reaser. assume paris latis is crashing with her there too since he's been in vancouver practically the entire time she's been filming.

Stills from The Haunted Airman. (http://robstenlovers.blogspot.com/2009/10/rob-in-haunted-airman.html) Rob really does have the right kind of face for period movies.

HQ People mag scans. (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/10/hq-people-magazine-scans.html) Very nice.

Rob shoot in Japan untagged. (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/10/robs-old-photoshoot-in-japan.html) Why so smirky (http://pics.livejournal.com/brandnewluv/pic/00247c57/g1337), Rob? TokyoRob is rapidly climbing my list of Robs.

Five Signs Your Daughter (or Wife) Has a Crush on Rob. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/10/five-signs-you-have-crush-on-robert.html) VirginBlue article scans as well.

I can't find the entire Allure in text either! I fail at fandom.

ETA a KStew Cosmo Girl photoshoot. (http://twilightindo.ning.com/profiles/blogs/kristen-stewart-matt-jones) Dunno when these were taken, and I don't love all of them. But some are really purty.

10-13-2009, 06:12 PM
Twilight The Musical! (http://www.twilightthemusical.com/watch.html)

Ted linked it, but I haven't had a chance to watch yet.

10-13-2009, 06:38 PM
Allure behind-the-scenes vid! (http://www.accesshollywood.com/_video_1166181)

Adorably awkward KStew. 'Specially :heart: the Q&A.

Haven't caught up on anything else yet.

Oh! Except Twi dress rehearsal shots. (http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=507) Hideous Bella vest.

10-14-2009, 01:00 AM
Home at last!

Things I had neglected in favor of the Twi bubble this week alone: Booking my shuttle to the airport for this Friday, RSVPing to a friend's midnight screening of Where the Wild Things Are for this Thursday, emailing my sister what time my flight gets in on Friday night, wrapping my nephew's birthday present (still haven't done that one), and it goes on and on. I hate when real life intrudes. I'll be spending the weekend in Berkeley with my two favorite people in the world- my niece and nephew, so my RNN contribution will be minimal.


she is so motherfucking pretty. (http://community.livejournal.com/fiercebitchstew/490311.html)

CUTE KStew vid (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5YjlHzaFFM) (despite the use of Avril). I'm sad because I knew what 99% of those clips were from.

Aw, I love the idea of quietRob (and I agree RPF makes him quite gregarious). Rob and Kris must've seemed like such weirdo artists to the likes of Kellan, Ashley, and Taylor at first.

I read somewhere (E! "insider" maybe? It all blends at this point) that NR kind of mean girl-ed KStew at the beginning of Twilight, not out and out bitchy but condescended and treated her as much younger than the rest of the cast and got in tight with Rob and was already friendly with MA so when Stew was finally let into her inner circle, it bred the fierce loyalty toward NR we saw and still see today (though it's harder to tell how much of it is for show now). I don't *need* NR to be some kind of villainous bitch but she's obviously bitter, Rob, who doesn't really seem to have a problem with anyone, doesn't like her, and she literally wrote the book (or script in this case) on Mean Girl-ism so it's not that hard to see her behavior as calculated.

That said, if you're listening GFWITS, I would read 'last night of filming crazy party at Rob's place' RPF if it were also 'NR finds out' RPF. Like Stew has to comfort after RPattz spent all night weeping in his trailer (true story) and NR walks in on them. I would read that.
I am deeply torn on wanting to read Stew leaves Africa for London RPF and continuing to deny the possibility of Africa at all.

Kellan is obviously TTT and OBVIOUSLY totes in love with Rob and therefore obviously just another Stew hater. Must be hard for him to be on set with them everyday.

Where the hell is Jacksper in all this? I've decided he's my favorite one after Robsten and he's woefully absent from all the press.

Oof, did your brain bleed from the whole Ted thread? Good recon!

I don't think JUXTAPO is NR but I'm verray relieved she's revealed her CRAZY because she was the souce claiming Taylor/Kristen and Rob/Ashley NM promotion. Not saying it won't happen, but it seems a lot less likely if that's the source.
Nonstens are out in full force at Ted's it would seem.

The New Moon secrets post, they're not so much secrets, eh? I thought it was pretty well established that K was staying with Rob almost every night during NM and moved over to his place completely in early May. That was the big birthday controversy, K went to his party from his hotel and he wasn't even there and then she went back there with him that night.

Same with this "insider" post:
510.visits Tue, Oct 13, 2009, 6:03 PM
kristen visited rob once the first weekend he was in nyc in june before she cut her hair. was also the same weekend that tom sturridge was visiting from london, although he returned again briefly later in july when sam bradley was also there on a stop over trip to an audition in los angeles. rob visited kristen on 3 seperate occasions in los angeles, only once being caught by photograph returning on the virgin red eye flight after having attended the welcome to the riley's screening with kristen at one of the producer's houses the day prior. i don't care if you believe it or not. facts are facts and he spent 4 of the 8 weekends he was away filming remember me with kristen and practically every day during the week (and some weekends) shooting 10-12 hours/day. doesn't leave him a whole lot of time to be doing all this manwhoring that the twatlighters are claiming of him. oh yeah and emilie was seen on multiple occassions out with another guy who wasn't rob...her husband perchance? next.

This isn't news is it? There have been several reports that Stew was with him in NY his first weekend there, the weekend after the MMAs and that he traveled to L.A. 3 times before Comic Con and there's also spec that they were together in the middle somewhere over the 4th of July. And that she was back in NY the weekend after CC (the Dead Weather show sighting).

I mean I could write these particular "reveal" posts so it's hard to tell if new insider sources are actually confirming something or just regurgitating what a lot of people have figured out.
Not that they're any less fun to read, but they get a bigger grain of salt for me than older "insiders" like arzi and lgsts. Speaking of:
45.let's get some things straight Tue, Oct 13, 2009, 2:09 PM
to listen to the source * the instyle article is misleading. i can tell you for a fact that 1) she has refused to discuss rob or her romantic life with the press since may and 2) she's not going to lie. she will sidestep and deflect but you will not hear a denial from her in any recent interview (recent * conducted within the past 3-4 months). that is the truth. whoever is peddling that quote as something recent and noteworthy is sad and sorely mistaken.

Another EW cover! (http://www.gossipcop.com/breaking-robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart-taylor-lautner-all-on-entertainment-weekly-cover/) This was the shoot RPN tweeted about. That will make, what, 4 EW covers for Kristen?

Where the eff is a typed version of the Allure feature? I'm *thisclose* to just typing it up myself so I don't have to strain my eyes with scans again.

Hee! You totally bagged a musician!
I hope Stew easily dismisses all the shit about randoms wanting to fuck her boyfriend which, yes, super super creepy. I would guess (having no idea of course) that the harder stuff to read is what hits closer to home, stuff about her being stupid, being inarticulate, not being pretty enough for him, being a bad actress, etc. That's where the haters live. Like that LTR entry about Moon feeling superior because Stew is too skinny and has no boobs and bad hair (and is therefore unworthy of Rob).

Since this is already the longest post in the world, there was some talk awhile back that Kristen says 'fuck' after the first Edward/Bella kiss, before they go in again. I rewatched ('cause what else am I going to do) and she doesn't fully articulate 'fuck' but there is some variation on 'fuuuuuuhh' or 'uuunnnnf' which is :heart: :heart: :heart:. There's not a lot of RLTL in the actual movie so that's nice.

RE: the NM pics in People, why does Bella dream Edward wearing such a heinous coat? And why is it a Twilight: New Moon special edition but there are only like 6 scans? What's in the rest of the mag? I suppose I will buy it at the airport and find out for myself.

10-14-2009, 02:21 AM
Eh. I typed it. It didn't take that long, reminded me of my short-lived temp days.

Kristen Stewart is rattled. Late for an interview (an hour and a half, to be precise), her hair a little dirty and a little matted, she runs into the tearoom of the Hotel Bel-Air as though she’s fled a street riot. And in a way, she has.
“OK, this is beyond the limits of acceptability,” Stewart says, “I am completely and totally and unacceptably late.” Sliding into a booth, placing her cell phone and a pack of Parliaments on the table, she seems almost inconsolably flustered, even winded. She got lost, she explains. Trying to find the hotel, she got hopelessly turned around. Never mind that she was born and raised in Los Angeles. “I finally had to ask them for directions,” she says, shaking her head in disbelief. “I literally just pulled over and asked them.” Them? “The paparazzi,” she clarifies. “There were five of them trailing me in SUVs. I stopped and asked the fucking paparazzi for directions. I cannot believe the insanity that is my life.”

Since the release of Twilight, the megahit vampire teen romance movie based on the wildly popular series of novels, Stewart’s life has been pretty much indisputably insane. The tabloid magazines and gossip blogs have made her into constant fodder, and photographers follow her everywhere she goes. They’ve set up camp in front of her house. Make that her parent’ house. At 19, Stewart recently got her own house but refers to her folks’ place in the San Fernando Valley, as “home.” “I stay at my new place until I run out of food,” she says. “Then I go home. They can’t knock on the door, but they can shoot into your windows and be fully within their rights. You have to make sure your windows are closed. Right now, there are 15 of them.”

To recap, when Kristen Stewart says “them” she means paparazzi: the 15 photographers who are installed in her parents’ yard, though several of them are now parked outside the Bel-Air waiting for her to come out. And here’s another word for which Stewart’s definition may vary from the norm: “people.” “When I say ‘people,’ I mean ‘bloggers,’” she says. “And [Internet] commenters. The commenters are usually worse than the bloggers. I know what people say about me. After I come back from this interview, I’ll look up and see what an idiot I looked like getting lost. You can just Google ‘Kristen Stewart, lost, directions.’ Or put the date in. I can’t believe I’m giving away how to Google me.” Stewart doesn’t say why she Googles herself, but given the forces of curiosity and self-consciousness that are clearly warring inside her, you get the feeling she just can’t help it. And, as predicted, an image search of this particular date generates a string of virtually identical, notably banal photos from that afternoon: Stewart, aforementioned cell phone and cigarette pack in hand, walking through a parking lot; Stewart climbing an outdoor staircase; and, yes, Stewart looking sheepish and confused behind the wheel of her black Mini Cooper.
And, indeed, “people” have plenty of opinions about her, not all of them nice. A random sample: “I lovee Kristen!! She’s like my fav actress and not just because twilight! She rock I would lovee to hang out with her, I just wish she woudnt smoke but who cares it only affects her…I LOVE U KRISTEN!” “…to me she just looks like some awkward white trash…” “Kristin Stewart always has that bedhead hairstyle. I love it. It’s sexy.” “WEIRDO!”

It was not always this way. Before November 21, 2008, the day the first installation of the screen version of the Twilight series hit theaters (the second, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, opens this month) and legions of long-standing fans made Stewart an overnight star, she was just a well-scrubbed up-and-comer. A former child actor who was then transitioning into more mature, if relatively low-profile, roles, Stewart has a combination of sexy tomboy next door and insouciant hipster that makes her refreshing departure from the obstreperous girlieness of most actresses her age. In or out of character, she is much more likely to be wearing jeans and a hoodie than showing off her legs or baring any cleavage. Her voice and mannerisms are equally understated; onscreen, she can be so dry and affectless that she sometimes gives the impression of not acting at all. If her professional trajectory had gone differently, these qualities might have led her down the path to indie queen- a more laconic Parker Posey. But as it happened, Stewart was cast in a big-budget franchise that, thanks to the legacy of the novels, had a huge built-in audience that instantly became huger.

Though Stewart may have been perfectly cast a s Bella Swan, the quietly self-possessed high-school student who falls under the sway of Edward, a 108-year-old vampire who inhabits the body of a handsome if slightly anemic teenager (Robert Pattinson,) she is significantly less comfortable in her real-life role as teen idol. And with the release of New Moon, she’s braced for yet another wave of pandemonium. “What people told me [when I signed on to Twilight] was that there would be a lot of fan girls, people who love the books,” says Stewart, her black fingernail polish contrasting with the tea sandwiches she’s eating. “And that they would be obsessed, and I’d get a lot of strife and a lot praise, too. But people don’t tell you that as long as you’re living in Los Angeles, it’s a show every second of your day. It’s like the Kristen show. And it’s so boring!”

“Boring” is a word Stewart uses a lot about herself. Her penchant for self-deprecation is consistent with the nonchalant, slightly gloomy air that can make her characters so appealingly melancholy. But for the record, she’s not boring. She has ideas and concerns about herself and the world. She does some writing (“I’m not a storyteller, but I love words; I love their effect,” she says), and she reads fiction- these days, Henry Miller. Besides, it’s hard to be boring when you’re smart enough to choose interesting roles in interesting movies (her turn as a wry amusement-park worker in last spring’s Adventureland was particularly poignant) and are playing Joan Jett (in skintight black leather suit) in the forthcoming movie The Runaways. It’s hard to be boring when you’ve worked with directors like Sean Penn (Into the Wild) and Mike Figgis (Cold Creek Manor) and when, at age 11, in your second movie, you played the daughter of a legendary actress to whom you’re often compared, Jodie Foster (Panic Room).

Still, a 19-year-old who left school in seventh grade (she did a homestudy program with tutors) and who, by her own admission, is not good at talking about herself may have some trouble holding forth about her life scintillatingly. And Stewart’s propensity for sputtering her words, slouching her shoulders, and restarting sentences in midstream hasn’t helped her reputation for gawky reticence. While accepting her award for Best Female Performance at the MTV Movie Awards last June, she managed to fling her gold popcorn statuette across the stage, a look of horror crossing her face as she shrugged to the crowd and said, “I was just as awkward as you thought I was going to be.” And earlier this year, an appearance on David Letterman wherein she stuttered and stammered and said something about driving to Russia (as well as making the perfunctory disclaimer, “I’m actually really boring”) provoked a spate of blogospheric mockery.
“Apparently I was whacked out on speed or something,” Stewart says of the reaction. “I feel like if I went and sat down and was like, ‘Hey, how are you? What do you want to know about me?’ people would turn their TVs off and be like, ‘Get rid of this girl.’…It’s all about those ten minutes. You have to be funny and cute, and you have to promote the movie, and I don’t know what else. You have to look hot or something. I don’t know; I don’t know.”


10-14-2009, 02:38 AM
Also, for the record, Stewart is hot. She has luminous skin, smoky green eyes (she wore contacts to play Swan, who is described in the books as having chocolate brown eyes), and a lithe, lanky body that apparently requires little in the way of exercise or dietary monitoring: “You should see my brother; he’s, like, emaciated. We both just happen to be really skinny,” she says. As for why certain celeb watchers can get so vexed by her refusal to play by the conventional rules of in-your-face, hyperfeminine glamour, Stewart’s perspicacity on the matter is tinged with defiance. “I go outside, and I’m wearing a funky T-shirt and my hair is dirty, and people say, ‘What’s wrong with her? She needs to invest in a hairbrush,’” Stewart inveighs, her voice rising above the quiet buzz of the tearoom (interestingly, she’s far more animated offscreen than on). “I’m like, Don’t you get it? I’m not that girl! Like, I never was that girl. It’s not like I was really clean-cut last year.”

No, but a year ago she wasn’t the proxy for millions of teenage girls’ (and an awful lot of their mothers’) unarticulated fantasies about the eros of forbidden vampiric passion. The Twilight allegory may have many compelling themes- divorce, relocation, the unspeakable thrill of being chosen by the guy everyone else wants- but at its core, Twilight is about the psychosexual dynamics of restraint. If Bella and Edward consummate their relationship, she risks joining him among the undead. And because he loves her too much to defile her, and she loves him enough that she’s willing to be defiled, their romance hangs in that churning sweet spot between the possible and the impossible, the beginning and the end. “There’s a lot of [vampire] stuff out there, but this goes deeper,” says Stewart, who confesses she wasn’t a fan of the books before signing on to the films. “But it’s [more than] just foreplay. Even though it does that so well- it does a fucking good job- the buildup is, like, ridiculous. But it’s all for the right reasons. You’re so very much with Bella. You’re so in her shoes that it’s a vicarious experience. It’s addictive.”

And so is the cottage industry that has popped up around speculation about an offscreen romance between Stewart and 23-year-old Pattinson. Though she’s long been tied to actor Michael Angarano, 21, with whom she starred in the 2004 film Speak, countless media outlets have taken a certain glee in intimating that Pattinson and Stewart secretly yearn for each other but are held back by some real-life iteration of celluloid taboo. “But what he really wants is his costar,” screamed a People magazine cover featuring Pattinson last July. That same month, an Australian tabloid “reported” the incorrect story that Stewart was pregnant with Pattinson’s child. Indeed, her personal life is not something she’s game to talk about, because even in its apocryphal forms, it’s become so tedious. To her, anyway. “I read that story ever day,” she says when asked whether Angarano is still her boyfriend and whether there’s any truth to the Pattinson rumors. “It’s in a story every day, so let’s not put it in another one.” And with that, she flashes an imposing, almost icy glance that makes you believe that a teenage vampire could fall for her. It also makes it very clear that you should not press her too hard on the subject of her love life.

Much of Stewart’s self-definition has been carved out of what she opposes. She’s quick to tell you what she doesn’t like and can’t or won’t do. For example: small talk (“You can’t expect anyone to get anywhere in ten minutes of conversation”), acting classes (“That would’ve ruined me”), and the idea of actors putting on airs for photographers: “it’s the most vain thing in the world to see actors walk out of buildings and se how they hold themselves in front of the paparazzi.”

Ask what she’s for, what she aspires to and wants from life, and Stewart is a little more halting. Like a lot of 19-year-olds of a certain ilk and temperament, she has a number of ideas about what is “real” and how and why this “reality” is so often pushed aside in favor of “bullshit.” Her difficulty switching into “interview speak” when it comes to movies that she feels passionate about can make her seem indifferent. That indifference can result in the too-cool-for-school persona, which makes people feel that Stewart doesn’t give a damn. In fact, she gives a damn in a big way. “I spend so much of my time guarding against sounding insincere about something that I would die for,” Stewart says. “Maybe I’m overcompensating…I care so much. And it gets reported as the opposite. And even seeing this [interview], they’ll be like, Oh, she’s trying to let us know…” Stewart’s voice trails off. She’s not sure how to finish the sentence. She plays with her hair and covers her face with her hands and rubs her temples, as though her truest expressions are buried deep under the detritus of press conferences and photo ops and whatever causes her to do things like fling MTV awards across the stage. “I could not understand the stituation that was my life when that moment occurred,” Stewart says of the trophy toss. “It was like, ‘Noooo…’ Everyone said it was so endearing, but it was horrifying.”

If any sentence can encapsulate what it’s like to be Kristen Stewart (not that she would approve of anything so reductionistic), it might be that one. There is something unequivocally charming- even enchanting- about her awkward, unhewn affect. But Stewart’s lack of interest in coming across as more glamorous or competent- or as the case may be, familiar with the streets of L.A.- can make her life more difficult than it needs to be. Still, when it comes to being 19, the good news is the same as the bad news: It doesn’t last forever. Stewart will grow up and with any luck, get her bearings. And with enough willpower, maybe she’ll even stop Googling herself.

10-14-2009, 02:48 AM
WTF??!! (http://www.okmagazine.com/category/in-this-issue/)

They obviously didn't sanction it nor are they going to be quoted so what's up with the 'our'? I'm actually really curious what this nonstory will include.

The cover is totally photoshopped. It doesn't even look like Stew. Of all the pictures of them together...

Aw, he adores her:
Maria Lindholm from ELLE Magazine Sweden interviewed Robert Pattinson in Cannes last May.

"Kristen have gone through exactly the same thing as me this year. She is the only person that can relate to me on the same level."

You understand each other?

"Yes, we were good friends from the beginning and she is really cool and a great actress. I´d like to work with her on other projects too but I don´t think we can now, at least for a while. I think she is the best actress of her generation. And that´s after reading with loads of them recently, haha."

10-14-2009, 11:51 AM
Okay, first of all:

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

you for typing up that Allure piece. *sniff* That was so sweet of you. And yes, you were too harsh the first time around! It was awkward, yeah, but I thought it was a pretty good profile. I mean, she *is* awkward. That's why she's so awesome. There was nothing fluffy or gushing about it, but I don't think she, or her people, will have anything much to complain about. It did give a good sense of the craziness of her life, now. And I love the way she shuts down any discussion of Rob and MA with an "icy glare". It's good that she has that in her arsenal, when Rob totally doesn't.

I think I have finally figured Nikki out. She's the most method-y actor of them all! I mean, when you think 'Rosalie', you think 'bitter', right? It's like, the over riding characteristic of Rosalie. And Rosalie/Nikki (Nikkalie?) was added to the cast/family in order to be a mate for Robward, but he wasn't at all into her, and that fed into her bitterness. And Nikkalie *would* be Team Taycob because she thinks Bellsten should stay with the "humans" and not make the kind of sacrifices required to be with Robward. Wow. I never realized Nikki Reed was the kind of actor to throw herself so totally into a part. I wonder if she had to push her real life cousin off a cliff before playing Sadie in The O.C..

I totally :heart: that KStew vid despite Avril.

Awwww, Rob! CannesRob is good Rob.

From Ted's latest BB:
Dear Ted: I hope you're in good condition today...I saw Robert Pattinson's interview with Seventeen magazine and he says he would love to work again with Kristen Stewart in another movie (outside Twilight connection). Do you think there is a possibility that they can do the remake of Last Tango in Paris since that is their favorite movie? Do you think it's right for K.Stew because she's still young and the movie is so sexy? I think it's time for K.Stew to do some adult movies and the best way to start is with Rob because of their chemistry. —Jasmine

Dear Wishful Thinking: Somewhere down the road, sure, I could see them working together. Like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, everyone's first favorite onscreen couple. They did Titanic then Revolutionary Road. If Robsten works together, expect some gaps in between that and Twilight, though…or else fans won't believe them on screen with anyone else. Like that's not already the case.

I don't think they said LTTP was their *fave* movie. But anyway, that would explode the Nonstenners' little brains to see Robsten remake that. And well, probably the rest of us, too. Get the butter!

New Robsten Vid "Best Days". (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzwRcpu8-VI) Since I don't own the DVD, I like it when vidders use clips from the extras.

I hope your trip preparation goes well! I'll do my best here, just as long as I don't get distracted by fic or something. Which is always a distinct possibility.

10-14-2009, 01:12 PM
Eeeeeeeeeee!!! (http://www.imagebam.com/image/30fc0b52323496/)

Totally WANTS it. Fuckhawt.

So pretty. (http://www.imagebam.com/image/34c4eb52323084/)
Leg popped open to his- that's an unequivocal sex invite.

Some of these are new outtakes I think. (http://crepusculo-es.com/noticia/imagenes-revista-hola.html) I want this publication, whatever it is.

VF keeps giving and giving and giving.
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

411 knocks it out of the effing park! (http://www.examiner.com/x-23294-Kristen-Stewart-Examiner~y2009m10d14-Team-411-talks-Kristen-Stewart-and-Robert-Pattinson):luv: :luv: :luv: Best editorial yet!

Big fat HQ Eclipse meadow pic! (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/10/people-magazine-meadow-picture-in-uhq.html) Is she on his lap?!! Belward's lookin' good.
I kinda just want to skip to Eclipse. Sorry, CDub.

10-14-2009, 03:43 PM

I had no idea that was going to be the VF kiss pic when I opened it.

Eventually, I'll figure out how to get my heart restarted. Just give me a minute.

10-14-2009, 04:19 PM
Hee hee hee hee hee hee! Maybe I should've given more of a buildup to the ZOMGFUCKHAWTTESTPICTUREEVA!!!!!

Totes worth the wait!!!!! Some people are saying it's a manip but it SO IS NOT. It is glorious!!

Just purchased my New Moon tix online!

*ridiculously excited*

10-14-2009, 05:46 PM
Looks like the Robsten *IS* doing some promo together! (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/10/robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart-chris.html) In tres romantic Paree, no less.
:luv: :luv: :luv: :luv: :luv: :luv:

Ooh, maybe they'll get married there (a la Chris/Lorelai) and be Mr.&Mrs. at the NM premiere!

Ok, GFWITS, I want secret Paris marriage RPF. Ooh, with C-Dub officiating. Taystew can be there and RPattz' fam will travel across the channel to attend.

10-14-2009, 07:10 PM
Is this thread showing up in Robsten searches yet off Google? :D

10-14-2009, 09:05 PM
It's not! Your comment made me paranoid, so I checked. Whew. I think we are still under the radar here.

Ugh. Spent much of the day running around in the rain doing pointless errands when I could have been home staring at VF fuckhawtness.

Wow. We totally share brains with the KStew411 crew. Love that editorial.

We happen to think Kristen is one of the best things about Pattinson right now. It shows remarkable good taste on his part to aim so high.

Exactly! I doubt I would be impressed with Rob at all if he was with Ashley, Nikki or *shudder* Megan Fox. I never give him a second thought. Or a first thought, honestly.

Rob and Taylor interview in One Magazine. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/10/robert-pattinson-in-one-magazine-with.html#more) Some of it sounds mashed. I like his examination of Edward (he has said something like this before):

Robert: It bothers me that people continue to describe Edward as a romantic hero. He is much more complex than that. On top of that, usually, the hero saves the damsel in distress in the classic stories. And yet, on the contrary it’s Bella who saves his life in the majority of the books. Edward needs Bella more than she needs him. At least, Bella can always count on Jacob. Edward doesn’t have anyone else to turn to…

This site twilog.net (http://twilog.net/2009/07/robsten-proof-take-three/) posts Robsten proof, apparently, and the post I linked to discusses Raybangate, which is a non-issue (but interesting that Kris, Rob *and* MA have been papped wearing the same sunglasses), and they also discuss a tidbit of vid from CC'09. They make a very good case that Kris and Rob were actually passing notes at the table. GFWITS, fic about sexay note passing please!

Scans for the Swedish Elle Rob profile with translations. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/10/new-robert-pattinson-interview-in-elle.html) The pics look familiar and hobotastic. And of course, as noted before, the interview is with CannesRob.
Do you have a lot of crazy fans?

"One out of a hundred? One girl sent a cake to my parents' house every third day for six months."

How did she get your address?!

"No idea! I live out of three suitcases in different hotels so fans tend to send my parents a lot of stuff," he says and laughs again.

Okay, now I want fic where his mom gets super frustrated with all of the cake piling up in the house.

New NM stills. No Bellward, unfortunately. (http://lovingrob.wordpress.com/2009/10/14/3-new-hq-new-moon-movie-stills/) Poor sick Mike!

HQ Hola VF Outtake scans. (http://lovingrob.wordpress.com/2009/10/14/3-new-hq-new-moon-movie-stills/) I am dead from pretty.

The kiss pic is obviously made superbly hot because a) it has been so long debated and anticipated and b) you know his hands are cupping her robust butt at the same time. However, the hand in sleeve pic (http://pics.livejournal.com/brandnewluv/pic/0026g3wg/g1374) is definitely my fave.

10-14-2009, 09:51 PM
I can't even pretend to have time to keep up with this very thorough (heh) thread but I have to say: I'm super excited for you gals that the mysterious VF kiss photos *finally* appeared! Even if it looks kind of photoshopped.

10-14-2009, 10:09 PM
Scrolling down Ted's latest thread (he posted about Nikki's Seventeen quotes about never having been with Rob).

They are mostly obsessing over whether or not the VF kiss pic is a manip. They want Gossip Cop to examine it. (Um, really? Are all of these people retarded?)

Did find some insidery stuff, though.

137. can'tsay Wed, Oct 14, 2009, 10:30 AM

NR and RP got into a shouting match on the NM set. She was told to f**k off many times. He was of course protecting KS.

247.arcade Wed, Oct 14, 2009, 2:23 PM

hello there. i see that the territory for THE coming out is being prepared well. *wink* enjoy.

[on topic reposting here of some of arzi's old posts about Nikki]
195.door Wed, Oct 14, 2009, 12:50 PM

arzi Fri, May 15, 2009, 2:30 PM Did Rob answer the phone when she called? I bet a million dollars that I don't have that he didn't. She's trying to put a positive spin and act like they are all still chummy. LMAO...reap what you sow Nikki.

arzi Fri, May 15, 2009, 7:12 PM #310. I do not know if R/N were ever together. That is one area I have never wanted to go. Probably the only people who know the answer to that is R/N and K. IF and that is a big IF they were, it was a last year and a very short thing before Rob knew what a she-cretin she is. Also IF and that is a big IF it did happen, I am confident that K knows about it. And obviously it has not changed her feelings for R. But I personally have my doubts it even happened. Nikki is a known liar and she's most likely the one that has been spreading that story around. couple of posts from the linked article in this article from your trusted Arzi who also btw said K is not P the other day. Happy Day!

198. arzi Fri, May 15, 2009, 7:19 PM #310 One more thing. People get mad at me and saying I'm working for MA's PR team. I'm not trying to defend the midget, but working with him IS more acceptable to R/K at this point than working with Nikki. MA has not tipped the papz one time. He shows up when he is told to and does exactly what he is told. He has never called the papz and created false rumors the way Nikki has. He keeps his mouth shut....and that must be hard. Could you imagine being in his shoes? Would be very tempting to call the papz and spill out of vengence. So he is playing nicely for the time being anyway and that's why I don't hate him the way I hate Nikki.

Oh, Bitter Betty.

Edward's penis. (http://s2.buzzfeed.com/static/imagebuzz/terminal01/2009/6/24/11/penis-chandelier-5693-1245858229-9.jpg)

Gossip Cop busts OK!'s fanfic. Duh. (http://www.gossipcop.com/gossip-cop-busts-ok-mag-for-deceiving-robsten-cover-mess/)

Now look at the article itself, which reads as a romance even Stephenie Meyer couldn’t conjure. There’s talk of Rob and Kristen cuddling, reading poetry, singing by the fireplace, luxuriating in Jacuzzis, and even microwaving Hot Pockets. Hee! They totes got a rabid e/m Robstenner to write it!

If you are feeling nostalgic for the VF shoot, here's a fanvid (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAJC3fG5wZs&feature=related) to tide you over.

ETA isadora! We appreciate your support.

Also, I am a twilight widower. (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2106474/wantmywifeback)

10-15-2009, 12:35 AM
Yep, I really clicked on the Edward's penis link first. I don't know what I was expecting.

Hoo boy, I claim total brain break from *finally* seeing the kiss because HOW??!!! did I not see the hand in sleeve? OMG! FUCK.HAWT. My whole fucking tell in the VF vid for their togetherness was the way she oh so casually, *instinctually* strokes his neck right before the kiss pic was taken.

BUT 'Hand in sleeve' might actually trump it. Especially given that it was taken during their "couple-y" moment. Togethertogethertogethertogethertogethertheywereso fuckingtogetherit'snotevenfunny.

I also have major :luv: for swing footsie.

I wonder if VF was ordered to hold onto these particular outtakes. Like if Robsten had never publically materialized, maybe they'd never have gotten out but now it's all part of the slow-as-effing-molasses "outing" process. Especially because it's been pretty well established that they will never actually say anything on the subject.

So... one of the best shipper days evah! VF outtakes *and* they're doing some int'l NM press together? :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

It might warrant rewatching the VF loooong vid (how had Delaney nevah heard about it?), parts of it anyway.

Ooh, I like that twilog! I'm always happy to revisit CC '09 and Stew's eyes at 1:19 is one of the best Kristen (and Robsten) moments ever.

SUCH good finds in the Ted thread! I LOOOVE the image of Rob telling NR to 'fuck off' repeatedly to protect Kris. C'mon GFWITS, get on it!
I wonder if the any of the RPF communities still request plot bunnies 'cause we've got LOTS!

I read the Twilight Widower's entire library and :lol:-ed.

Yeah, I always like what 411 has to say but she really nailed it today. Particularly because the Robstenites who love Stew and like Rob because *she chose him* hardly ever get a voice.

I was mildly concerned that typing up the Allure article might put us on the map especially when I *feel* like there are always at least, 5 or so lurkers in this thread TOTALLY WITNESSING THE CRAZY but then I remember how crazy big the interwebz are and we're likely not even a blip.

CalliopeBlabs was on fiah with the Rob/Kris tweets today:
CalliopeBlabs the ok magazine crap is cracking me up... i can just picture the "tour" of the palatial suite ...

CalliopeBlabs k: please ignore the empty heinikens&dominos... we can't let the cleaning ladies in bc rob has 2 live in at least 1/8" of filth at all times

CalliopeBlabs r: umm...this room is the...K!? what the hell is this room? K: *scratches head* no effing clue OKmag: umm that's the laundry room R&K: what?

KStew411 @CalliopeBlabs R: Shit I've been bathing Kristen's cat in that thing.

CalliopeBlabs K: *while knitting* this room here... is the nursery R: i thought you said it was going to be for the puppy? K: yeah... haha... of course...

CalliopeBlabs R: that's our bong collection... we color coded them for different moods days. that way we just KNOW how the other is feeling.

KStew411 #visitstoRobandKrisplace K: Oh that? That's the pole from Welcome to the Rileys. Rob wanted it for some reason.

CalliopeBlabs #visit2R&KsPlace R: this used to be the bathroom but we are currently using the shower as a trophy room....

KStew411 #visitstoRobandKrisplace K: And this is the biggest room in the whole house. We keep our chucks in here.

CalliopeBlabs K: and we are using the jacuzzi to house all the can's of chef boyRdee spaghetti... bc the pantry closet is full of coke.

KStew411 #visitstoRobandKrisplace R: This is the kitchen. We've lit'rally never seen this room before.

CalliopeBlabs R: this room right here is empty now... but i've got plans to install an In-N-Out burger in here.

Naturally, the bong one is my favorite. :rollin:

EPIC fucking day. EPIC.

ETA isadora! We appreciate your support. This. :)

10-15-2009, 04:16 AM
Oh no! :mad: TwiExaminer had to remove 411's most excellent op-ed from today! No real deets (yet) but 411 tweeted this:
http://bit.ly/7YPyq That is all. and then this:
http://bit.ly/7YPyq RT @TwiExaminer FYI, had to pull the guest op-ed today... This is my public apology.. The tweeted link is a youtube clip of Braveheart. The link to the article upthread now goes to an 'error' page. So lame.

FORTUNATELY, Robsten Love quoted the whole thing in their news thread which I'm posting here for all posterity:
You've already read some of their beautiful insights into the world of Twilight and The Runaways star Kristen Stewart. They're Team 411 (also known as the incredibly intriguing KStew411 Twitter team), and they've got limitless viewpoints on all things Kristen.

This time, the duo takes on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart - you might know 'em as Edward and Bella in the Twilight series - and how the media and public portrayal and reception of the two might be a little unbalanced of late.

First, some important things to remember about Team 411.

• Though we are Kristen-first, we do love Robert Pattinson. He’s The Sparkly One! We think he’s cute and likeable and charming, and we certainly hope his talent proves out and he goes on to have a solid career.

• We’re pro-Robsten since way back. If you tell us that you think they’re just super special friends who simply like to rehearse lines together, even at two o’clock in the morning when they’re between films, we’re going to ask how the view is from your house on the banks of De Nile.

• Not everyone has to like Kristen Stewart—as we’ve said before, she’s not for everyone. (Although KStew fans are the coolest fans. If you just thought to yourself, “I don’t like her that much,” you are now 10% less cool than you were before you thought that.)

So keep these three keys in mind as you read. We like Rob Pattinson, we’re Team Robsten, and we don’t care if you like Kristen Stewart or not, because this isn’t about liking her, it’s about respecting her.

I once dated a beautiful man. I mean a seriously beautiful man. He was six-five, built like an Olympic swimmer, and had blonde hair that curled just so. Everywhere he went, people literally stopped and stared. They assumed he must “be someone” because surely somebody that striking was an actor or a model or the lead singer of an up-and-coming band. The whole experience was soul crushing. Why? Because no one ever saw me. They only saw him, and even if he was holding my hand, whispering sweet nothings in my ear, random women would come up to us and give him their phone number. Even though I knew he would never cheat, wasn’t interested in these other women, and that he chose to be with me, in the end, I had to break up with him. Because my self esteem could not take it. I couldn’t handle the day-to-day disrespect of perfect strangers insinuating that I wasn’t good enough, or pretty enough, or talented enough to be with this amazing creature. It was really hard on me, and I hated having to give up an otherwise good relationship, but I just couldn’t deal with turning into a jealous cranky shrew because other people would not leave us alone. Do you know what was worse? It was how crushed he was. But he understood my reasoning, because he had been through it before. Nearly every relationship he had ended because his girlfriend couldn’t deal with the pressure of being seen as “not good enough” for him. It’s a crap situation for everyone involved, and it’s a rare kind of crap because it has nothing to do with compatibility or issues that exist between the two parties in the couple. It’s entirely the fault of strangers!

I think you can see where I’m going with this.

Every time someone implies (or in some cases outright says) that Kristen Stewart isn’t good enough for Robert Pattinson, they demean a choice made between mature, consenting adults. Even if you think they’re just good friends, you’re still diminishing the person your idol chooses to spend time with. I am aware that there are KStew fans that view Pattinson as inferior to her, but let’s be honest. They’re not nearly as numerous or vocal as the Pattinson fans who don’t like Kristen. Whether you think of Robsten as an eternal love story for all time, or as plain old friends, they each deserve to be respected by the fans because they’re responsible for bringing our favorite characters to life. And Kristen doesn’t deserve to be hated on just because she hangs out with Rob Pattinson. We happen to think Kristen is one of the best things about Pattinson right now. It shows remarkable good taste on his part to aim so high.

And he is aiming high, because Kristen Stewart is at the top of her game, and all signs indicate she can have any type of Hollywood career that she wants. While Pattinson is still proving his talent to the general public (and before you get all het up, remember that Johnny Depp and Leonardo Di Caprio both famously overcame the “just-a-pretty-face” label in the same manner that Pattinson is now doing, by pursuing thoughtful, offbeat roles after a career-making turn in something unforgivably cheesy), Kristen is already considered one of the top dramatic actresses under twenty. She is the go-to choice of some of the best names in filmmaking. She has an A-list work history that includes names like Foster, De Niro, Sutherland and Hurt. Every role for an actress under twenty-five is crossing her agent’s desk and from all that, Kristen is selecting challenging, different roles such as Joan Jett and teenage runaway/strippers, roles that simply push her higher into the upper echelon of actresses. Her fans include not only previous co-stars, all of whom gush about her even years after working with her, but the likes of Sandra Bullock, one of the most successful (and coolest) actresses working today, and Dennis Hopper, who asked Interview magazine to be able to interview her for their 40th anniversary cover feature. Dennis freaking Hopper!

Kristen Stewart is the kind of actress fandoms usually salivate to get for their franchise. She is established with a respectable reputation, and she brings an air of artistic, indie credibility to the project. She doesn’t engage in lewd public behavior; she does not give the fans grounds to be embarrassed of her. If the worst thing the fans argue about is who she’s dating, she’s doing her job by not tarnishing the Twilight brand. Indeed, she only enhances it. And she lends all of that shiny Hollywood respectability to those around her, including Robert Pattinson. And yet one year into the franchise, she still gets hated on. Nearly every day Team 411 sees someone implying that she is not good enough for Pattinson, when she is, in fact, the best possible person he could connect himself to. Kristen is working so hard for us fans. We owe her better than sniping on her suitability for a man we’re never going to date ourselves, or harping on her for not fitting some preconceived notion of a “starlet.” We owe her our best, because that’s what she is giving us.

Even the Man hates on Stew these days. :dblfing:

10-15-2009, 09:57 AM
That's bizarre! Maybe her 6'5" Olympic golden haired swimmer guy got upset? I'd pull an article down if *that* guy contacted me.

Yeah, hand-in-sleeve is really making me re-evaluate the VF stuff. The kiss pic? Whatevs. We already knew Rob was head over heels, and neither possible scenario - that a) it was a spontaneous gesture on his part or b) somebody at the shoot suggested it- is all that weird or revealing. But that casual hand in his sleeve? Hmmmmm. Doesn't seem like the kind of thing they would ask her to do.

Word on the street is that sometime after the 17:00 min mark of the mega vid, you can hear the photo shoot people looking at the kiss pic on the monitor and saying something about "how did that happen?" or "we have to take that out now." I don't remember hearing anything like that, but I don't have time for a re-listen at the moment. Even if they *do* say that, it doesn't mean it was spontaneous. They could just be referring to the weird way the light was hitting Rob and overexposed him. I think the conspiracy stuff (about how/why this pic was 'hidden') is funny. If this was a perfect pic from a technical standpoint, then folks might have a point. But no way was VF going to print this one in the mag anyway.

Untagged Rob pics from Series City and Bellward stills. (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/10/hq-and-untagged-pictures-from-series.html)

10-15-2009, 01:16 PM
Busy day today so I likely won't be able to post which is making me sad. I pray there is not the epic-ness of yesterday (although we are due for some set pics, no?)

But I did rewatch parts of the VF vid full screen last night when I couldn't sleep and I couldn't be more convinced of their couple-ness. It's way more pixellated but certain things you can make out a lot more, like the hand-holding moment when she's against his back and when he pokes at her face in the same position, he sort of trails his finger down her cheek. Also, a gif has surfaced today (that I saw back in July at FanForum when I was still going to FanForum) of him possibly quickly kissing her boob shortly before the 'kiss' pic.

I agree the kiss, while hot- Stew looks so fucking fierce, was not Rob improvising, but all these other little tells are just insane considering she "officially" still had a boyfriend (and it wasn't RPattz).

What are the chances of an HB vid? Harper's was all over that shit if they know what's good for them.

There are some new old/pics of Stew today that 411 has tweeted. No additional deets on why her article was pulled.

Why, why, why can't *this* be my job? I'm so good at it! :D

10-15-2009, 03:51 PM
I know! But I think I can only afford to pay you minimum wage, and that's probably not good enough to lure you away from your cushy expense account lifestyle in the fast lane of the movie biz.

Kissing her boob? WTF? In front of everybody? I hope he got a knee in the groin for that move.

I still don't know what to really think about the 'coupleness or not' of the VF shoot. I will ponder some more.

KStew outtake from EW. (http://twitpic.com/lm3hu)

The rather, um, ribald ladies at the Seven blog dissect the new VF outtakes in this post. (http://7thingsweloveaboutrob.wordpress.com/2009/10/15/the-robsten-kiss-heard-round-the-world/) They are perfectly respectful to Kris here.

Medialite (http://www.mediaite.com/print/cover-wars-the-all-time-greatest-cover-in-the-twilight-saga-so-far/) asks folks to vote for the greatest of Twilight themed mag covers. I agree with their conclusion that Interview KStew is made of win.

A VF outtake is used as the cover for this Irish mag. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/10/robert-pattinson-in-kiss-magazine.html) Funny that the mag is called Kiss, but they don't use the kiss pic.

10-15-2009, 08:00 PM
Okay, big news for the evening. Chris Weitz *totally* outs (http://blog.reelloop.com/2081/news/guys-new-moon-director-chris-weitz-sounds/) Robsten as a couple!

“Oh, one last thing, I was so joking, New Moon is straight up for the ladies. Jacob is naked during the entire production. Yeah, it was awkward for a bit but we all got used to it. What we didn’t get used to was Javier, the food cart guy. Homie was pant-less…and underwear-less when he served us scrambled eggs. If Kristen Stewart wasn’t dating Robbie, she told me that she would ‘fix his ferris wheel like a drugged-out fairy’…I don’t know what that means either.” Ha! I do :heart: CW. Hope he comes back for BD.

Speaking of directors, excerpt from Twilight Director's Handbook:
“One of my favorite days was watching Rob record. He sang the songs dozens of times, but no two takes were alike. The music seemed to flow from somewhere deep inside.

Kristen and Nikki kept telling me about Rob’s songs and his voice – but he would never let me hear him sing. “I’ll bring you a CD tomorrow” turned into 2 months. Finally I convinced him to go into my friend Karl Leiken’s studio in his Venice apartment and just lay something down. He sat in a low Japanese chair in a tiny room and sang and played guitar – all on the same track …6 songs… Rob’s songs were raw and emotional. Adam Smalley, our music editor, tried the songs against picture. “Never Think” fit beautifully with the restaurant scene, but “Let Me Sign” made Bella’s death scene in the Ballet studio much more powerful. Even Rob agreed, so he went into Bright Street Studios and recorded the songs with a cellist and Adam, Karl and Kenny Woods.”

Conventional fan wisdom has always been that Nikki "secretly" recorded Rob and gave the songs to CH, and that was one of the reasons Kristen said "So don't record his songs" at CC'09. I've always thought that sounded wrong. I knew she wasn't dissing Nikki, just asking fans at open mic places to back off.

I think these might be even *higher quality* pics of the VF outtake scans. Yes, I am never going to get tired of posting the outtakes. Never, ever, ever.

swing and hand-in-sleeve (http://www.lionandlamblove.org/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=82429&fullsize=1)
the other pics. (http://www.lionandlamblove.org/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=82431&fullsize=1)

Ack! The kiss on the chest gif is posted on this Robsten Love Blog thread. (http://robstenlove.com/new-pics-of-rpattz-kstew-for-wk-of-10-12-no-new-moon-pix-t1056-105.html) I have no idea what we are really seeing here. Guh. Guess I will have to rewatch the VF vid tonight, huh? *sigh* A little lower on that thread is a gif of Kris grabbing Rob's pants while she's on the swing solo.

Bigger gif of chest kiss (with Rob smirk) posted on this thread. (http://boards.eonline.com/Insider/Boards/thread.jspa?threadID=72315&start=10515&tstart=0) He certainly looks as though he knows he made contact in the chestal region. Nobody else reacts, though, so it's kinda odd. Although . . upon rewatch, it seems like she *does* give his neck a definite caress after he kisses her chest. Eeek! This is throwing my opinions of VF and the timeline all out of whack! Damn you, hobo children and your mixed signals!

Celeb journalist FAIL. (http://celebrity-sightings.popsugar.com/5657289)

5 Kristen Stewart Traits That Rob and Men Love. (http://current.com/1j71m4c)

10-15-2009, 08:46 PM
Round-up of sappy Robsten fanvids:

Love Make Magic (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ki_sfdjVURU) Nice use of voice overs!

Put Your Arms Around Me (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlcA8jW2Vdw&feature=related)

Shooting Star (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4um2OcydAM&NR=1&feature=fvwp) If you get past the opening credits (I guess the vidder is also a Bones fan?), it's a nicely edited thing.

Non sappy Haterz vid (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1v1T8RNMKs)

10-16-2009, 12:24 AM
So clearly the Robsten/Twi part of my brain has started to atrophy because I had the Stew neck stroking burned into it and I *knew* about the boob kiss months ago and it wasn't until watching the bigger gif that I saw they're in the same fucking moment. Maybe, MAYBE, VF is just *too* much physical, lust-fueled, chemistry-driven, INTIMATE photographic evidence of the RLTL that your mind can only process so much of it as proof and then it closes like a vault and is blind to anything else. Like, the Stew being amused as he looks up her dress is PROOF and then the palming of her ass as she straddles him is PROOF and then the hand holding and chest stroking is PROOF and giddy smiles and dirtay talk is PROOF and then you're like I'm done, nothing more can compute. And so even though there is more and more and more and more evidence in every single second of the video to the point where you eventually feel like you just might be watching the Robsten sex tape or at least, the Robsten foreplay tape, your brain has shut down and you can't make out specifics anymore because you're too mesmerized by the hazy, golden glow of FUCKHAWT that is the VF shoot.

To recap, he kisses her boob and she responds by stroking his neck. And that's like 5 seconds out of a 50 min video (not counting the full cast part).

And I think Cam knew what was up because they both seem very comfortable and friendly with him all during Twi promotion and even talk about him a bit in the commentary. I also think they didn't give Taycob a second thought until NM was a go, (they're pretty dismissive of him here and until Japan except for that one Canadian interview of the 3 of them) and that's why they're way more relaxed and affectionate around the two of them and don't even look at each other once the other cast shows up.

I made 'hand in sleeve' my desktop. *shakes head* I haven't had a shipper pic as my desktop since freshman year of college. I don't even see my desktop because Firefox is always fucking open. Robsten bumped my two year old niece.

Also, in the HHHHHQ version you can see Stew is a lady and did not press her barely clad bizness against his back (and my head just went somewhere super dirty as to why not and for that I blame that SUPER dirty Rob 7 blog- why 7? what's with the 7?! but I'm a lady too so I will not elaborate).

Hee! Much as I love the confirmation, do you really think that's Chris talking? I mean I too use 'homie' ironically and I'm as white as CDub but the rest of the quote is just bizarre.

Yay! Fanvids! I know I'm not the only one who thought of the consummate Queen Badass vid during Glee last night!

Some "insider" comments from Ted's today:
116.let's get some things straight Thu, Oct 15, 2009, 12:59 PM
i was reading the comments on the earlier post about nikki and i am utterly speechless. i guess i underestimated how much hatred there is for rob and kristen, both together and individually. some of the scenarios these posters concocted are so disgusting it's almost laughable. separately, i would like to say that i don't know who "unknown identity" is and i have never been in contact with such person. i don't know how that person could have posted that kristen won't be in london with rob "as a fact". even rob and kris don't even know how their travel plans are going to pan out just yet over the next 6-8 weeks.

112.* Thu, Oct 15, 2009, 12:53 PM
just want to say regarding "insiders"- those who believe or don't- lets just "pretend" that you had a brother/sister/friend who is pretty famous. You know things are being said about your brother/sister/friend on gossip blogs, etc... wouldn't you at least be curious and check out what is being said and maybe just maybe, since this is an anonomous board, comment on some things and lead people on the right path. I know I would. just a thought. If you really stop to think how many people are in the bizz. agents, handlers, publicists etc... it could happen- just saying

302.unknown identity Thu, Oct 15, 2009, 10:44 AM
I told you all the your well known insiders would return a few weeks ago. They will also be coming on alot more in mid November and December, alot more. Kristen won't be going to London with Rob. That's certain! But they're together. That's a well known fact. They won't give you all a verbal confirmation, you all know that but expect after January to start seeing them together alot more and letting their guard down a little more. It's going to happen. But after the holidays. I posted a few weeks ago and you're more than welcome to go back on the previous threads and check out my old comments. I know I will get bashed but it doesn't bother me. I'm just telling it straight up. If you don't believe me then please feel free, next time you hear from your trusted insiders like Arzi or 'let's get something's straight' or original hmmm to ask them if what I'm telling you is truth. Just for clarification. Anyways, I hope you all have a great day. TTYL

296.gate Thu, Oct 15, 2009, 10:42 AM
While Rob wasn't saving himself for Kristen last year he certainly never touched Nikki. Yes, I know this for a fact from someone who is close to Rob. Ted likes to rile fans up because he has nothing else. I wouldn't put it past Nikki to have leaked this false information just to try and damage Rob. It never happened. Its never going to happen. Rob hung out with her because she was Kristen's friend. He also hung out with Ashley all the time last year. She just never name dropped him in interviews or called the paparazzi to get PR out of it. Anyone who believes Ted's "source" is an absolute idiot. All is not what it seems and Kristen and Rob weren't as far apart as fans have been lead to believe last year. For people who know the whole story it shows without a doubt that Rob wouldn't have touched her.

(bolding mine)

The one on the likelihood of the insiders actually being insiders is interesting to me because I totally subscribe to that theory. Although I still think studio gophers spilling *before* enough people care that it needs to be spun make the best sources because they know shit and don't care. Family and friends and studio gophers who have to spin are way more invested in what story gets told and are therefore less reliable. But I do think many of the insiders *are* insiders, they are revealing, they're just not necessarily revealing the truth.

I don't have any reason to doubt unknown identity but I did think Kris would go to the U.K. before the premiere so that sort of surprises me. Paris isn't even a premiere, it's a 30 minute press conference and likely some TV appearances so I kinda thought Paris was just a good way to get Kris over to Europe so she could skip over to London with less fanfare.

And I quoted the last for obvious reasons. *coughTwisethijinkscough*

Stew is the 7th sexiest star! (http://h.imagehost.org/view/0411/empire_kristen) They lose points for using a boobalicious Bella which is not actually the same thing as fuckhawt Stew though.

ETA: AWE-TO-THE-SOME! (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blogs/tribute-to-kristen-stewart)

Oh, and Gossip cop debunks CDub quote. (http://www.gossipcop.com/trick-or-treat-site-fakes-quotes-from-director-of-new-moon/) Drats! Although are people still *needing* confirmation at this point?

10-16-2009, 11:46 AM
Alternate theory! (You know I *really* want to preserve at least some of my timeline). She raises her arm, which raises her boobage simultaneous with his going pffft to get some of her hair out of his mouth, and that's what brings his lips in contact with said boobage. And he's grimacing, like "whoops". So she rubs his neck reassuringly, to say, "s'okay, dude, not your fault."

Whew. Now that's a tidy explanation, right?

I do agree, though, that VF fuckhotness does indeed cause a kind of brain shutdown. It should come with a warning of some kind.

VF Kiss Vindication on Robsten Love. (http://www.robstenlovetheblog.com/2009/10/vindicated.html)

And just because I'm still in VF/2008 mindset, here's a classic fanvid by
julyfox. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghu6rdLAsHg&NR=1&feature=fvwp) Includes chest kiss! Um, I mean 'chest accidental lip brushing'.

Another 2008 classic "Complicated'. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDlmUiaY6Cs&feature=PlayList&p=10DCA09ED3DF852B&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=7) Kriten POV.

Obvious. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUu9BAIDoZ0&NR=1) Rob POV.

Just Like Heaven (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIySKiFhydY) Brand new! Includes new outtakes! Although, must protest covering this song, when the original is like, total perfection. But whatever. I'll overlook it just this once.

You were right! I was tricked b that fake CW quote. Gossip Cop busts it. (http://www.gossipcop.com/trick-or-treat-site-fakes-quotes-from-director-of-new-moon/) I was fine with CW saying 'homie' and 'drugged out fairy', but I will admit that 'Robbie' raised my eyebrow. Hee!

The Thai covers of Twi and BD. (http://twicrackaddict.blogspot.com/2009/10/breaking-dawn-covers-thailand.html) *very different*

Taylor's GQ pics. (http://twicrackaddict.blogspot.com/2009/10/do-not-lick-screen.html) Okay, the kid looks good. However, you don't get the crazy amazing range with Tay that you get with Rob and Kris. He kinda looks the same in every mag, and every pic - just different clothes and stunts. Whereas InterviewKstew and AllureKStew have no points of similarity (not just because of the hair), and BeardedRob and GQRob are like, entirely different people. Taycob is just always Taycob. Hollywood is going to *love* that kind of brand continuity!

Ode to MamaStew. (http://www.robstenlovetheblog.com/2009/10/mama-stew-madness.html)

Old fanpic of Kris and drunkRob. (http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=42789750&albumID=2869546&imageID=63299382) Okay, to be fair it might just be sleepyRob or besottedRob. Or a combo of all three.

I hope you are having a fabulous time, emmaleigh!

ETA DUDE! Simultaneous posting! Shouldn't you still be sleeping in on your vaca?

Also, HOLY BEEK! That Kristen song! I think I'd like KSWI's Jordan to write one, though. That would truly kick ass.

10-16-2009, 02:24 PM
Mid-day links!

Very nice new Rob pic. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/10/new-robert-pattinson-pic-from-joepie.html) The pic looks like an outtake from that mag I can never remember the name of.

Also from Robsessed, more OK! Australia fanfic. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/10/robert-pattinson-in-ok-magazine.html) This is an awesome story:
When they do venture out they love to shop. When shopping in a vintage clothing store recently Rob paid for all the clothes, including Kristen's. The store manager is reported as saying 'She (Kristen) objected when he (Rob) pulled out his wallet to pay, but he gave her this very cute look, like, "Don't do this again" and she just smiled. - They seem like they have been together for years - like an old married couple, but way hotter.'

Ha! I don't know any store managers who talk like that.

Nothing good in Ted's latest BB comments yet, but it just went up this morning. I'll check in on it again later. I agree that real insiders could easily show up there, and most likely have. It seems to be the best known clearinghouse for this stuff.

bronzehyperion's analysis of the VF shoot for her timeline. (http://robsten-investikudos.blogspot.com/2009/08/twilight-promotion-photo-shoot-for_29.html)
She comes to no definite conclusions. Well, duh.

10-16-2009, 07:05 PM
Early evening links! (man, I miss emmaleigh already!)

That nice new Rob pic in bigger size has happy trail and hand porn! (http://thinkingofrob.wordpress.com/2009/10/16/full-pic-robert-pattinson-in-joepie-magazine-belgium/)

Fans picked the GQ Rob cover as best overall. (http://www.mediaite.com/print/the-fans-have-spoken-and-the-greatest-twilight-cover-so-far-goes-to/) InterviewKStew came in second, but it wasn't really that close.

Guardian article on cutting Rob fans some slack. (http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/filmblog/2009/oct/16/robert-pattinson-zac-efron)

Word now is that BD *will* be 2 movies, filmed in Portland, beginning in March 2010. (http://cullenboysanonymous.com/breaking-dawn-filming-news)

10-16-2009, 07:24 PM
Eek! Not on vacay yet, unfortunately. Busy day at the office and then I fly out tonight!

This thread is such a lovely way to detox from the clusterfuck of a marketing meeting I just sat through.

First- 'very nice new Rob pic' doesn't quite cover it. OMG. BeardedRob and GQRob are hot but in a very, 'I like to stare and objectify you RPattz' kind of way. The new linked pic? Is the first time I've ever felt jealous of Stew. I wish he were scruffy but he's like, inviting you to lay down with him. And he looks all sleepy and stoned and cuddly and gah. Really, really had never felt the RILF vibe that the Robgirls live on. Till now.

Hee! I :luv: that OK fanfic. "Like an old married couple, but way hotter" is my like my macro for presentdayRobsten.

Sometimes I feel like we are the proverbial devil and angel on Stew's shoulders! ;)

I've decided I love Robsten Love. As a message board, it's not a half bad place to lurk (aside from the huge ass banner that makes me paranoid at work)- the posts have way more content than the henhouse or the FF shippah thread. And the blog is pretty well done too. The Ode to MamaStew is UH-MAZING. I hope Kris, in all her Googling, comes across the jokey, affectionate stuff like that.

I have to save the youtube fanvids for home, but I can't wait to watch!

I :luv: :luv: :luv: :luv: that picture of drunkRob and Stew. OMG, so casual, so cute. I :heart: the candids SFM. That's what they'll look like as members of the hobo collective, eh maybe a little grittier but that idea.

Here are some candids of Stewie. (http://community.livejournal.com/fiercebitchstew/495755.html) She's adorably drunk in the 4th one and wait for it... *GASP* MA was at CC 08! OME! His "GF" is practically having sex with her costar in front of 5 thousand people and he's, um, chilling backstage? Some say he only showed up to pick her up! Hmmm. Yep, I put "GF" in quotes and yep, it doesn't change my timeline or what I perceive happened at CC.
Anyway, candidStew is freakin' adorable. LOVE the B&W!

Thank you, O!

ETA: Ha! Posting at the same time again!

That new Rob pic makes me nonverbal. Jesh. I want to marry it. Or lick it. Or any other number of cliched and inappropriate Robsessed responses.

Holy fuck to the possibility of *2* BD movies! I'm torn on that. On the one hand, they probably want to GTFO of the franchise but RPattz has said he feels much more comfortable on film sets these days and a film set with his girl has got to be way more preferable to one without so...eh. Maybe I will allow it.

10-16-2009, 08:02 PM
Hee! Nice of you to allow it. If you approve, then I approve.

I can't believe I stressed all day about you being gone, and having to post double time, and you weren't even gone yet.

Not that it matters! I think we have lost all but the most casual of droppers-by. (aka isadora - hi, is!)

We could be in here talking shit all day about the other madnono bitches, and they'd never even know! Although, we'd have to make stuff up, because actually, everyone here is super awesome. :devfing:

I totes get what you mean about that full pic of LumberJackRob. Or should it be BearskinRob? Whatevs, he looks pretty lickable for a dirty hobo child. This is definitely how he looks after he and Kris have been toking in bed at the end of a long day on set. Good for them!

I just finished a fic called
Mr. Horrible (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4953962/1/Mr_Horrible), and I can't decide if I want to rec it or not. AU/AH and smutty enough, I suppose. It's wildly OOC, though, and kind of meta (Bella writes fanfic, and bases their sex life on stuff she has read) but it has it's fun moments. It also has it's OTT slapstick moments, too, and I think slapstick is super hard to do right. But anyway, it's there, and it's complete. So that's something.

10-16-2009, 10:58 PM
Somewhat later in the evening links!

Scroll down for a b&w pic of Robward slipping Bellsten tongue. (http://robstenlovers.blogspot.com/2009/10/coffee-break-fav-fan-pics.html?showComment=1255730660103#c9136466404217 21098)

Some kind of vid I haven't watched yet, but people seem to think is funny. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UN_qMyAqKAg&feature=fvsr)

Rob outtakes from Stewart Shining shoot. (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/10/new-pictures-from-stewart-shining.html)

How To Be audition vids. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/10/robert-pattinson-how-to-be-casting-part.html) Haven't watched these yet either.

I have a *feeling* Rob and Kris will be out and about the Couv this weekend. I *feel* it.

10-17-2009, 04:59 AM
I :heart: that *feeling*. I will *feel* it too.

Haven't really caught up yet, but of course I did immediately click on the Robsten/Belward tongue link. Yep, that's definitely tongue, Stew seems pretty into it too.

The poster, RosaStegio, at Robsten Love has a gif of the whole extended kiss sequence from Bella's lullaby including some fuckhawt dream smackity that's really just Robward laying completely on top of her and sucking and kissing her neck. Thank you, CH; fuck you, SM. *Ahem*
But in the original version of the movie kiss (the one that was too steamy for SM), when Belsten gets up on her knees and grabs his hair, there's another brief glimpse of tongue, hard to tell whose it is though.

So the airport is like the greatest newsstand ever and allowed me to peruse up close and personal the many Twi covers this month.

FANGIRL FAIL on the People New Moon special edition. There is some good shit in there that has yet to be reported to my knowledge. It's mostly pretty, glossy pictures which are awesome but these are the articles:

1) Biography of RPattz:
quotes I don't recall seeing before- "The only people that I try to impress are my little group of friends...I've kind of grown up around really competitive, artistic-type people, and I'm very, very grateful for that." (Hobo collective shout out!)
There's also a 'get Rob's look' feature. The 'look' is the NM cast/wrap party.

2)Sexy Beast- 6 pages of HOT Robward:
includes B&W GQRob so thanks for that, People. There's also some good jaw porn.

3) Biography of KStew:
quotes I don't recall seeing before-
"...when I have to laugh and be happy in a scene, it kind of freaks me out,...if I have to have a breakdown or get all emotional, that's easy."

AG on KStew: [filming in Italy] "We started singing Afternoon Delight for some odd reason and just went off on crazy rants...we acted like we were 12! So many people look at her like, 'Oh, that Kristen girl, she's never smiling' But she not his uber-serious, crazy person. She's a cool girl who definitely giggles." (as anyone who's listened to Twicommentary knows)

"I have a really concrete family life...my brothers are my best friends. We watch movies and play guitar...[fame] is not something I thrive on."

Have I mentioned I :luv: that Stew is the youngest of brothers and Rob is the youngest of sisters? I :luv: that.

4) Rob&Kristen "To Die For": Yep, that's right. It's a motherfucking Robsten story right smack dab in the middle of the magazine. Includes gorgeous full page VF outtake, premiere pic with Stew's adoring stare, and gorgeous 2 page EW outtake. General narrative, RPattz crushed hard, insane audition chemistry, he chased and wooed, she was interested but stayed with MA, he had a fling with NR, both ended and over NM filming friendship turned to more and they "finally succumbed to their feelings", they're both Hollywood outsiders (hobo children), and two peas in a pod, they've been very happy and romantic in the Couv during Eclipse filming and the cast is fiercely protective of them and their privacy.

Now I obviously don't believe this narrative but it's *clearly* the one that is going to be established and reaffirmed as they continue to comeoutcomeoutcomeout. The last People run story on Robsten got Summit's PR person fired so I have to believe new guy sanctioned this article, especially for a special edition issue that they likely got Summit's cooperation on (if Summit didn't out and out pay them to run it for publicity).

Notably, no hint of 'friends with benefits', the article makes clear they are committed and in love, w/ Seventeen and Ted and now this People obviously part of the Robsten history is going to be Rob's (alleged) fling with NR. I don't really understand the reasoning for this but its mention been too frequent and too matter-of-fact lately to be coincidence, RPattz pined and wooed and waited (that makes everyone look good- Kristen appears completely faithful, Rob completely romantic- you already know I don't think Stew required much wooing), they are both passionate and quirky and therefore *could only be happy with each other* (so it's okay, Belward girls to rejoice your perfect couple onscreen is a perfect couple offscreen).

5) Twilight Mania- so I guess it's like popular or something?

6) Taycob- who cares? But perfect kind of Taycob quote that makes Summit cream themselves (as opposed to Robsten that makes them wet themselves): "The fans would love anybody who played Jacob. I'm just lucky to be the one who got the chance." Hints of RPattz's it's not me they love, it's the character. Smart indirect linking of yourself to RP, puppy. BUT whereas Rob is a weirdo artist type that can only associate with the likes of fellow weirdo artists like Stew and the collective, Taycob is *just like you*. He's just a normal guy that got incredibly lucky and he's incredibly grateful. Aww. Someone's media training is paying off by the boatload.
I don't really have any contempt for Taycob, I'm just deeply amused by how company man he can be.

7) Vamps- again, who cares? But here's the PFach part just for you:
"If there is chaos, you look to Carlisle for the stead calm," Facinelli, 35, says of his Twilight persona. But the "Fac-man" (as Jackson Rathbone calls him) leads a life that's anything but mellow, bouncing from the Vancouver set to New York City to film his TV show Nurse Jackie to the L.A. home he shares with his wife, 90210 star Jennie Garth, and their three girls Luca Bella, 12, Lola Ray, 6, and Fiona Eve, 2- none of whom are fazed by Dad's stardom.
"I co-coach my daughter's soccer team," he says, "and if someone comes over to ask for an autograph, they roll their eyes."

8) Real life Forks- who cares?

Pretty, pretty, pretty Eclipse meadow still.

This is long. I'm sleepy.

I will definitely check out the fanfic. I'm in dire need of new stuff.

10-17-2009, 11:57 AM
Ooh, thanks for the re-cap of People! That was thorough.

Well, it doesn't look like they made it out last night. According to Punk'D, Rob and Kris were working well into the night on one of the tent scenes. Presumably the romantic bit where they talk about their top ten nights or something. But I have high hopes for tonight or tomorrow, because PunkD *also* said many of the LA 'rats' have left the city. *And* it's going to be rainy all weekend (remember how isadora used to track the "weather for love" for JJ and KH? Ha!) and I *feel* that they are more likely to go out in the rain when fans and paps might be less likely to be hanging around.

Of course, the flip side to all of that, is that they might easily go out all stealth and we won't hear anything more than maybe a twittered fan sighting. But anyway. I still *feel* it.

Old celebitchy article about NR and Ryan Phillippe. (http://www.celebitchy.com/2883/ryan_phillippes_new_girlfriend_revealed/) I didn't know about this! Interesting. It does show that NR was no neophyte to the pap spotlight.

I am confused by Summit's strategy in regards to NR, though. Why would the NR hookup be made such an official part of the Robsten mythos? It does nobody any favors, and it's somewhat confusing, considering she is now denying it, and so is he (more or less). It also makes the NR/KStew friendship look odd. Your average middle American might have issues imagining Kristen and Nikki staying so close (supposedly) even though NR used to bang Kris' new bf. So why wouldn't Summit's PR machine just ignore it ever happened? It seems like that would be the simplest solution. I wonder if there were just too many witnesses to completely gloss over it.

I'm beginning to lean towards the 'single drunken public bj in an alley' theory, like one of the 'insiders' asserted on Ted's thread.

I can't get into the Robsten Love Blog thread to lurk! I registered and everything, but I keep getting kicked out of the log on page. I may just start from scratch.

I just started reading this fic Deconstructing Dracula (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4992954/1/Deconstructing_Dracula). It's E/B and complete, but that's all I know so far. Not sure if it will get lemony, or even if it's AH, but I liked the premise (Bella is going to London to research a dissertation on sexuality and choices in Bram Stoker's Dracula).

Hosting a dinner party tonight, and must go scrub toilets and mop floors. No wonder I have to live vicariously through the glamorous hobo children. They have probably never scrubbed a toilet in their dirty, dirty, lives.

Hope you are having a great time with your fam! You can introduce your niece to the wonders of fanvids. The ophykid :heart: I'm Yours. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I27eaThpU4Q) One of my all time faves, too.

10-17-2009, 10:00 PM
Okay, dinner party over. Eating with grownups is fun! Don't get to do that very often. I didn't have to cut up anyone's chicken nuggets, or clean up any spilt pink milk.

Well, we were sorta right. Kristen was papped leaving the Couv to fly to LA. (http://laineygossip.com/Kristen_Stewart_heading_to_LA_from_Vancouver_as_ru mours_swirl_about_Scream_Awards.aspx?CatID=0&CelID=0) She was with her agent, and was possibly heading to make a surprise appearance at the Scream awards, which film tomorrow. Very likely. PUNK'D, of course, said she was probably sneaking out of the Couv to go see MA. He's been a staunch denier . . . thinks Rob and Kris are a publicity stunt. So you know how much credibility he's got.

Robsessed parody vid. (http://cullenboysanonymous.com/hilarious-obsessed-with-robert-pattinson-parody)

Huh. That's all I got. Doing grown up stuff kinda ate up my whole day, damnit.

10-18-2009, 12:48 AM
Heh, I'm having the opposite experience- nonstop kid time! I've done childcare twice today including just completing the full nighttime routine, dinner, bath, pull-up, jammies, teeth, books, bed. J is almost 5 and S is 2 and a few weeks ago, they moved his bed into her room after he spent several consecutive nights sleeping on the floor next to her crib because they couldn't bear to say goodbye at bed time. It's the cutest thing ever.

Now they're in bed and I get to catch up. So... looks like Stew will be at the Scream Awards. Hmmm. Well the red carpet fantasy of what she'll wear is rekindled and it's probably much easier for her to do these things without Rob these days.
She looks thrilled to be back in L.A. (http://bauergriffinonline.com/2009/10/kristen-stewart-returns-to-la.php?bfm_index=4&bfm_page=0) but aww, she's letting her hair grow out.
I am seriously just missing her at LAX this weekend, btw by a matter of hours both ways.

I have no idea what Summit gains by making NR a part of the Robsten mythos, really. The only thing I can figure is that the Latsis family is some of the money behind the studio so maybe NR is doing her due diligence as a subpar D-list starlet by literally whoring herself out to keep her job and her name in the news (she is all over the People thing- not just the Robsten story but the KStew stuff, the vampire stuff, she's everywhere). I agree it's a weird piece of the puzzle and I'm also totally on board with 'one drunken public blow job'. Some of the insiders have serious doubts he ever touched her but that kind of hookup is not even really a hookup and they did spend a fair amount of time together in 08.

I read most of Mr. Horrible. It is very readable but it, like Wallbanger, is so crazy OOC that it's barely Twific. It does achieve one of the crucial requisites of good (Twi)fic in that it makes Edward "tender". That's like such a lame word for it, ("sensitive" is maybe the word Stew would and has used for Rob,) but you know what I mean. All the decent Twific I've read actually improves upon SM's "ideal man" because it succeeds in writing Edward as the fangirl's real idea whereas SM crosses the line into making him paternalistic and creepy.

In my desperation to find new RPF, I went back to Pre-Production and started sifting through all entries, not just the fic section and not surprisingly there is some fic that just didn't get tagged as such. But, it made me feel relieved that I joined the Robsten party well after they were actually together because it's easier to read what those appearances actually meant now (especially with the addition of insider info), but there was a lot of shipper dismay throughout winter and spring when MA would pop back up long after they thought he was dunzo.

Along those lines, a fresh new perspective from an "insider" at Ted's:

99.The truth Sat, Oct 17, 2009, 12:25 PM
The thing about this love triangle that a lot of people don't know is that Nikki was trying to get to Rob but failed. She found out what Rob's intentions were and so out of jealousy and envy for Kristen, Nikki wanted to hurt her. She seduced Michael and because he was hurt by Kristen as well, Nikki and Michael got together and Kristen later found out from Michael himself. Rob and Kristen were already close by then, but this just sealed it for Rob/Kristen. Kristen was deeply hurt by the both of them, but she's a very forgiving person and plus she already felt she betrayed M in the first place by choosing Rob. Though she still remain friends with M and N, it's not the same type of friendship anymore because the trust is shattered. However, Kristen and Rob share a deep bond that is very hard to penetrate by anyone right now. Rob adores her and will do anything to prevent her from ever being hurt again. He will be watching Nikki very closely this time.

Things that make you go hmmmm.

No real links.

10-18-2009, 09:53 AM
Oooh! That's not this first time we've heard rumblings that MA and NR were the actual hook up that finished things off. Must have made that tent threesome in Africa interesting. GFWITS, take note!

Your niece and nephew are seriously cute. I have some other friends whose kids (boy and girl) are still insisting on sleeping in the same room even though they are eight and six, now. Very Charlie and Lola, which is adorable.

Yeah, Mr.Horrible is quite possibly the most OOC thing I have ever read in the twi universe. But kinda fun anyway.

Taylor at Scream Awards. (http://www.examiner.com/x-23321-Taylor-Lautner-Examiner~y2009m10d18-Taylor-Lautner-and-Twilight-at-the-Scream-2009-awards-spoilers) They say he accepted Twi's award alone?

But I also heard Spike did sneaky things to keep surprises in, so I'll bet KStew does show up somehow.

Taylor backstage. (http://twitpic.com/lzmu5) How in the hell did he win "Best Breathrough Role" for the what? four mins he spent on screen in Twilight? Insane.

OK! Mag scans. (http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2009/10/ok-magazine-scans.html) You prob already leafed through this at the airport.

Oops, time to get ready for church. I'm helping out in the 2nd/3rd grade Sunday Class, *and* volunteering in nursery this morning, so I guess grown up time is over. *sigh*

10-18-2009, 03:47 PM

More VF outtakes. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/10/more-vanity-fair-outtakes-with-robert.html) Why would these people have sat on all of this fuckhawtness for so damn long???

I'll keep my eyes open for larger sizes.

Scream Awards run down here (http://www.usatoday.com/life/topstories/2009-10-18-2291515836_x.htm):

"Twilight" also collected four awards: Best fantasy film, best fantasy actors for stars Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (who weren't in attendance Saturday) and breakout performance for co-star Taylor Lautner, who introduced world-premiere footage from the film's next installment, "New Moon."

Gossip Cop also insists that she wasn't there. Given that she looked a little glum in the airport pics, and that this is the first sighting since elevatorgate, whaddaya wanna bet there are tons of break-ups rumors floating around that she dashed off to mom and/or MA? Of course, if she does turn up as a surprise when they air the Scream Awards, that should shut them all up.

VF Italy scans. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/10/vanity-fair-italy-scans.html)
Q: I saw teenage girls with 'team Edward' or 'team Jacob' written on their shirts. Which character do you prefer between the two?
K: I love them both. With Taylor, we just don't think, we have fun and that's all. What I like of Robert's character is the constant sexual tension, the thought that 'I trust you but I know that you're a vampire and could kill me'That seemed to be the only relevant quote.

ETA Why do you hate Kristen Steward (defender) vid. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxEk429XO6g&feature=player_embedded)

LTR article:Kristen love her? or hate her? (http://letterstotwilight.wordpress.com/2009/10/17/kristen-stewart-love-her-or-hate-her/) They do a 'love' letter and a 'hate' letter to Kristen, but honestly? Even their 'love' letter ain't that nice. If they are trying to show KStew respect, they might want to practice a bit more.

Not larger, but greater in number VF outtakes. (http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blogs/new-2008-vanity-fair-outtakes) Still waiting om HQs.

10-18-2009, 07:55 PM
for some reason these VF photos remind me of the old jcrew photoshoot from the Creek! Hee! I loved that one.

in other news/ my shift key barely works!

10-18-2009, 08:05 PM
Still no HQs! Grrrrrr. Get a move on, fandom.

Interview with Nina, Rob's ex. (http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/fashion/2297928/Model-to-meatworker) Someone at the henhouse posted this old article (because there's nothing new going on) and it piqued my interest to see that Nina is now working as a meat packer in New Zealand.

Apparently he fell for her when he was 17 and she was 20 - they were neighbors and went to drama school together.

Robsessed calls her a "strong woman" but that's certainly not the vibe I get from the article. Name dropping shrew, perhaps.

Pics of Nina and Rob. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/03/nina-schubert-talks-rob.html)
Pic of Nina as a model. (http://www.robertpattinsonsite.com/Nina-Schubert.php)

Eh. She's no KStew.

These are kind of lovely awesome. Midnight Sun Ep. 1 vid (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxfoanqIa0U)
Midnight Sun Ep. 2 vid (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzzLIsW-heI&feature=related)
Midnight Sun Ep. 3 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIameUjjAVA&feature=related)

10-19-2009, 02:24 AM
Well, more VF outtakes are obviously a LOVELY way to end the weekend.
There are some doozies in there too- including this one (http://img170.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=87023_vanity25_122_1194lo.jpg) which made me feel like a complete perv because I, um, *noticed* Rob and then the ladies at Robsten Love also noticed and I'm not sure that makes me feel like less of a perv but at least I know I'm not seeing things.

Also, this (http://img134.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=86993_vanity14_122_224lo.jpg) and this (http://img17.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=86994_vanity15_122_196lo.jpg) are pretty sweet- where's your hand at, KStew? Whatchya doin' down there?

VF should really just publish a separate special edition with all 3 thousand outtakes. They will never ever ever get old.

We do need BIG HQs with a quickness, though!

And this (http://www.examiner.com/x-1994-LA-Celebrity-Headlines-Examiner~y2009m10d16-Kristen-StewartRob-Pattinson-Vanity-Fair-Can-you-handle-it) makes it sound like they'll both be on the cover in December.

Courtesy of my new favorite LJ: Stew returning to the 'Couv. (http://community.livejournal.com/fiercebitchstew/505889.html) :luv: :luv: the tags for this, including 'creepy stalker pics', 'kstew is a fierce bitch,' 'kstew is adorkable,' and 'kstew makes me question my sexuality'. :heart: :heart: :heart: that all she takes for the weekend is (Rob's) backpack and her knitted knitting bag. OMG, the knitting is just too cute! Maybe she is pregnant, her boobs look bigger these days too. (Totally, totally, TOTALLY kidding. About the pregnant, not the boobs because alas, when you look at eleventy billion images of one person everyday, you start to notice EVERYTHING. You just do.)

The LTT StewLOVE letter was written by Calliope who I do actually enjoy and think is pretty funny, I just hate the context because the site bloggers still adamantly hate her and many of the commenters do too (especially the fucking regulars at KSWI which just pisses me off for some reason).

There was a rumor that Rob was done last week (or beginning of this coming week) but that he'll likely stick around till she's done.

ETA: A ton of HQ pics and scary ass video here. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBhFh2Jhgtk&feature=player_embedded) Her skin is flawless.

This actor guy sat next to her on the plane and then tweeted about it:
These are tweets from Jim Beaver (http://twitter.com/jumblejim), an actor on Supernatural:

Sat next to Kristen Stewart from Twilight on the plane to Van Didn't know who she was till we landed She's reading Twain.

Kristen Stewart's reading Mark Twain's Letters from the Earth. We chatted briefly about it. she seems nice.

Never saw/read Twilight. I did audition for the part of her dad in the Joan Jett biopic, though.

Told photogs outside airport Kristen had gone out VIP exit. they said we're here for you. Now I AM scared.

Never saw paparazzi at Vancouver airport before. There were fans there, too. totally took me by surprise.

@lizard971 I wasn't scared OF the photogs, I'm scared of a world that thinks I'm paparazzi material!

I didn't go out the VIP exit because I don't have a huge studio trying to "protect" me.

She'll undoubtedly read about this and be like, oh hey great, that unassuming man I talked to for ten minutes on the plane told the whole world about it and me. Fucking awesome.
Also, don't know why "protect" is in quotes. Maybe someone should tweet him the horrifying pap vid.
She looks happier to be going back to the Couv. Cannot get over the knitting adorableness!

Here's hoping today brings HQVF!!!

10-19-2009, 10:44 AM
YAY!!!!! emmaleigh is back! (you are back, right?) whew.

Over at the henhouse, ashkinita posted:
Also I read that Kstew went to LA to audition for CH for "If I Stay". I don't know how true this is, but Summit bought the rights to the movie. CH is directing it for them. It's about a 17 year old Mia and her Rock Star Bf and what happens when she survives a car accident. I read CH wanted Kristen for the role and also wanted Rob because they need actors who can sing and play instruments.

Yeah, that's the only reason why CH would want both members of the most elusive new supercouple to star in her next project. Because they can play instruments.

This summer MTV interview confirms that CH would want them for the project. (http://twilightersanonymous.com/mtv-catherine-hardwicke-hopes-to-reunite-with-twilight-stars.html)

I say run away, Robsten! Save yourselves from Summit and looney tunes CH! *Unless* by signing up for this you get a hella bunch of concessions for BD. Oh, and I guess they seem to like being on set together, so that could be a reason to sign, I suppose.

I'm going on a hunger strike if the VF HQs don't show up today. See what you make me do, fandom!:curse:

ETA NM set "secrets" from Seventeen mag. (http://www.seventeen.com/magazine/special/new-moon-secrets-from-set#ixzz0U3gFV0PE) I like the pic of Robward and Bellsten's director chairs next to each other.

To prepare for the scene when Carlisle is stitching up Bella's arm, Peter Facinelli bought chickens and sewed them together to practice the movement. He would then cook the chickens and eat them for dinner at his hotel room. Heh.

They also say that Nikki and Kristen were roomies during NM filming. Kinda makes my RPF fantasy of a big African tent blowout fight seem unlikely. *sigh*

10-19-2009, 12:36 PM
New fic rec!

Complete, E/B, AU/AH:Faking it. (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5153711/1/Faking_It)

I'm just a few chapters in, but I think you'll like it. The set-up is totally RPF flavored, as well. Edward is a famous Hollywood actor and Bella is a new rock star, and their PR team hooks them up for a fake relationship. It's got paps and TMZ and all kinds of goodies so far.

10-19-2009, 06:04 PM
Holy toledo if Stew was actually auditioning for CH! The idea that Robsten would willingly work with CH *and* Summit *outside* of the franchise seems way too fictastic to me, but then about 70% of Robsten truefax seem like fic (and about 70% of the fic seems like it could be truefax) so there really is just NO OBVIOUS LINE when it comes to them.

I kind of :luv: :luv: :luv: the idea that they're doing it to get a whole bunch of freedom through the rest of the saga, except for the part where it makes them prisoners of the studio.

From E! today:

Mo' money, mo' problems? (http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b149429_new_moon_press_frenzy_tons_cash_happy.html ?sid=twitterfeed_awful&utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=twitterfeed&utm_campaign=twitterfeed_awful) I mean, kind of true, right? Not that it compensates for the pap craziness but it's gotta take the sting out a bit.

Some "insiders" on the HB shooot:
94.@59 Mon, Oct 19, 2009, 10:46 AM Of COURSE Summit is behind the HB shoot. Expect to see E/B not R/K. And a certain brown wig.

112.cough Mon, Oct 19, 2009, 11:09 AM
Kristen doesn't wear the "Bella Brown Wig" in the HB pics. Black hair all the way but that doesn't mean it isn't long....And HB is not about EB.

201.cough Mon, Oct 19, 2009, 12:43 PM
...And sorry, I can't divulge what exactly I have and have not seen with HB. I will give you all a couple more clues. "The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart." "I grasp on to you as we ride off together."

:heart: the prose poetry clues! Hee!

Is this article new?
Although Kristen Stewart is a global Twilight star due to her role as Bella Swan in the Stephenie Meyer created Twilight Saga, Stewart has hinted that she's getting tired of the Twilight Saga hype and its impact on her career beyond the Twilight films. Really, with so much non-stop Twilight attention leading up to New Moon, can you really blame Kristen Stewart for feeling that way? But how will Kristen Stewart feel two years from now after the remaining two Twilight films, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, are released? Although it's hard to tell how Kristen Stewart will feel when she looks back at her Twilight Saga time years from now, one thing we can bank on is that Kristen Stewart will continue to get work as an actress.

While we're sure Kristen Stewart doesn't hate the Twilight Saga, and certainly enjoys her time with Twilight co-stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, why is it that people dream about landing a lead role in a huge film only to see actors like Stewart and Pattinson get bogged by the fame once it arrives and still want the fame? In the case of the Twilight Saga stars, fame came quick like a Twilight tidal wave. To some degree, there's an element of being careful what you wish for. But for Kristen Stewart, this wasn't always the case. When the 19 year old Los Angeles actress first broke into the business pre-Twilight, with bit parts in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas and the indie film The Safety of Objects, it's probably safe to say that Kristen Stewart never would have guessed she'd reach such Twilight heights of celebrity.

Although the true talents of Kristen Stewart were seen in her first major role alongside Jodie Foster in the 2002 thriller Panic Room, other roles soon followed and years later Kristen Stewart landed her first lead role in the supernatural thriller The Messengers in 2007. But in 2008, the life and career of Kristen Stewart changed forever after landing Bella Swan from the Stephenie Meyer penned Twilight Saga.

[Twilight New Moon Kristen Stewart] For Twilight and New Moon star Kristen Stewart, an actress that didn't appear to have any trouble getting work before Twilight came along (Stewart actually did her screen test for Twilight on the set of Adventureland), what has the Twilight Saga given Kristen Stewart? The simple Twilight answer is worldwide fame. But if you look at the countless Twilight and New Moon related headlines surrounding Kristen Stewart, at times it appears Kristen is paying a heavy price for such global celebrity Twilight status along with Twilight and New Moon co-star Robert Pattinson. That is of course, if you believe the many Twilight Saga headlines.

Career wise for Kristen Stewart, the role of Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga has opened major doors in Hollywood, with a stream of non-Twilight opportunities pouring in, albeit most of them are undoubtedly somehow vampire related. But on the other side of the Twilight coin, the private life of Kristen Stewart is under the Twilight microscope and experiencing exactly what it is to be the new Hollywood "it girl". With the Twilight Saga close to wrapping production on the third film, Eclipse, and one more Twilight movie to shoot in Breaking Dawn (one would bank on at some Twilight point), where does Kristen Stewart go from here?

Beyond the Twilight Saga with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart will soon be seen in The Runaways in the role of 70's rocker Joan Jett along with her Twilight Saga co-star Dakota Fanning. Kristen Stewart will also be seen in the film K-11, which also stars her Twilight Saga co-star, Nikki Reed, in which both Twilight gals will take their acting game to new heights by playing two male characters.

[Twilight New Moon Kristen Stewart] After the Twilight Saga, will New Moon star Kristen Stewart continue to become an even bigger leading lady, or does Kristen have other non acting aspirations in mind? Although acting will undoubtedly be an aspect of her career beyond the Twilight Saga, Kristen Stewart is looking to other areas of interest in the entertainment industry, as Stewart revealed to Vanity Fair back in 2007: "I want to go to college for literature. I want to be a writer. I mean, I love what I do, but it's not all I want to do-be a professional liar for the rest of my life."

What's in store for Kristen Stewart beyond the Twilight Saga? At 19, Stewart has her entire acting life ahead of her after so much Twilight success at an early age. Who knows, maybe one day we'll see Kristen Stewart take over from Melissa Rosenberg and write the script for another Twilight Saga movie. At this Twilight time, the acting world is wide open for Kristen Stewart.

:lol: the "professional liar" quote. What if she goes so method that she's literally incapable of acting with anyone but RPattz for the next 100 years?
Y'know what this really means though? If hey're anxious to get out of the camera's eye? The hobo collective is the PERFECT antidote and could happen sooner than later! I really really really really really want Hobo Collective RPF!!!

I love seeing Stew but I'm kind of missing RPattz as well, aside from the lickable LumberjackRob we got on Friday of course. Some OK/People/USWeekly rag needs to start publishing the pics from that shoot posthaste!
Totally agree that's what he looks like toking in bed with the Stew after a long day. Um, fic? (I mean, outside of 2008 and 2009 where that's all they do.)

I will definitely read that rec'd E/B fic. I've been on such a fic kick lately. I have a bunch of newly discovered RPF to link as well, but I can't do it from here.

I :heart: :heart: :heart: the NM soundtrack SFM. Been listening all morning at my desk and I'm deeply amused that most all the artists are clearly Team Edward as most of the songs are Belward-centric.

NO HQ pics yet!!! WTF??!!

ETA more hobo: SamBrad photos! (http://community.livejournal.com/landofdreamers/506243.html)

10-19-2009, 06:30 PM
Two that I was able to find easily by my new favorite author.

Post-Oscars smut. (http://dying-obvious.livejournal.com/4152.html)

Workaholic KStew angst. (http://dying-obvious.livejournal.com/4819.html)

Oh, and some crackfic (http://) for good measure.

Be prepared though to confirm that you are over 14 years old before you can read.

10-19-2009, 07:22 PM
The crackfic link! She no work!

I finished Faking It earlier today, and it was worth reading. I get the impression from the level of detail and from things in the author's note that she is from your neck of the woods (it's set in LA), and she is somehow involved in an industry peripheral to your industry. Like maybe she works for a stylist or something. Anyway, it was kind of insidery, and they attend the Oscars twice! I liked that.

I'm reading Boy in the Red Sweater (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5149804/1/) but I don't really know why. It's Complete, AH, Forks High School and angsty, but I'm not a fan of Practically Autisticward. Everyone is damaged in some way, so it's kind of like Wide Awake, but the smut is really innocent, fumbling and awkward. Just like real high school relationships. So realistic that it's embarrassing. Might be because the author just got out of high school herself, but she's not a bad writer despite that. Almost refreshing to read about high schoolers that act and talk like high schoolers and not like the precocious pre-adults you get in fics like Tropic of Virgo.

But yeah, I'm beyond thrilled that you linked me up to some RPF.

I :heart: the dueling insider HB info! There's nothing else going on, so I guess people have to amuse themselves in some way.

10-19-2009, 08:16 PM
The crackfic link! She no work!

Unacceptable! (http://dying-obvious.livejournal.com/3865.html) Better now?

Ha! I'm the opposite, I was just thinking the other day how much I :heart: Tropic of Virgo and how I haven't liked any of the other Twific quite as much as that one. Although, I did really, really like the tome that is Wide Awake.

I read one AH damagedEdward fic where he's bipolar. Um... *looks it up* this one: Cascade & Cyanide (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4751299/1/Cascade_and_Cyanide). It was fine but kind of forgettable.
And then I read the author's AU/AH 22 chapter "You Get Me Closer to God" which won a bunch of Twific awards and was really annoyed with myself when I was done. While objectively well written, it is the everyship generic 'friends with benefits' story and there is NOTHING of TwiBella or TwiEdward in her Belward.
But I mean, if you're bored...

The RPF I linked is really, really short. Almost everything I've recently discovered is a one shot, and a short one at that. 2008 really is the EPIC RPF.

Timbaland wants Robsten!! (http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1624202/20091019/timbaland.jhtml?rsspartner=rssMozilla) Stew does love her some Timbaland. (http://community.livejournal.com/rpattz_kstew/29944.html#cutid1)

ETA: New New Moon clip! (http://www.popsugar.com/5740022) Belsten is about a billion more times more badass than Bella. I wonder if MR wrote some of the subsequent scripts to reflect the badassery. I *can't wait* to see her haul off on Taycob in Eclipse.

10-19-2009, 10:34 PM
I did like Tropic of Virgo! But you have to admit those Cullen teens acted nothing like actual teens.

Found this at the henhouse:

8.cough Sun, Oct 18, 2009, 11:33 PM To 80: Summit had nothing to do with the photo shoot if that tells you anything.

89.cough Mon, Oct 19, 2009, 12:22 AM There will be no confirmation or "coming out" in the article but the pics speak for themselves.

84.cough Mon, Oct 19, 2009, 12:07 AM HB has more than one cover, the newsstands version and the subscriber's version so there could be two separate cover pics. And a "wedding" is not taking place. That doesn't mean certain pics won't "look" close to a E/M theme. Doesn't mean that is what it is actually what "showing" though. *wink* People will immediately jump to that conclusion when it is not the case. You will get it when you see the pics.

Harpers Shoot SPOILER**

Pictures were taken of Robert down on one knee in front of Kristen. Very romantic, but not a proposal-- VERY ROMANTIC (not a hint of engagement, but beautiful pics).

The Robert Pattinson Intoxication Blog (http://pattinsonintoxication.blogspot.com/2009/10/day-19-rob-is-torturing-me.html) always seem to post just what we are all thinking.

LTR commentary on the VF outtakes (still not HQ!). (http://letterstorob.wordpress.com/2009/10/19/breaking-down-the-vanity-fair-pictures/) Some of it's funny. Most of it's not really.

Get a vamp makeover. (http://www.instyle.com/instyle/makeover/?action=showMakeover&tab=newmoonlooks)

Both of those RPFs you linked were short, but super tasty. Haven't got to the crackfic yet.

10-20-2009, 11:17 AM
Speaking of pioneering work in picspam . . .Bunch O'Fuckhawt Collages. (http://dreeaf.livejournal.com/2346.html)

Where is this pic from? (http://www.flickr.com/photos/43251636@N02/4028989064/) It looks like it might be angsty Rome? Not sure if that's the right level of scruff or not.

At the henhouse, mariegg posted this, but I don't know where it comes from:
from what i can remember, when Rob and Kristen went into a bar, the waitress was hesitating giving Kristen a drink because she is below 21, (i have no issue in this because my country's drinking age is 18) but she eventually gave her one, Rob was the one ordering for them; when the second round of orders came up, the waitress asked if she would still give two (one for Rob the other for Kristen), Rob just said one for him only, but Kristen wanted another one and Rob did not allow it :) There was also an incident in that same evening were Kristen was followed inside the restroom and the next time she went, either Rob or Rob sent someone to walk with her.

10-20-2009, 11:24 AM
:heart: Robert Pattinson Intoxication!

Fuckhawt Adventureland gif. (http://community.livejournal.com/fiercebitchstew/508040.html) Cast is nominated for a Gotham Award for best ensemble cast.

KStew ended up being #4 in the sexay Glamour poll. (http://community.livejournal.com/fiercebitchstew/510792.html) RPattz was #1.

Even more stuff from cough

211.cough Mon, Oct 19, 2009, 12:52 PM
To 194: I don't have an agenda or anything of the sort. I am just stating facts. Whether you choose to believe them or not is your choice. I could care less about what Summit "wants" people to believe, they are no concern of mine. Did I ever say they got together in May? No. Just because RK weren't official until sometime this year doesn't mean they weren't well aware of each others feelings. Things were in their way.

224.cough Mon, Oct 19, 2009, 1:07 PM
Summit had nothing to do with HB. HB doesn't generally promote movies, what does that tell you? And let me get this straight, because I don't agree with certain people's timelines means I work for Summit? Give me a break. It is not my fault people can't accept the truth. The truth is RK are together and in love, be happy with that.

228.cough Mon, Oct 19, 2009, 1:10 PM
To 211: It is a black tie combined with a nice leather jacket. *wink* That is all I am going to say about HB. Work calls, later.

304.cough Mon, Oct 19, 2009, 4:59 PM
to 293: You will have to be the judge of that yourself. There is no confirmation in the interview but there is a photo shoot where RK are clearly "more." Take that for what you will. People are going to interpret this a thousand different ways. My personal opinion? Silent confirmation whether RK intended for that or not. Sometimes you can't deny the truth no matter how hard to try and by that I mean, maybe RK can't help but show their true feelings even through pictures. Better than VF? Yes, some might not agree, we will have to wait to find out when they are released. I will not go into extensive personal details here about RK and how they got together but let's just say the Michael break up was a combo of both. It is normal to sometimes fall out of love especially when you are as young as Kristen was when she first started dating Michael. Sometimes, you feel more for someone else, more than you bargained for.

I'm :luv:-ing the RPFness of Faking It. Good rec! It's a bizarre mix because Edward is totally Robward but Bella is so not Belsten (no badass confidence like Stew) but it works. Robward is hot.

Campaign to nominate Stew for an Oscar? (http://cakeeatersmovie.blogspot.com/2009/10/we-need-your-support.html) Still haven't seen The Cake Eaters, but what could it hurt right?

Ha! Does it come from fic? J/K But I don't see RPattz cutting her off. That's to his immense advantage. Also in the besottedRob/Robsten candid, Stew is drunk too. Very sweet idea of them though!

Ooh, yeah that's from Rome Vanity Fair shoot. :luv: :luv: :luv: the way she's staring, slight shift from the adoring stare.

Yay! Picspams! LOOOOVE picspams!

10-20-2009, 12:08 PM
Yeah, Faking It was very RPF-y. :heart: Hollyward was kinda Rob-ish, although Rob has yet to display the acting chops of Hollyward, and I don't think he'd be quite so destructive to himself or his career IRL. Well, hope not, anyway. KStew would kick his ass but good.

What the FUCK is everyone's fascination with Megan Fox???? I can't believe she came in second on that poll.

cough sounds like a pretty viable insider to me. Hope to hear more on the timeline.

Arrrgh. Just want to see the damn HB pics already! How early might they start to leak?

ETA that crackfic was AWESOME.

10-20-2009, 02:19 PM
From the henhouse, an expansion on the bar story:
i posted this fan encounter awhile back, it is on a website that you have to register for so i thought i would post it for you again, sorry for butting in :) here it is-

I use to work at a nightclub in LA called Dublins which Justin Timberlake took over and I believe its gone now so I have lots of "insighters" (haha, actually they're just bartenders and servers at the hot spots) all around town. Although I would never want to invade their privacy because they have a right to go out just like the rest of us but this really isn't that big of a deal. I didn't even know there were photos taken of this night until I posted this story on another board and they showed me. please note that i did not witness this..my good friend did and i truly believe her otherwise i wouldn't waste my time posting this...

here goes: (i wont reveal her name so i'll call her "sarah") "sarah" didn't really know who they were, except kristen because of adventureland...she said they had a dilemma regarding whether or not to serve her alcohol as she had requested...finally they just told rob to order two beers and do what he pleased with the second...it wasn't until after that she realized it had to been "someone" in order for them to allow ANYONE under 21 in the place to begin with...let alone serve alcohol..they sat in a secluded section but still rather close to the rest of the patrons...a staff member walked kristen to the restroom with rob following and waiting for her...according to that guy they held hands .. but "sarah" didn't witness that...the same guy (apparently he was security or something because she said he stood directly behind them the whole night) kristen didn't exactly sit in robs lap but stood between his legs and leaned her back against his chest...

apparently the reason rob made the staff member follow kristen to the restroom was because early in the night she went alone and a few older gentlemen made some vulgar comments to her so she went back to rob..then the three of them went together. "sarah" said every time she saw them kristen was laughing and a few times hit him (playfully i suppose) rob was very intent on regulating kristen's alcohol consumption..they only had a few (didnt stay long i guess) but when rob order another beer for himself and the staff member asked if he would like "a second" (for kristen, but legally couldn't say it) she started talking but he quickly cut her off and said no then she rolled her eyes and went back to her stool/chair. the staff member who stood behind them told "sarah" it looked like kristen wrote a note to him on a napkin after the beer thing happened.

Ha! It's very nice RPF, I must say. Especially the eyerolling and napkin note.

10-20-2009, 03:09 PM
I enjoyed all of mangobaby's RPF, especially the piece about Rob crying in Rome. Very believable, except for Nikki's presence, of course.

Still not finding VF HQs. I don't know what it takes to create them, but I'm willing to pay to have it done. I have access to the ophykid's college fund.

Interview with Rob about NM from Total Film Mag. (http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/10/robert-pattinson-total-film-interview.html#more)

How was it reuniting with Kristen Stewart for New Moon?

There’s a natural chemistry going on with Kristen. Even doing this sequel, it’s so easy… I was really worried that I wouldn’t know how to do it again, but it’s so easy to play off her.She always says that she pretty much got me the part – though I don’t really believe her!

There are some nice bits in this interview that are new to me. He mentions what Twi fans are doing for the other hobos as the main upside to his/twilight's fame, which is a generous way of looking at it. He also talks about how his mum believes every negative story about him, and calls him out on it.

Review of the Robsessed documentary. (http://www.blackbookmag.com/article/our-robert-pattinson-stalker-reviews-robsessed/11852)
Revolver Entertainment’s Robsessed falls short of a “tell-all” documentary and lands in the category of “a retelling of what we already know” documentary. If you are truly Robsessed, there is nothing new here.